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TVIATF – Chapter 15

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (15)

Meng found out that Zhong Chu Yuan had become a little more stable after her experience in delivering a baby. She no longer followed behind Zhong Qi Yuan to help out but took the initiative to learn more about medical science.

Because the mother was still able to give birth smoothly even with an incorrect fetal position and that both mother and child were safe, the reputation of the sisters became more and more widespread, causing more and more people to come to them to deliver babies.

Zhong Qi Yuan still didn’t intend to expand her business, and Zhong Chu Yuan no longer acted recklessly, she said, “My medical skills are not superb, If I’m blindly confident and arrogantly believe that I can succeed a second time, it may harm the mother and the fetus, myself included.”

The reason why she was so enthusiastic to help before was that she had Zhong Qi Yuan as her backer. But that time when she was waiting for Zhong Qi Yuan in the delivery room, she suddenly realized that if she didn’t have Zhong Qi Yuan, she wouldn’t be able to do anything. If she didn’t have the ability to do so, why should she take the lead?

If she doesn’t have the ability, then she is merely a rabbit, pretending to be a fox. But can a rabbit be a rabbit all her life?

She can’t be sheltered under Zhong Qi Yuan’s wings forever, so she can only develop her own ability, improve her knowledge, and truly rely on her skills to save others!

Fortunately, she has been with Zhong Qi Yuan for nine years and has mastered a lot of medical theory by listening and seeing. If she’s confident, she will agree to assist the delivery, but she will not charge any money. Taking advantage of this clinical opportunity, she gathered a lot of knowledge in obstetrics.

It was during this busy and fulfilling day that Zhong Chu Yuan’s coming-of-age ceremony was simply done.

Zhong Guan had no reason to stay here anymore and went back to Bianzhou.

His father had never cared about the situation in his hometown, but his concubine sister, Zhong Que Yuan, came to inquire, “How are main mother and first sisters? I haven’t seen them. If father didn’t stop me, I would like to go back with the eldest brother to show respect!”

Zhong Guan’s face looked strange.

When he returned from this trip, he not only failed to achieve to witness Meng and her daughters become jokes, but he also became dizzy and dumbfounded by the numerous news.

For example, the lives of Meng and her daughters seem to be desolate, but their meals are always prepared with meat dishes every day. Even he couldn’t eat meat every day even after living for so many years in Bianzhou!

Also, his first mother also performed a kind of boxing called Tai Chi every day. Not only her body became healthier and healthier, but her body was also so well maintained that her entire person looked like she was only thirty years old!

What’s even more outrageous is that he heard that his first mother Meng and her daughters lived by farming. Everyone knows that farming is very tiring and laborious. He thought that a life of farming wasn’t good, but it turned out that they didn’t need to farm by themselves. Zhong Qi Yuan runs to the fields every day, but what she grows is worth a thousand yuan!

He even bought the herbs she grew and gave them to her – he was so ashamed and annoyed after learning this truth that he got dizzy for a while at the time.

And he thought he could hear some villagers secretly pitying and sympathizing with Meng and her daughters for not being valued by their husband and father gossip, but it turned out they didn’t either. When the villagers talked about Meng and her daughters, they either said that Meng had taught her daughters well, or praised Zhong Qi Yuan as a high achiever and Zhong Chu Yuan as the newly promoted, ‘little miracle doctor’. . . .

He felt that the self-confidence he had built up before had been crushed, and his face had been stepped on by Meng and her daughters.

He smiled and said, “They’re fine. Younger sister need not worry about them.”

When Zhong Que Yuan heard this, her smile froze.

First mother Meng and her daughters were fine? How can this be?!

She heard that after Zhong Chu Yuan reached maturity, her father was already ready to arrange a marriage for her, and Shi Xuanwei was also just about to get married. So this was her father’s plan, how could she not know?!

Thinking about this, she went crazy with jealousy.

How could it be that even if Zhong Chu Yuan was far from Zhong Que Yuan, she still couldn’t get rid of Zhong Chu Yuan’s shadow?

The fact that Meng and Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t die as they did in their previous lives was fine. After all, if they hadn’t died, Zhong Chu Yuan wouldn’t have been brought to Bianzhou to live, and then she wouldn’t have had the chance to get to know Shi Xuanwei. But who would’ve thought that even after nine years of preventing it, she was still not able to stop it?!

She went to great lengths to get close to Shi Xuanwei. Knowing that he likes dignified and generous ladies the most, she curbed her lively and active nature over the years and acted very gentle and considerate.

Thanks to her unrelenting efforts, Shi Xuanwei seems to have finally been moved by her. . .

When she thought of that time on the rockery, Shi Xuanwei took her hand and kissed the corner of her lips while she acted shy. She believed that Shi Xuanwei liked her, but that deep-minded man would never reveal his true feelings!

Now that she will soon get what she wants, how dare Zhong Chu Yuan come out and interfere?!

She also knows her disadvantage very well, that she is only a concubine daughter while Shi Xuanwei is the main son. Between her and Zhong Chu Yuan, her father will definitely choose the main daughter Zhong Chu Yuan.

So she only had two options, either become a first daughter herself or to make Zhong Chu Yuan unable to marry Shi Xuanwei.

But Meng had no plans on adopting her, and Shi, who’s her father’s stepfamily from her previous life, has already married someone else, so her path to becoming a main daughter has been blocked.

The latter was more feasible, but what could she do to stop Zhong Chu Yuan from marrying Shi Xuanwei?

She suddenly thought of someone.

It was Yun Yi, son of Yun Ding – her father’s colleague and fellow villager – who was now in the army as a military ambassador that leads an elite army guarding Yunzhou with Yun Yi!

Yun Ding came from a poor family, but at the age of 19, a disaster struck his hometown and he became desperate. So he went and joined the army when he encountered Xuanwu governor’s envoy who was recruiting soldiers. Later, because of his bravery and skills in fighting, he was rewarded by Shi Hong and became his vice general.

Although he was still a low-ranking general, he showed his talent in martial arts and military strategies as he made many achievements. Because of this, he was promoted step by step from a low-ranking commander to his present position of military ambassador and becoming Shi Hong’s right-hand man.

Zhong Que Yuan knew that his father had despised the other party. Although the Zhong family had fallen before his fortune, it was till one a famous family. Even if Yun Ding had become a fierce general, he still couldn’t change his grassroots background.
–But none of them knew that the man with such grassroots origin would be made into a marquis in the future and be buried with the specifications of a feudal king after his death. An honor that resonated with his whole family.

One of the reasons why the two emperors, Shi Hong and Shi Xuanwei, trusted him so much was because he had only one son. But his son was weak since childhood and died of illness at the age of twenty-three. He didn’t marry and left no heir. Shi Hong later took pity on Yun Ding and allowed him to adopt his own concubine son. . . 

The solution Zhong Que Yuan thought was to let Yun Yi marry Zhong Chu Yuan.

Compared to the lord’s son, Yun Yi’s family background will naturally be slightly inferior and his father may not agree. The reason is that, although Shi Xuanwei has a good family background, he doesn’t know that he will kill his father and brother to seize the throne. Since he is only the third son in line and has two healthy sons ahead of him, he can never be king in his life if no accidents were to occur.

But even so, there will certainly be many people who are vying their daughters to marry him, ladies who have been carefully taught. In comparison, Zhong Chu Yuan, who grew up in the countryside, is not even on the same stage, so the governor’s wife may not necessarily look at her.

Yun Yi is different. Because he’s physically weak and had not married yet despite being at the age of 21. Everyone is afraid that having their daughters marry him will leave them widowed. But the Yun family is now considered to be a prestigious family. If his father can become in-laws with them, his position in court will be more stable in the future.

Therefore, why bother to stay close?

Zhong Que Yuan had prepared this almost perfect speech. Of course, what she doesn’t intend for people to know is that, when she enters Shi Xuanwei’s harem, she will also make use of her father’s relationship with the Yun family to murder her way in the harem.

Even if she can’t be part of the main family now, she will definitely take back the express position in the future. She knew that she could never become Shi Xuanwei’s main wife because of her status. The only thing she can do is to capture Shi Xuanwei’s heart and make him pity her so that she will have more leverage.

Zhong Que Yuan naturally will not personally go and talk to  Zhong Zuo, she would brainwash Zhou first.

Zhou’s lips curled up and said, “How could you let that dead girl fall any cheaper? Good things will naturally fall onto us.”

Zhong Que Yuan secretly rolled her eyes. It’s no wonder that her biological mother could never be the main wife no matter how spoiled and favored she was in her previous life. With such short-sightedness, it would be strange that she could achieve anything!

How could she be the empress if she’s a widow of some short0lived ghost?!

She said, “Yun Yi will not live long. After Zhong Chu Yuan marries him, he will die in two years. Won’t Zhong Chu Yuan be given the name of her husband? Without father’s support, her life will be worse than death by then!”

Zhou suddenly widened her eyes then smiled, “You are thoughtful.”

Zhong Que Yuan said, “But we can’t let father know.”

“I know what to say!”


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Zhong Chu Yuan didn’t know that she was being counted on. She often recalled and pondered Zhong Qi Yuan’s question during this time; if someone would only have her in their heart and soul, would she agree to marry them?

Would she? Maybe?

She hesitated.

Seeing her frown all day long, Cong Wan asked her, “What’s wrong with Yuanyuan lately?”

Zhong Chu Yuan propped her chin and curiously said, “Sister Yun is nineteen years old, why hasn’t she married yet?”

Cong Wan slightly smiled. Because she deliberately lowered her presence, no one else would care about this issue.

But the child of fortune is the Lord God’s favorite and isn’t affected. Even those close to her would think about these illogical things because of her influence.

It’s like this; she has lived in Wangxian town for so many years and she has outstanding looks, but everyone who interacts with her doesn’t notice her looks and turns their heads as they forget her existence. But the son of luck would always praise her beauty, pulling her to discuss whether crushing medicinal herbs into powder and placing them on her dace would make her beautiful, and many more.

Meng also often emitted the sentiment that she is her ideal bride.

Even Zhong Guan, who hadn’t been in Zhong’s house for so long, would lose his mind over her appearance – of course, this effect would slowly fade away as he distances himself from the son of luck.

In short, people in the Yun family wouldn’t actively think about giving their daughter a marriage proposal, and other people would even forget about Cong Wan’s marriage situation, but Zhong Chu Yuan wouldn’t ignore this.

Cong Wan, “Because I don’t want to get married!”

Zhong Chu Yuan was surprised, “Does sister Yun also want to become a monk?”

Cong Wan said with amusement, “I won’t become a monk but no one will force me to marry.”

“I also want to be like sister Yun.”

“Oh? You don’t want to marry?”

Zhong Chu Yuan shook her head, “I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it. My sister asked me if there was that one person who would be devoted to me, would I be willing to marry the other person. I couldn’t answer because I don’t know either.”

Cong Wan didn’t open her mouth to interfere with the child of fortune’s thoughts. As an auditor, she could interact with the son of luck, but she must never influence her judgment.

Of course, the host did not have this limitation. It can be seen that Zhong Chu Yuan was so influenced by Zhong Qi Yuan that everything – from her personality to her way of thinking – is vastly different from her previous life.

Zhong Chu Yuan didn’t get a response from Cong Wan, nor did she care. She then said to herself, “I like my life now. I have important things to accomplish every day, and I’m enriching myself every day. More importantly, it feels good to be thanked by others.”

Zhong Chu Yuan no longer relied on Zhong Qi Yuan, and she felt elated after receiving heartfelt thanks from several women for their gynecological problems, which she had governed alone.

In the past, there were people who thanked her, but it was often Zhong Qi Yuan who played a major role and she was only thanked in passing. Therefore, this kind of gratitude that belonged to her alone gave her a sense of accomplishment that gave her the courage to stand alone and be trusted by others.

Cong Wan replied, “Then don’t trouble yourself. You’re still young, you can wait until the day you can figure it out before making a decision.”

Zhong Chu Yuan sighed, she had reached maturity yet her elder sister and sister Yun still thought that she was a child despite others not thinking so.

She didn’t have to worry for long since there was a surprising decision from Zhong Qi Yuan.

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