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TVIATF – Chapter 20

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (20)

Zhoug has been whispering in Zhong Zao’s ears for a few days. Zhong Zao was still ambitious and confident, but when he heard that many military generals have handed over the names of their first daughters who were suitable for marriage to the governor’s wife, he faltered.

He knew that while the governor values him, his wife may technically not have the same views. Because of his indifference to his wife, he gained a bad reputation among the women’s circle, and although his wife never spoken ill of him to the governor, she had never paid any attention to his children either.

Moreover, to win the people’s hearts, the governor’s wife would often take advantage of various festivals to entertain the wives and daughters of the ministers and generals, but since his main wife and first daughters aren’t with him, he never received an invitation.

Compared to the people his concubines occasionally come into contact with, his concubines have no luck in arranging marriages like this.

The Yun family, as Zhou said, is a suitable candidate. Yun Ding had helped the governor take Jizhou and is now heavily relied upon by the governor. If he could marry his daughter to the Yun family, he wouldn’t have to worry about being replaced by someone else.

Therefore, he once again sent Zhong Guan to his hometown with some attendants to inform Meng that he was planning to propose a marriage with the Yun family.

Naturally, he fainted after learning that his eldest daughter had already gone on a trip to travel the world while his youngest daughter followed behind and that it’ll take time for them to come home.

When he woke up, he couldn’t bother to speculate whether ‘Meng was deliberately bothering him to catch his attention so that he could bring them to live with him’ – His daughters were already wandering the world, so it didn’t seem like they were waiting for him to bring them to live with him, right?

He immediately asked Zhong Guan to bring Meng to Bianzhou

Meng’s nature is still soft nowadays, but that is only towards her daughters. In front of Zhong Guan, she seemed to be gentle and timid, but in fact, she already diverted Zhong Guan’s attention with just a few words.

After Zhong Guan failed to persuade Meng for the third time and his attention was diverted by her, he finally understood that he could not invite Meng.

In Zhong Qi Yuan’s words, ‘Who are you to try and convince the main wife to go with you with just a few words?’

Zhong Guan couldn’t so he had to write to his father for support.

Zhong Zao knew that Meng was taking Qiao and he couldn’t leave because of the war, so he could only send all his concubine sons over.

When Shi Hong heard about this, he also wanted to help his subordinate, so he asked his third son, Shi Xuanwei, to follow the Zhongs and help persuade Meng.

How could Zhong Que Yuan let go of this opportunity to have close contact with Shi Xuanwe? She then secretly changed her outfit into those for men and got into the ranks of the attendants. She was then only discovered when the sky had dimmed after walking for a dozen miles.

After that, her second brother was angry and felt helpless while she pestered Shi Xuanwei during their journey.

When they arrived in Wangxian Town, Meng saw them and knew that Zhong Zao was indeed serious about inviting her to Bianzhou this time. Unfortunately, she knew very well that his purpose wasn’t to make up to her but to hold her accountable for allowing her daughters to go on a trip to the four corners of the world.

She could continue ignoring Zhong Zao, but since Shi Hong is now involved, she had to give face to Shi Hong.

“Since the third prince has personally come to invite me, how could this lowly concubine not give face to the lord?” Meng said without sounding condescending.

Shi Xuanwe thought at first that Meng was a peasant woman who looked ugly and is illiterate, which was why Zhong Zao neglected her for many years, but he didn’t expect that although Meng was dressed plainly, her demeanor was very dignified and elegant. Especially with her appearance, if anyone said she was only thirty years old, people would believe it.

It seems that, as the rumors say, Zhong Zao only married Meng for her family’s finances to take the imperial examinations, and once he became rich, he abandoned her. It can be seen that he is a villain who would kill the donkey to lessen the load to cross rivers and bridges. He needs to be wary of such a man.

Shi Xuanwei’t thought didn’t show. Although he had a more noble background than meng, he didn’t have that air of superiority.

This was a very disturbing sight for Zhong Que Yuan.

One must know that Shi Xuanwei, after becoming an emperor in his previous life, praised Meng’s life and gave her a posthumous title. He often talked to his officials about how good his long-dead mother-in-law was for raising a woman as good as Zhong Chu Yuan to be his wife.

What if he thinks that since Meng is good and would naturally raise such good daughters as well and would be interested in the unknown Zhong Chu Yuan?

She then glared at Meng, wondering if there was a chance to poison her that would kill her on the road without anyone knowing.

Suddenly, a figure inadvertently blocked her gaze. She fixed her eyes and saw that it was a woman she didn’t know.

Everyone was startled by the Cong Wan’s sudden appearance and Shi Xuanwei was also a little stunned. After all, quite a few attendants were guarding the door and no one could enter without giving a pass. How did she appear silently?

This was naturally because Cong Wan’s presence was so low that the attendants outside didn’t notice.

“Aunt Meng, do you have guests at home?” Cong Wan asked as she pretended not to recognize these people.

Meng nodded, “They want to invite me to Bianzhou.”

“Did Aunt Meng agree?”

“Bianzhou’s third prince has come and invited me. I’m not someone who doesn’t have any common sense, so let’s go for a few days!”

Zhong Guan and the others frowned and thought, “Is she only going to stay for a few days?”

Cong Wan understood and didn’t say much anymore.

Zhong Zhang, Zhong Zao’s second son couldn’t help but ask, “I wonder whose family this young lady belongs to?”

Meng coldly glanced at him and replied, “You’re too rude.”

Zhong Zhang retracted his gaze and was quite frustrated. He only wanted to know the identity of the young lady and didn’t inquire for her name, so how could he be rude?!

Zhong Guan was happy to see this concubine brother, who was always in his way because he was born to Zhou, make a fool of himself, so he naturally didn’t say anything.

Cong Wan didn’t intend to introduce herself but instead, proposed to Meng, “Why don’t I follow Aunt Meng to Bianzhou so that we can take care of each other on the way?”

Meng was happy but Zhong Que Yuan was alarmed and said, “How can such a woman form unknown origin come with us?”

As soon as she spoke that revealed her intentions, Meng looked at her in surprise while Zhong Guan said, “Mother, this is Si Niang”

Meng’s expression was indifferent, “You can mix in with a group of men for so many days and nights yet why can’t she go with me?”

Zhong Que Yuan got so ashamed and embarrassed that her face turned red. Meng didn’t bother to correct her and simply discussed with Cong Wan about what to do with Zhong Qi Yuan’s fields.

Her eldest daughter cared so much about those fields, she didn’t want the other party to come back and find that the fields had been destroyed and her herbs gone.

Shi Xuanwei was listening. Although he didn’t understand why the other party valued those fields so much, he still courteously proposed, “If the lord’s wife’s daughter is worried about those fields, I can leave two of my attendants to take care of them so that there won’t be any mistake.”

Zhong Zao had an official’s title, and his wife, even though he didn’t take the initiative to ask for a title for his wife, Shi Xuanwei still politely addressed her with the title she deserved.

“Then I shall bother you, third prince,” Meng responded.

Shi Xuanwei slightly smiled, “The lord’s wife is welcome.”

Although Meng agreed, she didn’t set out immediately but went to the fields first to collect herbs.

Zhong Que Yuan complained quite a bit about the situation to her brother, Zhong Zhang when Zhong Guan overheard her. He then reprimanded her in a low voice.

She wasn’t convinced and went out. She didn’t want to argue with her brother lest Shi Xuanwei heard her.

She then turned to inquire, “Who is that woman?”

Zhong Guan glanced at Zhong Zhang, who had his ears perked, and answered, “That’s the young lady from the Yun family.”

“Which Yun family?” Zhong Que Yuan asked.

“The Yun family that’s in the same hometown as the Zhong family. Which other Yun family is there?”

Zhong Que Yuan was surprised, “The young lady of Military Ambassador Yun’s family? When did the Yun family have a young lady?”

Did she remember wrong?

Wasn’t there only one child in the Yun family in her previous life, Yun Yi?

Zhong Guan said, “She has been living here since she was young so It’s not strange that you don’t know.”

Not to mention Zhong Que Yuan, even he only knew of Cong Wan’s existence when she met her. When he returned to Bianzhou, he went to the Yun family to inquire and confirmed that the Yun family did have such a young lady.

But she didn’t like the life in Bianzhou and insisted to go back to their hometown, and the Yun couple favored her so they agreed to send her back to their hometown, but they were afraid that she would be lonely so they sent several maids and servants to serve her.

Zhong Guan didn’t think there was a problem, but Zhong Que Yuan thought that there were many things that didn’t make sense.

If the Yun family did love her, how could they let her go back to their hometown alone? Not to mention that the Yun family barely mentioned her existence in Bianzhou before. Her presence is even weaker than Meng’s in the Zhong family.

But if she was hated, then there wasn’t any need to send so many servants to take care of her. The fact that her skin is so smooth and her fingers look like they haven’t worked an inch in their life mean that the Yun family didn’t treat her badly.

In her previous life, until Yun Ding died of illness, she hadn’t heard of the existence of this daughter until the end. What went wrong?

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“Hmm? She can realize that there’s something wrong with my existence, so her rebirth might not be a bug but some kind of virus.” Cong Wan was a little surprised when she sensed Zhong Que Yuan’s thoughts about her.

Generally speaking, small worlds occasionally experience some blunders that even the lord gods couldn’t predict that are still within the rules of the main god space, so the auditor’s disguises, who also live within these rules, wouldn’t be noticed.

Unless Zhong Que Yuan’s rebirth was caused by an external force outside the rules and her memories of her previous life wouldn’t have changed by Cong Wan’s appearance because of this power.

But even so, Cong Wan doesn’t intend to do anything to Zhong Que Yuan. She’ll leave everything to the host.

Zhong Qi Yuan, who is far away in Lingnan, heard about this from the system and said, “Your auditor just wants to continue being a salted fish, right?”

The system defended Cong Wan, “The auditor is a professional, otherwise, she wouldn’t have had to tell you specifically about this.”

Zhong Qi Yuan pinched the fluorescence and narrowed her eyes, “But it was your job to pass me information about the male lead, female lead, and cannon fodder, right?”

System, “. . .”

It immediately shifted the blame, ”Who told the host to make the son of fortune focus only on farming and brought me so far?!”

If the host had paid more attention to the task, it wouldn’t have been led astray!

“Are the systems nowadays easily led astray by humans?”

The system didn’t know what she was thinking and remained silent.

“So, if your auditor was found abnormal by a reborn person, will the small world ostracize the auditor? Either that or the auditor will use his or her authority to forcibly tamper with the reborn’s memories. Only in that case would it be against the auditor’s principles.” Zhong Qi Yuan then revealed a sinister and cunning smile.

She seemed to have figured out a way on how to get rid of the ‘eyes of the lord god’.

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