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TVIATF – Chapter 13

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (13)

Meng had already learned from Cong Wan that they had met Zhong Guan at the door. Seeing Zhong Qi Yuan come back, she said, “Your father seems to have remembered us.”

For more than ten years, aside from ancestral worship, Zhong Zuo has never visited them, let alone mentioned that he was going to take them to care for him. The monthly letter that sends their living expenses was nothing but full of complaints.

Meng’s respect and love for him have long since been exhausted due to his shameful behavior over the years, and she no longer has half expectations for him.

Today, he asked his eldest son to come back and assist her in presiding over the coming-of-age ceremony of her youngest daughter. She wasn’t surprised at all, after all, he didn’t come back for the ceremony of the eldest daughter. Since the eldest daughter is a Taoist priest, he said that the Taoist temple should be responsible.

If that was all, Meng wouldn’t have resented it. But he always excused that he isn’t able to take time out of his ‘busy schedule’ to come back and preside over his daughter’s ceremony, but he can spare time to do the ceremony for his concubine daughter.

That was the first time Meng blew up and wrote to him to question him.

He responded in a dignified manner, “Yuan’er and Chu Yuan are the first daughters. In the future, I will prepare a rich dowry and let them get married beautifully. Fengyuan is a concubine daughter, the dowry is much less than the first daughter, so I am compensating by treating her better now.”

Zhong Zuo had another explanation for his theory that he thought was more reasonable, “What’s wrong with me leaving money to the first daughter and giving love to the concubine daughter?”

Meng was so angry that she nearly fell ill, and then Zhong Qi Yuan became interested and wrote, “There is a dowry? Where is it and why haven’t you given it to me yet?”

Zhong Zuo, “. . . aren’t you still not married?”

Don’t talk about being married, not even returning to the custom!

Zhong Qi Yuan said, “Whose dowry isn’t prepared in advance. You didn’t even prepare my dowry in advance, are you really intending to leave the money to the first daughter? I’ll ask other families how they prepare dowries for their first daughters.”

Fearing that she would really write to his superior and colleagues, Zhong Zuo asked Zhou to compile a list for her.

Zhong Qi Yuan, “Who doesn’t know how to write a list? I can also write one. Where are the physical objects?”

Zhong Qi Yuan is not afraid of losing face, but Zhong Zuo is. He couldn’t stand that she wanted to make a big deal out of it whenever she got the chance and he didn’t want his superiors to see him as a joke, so he had to give Zhong Qi Yuan all the things that Lian and Zhou had saved for years to give to their concubine daughter as a dowry.

Zhong Qi Yuan received the things, but when Zhong Zuo asked her to return to secularism or be prepared to be married, she turned her face away, “I’m a Taoist priest, after becoming a monk, I am dedicated to the Tao and must not be involved in mortal pleasures.”

Zhong Zuo was so angry that he vomited blood.

After Shi Hong found out, he even comforted him, “Since she has no desire and is dedicated to the Tao of immortality, why do you need to take away her will?”

Zhong Zuo, “. . . “

You’re not comforting at all!

Zhong Zuo was really angry with Zhong Qi Yuan. This time, with Zhong Chu Yuan’s ceremony, he didn’t want to come back to preside over it, as usual, and let his wife and his eldest daughter know the consequences of offending him! But thinking about the next arrangement, he still sent his eldest son back.

How can Meng and Zhong Qi Yuan not be aware of his calculations?

Five years ago, he wanted Zhong Qi Yuan to return to the world, and Meng at first helped persuade her daughter, because she sincerely hoped that she could find a good husband so that she would not have to suffer from widowhood for the rest of her life.

Later, Zhong Qi Yuan said to her, “I heard that Xuanwu’s second son is getting married, and the governor’s wife is looking for a suitable wife for him!”

Meng was stunned and soon realized that Zhong Zuo wanted his daughter to marry the governor’s second son.

The Jiedushi’s ambassador’s family is certainly high, and with the relationship as in-laws in place, Zhong Zuo’s status was bound to rise. In addition, Shi Hong really appreciates him, and to tie him completely to his own boat, he also hoped to marry their families.

But the downside is that their family’s status is too high, and the other party is the second son. There will be many women in the back courtyard in the future, and with Zhong Qi Yuan’s temperament, she’s afraid that she will break the other party’s three legs. In this way, it won’t be marriage, but vengeance.

“Then. . .”

Knowing what she wanted to say, Zhong Qi Yuan said more bluntly, “With all due respect, there is no one in this world who is worthy of me.”

Meng, “. . .”

Where does the eldest daughter’s self-confidence come from?

But Zhong Qi Yuan is addicted to farming, and usually has no desire for anything else. She doesn’t even have half of the shyness and sluttiness that a daughter of her age should have. It is estimated that when her husband wants to get close to her after marriage, she will also refuse with justifiable excuses, saying; ‘Wait, my land has not been turned, my seeds have not been sown, I forgot to weed, the vegetable patch has grown insects, I have to go check. . .’ and more.

Just thinking about it, Meng felt that the other party would sooner or later divorce his wife. Instead of being repudiated, it would be better to not marry at all.

Her ideas have always been big, and Meng cannot restrain her, so she naturally would no longer persuade her.

In fact, Zhong Zuo has already chosen a better candidate in his family. So when Shi Hong comforted him, he took advantage of the situation and created the image of a loving father who is not willing to take his eldest daughter’s will.

Shi Hong still feels a little pity in his heart. In the early years, he heard that Zhong Zuo’s wife was not in good health and was afraid of premature death, so he took the widow of a military officer who died on the battlefield as his righteous sister and prepared to wait for Zhong Zuo’s wife to die and his righteous sister’s mourning period. After that, his righteous sister would then be betrothed to Zhong Zuo as a stepmother.

He was surprised that Meng’s health had improved and she was still alive and well after all these years. He couldn’t bear to let his sister remain a widow, so he betrothed her to another minister.

In this way, his plan to marry Zhong Zuo into the family fell through.

This time, he also planned to let his second son marry Zhong Zuo’s first daughter, but his wife heard that the other party had been a monk since childhood, and also had a fierce reputation over the years. Fearing that his son would marry her, come back and disturb the family, so he chose another family.

Shi Hong only felt pity that he and Zhong Zuo really did not have the fate to be in-laws.

But aside from his first son, he also has his second son and third son, while Zhong Zuo not only has his first daughter Zhong Qi Yuan, there is also Zhong Chu Yuan.

This year, Shi Hong’s third son, Shi Xuanwei, is already seventeen years old and has reached the marriageable age.


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“No wonder he remembered us.” Meng sighed, thinking that he was planning to climb the big tree, Shi Hong.

Nine years ago, Shi Hong had more than a dozen prefectures under his jurisdiction, and after raising his strength over the years, he looked for opportunities to attack Yicheng, Tianping, and Pinglu sectors.

After acquiring their territories. Their neighbors became equally strong as the Wei Bo Governor.

Although the friction with Wei Bo Governor is getting bigger and bigger, Shi Hong won more and more battles because of his large territory and sufficient food.

Zhong Zuo saw that Shi Hong had the potential in conquering the world, so he naturally became more and more sincere in assisting him, also developing a hint of ambition. If Shi Hong could take over the world, he would certainly get a high position as a meritorious minister, but it was far less than having a marriage relationship with the emperor to consolidate his position.

Although the concubine’s daughter Zhong Que Yuan was somewhat close to Shi Xuanwei, he never considered Zhong Que Yuan for marriage. No matter what, just because he favors his concubine doesn’t mean that everyone else does, especially in a family like Shi Hong’s – which attaches great importance between the main children, and the concubine’s children. Shi Hong would never allow his first son to marry a concubine’s daughter.

Therefore, Zhong Zui prefers to marry his concubine’s daughter to an official of lower status than him to develop his influence. But in the end, he loves his concubine daughters, and as compensation, he usually condones them.

Zhong Que Yuan thought that her father was tacitly allowing herself to approach Shi Xuanwei, so her behavior became even more outrageous.

Although Shi Xuanwei will grow into a black-bellied emperor who kills his brother and father, he is still only a seventeen-year-old boy. Facing such a passionate and hot Zhong Que Yuan, he will inevitably have some yellow thoughts in his heart.

So Zhong Qi Yuan and Cong Wan received a notification from the system that the child of fortune was about to be deprived of love.


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“Since he wants to be a ‘loving father’, let him show his sincerity! Otherwise, I don’t want to accompany him in his drama.” Zhong Qi Yuan said.

Meng looked at her, thinking that Zhong Zuo, who had been fooled once, would not compromise so easily this time.

After Zhong Qi Yuan was unwilling to return the dowry when Zhong Zuo asked her to return the dowry, not only did she not return it, she also sought justice from Shi Hong;

“What kind of father is always thinking about his daughter’s dowry? Although I don’t intend to marry a mortal, I am still a Taoist priest who wants to serve the Sanqing ancestors and live forever with the immortals. I married myself at the Taoist temple, shouldn’t my father still provide me with a dowry?”

Shi Hong, “. . .”

Zhong Zuo, “. . .”

Don’t ask, one will only regret it if they ask.

Having learned from the past, Zhong Zuo tightened his purse and never gave Zhong Chu Yuan the opportunity to covet his money away for similar reasons.

Fortunately, Meng no longer counted on him. These years, the lives of the mother and daughters may not seem well-off, but in fact, she has saved millions of money despite living in the countryside.

Zhong Qi Yuan has been farming all these years, and the harvest is not bad. No matter if it’s a good year or a disaster year, the fruits and vegetables she grows have also become a hot product in the county. In the end, the herbs she grows were also competed for by major medicinal shops and medical clinics in the county.

She even used the dowry given by Zhong Zuo to buy a lot of open land in the mountains and forests, and then planted the precious medicinal herbs she cultivated that could only grow naturally in the north.

She sent some of the herbs to the Taoist temple and said, “Brothers, stop using cinnabar and hardware for alchemy and try using my new formulas for alchemy.”

Although the Taoist priests had some twists and turns in accepting the new pills, in the end, they finally found that the elixirs made from pure medicinal materials had a much better effect than the pills they used to make. At least no fellow disciples died from taking the pills.

Cong Wan originally wondered how she could be so kind, until after seeing this new pill recipe spread throughout the prefecture’s Taoist temple with an exaggerated effect, and more and more Taoists approached her to buy herbs. . . only then did she understand that Zhong Qi Yuan was opening up a new market for her own herbs.

In this way, although Zhong Qi Yuan is only farming, her money bags are getting bigger and bigger. And because she doesn’t value materialistic enjoyment, spends very little, and is lazy to manage the accounts, the money naturally fell into Meng’s hands.

Meng has been saving for nine years and her family has millions of money. It is not difficult for her to spare some money to make a dowry for Zhong Chu Yuan. She naturally doesn’t expect Zhong Zuo to give a good dowry.

But the other people don’t know this. They just see that because Zhong Zuo is becoming more and more valid in Bianzhou, as well as his status getting higher and higher, and his life becoming more and more extravagant, no thieves would dare touch his main wife and first daughters living in a small house in the countryside – although the bigger reason is that the thieves are afraid of Zhong Qi Yuan – Who would not say that they are living in poverty when they see them?

When Zhong Guan left, he made some inquiries in the countryside and got the same result. But he did not sympathize with the main wife and first daughters, because if his father hadn’t abandoned the first wife, how could he have been valued as a concubine son? How could he have his today’s lifestyle?

People are selfish, although he respects the main mother in accordance with etiquette, he also hopes that she has a bad life in her heart.

Containing this gloomy thought, a figure suddenly crossed Zhong Guan’s mind. He was so impressed by her that he continued to ask the villagers about her.

The villagers pondered, “The lady you’re talking about should be the lady of the Yun family.”

Zhong Guan knew about the Yun family since after all when his father brought him around to teach him, he would inevitably meet a fellow member of the Zhong family, military ambassador Yun, Yun DIng.

Military ambassador Yun was a military official. Originally, he was only a deputy general under the governor, but because of his bravery, battle prowess, and his many successes in battle, he became Shi Hong’s close friend. Later, he was promoted step by step to be the commander in charge of an army – the military ambassador, and his position became more and more prominent.

“Why does she live in this countryside?”

The villager responded, “That’s natural because we have good feng shui in Wangzian Town. The lady of the Yun family gave up the city’s beautiful clothes and jade food and ran here to purify herself. . .”

Zhong Guan was in a trance. It wasn’t because the other party was not favored, nor was it because she was a concubine’s daughter.

For a young lady with this kind of origin, the only one eligible to marry her in the Zhong family is the main wife’s son. But he, a concubine’s son, actually had the ridiculous idea of taking her as his concubine. No wonder the first sister would taunt and humiliate him without mercy!


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