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TVIATF – Chapter 17

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (17)

After Zhong Qi Yuan and Zhong Chu Yuan left home, Meng noticed that the number of times Cong Wan visited the Zhong family has increased. In the past, Cong Wan would only occasionally come to the Zhong family to share a table for dinner, but she basically visits at least once a day now.

Meng then said happily, “You didn’t come so often when Yuan’er and Yuanyuan were home, are you also worried that something will happen if I’m home alone?”

Cong Wan thought that she didn’t care about Meng, she was simply forced by the villainous boss’s lewdness.

Though these words couldn’t be said directly, not to mention Zhong Qi Yuan’s other meaning was to help watch over Meng!

She is a dignified system auditor and she isn’t obliged to listen to the instructions of a host, but considering that Zhong Qi Yuan can collapse small worlds, she still needs to do some follow-up work. She can’t even become a salted fish on either side, why didn’t she pick an easier job?!

“Sister Zhong is worried that Aunt Meng can’t subdue those hired workers and will then spoil her field, so she asked me to assist her.”

Meng then replied meaningfully, “Auntie understands everything!”

Cong Wan, “?”
What does she understand?

As Zhong Qi Yuan wasn’t around, Meng answered boldly, “Yuan’er doesn’t seem to worry about me, but in fact, she still does worry but she has a sharp tongue. You’re the same way. You never get involved in other people’s affairs, but you’re not really indifferent. You are gentle and considerate and I wish I had a new daughter-in-law like you, I mean it.”

Cong Wan’s cheeks blushed slightly.

Was Meng complimenting her?

She just didn’t want to take on so many things and didn’t want to badmouth people and invite trouble, that’s why she kept such a low profile. Now to mention that smiling professionally at people has become her habit for many years. She is actually very afraid of trouble and would like to be a salted fish!

“Aunt Meng is really flattering.” Cong Wan said sheepishly.

She turned her head and asked the system, “What is the host doing with the son of fortune?”

”Collecting debt.”

Cong Wan, “. . .”


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After Zhong Qi Yuan and Zhong Chu Yuan left Fuxian County, they headed south. Since Zhong Chu Yuan’s household pendant was still with the Zhong family, she changed into Zhong Qi Yuan’s old Taoist robes and disguised herself as a Taoist priest.

When officials questioned her, Zhong Qi Yuan took out the original owner’s temple pendant and claimed that Zhong Chu Yuan was her newly accepted disciple who had not yet been officially admitted to the Taoist temple. The court’s management of temple households is more relaxed, so these officials didn’t ask questions and let them pass through.

Zhong Chu Yuan was puzzled, “In our hometown, the government didn’t seem to be so strict in checking?”

Zhong Qi Yuan replied, “Suizhou is under the jurisdiction of Xuanwu Governor. After the Huai River, it’s the territory of the Huanian governor and further south to the Yangtze River and further south would belong to many other rules. This place is the first choice of the people from the Central Plains to escape from military disasters. A large number of floating households generally flood here which would easily create chaos, so the government would naturally check more strictly.”

Zhong Chu Yuan also understood this. When they crossed the Huai River by ferry, they saw that there were many liquor shops on both sides of the river and that the market layout was chaotic. The curfew system at night seemed non-existent and liquor flags continued to sway, making it very lively.

After passing through these places, one can see floating families who are stopped outside the city gates because they don’t have household pendants. Because they have no land, no home, and can’t enter the city to look for work, they can only stay outside the city.

When slightly stronger men see caravans unloading goods and pay taxes to get into the city, they will diligently help carry the goods to get a little money to live.

The skinny women could only sit together and wait for slave traders to sell them as goods.

These images shocked Zhong Chu Yuan, making her anxious for a long time. She wanted to help, but she soon realized that she couldn’t do anything. These people needed money and food, and she had neither. They were fed and clothed by the money they received from priests along the way and she didn’t have spare money to give to these people.

For the first time, Zhong Chu Yuan felt frustrated. She said, “Why didn’t the Huanian governor resettle them?”

“There can only be so much land, resources, population, and labor in an area. When floating households come flocking like this, the balance will be lost. Would the people be happy if the Huanian governor give up their resources to outsiders?”

Zhong Chu Yuan knew that no one would be happy.

There will be fewer floating households as they continue and the government’s strictness will lessen.

Zhong Chu Yuan found that many floating households could be resettled here, and although she knew that she could get a straight answer by asking Zhong Qi Yuan directly, she still chose to observe and think for herself.

In the end, she discovered that Huanian and Jiangnan were close to the war-torn central plains, which was why there are many floating households escaping military disasters and avoiding paying excessive taxes. The southern part of the Yangtze River belongs to the ‘Southern Barbarians’ with many mountains and forests, less arable land, and few people. The government officials would like to have more floating households to reclaim the wasteland and the opportunity to raise taxes.

She told Zhong Qi Yuan this conclusion who only replied, “Other than that, do you have any other findings?”

Zhong Chu Yuan racked her brain for a long time but found nothing else.

Zhong Qi Yuan then said, “It’s more popular to find witch doctors to cure the sick with witchcraft here. Fortunately, I brought my kit, we can make a lot of money here.”

Zhong Chu Yuan, “. . .”

So, when they settled down in a Taoist temple in a certain village, they happened to encounter a pregnant woman who was having difficulty giving birth. The family couldn’t find a witch doctor, so they asked Zhong Qi Yuan to go to them and do a birthing ritual.

Zhong Qi Yuan asked the child of fortune, “Are you going to do the ritual, or are you going to deliver the baby?”

The corners of Zhong Chu Yuan’s mouth curled upward as she rolled up her sleeves, “Let’s deliver the baby!”

Compared to rituals, delivering babies, obstetrics, and gynecology are fields that she’s more familiar with. 

So Zhong Wi Yuan was drinking tea outside while Zhong Chu Yuan helped deliver the baby inside the delivery room. The family then asked Zhong Qi Yuan, “Isn’t the Taoist master going to perform a ritual?”

Zhong Qi Yuan calmly replied, “Why do I need to do a ritual over such a trivial matter?”

When the family heard this and no longer doubted her, after all, masters were always the last person to do something.

That said, they were still a little apprehensive. Zhong Chu Yuan was too young and they worried that her ‘magic power’ is not as good as Zhong Qi Yuan and fears that the mother will suffer a lot.

But it didn’t take long for the baby to be born.

The family was very excited and grateful to them that they gave them a generous gift.

After they left. Zhong Chu Yuan asked, “Sister, what if word gets out and people will think that witchcraft is more useful than medicine and abandon it to pursue witchcraft?”

“Then what do you think should be done?” Zhong Qi Yuan threw the question back at her.

It was difficult to answer for Zhong Chu Yuan.

The reason why the family was looking for them was because of their status as Taoist priests. If they confessed that the rituals were useless, they would be unhappy, and even if she told them that she could do medicine, they wouldn’t accept her.

But if they don’t confess, the people will only rely more on ‘witchcraft’.

Before she could come up with a solution, a villager heard what they were talking about and came to them, saying that his wife always had miscarriages and suspected that there were ghosts and spirits, so he wanted to ask them to help him perform rituals and exorcise the said evil spirits.

Zhong Chu Yuan thought that the villager looked familiar and his accent was close to Suzhou and before she could figure it out, Zhong Qi Yuan said with great interest, “So you were hiding here. It’s no wonder that the government hasn’t found you even after years of tracking you down.”

The villager froze, and when he finally recognized Zhong Qi Yuan’s face, he was shocked, “You–”

“He’s that wanted criminal?” Zhong Chu Yuan looked at Zhong Qi Yuan suspiciously.

“The Shu family who owes us 80 stones of grain and absconded with the money without paying back. If I remember currently, he’s Shu Shuang’s eldest grandson, Shu Cai.”

Zhong Chu Yuan immediately recalled him and then remembered that she saw him the first time when she went to collect rent with her sister, she was so curious at the time. Of course, what she remembers more is the delicious grilled chicken wings that sister Yun gave her. . .

“So this is that scoundrel.”

Shu Cai’turned around and wanted to run, but Zhong Qi Yuan made a chilling smile, “You’ve been wanted for ten years, and the wanted notice hasn’t been removed yet. If I go to the government office and report you, do you think you can still stay here?”

Shu Cai’s legs went limp. He could never have imagined that Zhong Qi Yuan would appear here. They were obviously far away from Suzhou, so why were they still chasing after them?

Back then, not long after their family left Suzhou, they mixed into a group of stragglers and went all the way to the south while avoiding several interrogations by the government and soldiers along the way.

After crossing the Huai river, they were still uneasy, so they continued to travel south and crossed the Yangtze River until they found a place to settle in.

In the next eight years, they have responded to the government’s call to reclaim the wasteland that allowed them to become from floating households to main households who had their own fields and live a peaceful life. How could they have expected the ‘murderer’ who caused them to leave their hometown to appear here?!

“You’re all so cruel!” Seeing her, Shu Cai remembered Shu Shuang, who stayed in Suzhou to divert the government’s attention and buy them time to escape. If it wasn’t for her they wouldn’t have become unfilial sons and daughters who abandoned their father/grandfather!

Zhong Qi Yuan was happy, “Are you saying it’s still my fault?”

Shu Cai’s eyes turned sharp as he thought that they had left the sphere of influence of the Xuanwu governor. They no longer fear the Zhong family and they have been living in the village for many years. Compared to the two outsiders, the villagers will definitely side with them!

Besides, the two of them looked like flowers and jade. If he ties them up and gives them to the officials here, they will be sheltered by the officials, so why should he be afraid of the government?


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