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TVIATF – Chapter 19

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming 19

After understanding the cause of the incident, Cong Wan remained silent.

Since they met the Shu family again, one doesn’t have to think deeply about it to know it’s because of the child of fortune. The Shu family is cannon fodder since ‘they have offended the child of fortune and their existence doesn’t bring any benefit to the child of fortune’. Even if they try to escape to the ends of the world, they’ll always be punished. Even if they died, they’ll be brought back and be whipped.

“I thought she was only six years old at the time and didn’t understand the Shu family’s actions and had long forgotten about them, but to think that she not only didn’t forget about it, she even has some grudge towards them.” Cong Wan said.

The system also trembled in fear, “So young yet so much darkness!”

Isn’t she worthy of being taught by the villain host?

“But before the host appeared, the mother and daughter had such a difficult life. It isn’t surprising that she would feel resentful towards the Shu family.”

The system got worried, “What if she blackens?”

“This isn’t considered as blackening, it’s more like being cautious at best, just like the host.”

System. “. . . that, I forgot to tell the auditor something. The host seems to be able to eavesdrop on our conversation.”

‘Beep—’ The system received a notification that Cong Wan terminated their communication.

You auditor, are you afraid of the host? F*ck her!

After a while, Cong Wan came back again, “Ahem, I was just writing something on the assessment log when it got cut off. Were we talking about something?”

System, “. . . no.”

“Very well, have their debts been settled?”

The system fell silent for a while before saying, “The government is here.”

——————— To read the original translation, please visit: triple ‘w’ dot knoxt dot space slash the-villain-is-addicted-to-farming-quick-transmigration slash

Zhong Chu Yuan thought that the government officials would arrest them, but Zhong Qi Yuan wasn’t nervous at all when she saw the county’s lieutenant and asked, “Magistrate Qi, did you find the Fu County’s wanted poster?”

Magistrate Qi had a complicated look but still nodded, “I searched through the wanted posters for the past ten years in the shelf library and finally found them. It’s true.”

He then turned the conversation, “However, before dealing with this matter, there is one more thing I want to understand Taoist master. The young master of the Lin family was possessed by something evil. . . . and a witness said that two Taoist masters were seen being taken away by the Lin family.”

Zhong Chu Yuan thought in her heart, ‘It really has come to this.’

Zhong Qi Yuan then calmly responded, “The gentleman from the Lin family said that his home was haunted and asked these poor Taoists to go and perform a ritual. But now, the demons and ghosts aren’t willing to come out, so this humble Taoist told the young master that he should set up an altar at night and let them prepare first. Did something happen to the Lin family after this humble Taoist left?”

Magistrate Qi didn’t doubt her since many villagers had heard about Lin Neizhi’s invitation towards them to visit the Lin family. He then said, “Come with me Taoist master.”

Zhong Qi Yuan then returned to the Lin family while Zhong Chu Yuan also followed.

When they arrived at the Lin family estate, they saw many villagers waiting outside the gate, including the people from the Shu family. They all looked a little miserable, probably because they have been oppressed a lot and couldn’t help it.

When the Magistrate Qi knew that the Lin family was hated, he was about to scold the onlookers to disperse when the officers under his command suddenly came rushing towards him and said, “Magistrate Qi, it’s getting out of control.”

Magistrate Qi hurriedly ran in and saw that the Lin family’s head who had been wrapped in cloth, had torn his clothes once again and hugged Shu Cai and the others, doing all kinds of things.

Magistrate Qi’s face turned into blue, white, then red and immediately had his people close the door, leaving Zhong Qi Yuan outside as well.

“You’re the one who did the demon magic!” The Shu family pointed at Zhong Qi Yuan and shouted.

The villagers took a few steps back in fear.

Zhong Qi Yuan’s eyes were cold as she looked back and the Shu family fell silent in fear.

It took a while before the door inside was reopened and Magistrate Qi exited with disheveled clothes and shouted for Zhong Qi Yuan, no longer polite, “Is this your doing?”

“Since the magistrate is in charge of the criminal law, he should know clearly. How can a person be charged without evidence?”

Magistrate Qi pointed at Lin Neizhi and the others and said, “They said you did it.”

“Did they see it with their own eyes?”

Magistrate Qi looked at them and they hesitated, but when they saw Zhong Qi Yuan’s cold and deep eyes, they stiffly shook their heads.

After shaking their heads, they looked like they had seen a ghost and became more and more frightened inside, thinking that they just shook their heads because they were possessed by a ghost.

Although Magistrate Qi wasn’t sure why their eyes suddenly filled with fear, they still shook their heads one after another, proving that no one had seen with their own eyes that it was Zhong Qi Yuan who performed the magic.

He suddenly fell into a dilemma and his tone softened a lot when he said, “That’s Jiangzhou governor’s nephew, and if the governor were to blame someone. . .”

“What does that have to do with us humble Taoists?” Zhong Qi Yuan asked.

Magistrate Qi choked. He felt that Zhong Qi Yuan was 80% responsible, after all, he and accurately investigated this matter. It was the truth that the Lin family head coveted the beauty of the two Taoist masters and wanted to keep them in his back courtyard so he offended them.

He secretly cursed the Lin family’s head. Since they dared to travel alone, how can they be safe and sound until now if they didn’t have the ability to keep themselves safe? It’s just that the Lin family’s head is an idiot who has d*ck for brains and got divine retribution!

He had no evidence to prove that Zhong Qi Yuan did it. The Lin family closed their doors and there were no witnesses. Besides, he was a little afraid of the Taoist master, afraid that if he favored the Lin family’s head, he might catch on fire.

After weighing the pros and cons, he still couldn’t offend the Lin family so he warmly said, “The Shu family owes the Taoist master money, so the government will help the Taoist master in recovering them, but please Taoist master, help the Lin family.”

“This humble Taoist can perform a ritual but the fee would be very expensive.

“I believe the Lin family wouldn’t care about money for this.”

Zhong Qi Yuan nodded, “This humble Taoist always collects the money first.”

Magistrate Qi first told the Lin family’s head’s wife about the matter and then turned over the wanted posters he had and asked for the Shu family to be arrested.

The Shu family knew that Zhong Qi Yuan was here and knew Shu Cai’s plan, but they didn’t expect it to fail. Now that the government has spearheaded their arrest, their hearts have gone cold as they felt that their hard-earned peace is now all ruined!


They must be regretful, but there is no medicine for regret in the world.

They begged Zhong Qi Yuan who only smiled wickedly, “This humble Taoist originally only wanted to get our money back, but now, this humble Taoist will ask for interest.”

The reputation of Shu Cai and the Lin family’s head is ruined, and after today, the Lin family’s head wouldn’t let the Shu family go. . .

The rest of the Shu family isn’t innocent since Shu Cai would never make a decision alone on such a big matter. Since the Shu family tacitly agreed, they’re accomplices.

Zhong QI Yuan is never lenient when it comes to her enemies.

The government forcibly sold the Shu family’s fields and the cloth they’ve woven to pay taxes into silver money and gave it to Zhong Qi Yuan. Magistrate Qi then asked, “Taoist master can perform now, right?”

After a day and a night of tossing and turning, the people of the Lin family finally calmed down, but they still looked very sluggish, especially the Lin family’s head who was still drooling and looking like a fool.

“Well, this humble Taoist is going to prepare the altar for the ritual.”

Her method is very simple, that is, to sprinkle the black dog’s blood prepared by the Lin family on the heads of the affected people and then pretend to stick a few talismans, use a couple of tricks to make the talismans spontaneously ignite, and so on. The people who believe in witchcraft firmly believe that she is indeed a Taoist master.

After finishing the spell, the ‘evil possessed’ people fell into a drowsy state and Zhong Qi Yuan said, “The evil has been exorcised by me. They have lost a lot of vitality and will be fine after a few days of rest after waking up.”

Magistrate Qi still had little doubts, but he had no other way right now.

Zhong Chu Yuan was afraid that the Lin family head would find them after waking up but Zhong Qi Yuan said, “The government doesn’t want to offend the governor, so they’re also prepared to wait for the Lin family head to wake up and settle accounts after autumn!”

“Then, what do we do?”

Zhong Qi Yuan then justified, “We run!”

Zhong Chu Yuan, “. . .”
When did my sister, who had always been tough, become so submissive?’

“What about money?”

She pointed to the money she received from the Lin family as well as the money owed by the Shu family. There was a total of two hundred thousand yuan here, weighing three to four hundred pounds. Even if they were as strong as bulls and could carry the money, they would be coveted for being too eye-catching.

And if they wanted to escape, carrying so much money would only be a drag instead.

“What do you want to do?” Zhong Qi Yuan threw the question back at her.

Zhong Chu Yuan thought for a moment and said, “We’ll collect the lighter silver ingots since we can’t carry all the copper and we definitely can’t let the government and the Lin family go cheap, why don’t we exchange it for food, clothing, or herbs and distribute it to the people here?”

They didn’t bring too much money with them when they left home because it would be more eye-catching and heavy. So, although this windfall was originally theirs, Zhong Chu Yuan didn’t covet the money and if they couldn’t keep it, what good would it bring them when they already had mountains of gold and silver?

Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t object to her decision.

They exchanged all the remaining coins for daily supplies and then used the reason of the ‘Divine Mother Yuanjun’s birthday to distribute all of the supplies to the villagers.

Each family received a bucket of rice, a catty of herbs to clear the heat and detoxify the body, and pieces of clothing.

After the Lin family head recovered and brought people to settle accounts, Zhong Chu Yuan closed their doors and immediately aborted the charity. As a result, the remaining villagers who didn’t receive anything were furious and took out their hoes and sickles from their homes to fight with the Lin family’s head.

Although the Lin family head ruled the countryside, he didn’t dare oppose the entire village, so when he saw this uprising, he put down his harsh words and left.

At night, just after three o’clock, the strong men on night patrol suddenly found a fire in the corner of the village. They ran over and saw a lot of straw and dry firewood piled up outside the abandoned Taoist temple. The fire mercilessly burned the dry wood and straw and began to devour the abandoned Taoist temple.

They remembered that the two foreign Taoist priests were living inside, they were so frightened that they began banging their gongs and drums. The people in the village were alarmed and went to the river to carry water and put out the fire, but they were still a step too late and the whole temple collapsed.

The next day, magistrate Qi came to deal with the matter. When he saw the ruins of the Taoist temple, his temple suddenly ached.

It’s impossible for the temple to catch fire for no reason and the patrolling men could also prove that it was because there were many straws and dry firewood piled up outside the temple and they caught fire first before the fire spread to the temple.

Realizing that it was deliberate arson and murder, magistrate Qi felt a severe headache since he felt that the incident was probably done by the Lin family, but he couldn’t investigate in detail, in case it would offend the governor. . .

Just after clearing the abandoned Taoist temple, no body was found so he concluded the matter as a fire caused by the dryness of the sky and the improper use of fire by the two Taoist priests.

“The people were burned to ashed because of the big fire, right?” The villagers disagreed but didn’t have the courage to stand up and refute since the matter has already been disclosed.

Magistrate Qi thought this would be the end of the matter, but the next day, the Lin family came to report that a ghost fire appeared in the Lin family estate last night.

The Lin family head was easily saved, but he was so frightened that the person was in a trance and was depressed as if he lost his three souls and seven spirits.

Everyone said he got his divine retribution.

——————— To read the original translation, please visit: triple ‘w’ dot knoxt dot space slash the-villain-is-addicted-to-farming-quick-transmigration slash

After using the fire in the Lin family to keep everyone’s eyes on the abandoned Taoist temple, Zhong Qi Yuan and Zhong Chu Yuan left the place easily.

Of course, before leaving, Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t forget to send something to the Lin family, as a return gift for the care they received from them recently.

Only the system thought to itself, “The host didn’t send the ‘Xian Family Wealth’ gift pack which is already considered kind.”

But why would it think that? Isn’t this the first time that it worked together with the host?

It couldn’t figure it out so the system stopped thinking about it. The system then told the auditor, “Has the host reformed?”

Cong Wan, “. . .”
‘Your standards for reforming is really low.’

Seeing that the host is having so much fun with the son of luck outside, should she tell them that someone from the Zhong family is coming?

Only Zhong Qi Yuan would consider setting a house on fire as an innocent parting gift hahahahaha!!

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