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TVIATF – Chapter 16

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (16)

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At the dinner table, Zhong Chu Yuan stared blankly at her sister Zhong Qi Yuan while Meng dropped her chopsticks.

“Yuan’er, you’re leaving home?”

Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t seem to realize how caught off guard they were from hearing her decision as she casually replied, “Well, I heard that there are several drought-tolerant and productive crops appearing on the south, so I’m going to take a look.”

Meng. “. . .”
That’s it? Just because of that?

“But there are military disasters everywhere right now. You’re a– “ Meng originally wanted to say that she was only a weak woman, but remembering her skills, she changed her wording, “It’s dangerous for you to go alone! Are those crops that important?”

When Zhong Qi Yuan was arranged for reemployment by the new Lord God, she had an agreement with the Lord God that she could not only offset a part of her debt by completing the task but she can also take one thing away from the small world.

Before she was punished, the rules of the main god space were that there were settlement rewards for each mission completion. They were assets that could be used to purchase goods from the system mall such as; objects, skills, etc. Except for commodities that are limited to one small world, any other object can be taken home as the host travels through different small worlds.

As a worker who owes huge debts, Zhong Qi Yuan doesn’t even have the authority to open the mall, let alone shop at the mall.

Therefore, to encourage her to actively work again, the new Lord God allowed her to take away one thing from the smalls world that would not affect the operation of the small world.

There are too many things to choose from in this range, and Zhong Qi Yuan is not interested in material things, because those things are already available in the barren land or they will be made sooner or later.

But native crops are different. Although the barren land has been developed and governed for more than 4,000 years, the environment is still different and many crops that are available in the small world are not available in the barren space. So she decided to pick high-yield crops that are suitable for the barren land.

She replied, “Of course, it’s important.”

Meng choked for a moment.

When Zhong Chu Yuan came back to her senses, her eyes reddened and moist and said, “Elder sister is going to leave us? I don’t want to be separated from elder sister.”

“Then come with me!”

Meng, “. . .”

Zhong Chu Yuan’s tears were forced back, “. . .  huh?”

It’s rare for Zhong Qi Yuan to patiently repeat what she said.

Zhong Chu Yuan tried to digest her words before asking, “What about mother?”

Meng also looked at Zhong Qi Yuan.

“It’s fine if Mother wants to go together.”

Meng immediately answered as she waved her hand, “I won’t go.”

“Mother agreed that we should go to the south,” Zhong Qi Yuan told Zhong Chu Yuan.

Meng, “. . .”
Is this what she meant? Isn’t this basically digging a pit and waiting for me to jump in it?

It was easy for Meng to express her opposition, but she knew it was still useless even if she disagreed. Zhong Qi Yuan wouldn’t change her decision easily once she’s made up her mind, so Meng didn’t persuade her.

However, Zhong Chu Yuan was still concerned about Meng and said, “Mother will be left at home alone. What if she gets sick or someone bullies her?”

“If you’re so worried, then stay!” Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t want to bother with more words.

Zhong Chu Yuan was a little annoyed, “Elder sister, why are you always so cruel and heartless? Don’t you ever think about other people’s feelings?”

Zhong Qi Yuan replied, “I left home at the age of six and entered a Taoist temple to seek immortality. I have never thought of changing my ambitions for so many years. I only have what I want to do in my heart and not care about anything else.”

Zhong Chu Yuan was dumbfounded that she angrily thought;
To put it bluntly, elder sister is so selfish. How can there be such a selfish person?!

But she also knows very well that the years of living under the same roof made her forget that her sister left home at the age of six in the past. Her elder sister never gave up her status as a Taoist even after coming back over the years. Although she lives with them and refers to them as her family, they don’t have the same kind of ties between family members.

It was this time where the two sisters had their first argument. Meng’s heart was a little hesitant as she didn’t know who to help, but she had expected this day a long time ago, so she didn’t panic at all.

After a while, she told Zhong Chu Yuan, “It’s okay to go to the south and have a look.”

“Mother?” Zhong Chu Yuan looked at her mother with surprise.

“Mother has never been anywhere in her life. Before I married your father, I could only walk around the house, and after I married your father, I could only walk around the county, Mother is not young anymore and the world seems to be such a big place. But you’re different, you’re still young, you can still go see the beautiful mountains, rivers, and the vast blue sky.”

Meng looked at Zhong Qi Yuan with a gentle and solemn expression, “Yuan’er grew up far away from home, so she isn’t tied down by too many relationships. In fact, if it wasn’t for my illness back then, I’m afraid that Yuan’er wouldn’t have stayed, right?”

Zhong Qi Yuan suddenly paused before slowly nodding in response, “Yes.”

Zhong Chu Yuan felt that this kind of conversation was too devoid of affection and that the feelings she cherished were just things that are restraining her in Zhong Qi Yuan’s eyes.

Thinking about this, she suddenly felt wronged and her tears fell.

“You kid, what are you crying for?” Meng hurriedly tried and comforted her.

Zhong Qi Yuan stretched her hand and moved the dishes that were in front of her.
Don’t drop your tears on the dishes, there’s still food to eat!

Zhong Chu Yuan, “. . .”

Her thoughts of hitting someone are even stronger than her feelings of being wronged. Her elder sister is really a big heartless bastard!

“Compared to mother staying properly at home, you should be more worried when you explore the outside world. You haven’t even left yet but you’re already this worried about Mother. Besides, it’s not like we’re not going to see each other anymore.”

When Meng said this, Zhong Chu Yuan choked up and slowly stopped her tears, “That sounds. . . . reasonable.”

She then asked Zhong Qi Yuan, “Then, when are you coming back?”

“You have feet. You can come back anytime you want.”

Zhong Chu Yuan huffed and glared at her.

Can’t you even say something ambiguous and nice to coax me?!


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The next day, Cong Wan heard the child of fortune being angry at Zhong Qi Yuan again, “Elder sister is really too bad, she just bullies me.”

Cong Wan, “. . .”

That’s a villain boss. Someone who isn’t cruel in nature can’t be qualified for such a position.

Cong Wan asked, “Then you decided to follow her to the south?”

Zhong Chu Yuan nodded, “Yeah. Elders sister said that it’s to save me from doing nothing but thinking about marrying someone every day, but she was obviously the one who asked me before!”

Seeing the exasperated son of luck, Cong Wan was amused, “Very good.”

“In fact, I also want to go to other places and explore, but I can’t stop worrying about mother.” Zhong Chu Yuan sighed.

Cong Wan said, “Aunt Meng is your mother, she’s a generation older than you. She’s seen a lot of people and experienced a lot of things, why should you about her when you’re just a child?”

“Yes, mother said the same thing, so I decided to do what I want to do!”

Zhong Chu Yuan left with ease after venting her thoughts. After a while, Cong Wan turned around and asked, “You also have something to tell me?”

Zhong Qi Yuan walked to her side and said, “You’re the exclusive, ‘pour a bucket of bitter water’ for the sons of fortune, I can’t afford to use it.”

Cong Wan, “. . .”
You’re the bucket of bitter water and your family is full of buckets that pour bitter water!

She raised a professional smile, “Then what are you doing here?”

“Watch over my field for me.”

Cong Wan, “Sorry, I’m not your hired worker. Find someone else!”

“No one else can contact the system. Besides, if my fields are gone, this world can simply be destroyed!”

Cong Wan, “. . .”
Ha, do you think blackmailing me with the system is going to work?!
I’m a system auditor, a professional!
You better play nice or else I’ll give you a bad review on your evaluation log!

Cong Wan, “I have nothing to do anyway, so I’ll look after them for you!”

Cong Wan being a total tsun tsun at the end, hahahah!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did!

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