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TVIATF – Chapter 14

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (14)

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After being aware of Zhong Zuo’s ambition, the system excitedly told Zhong Qi Yuan, “This is a good opportunity to help the son of fortune reclaim what belongs to her!”

“Something? You mean, the male lead is a thing?”

The system, “The male lead is not a thing! No, he is a thing. Nor is it right, he. . .”

In the end, it couldn’t tell if the male lead was a thing or not.

“All in all, this is a great opportunity. As long as the son of fortune marries him, then everything can get back on track!”

The system really didn’t expect that even though Zhong Qi Yuan had done nothing, the plot was still moving towards the original direction. This was a surprise!

But what it didn’t expect was that although Zhong Qi Yuan hadn’t created obstacles, the first one to raise objections turned out to be the son of fortune!

When Meng talked with Zhong Qi Yuan about this matter, she didn’t want to exclude Zhong Chu Yuan. She was also no longer the innocent and naive child she was back then. The father, who never cared for them, suddenly showed concern for her coming-of-age ceremony, which was suspicious in every way.

Now that she had learned from her mother and elder sister about the other party’s plans, Zhong Chu Yuan felt angry and said, “I won’t be manipulated by him and I don’t care if he comes back to officiate my coming-of-age ceremony!”

As for following his arrangement in marrying a stranger? She was even more unhappy about it.

The system was so anxious that it flew around her, chanting even though it knew that she couldn’t hear it, “If you don’t agree, the male lead will be taken away from you!”

After all, its words couldn’t be conveyed to Zhong Chu Yuan, and the only two who could hear it, Zhong Qi Yuan and Cong Wan, had no intention of passing on its message.

However, Zhong Qi Yuan said a rare good word for Shi Xuanwei, saying, “That is the third son of Xuanwu Minister. He has developed both civil and military skills since he was a child and goes with his father to war at a young age. The third son’s future is unlimited. If you marry him as his main wife, you will also enjoy endless glory and wealth.”

The system was filled with tears, “The host finally has the consciousness to do the task!”

Zhong Chu Yuan frowned and looked unconvinced, but she has never objected to her sister’s words, so for a moment, she wasn’t in a hurry to refute.

Meng didn’t know what Zhong Qi Yuan was planning, and she looked at her two daughters in silence. In her heart, she naturally hopes that both her daughters will have a good home, but since she respected her eldest daughter’s choice, she will also respect her youngest daughter’s choice.

Zhong Chu Yuan took a while to come up with a reason to argue, “I am living a good life right now. I don’t need to enjoy endless glory and wealth. Besides, there will certainly be many people who want to share such a good man with me.”

Zhong Qi Yuan asked, “Your idea is that, if you can make the other person devoted only to you, you will agree?”

Zhong Chu Yuan froze and then fell into contemplation. She hadn’t really considered this aspect when she was growing up. Being busy was one thing, and there was also the neglectful attitude of Zhong Zuo towards his wife and daughter, but there is also one more important reason which she couldn’t figure out for a while.

Zhong Qi Yuan, Cong Wan, and Meng didn’t bother her either and went to do their own work.

After waiting for a few days, Zhong Guan visited again.

This time, he brought some pearls and jade ornaments to give to Meng and Zhong Chu Yuan. Originally, he also wanted to give some to Zhong Qi Yuan, but thinking that she was a Taoist priest who is usually dressed plainly and never wore pearls or ornaments on her body, he thought it would be useless to give them away. So he simply sent some medicinal herbs that can be used for alchemy.

He said, “These herbs are said to be alchemy materials that Taoist masters of alchemy are competing for. They are very effective. I spent a lot of effort to get them.”

Meng and Zhong Chu Yuan’s faces were a little strange, but Zhong Qi Yuan accepted them without changing her face. When the first two saw this, they did not take the initiative to say that the herbs were actually grown by them.

Zhong Guan handed a beautiful jade hairpin to Zhong Chu Yuan and said, “After your coming-of-age ceremony, younger sister can wear this hairpin. This jade hairpin is made of carefully selected materials and fine workmanship. It matches my sister very well.”

Zhong Chu Yuan, “. . .”

She politely refused, “This is too expensive, I can’t accept it.”

Zhong Guan said, “If you don’t have a valuable ornament on your body, you will be looked down upon in the future.”

Just as Zhong Chu Yuan wanted to say something, a villager hurriedly came to their door and shouted, “Taoist master, help, help! My lady’s fetal position is not correct and the child will not be born. The midwife said that if this continues, she is afraid that one of the two lives will die, please save her. . .”

Zhong Qi Yuan indifferently took a sip of tea.

She is not an obstetrician or a gynecologist, why are you looking for her?

On the contrary, Zhong Chu Yuan violently stood up as if she was the one who’ll give birth and there was a trace of anxiety on her face, “Sister!”

Zhong Qi Yuan put down her tea and said, “You go over first!”

After talking to steps, she suddenly remembered something and ran back to the house and carried out the medicine box that Zhong Qi Yuan usually uses. She then let the villager lead the way.

Zhong Guan watched her go away blankly and then looked at Zhong Qi Yuan before asking stiffly, “Elder Sister, this is. . .”

“Saving people. Is it hard to understand?” Zhong Qi Yuan asked.

Zhong Guan, “. . .”

Saving people is not hard to understand, but can someone tell him why Zhong Chu Yuan, a country girl, would heal and save people?

No, didn’t the villagers were looking for her as a Taoist priest? So why did she feel comfortable letting Zhong Chu Yuan go there first? What exactly did he and the Zhong family miss all these years?

Meng sighed and persuaded, “Eight months ago, he learned that his wife was pregnant. He was so happy from ear to ear that he sent wedding cakes and wedding sweets to our family. I wish you to take a look for the sake of the baby!”

“No hurry.”

She wasn’t in a hurry, but Zhong Guan was anxious in his heart. He wanted to know whether Zhong Chu Yuan could do medicine or not. After sitting for a while, he was still restless, so he excused himself and ran towards the villager’s house under the pretext of helping.

With almost no need to inquire, he followed the curious children and easily found the home of the villager who was about to give birth. He could hear the woman’s painful screams from a distance.


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He didn’t feel much about this, because his wife gave birth smoothly and he couldn’t understand why the woman was screaming so loudly. He pushed aside the children at the door and squeezed in. Zhong Chu Yuan had already entered the house while he could only wait outside with the townspeople.

Inside the house, Zhong Chu Yuan asked the midwife, “How long has the amniotic fluid been broken?”

“Three hours now.”

Zhong Chu Yuan was slightly relieved. Only three hours, so there’s still time. As long as she waited for her sister to come. . .

She turned her head to look outside and didn’t find Zhong Qi Yuan’s figure. She waited anxiously for a while until the mother suddenly grabbed her hand and begged her, “We must keep my baby!”

Cold sweat dripped from Zhong Chu Yuan’s forehead and she forced herself to calm down. She then recalled how Zhong Qi Yuan used to deliver cows whose fetuses were not in the right position.

She checked the baby’s fetal position and found that although it wasn’t correct, it wasn’t the worst-case scenario.

She said, “Get down and walk around first to widen the opening a little faster. When it’s as wide as seven fingers, take the medicine with an anesthetic effect to help correct the baby’s position as much as possible.”

Due to secular constraints, doctors generally don’t heal women, let alone deliver babies, so they don’t really know anything regarding this matter. Although midwives always help women deliver babies, most pregnant women have smooth deliveries so they also don’t have the relevant medical knowledge and only know from experience.

In this case, Zhong Chu Yuan’s advice, who knew a little about medicine, was worth considering.

The time seemed to pass very slowly, and Zhong Chu Yuan felt tormented for every second that passed. She picked at her clothes again and again with her fingers and sweat accumulated from her forehead, neck, and body.

She habitually ran after Zhong Qi Yuan, silently drawing on her knowledge, but she never tried to make decisions on her own. And this time, she wasn’t sure she could save the life of the mother and the fetus, but she couldn’t do nothing and watch a mother and child die of exhaustion.

But what if she fails to save them? Would she blame herself, feel guilty, or be disappointed? Zhong Chu Yuan thought a lot about it.

Finally, when the pregnant woman was as wide as seven fingers, Zhong Qi Yuan still didn’t appear and Zhong Chu Yuan could only give the mother some anesthetic medicine, clean her hands, and so on. She took a breath and tremblingly stretched out her hand.

At this time, the door of the room was pushed open. Zhong Chu Yuan turned her head, only to see a tall Taoist figure walk in. Her eyes became hot and tears rolled down from her eyes, “Sister. . .”

“Mm, it’s quite calm.” Zhong Qi Yuan said and went over to see the mother’s condition.

With Zhong Qi Yuan, the mother’s situation stabilized, and it didn’t take long for the opening to fully open and the child was delivered smoothly.

The midwife was also so anxious, but Zhong Qi Yuan assisted the delivery while telling Zhong Chu Yuan how to detect the fetal position problem as early as possible during pregnancy and not wait until the delivery that would greatly increase the risk of miscarriage. The midwife also followed the lesson and the process made them both forget the fear of having to choose between the two lives.

When the child was born safely, Zhong Qi Yuan said, “I don’t need to teach the rest right?”

Only then did Zhong Chu Yuan and the midwife come back to their senses and methodically cut the umbilical cord, check the mother’s condition, and more.

It was almost dusk, and Zhong Qi Yuan was in a hurry to get home for dinner and didn’t want to stay here much longer. After she left, the villager found out the danger from the midwife and they cried in horror. He thanked Zhong Chu Yuan repeatedly and asked his family to give her two chickens that the family had raised.

Zhong Chu Yuan said, “Your wife had just given birth to your child, so leave these tonic supplements for them!”

She didn’t ask for anything and dragged her tired body back home.

On the way, the villagers all came out and praised her for her excellent medical skills and bodhisattva heart.

She said, “I didn’t do anything, it was my sister who saved that mother and child.”

The townspeople cheerfully said, “The little lady doesn’t need to be modest. Taoist Master Zhong went late, but before that, you also contributed a lot and didn’t retreat. For this alone deserves our admiration!”

When the midwife took the job and learned that the fetal position was incorrect, she thought about bailing out. If it wasn’t for the villagers who sought outside help in time, and the midwife who didn’t want to spoil her reputation, she would’ve left long ago.

Zhong Chu Yuan was in danger and was ordered to stay in the delivery room for a few hours without any complaints. During this period, she did a lot of midwifery work but did not take a cent afterward. The villagers admired this very much.

Zhong Chu Yuan was stunned and then laughed.

Zhong Guan watched from a distance as Zhong Chu Yuan was surrounded by people. A voice suddenly sounded beside him and said quietly, “In the future, even if she doesn’t have a single valuable ornament on her body, she won’t be looked down upon. Because she is so bright that even the most valuable ornaments will be overshadowed by her, right?”

Zhong Guan twisted his head and saw Cong Wan. His heart skipped a beat, and after digesting her words, it was as if he had fallen from the clouds and straight to the ground.


I swear, when our grown-up radish head looked at our MC with tears in her eyes when she arrived in the delivery room, I could imagine her helpless face and I couldn’t stop myself from pitying her. . . .

Don’t make our baby radish head cry. . .

Anyway!! I know it’s kind of a d*ck move for Zhong Qi Yuan to be that late, but the reason is kind of explained in the next chapter. Though it wasn’t explicitly said, it’s kind of obvious based on the following events after this delivery.

I really liked this arc, not only for our FL and MC, but as well as for our son of fortune, mother Meng, and a few other incoming supporting characters.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did!

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    lol, this guy got his word twisted back to him HA HA HA. And also thanks for the chapter!!

  2. Avatar adeThorns says:

    Lmfao I had to laugh when I saw the bit about the midwife; most births aren’t smooth at all. I dunno where these tropes about midwives being useless come from, but its far from the truth. Unless this midwife was a complete amateur, she would’ve known such a simple cure. Midwives are there in case things go wrong; doctors only show up when things go REALLY wrong and a c-section is required.

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