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TVIATF – Chapter 18

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (18)

Shu Cai made up his mind, so he tried to coax them first.

He then said with a look of remorse, “It’s our fault. We shouldn’t have listened to our grandfather and sold all the family assets to the south. We had a bad time all these years, not only did we have to hide everywhere, but we were also robbed of our money by stragglers. We were in a state of fear for ten years and there wasn’t a day where we didn’t regret it.”

Zhong Qi Yuan then replied with a smile, “Old man Shu’s acting skills are much better than yours. You’re still too young and your acting skills still need to be refined.”

Shu Cai’s face stiffened and he was annoyed in his heart. Zhong Qi Yuan wasn’t easy to fool when he was still a child, isn’t he a refined one now?!

He then said, “We will pay the debt that grandfather owes. I will go home now and ask father and uncles to sell all the fields and return them to you in cash.”

After he finished speaking, he cautiously glanced at Zhong Qi Yuan. Seeing that she wasn’t objecting, he hurriedly skipped away.

Zhong Chu Yuan looked back at her sister and asked, “Sister, is it okay to let him go like this?”

“They have assets and fields here, They can’t easily move their family again.”

“But will they be honest enough to pay back the money?”

“Definitely not. They might even try to make it impossible for us to leave this place.”

Zhong Chu Yuan’s heart tightened, “Then why did you let the tiger return to the mountain?”

Zhong Qi Yuan then asked her rhetorically, “If you were the Shu family, what would you do?”

Zhong Chu Yuan then replied with disgust, “I wouldn’t be as wicked as the Shu Family!”

“Maybe, but suppose you were a member of the Shu family. Would you meekly resign to your fate, or would you fight to the death?”

Zhong Chu Yuan bowed her head and pondered for a while before answering, “If I were him, I would tell the creditor that I would pay him back and then give all the valuable things in my home to the other party. Once the other party has left, I would immediately go to the police and say that my home has been ransacked. This way, not only does the other party not have the money I owe in their hands, but they will also be branded as a sinner. Even if I am revealed as a fugitive, it won’t have enough credibility.”

“That’s the next best thing because if we meet an honest official, the other party will only need to send someone to verify each other’s identity to prove their credibility.”

Zhong Chu Yuan then added, “Then, kill the other party quietly. I would stabilize the other side first and when they drop their guards, finish them off, after all, they’re just some Taoist priests and no one will care even if they disappear.”

“That’s the common strategy and it requires a ruthless person to pull it off, but I don’t think he will use that method, after all, he can’t beat us.”

Zhong Chu Yuan rubbed her chin, “What about killing them with hired men?”

“Oh?” Zhong Qi Yuan looked at her in a good mood.

“If one can’t fight, then two people will go together. If two people won’t work, then ten people or a hundred people. There will always be a time when the other side will get exhausted and be captured. And to call for so many people, they should be a local prestigious gentry. But the gentry generally wouldn’t give face to a poor farmer unless I can come up with something interesting enough that would attract the gentry to make a move. . .” Zhong Chu Yuan then carefully assessed Zhong Qi Yuan’s face, “If two beautiful maidens were taken into the back house of a large family, I’m sure no one will come out and demand justice.”

Zhong Qi Yuan nodded, “That is the best strategy,”

Zhong Chu Yuan said in disgust, “But this method is too cruel and unethical! Can the other side really do it?”

“I asked you to think about ‘evil’ because I want you to understand that there are too many inhuman and boundary-crossing ‘cruelty’ in the world. Only in this manner will you learn not to be stupid and naive. Always consider the worst outcome to best prepare in all types of situations while waiting!”

Not until the following day did Zhong Chu Yuan learn that Shu Cai had indeed quietly run to a local five-room mansion, and when he came out, he was followed by a big-bellied man.

They arrived outside the dilapidated Taoist temple where the sisters had sheltered. Zhong Qi Yuan just happened to be meditating inside when Shu Cai and the man watched by the broken window and observed for a while. The man then smiled with satisfaction and said, “Although she’s a Taoist priest, her skin is really good. The master will be very satisfied.”

After saying that, he walked briskly back to the mansion.

Zhong Chu Yuan then recalled the women and children on the road that were sold by traders on the road who were also looked at with the same criticizing eyes.

That’s her sister, how dare these people to look at her sister with such dirty eyes?

Thinking about this, anger rose in her heart as she wished to beat Shu Cai and the man severely. But a dragon doesn’t press the snake to the ground, so she couldn’t make a big mess before the other party takes action.

She told Zhong Qi Yuan about it and asked, “Should we leave before they come?”

“Of the thirty-six strategies, escape is the last plan. Why should we flee when we’re not yet backed to a corner?”

“Then what should we do?” This place already belongs to the Jiangxi Governor’s territory, and there was still the Huanian territory before Xuanwu, so even if they knew their identities, the officials here wouldn’t necessarily buy it.

Zhong Qi Yuan was surprised, “Report to the officials. The Shu family are wanted criminals, why should we hide it for them? I went to report to the officials yesterday.”

Zhong Chu Yuan, “. . .”

“Is it useful to report to the officials? If the government colludes with the gentry here, then isn’t it wasted effort?”

Zhong Qi Yuan pondered for a moment before saying, “If it’s useless to report to the officials, then. . . let’s escape!”

Zhong Chu Yuan, “. . .”

So, in the end, it’s still necessary to escape. Why not escape before it’s too late?”

That night, the dilapidated Taoist temple was being observed. The next day, when they were about to go out, some strong men blocked their way, “My family’s young master asks the two Taoist masters to perform a ritual, please come with us.”

“This humble Taoist has important business to attend to, allow this humble Taoist refuse.” Zhong Qi Yuan said.

The big-bellied man who came yesterday squeezed to the front and said in a deep voice, “It is the young master’s invitation, how dare you refuse it!”

Zhong Qi Yuan ignored them. The man had been living in the countryside for years and no one had ever dared to ignore him. He became irritated and tried to grab Zhong Qi Yuan’s arm with one hand, but as he reached out, a sudden gust of wind blew and sharp pain spread from his arm to the rest of his body that stimulated his brain.

He was slow to react and as he looked down at his arm, he immediately let out a pig-like scream, “Ah–”

Zhong Qi Yuan’s movements were so fast that the rest of the people were shocked by his miserable scream before they could clearly see what was happening.

“Lin Nezhi, what happened to you?”

”My hand, it’s broken, it hurts!” The man had snot and tears running down his face due to the pain.

They looked at Zhong Qi Yuan in disbelief and only then did they see clearly that her earlier empty hand had gotten a horsetail whip at some point. Thinking about the wind that blew in front of them just now, they suddenly understood how Lin Nezhi was injured.

“What are you waiting for?! Take them down!” Lin Nezhi called out.

The strong men reacted and rushed towards Zhong Qi Yuan but before the leader could get close to her, he was flipped to the ground by the figure that flashed out beside him.

He froze, the pain caused by his spine hitting the ground told him that him being knocked to the ground by a slim and skinny young lady was a fact.

The remaining men, too, all fell to the ground without being able to touch Zhong Qi Yuan.

Lin Nezhi, who was still groaning, was too frightened to scream.

What kind of magical scene is this? A few big men teamed up but couldn’t beat two weak women?

Shu Cai, who was hiding in the shadows, hurriedly ran to the Lin family to call for help. The Lin family’s master angrily scolded the group as trash before calling for more than 30 of the family’s servants and tenant farmers. They then came to the two girls with great force.

Shu Cai pointed at Zhong Qi Yuan and said, “Sir, that’s the demon, she can do demonic magic, be careful!”

The Lin family’s head was a man in his thirties with thinning headband his small eyes were staring at the two sisters, Zhong Qi Yuan and Zhong Chu Yuan, with lustful eyes. He was quite excited inside upon seeing them but after noticing the fallen servants, he immediately became irritated, “Catch them for me!”

The thirty or so servants and tenant farmers were afraid of the two, but they didn’t dare to object, so they could only rush towards the two sisters.

Zhong Qi Yuan then said in a loud voice, “The Lin family master went out of his way to invite this humble Taoist priest again to do a ritual. This act of kindness is hard to refuse, so this humble Taoist will have to accept.”

The crowd froze then looked back at the Lin family head. The latter seemed to have not expected her to be so sensible as he immediately laughed loudly and waved his big hand, “Then come back with me!”

“Elder sister. . .” Zhong Chu Yuan tugged on Zhong Qi Yuan’s sleeve.

Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t say anything and took Zhong Chu Yuan to the Lin family mansion with the Lin family’s head. Seemingly afraid that they might escape, most of the thirty-person group heavily surrounded them, while the remaining few people carried the injured Lin Nezhi and the others back.

The Lin family head frequently looked back at the sisters and thought to himself
I never thought I would meet two such beautiful young ladies in this small place, I’m so lucky!

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Back at the Lin family home, Once the gate was closed, the Lin family head dismissed the tenant farmers, leaving only the servants at home. After entering, he didn’t believe that they could still escape and what he was about to do to them could not be seen by too many people.

“Master. . . “ Lin Nezhi was still groaning.

The Lin family master gave him a disgusted look, feeling that he was really useless, and impatiently waved his hand, “Go down and see a doctor, it’s only a small injury and you won’t die!”

Lin Nezhi, “. . . “

His hand was broken yet he called it a small injury? He wanted to remind his master to be careful of the other party, but he was too irritated by his cold response that he suddenly didn’t want to talk.

After he left, Shu Cai also breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Zhong Qi Yuan only has two hands to fight, regardless of how powerful she is.

When he returned to his own home, the Lin family master was much bolder as he lecherously extended his hand towards Zhong Chu Yuan, but the latter viciously brushed it away. He wasn’t annoyed but became even more unscrupulous, “Feisty, I like it!”

Zhong Chu Yuan was so disgusted that she wanted to vomit, but she wasn’t sure of her elder sister’s intentions and could only block him from touching herself.

The Lin family master said, “The two of you have been traveling around for so long, you must have suffered a lot, so why continue wandering around? It’s better to stay here, and I will ensure that you’re well-clothed and well-fed.”

“If you’ve heard Shu Cai talk about our status, then you should know that we don’t lack anything.” Zhong Chu Yuan responded.

Master Lin stared at Shu Cai who was observing from the side. The latter was shocked and didn’t dare to lie as he said, “They’re the daughters of the secretary under Xuanwu Governor. . .”

When Master Lin learned this truth, he was annoyed at first, feeling that he had been deceived by Shu Cai, but after thinking about it, what’s so good about a governor’s secretary? Even if the Xuanwu governor’s daughter came here, wouldn’t they be at his mercy?

Besides, these two women came out alone. If he hides them in his back house, how would their families know?

He didn’t consider why the two of them dared to travel alone and came here from Xuanwu governor’s territory without any problems.

The word ‘lust’ was in the forefront of his mind and Master Lin wasn’t afraid of anything. After all, they have met many people who saw two weak women willingly moving their hands and feet without being abducted along the way.

After a long silence, Zhong Qi Yuan suddenly told Zhong Chu Yuan, “I’ll teach you another move to defend yourself.”

The original impermeable courtyard was suddenly exposed to strong winds that they couldn’t open their eyes. At this time, Zhong Qi Yuan calmly took out a large packet of powder from her sleeves before it was blown by the wind and was scattered in all directions. Some got into the mouth and noses of the surrounding people.

Zhong Chu Yuan covered her mouth and nose as her muffled voice came out, “Elder sister, this is. . .”

Zhong Qi Yuan added, “Scattered Five elements of Special Effects.”

Generally, Five elements of Special Effects need to be taken in to have an effect, but Zhong Qi Yuan’s scattered five elements of special effects can produce a reaction just by inhaling it.

Sure enough, after the wind stopped, Master Lin looked ahead with a dazed expression. The physical pain made his face slightly distorted, but the mental pleasure made him feel that his whole body was floating.

On top of that, the heat from his clothes was becoming uncomfortable that he couldn’t help himself but strip.

Zhong Chu Yuan felt embarrassed and took advantage of the fact that everyone in the Lin Family’s yard was affected and no one was stopping her and hurriedly left the Lin Family.

After a while, Zhong Qi Yuan slowly came out.

Zhong Chu Yuan sent a glance to the Lin family mansion and saw that almost everyone inside had fallen into a frenzy, including Shu Cai.

“Elder sister, how did you manage to produce that gale?”

“The gale wasn’t my fault, I just observed the trees outside the courtyard that was being blown around and knew that a gale was coming.

Zhong Chu Yuan “. . .”

It seems that Taoist priests not only need to learn talismans, alchemy, medicine, and the interpretation of the eight diagrams, but also have to be proficient in astronomy and calendars, geography, Fengshui, astrology, and climate. She still has a long way to go!

Hmm? No, she hadn’t decided to take the path of being a Taoist priest, right?

Zhong Qi Yuan being Zhong Qi Yuan hahahaha!


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