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TVIATF – Chapter 12

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (12)

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Cong Wan looked at the child of fortune who was hugging her while fake crying. Others still don’t know the strength of the son of fortune? In Wangxian town, aside from Zhong Qi Yuan, no one has better skills than her. Not to mention a second-rate man, even if there are four or five of them, she can still beat them down.

In the past nine years, she first finished learning three sets of Jun Ti Quan, then later began to learn Qin Di Quan and Bu Fu Quan, learning each type of martial arts every few years to get Zhong Qi Yuan’s approval.

In addition, she would follow Zhong Qi Yuan around their family’s eighty acres of land, running a few laps when she was young and a dozen laps when she grew older. Day after day, year after year, rain or shine.

Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t force her to do any of these, so Cong Wan had been curious to ask her why she was so active. Zhong Chu Yuan held her tongue for a long time before saying quietly, “Elder sister is walking too fast. I’m afraid that I can’t keep up with her if I don’t run.”

Cong Wan was stunned, smiled, and stroked her head.

The son of fortune has worked so hard over the years while she has been lazing. She’s really ashamed of her Lord God’s trust!

Cong Wan clenched her fists, “Okay, I’m going to work for real!”

Then on a sunny morning, she took out her assessment log and wrote, [The sky is sunny, the wind is calm, and the years are calm.]

After thinking about it, it was too perfunctory so she deleted it.

She thought of the recent happenings in Bianzhou City. The reborn person seems to have received the attention of the male lead, and the main lead’s heart also has a place for her, so she wrote; [The son of fortune has been deprived of love, the host. . .]

She turned her head and looked at someone who was picking melons under the melon field, and powerlessly entered; [is farming!]

After submitting the assessment log, Cong Wan was satisfied, “I am so dedicated!”

Zhong Qi Yuan, who came out of the field with a basket of cucumbers, glanced at her and said, “Oh? She keeps on keeping an eye on me, even when I’m planting the field. Except for when she wouldn’t show up once I’m sleeping, has she ever skipped? No wonder the system says every day that she is the most professional auditor.”

But apart from the first time she learned that the Lord God had arranged for an auditor to keep an eye on her, she had been at peace with each other all these years and had gotten used to each other’s presence.

“My mother’s ideal bride.” Zhong Qi Yuan called out.

Cong Wan, “. . .”

Damn, ever since Meng said that she wanted Cong Wan to be her daughter-in-law, this person has been calling her that directly.

Acting like an elementary school student, is she childish or not?

She rolled her eyes, “What?”

Zhong Qi Yuan handed over the basket of cucumbers, “Take these melons back to my mother for cooking please,” She paused, “You can keep one if you want.”

“You won’t take it back yourself?” Cong Wan complained but still took the basket.

Suddenly, she remembered the last thing this person said, and those vulgar yellow images immediately rushed into her mind. She glared at her viciously and gritted her teeth, “No need, you keep it to yourself!”

Zhong Qi Yuan pointed to the melon field behind her, “I still have more than 40,000 roots!”

She said too frankly, Cong Wan thought it was because she had too much yellow waste in her head that she had thought wrong. But when she saw the teasing smile at the corner of Zhong Qi Yuan’s mouth, she knew she hadn’t misunderstood.

‘This big boss is deliberate!’

“Vulgar!” She glared at Zhong Qi Yuan again while carrying the basket. She turned her head and walked away.

This glare of hers looked very fierce in the eyes of others, but for Zhong Qi yuan, it had no deterrent effect.

After Zhong Qi Yuan leisurely walked around, the system said, “Host, you bully the child of fortune every day, you don’t even let the auditor off. You’re not human!”

“Don’t you usually call me an old demon in private? How can I be considered a human being, right?”

The system, “?!”

‘Gah, how did the host know that?!’

‘Isn’t the communication between the system and the auditor encrypted? Did the host eavesdrop?’

‘The host is not a martial artist!’

It didn’t dare confront Zhong Qi Yuan. Seeing that the male lead was taken away by the reborn person, the task still hasn’t progressed at all. At this time, if the opponent is further irritated, it surely will be game over.

Under twice the pressure, the system chose to kneel down and hug its thighs again; Grandpa forgive me.jpg

“Heh.” Zhong Qi Yuan flicked her finger, mercilessly sending the green fluorescence away.

The system, “. . .”

It suddenly discovered that the host treats the insects in the field in the same way. In other words, for the host, the system is no different from insects?!

“No, even if it’s a bug, I want to be the prettiest one, a firefly!” The system reorganized itself and flew towards Zhong Qi Yuan again.

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Cong Wan arrived at the door of Zhong’s house one step ahead. She was about to enter when a man hurriedly walked out of it. Seeing that he was about to hit her head-on, Cong Wan dodged and the man stopped abruptly in his tracks.

The man was worried that Cong Wan might fall, so he reached out his hand to support her, but to his surprise, she stood firmly and his gesture of reaching out his hand became embarrassing.

“Ahem, little lady, are you all right?” The man asked as he hurriedly withdrew his hand.

When he fixed his eyes to see Cong Wan’s face clearly, his heart suddenly beat faster.

The woman standing in front of him looked gentle and beautiful. Her skin was so white that she looked like a patient who had been ill for many years, but despite this, her eyes were still bright and luminous. Her evasive posture just now was even more dignified and calm, like a butterfly fluttering into his heart.

“It’s okay.” Cong Wan responded.

The man came back to his senses, calmed his unusual heartbeat, and asked tentatively, “You, are you elder sister?”

“You are?” Cong Wan sized him up. His body was tall but not strong, and his clothes were quite plain, but the material of his clothes showed that his family was well-off.
‘So unfamiliar, I guess he’s not from Wangxian Town.\

“I’m Zhong Guan.”

Cong Wan suddenly realized that this was Zhong Zuo’s concubine eldest son. Only three months younger than Zhong Qiyuan.

She pointed to the calm and leisurely figure behind her, “I’m not your elder sister, she is.”

Zhong Guan followed her fingertips and saw a Taoist with a Xuan scarf on her head, wearing a neon dress and Xia sleeves, walking at a slow pace as if walking on clouds. Her face was sharp and handsome, her body was tall and slender, and she had the posture of a fairy immortal.

He suddenly remembered that his elder sister had been a monk since childhood, and five years ago, his father had asked her to return to secularism, but she refused. Over the years, there has been no news of her return to secularism, then in that case, this Taoist master is indeed his elder sister.

“Hm?” Zhong Qi Yuan glanced at him and told Cong Wan, “We seem to have overlooked one thing.”

“What?” Cong Wan asked.

“My mother does have a son, and according to the clan system here, even if it’s just a concubine, it’s still considered her son.”

Cong Wan choked, thinking, ‘How dare you remember it after so many years?’

She ignored Zong Qi Yuan and went straight past Zhong Guan and entered the courtyard.

Zhong Guan looked at them in confusion and only after Cong Wan went in did he reluctantly withdraw his gaze. Turning his head to meet Zhong Qi Yuan’s serene phoenix eyes, his heart skipped a beat and he stammered, “E-elder sister.”

Zhong Qi Yuan wasn’t surprised by his appearance and asked, “What brings you here?”

Zhong Guan answered, “It was father who asked me to come back to see my mother, saying that younger sister is already fifteen years old and should have reached maturity. But father was away with the army and couldn’t return to his hometown to preside over this matter personally, so mother had to take care of the matter. He asked me to come back and help her.”

“Then you’ve seen Mother?”

“I have.”

“What did Mother say?”

“Mother told me to go home and discuss the matter when an auspicious date is chosen.”

Zhong Qi Yuan nodded, didn’t say anything else but said, “Then you go back!”

Seeing that she was about to go in, Zhong Guan hurriedly asked, “Elder sister, the talented young lady. . .”

Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t even look back, “Person who’s already married, why do you look like you’ve never seen a woman? Don’t go into estrus everywhere.”

After saying this, the door closed with a hook of her heel.

Zhong Guan was stunned and slowly, his handsome face turned into pig lover color.

He had long heard that his first sister wasn’t someone to be messed with because she was the only child who could make his father so angry that he vomited blood and wished for her to die an early death. Unfortunately, his father couldn’t do anything to her.

Before he came back, his biological mother Lian told him to put away his noble attitude he had in Bianzhou and treat his first mother and two first sisters with respect and humility.

He didn’t want to be discredited, so he acted very humbly and polite. He even lowered his stature to the lowest level, but he didn’t expect that he would still be ridiculed.

However, Zhong Qi Yuan is right, he is already married and his eldest son is already two years old. His thoughts towards Cong Wan are destined to be hidden from the light.

If he followed in, it would be difficult to guarantee that Zhong Qi Yuan wouldn’t humiliate him with this matter once again, so he could only leave in disgrace.

Jun Ti Quan (军体拳) – military boxing

Qin Qi Quan (擒敌拳) – literally means ‘Catch the enemy’ but when I researched it, it said that it’s an advanced internal martial art system that reveals the essence of the mainstream internal martial arts styles such as Taichi, Bagua, and Xingyi

Bǔ fú quán (捕俘拳) – literally means ‘Capture fist’ and when I researched it, it only said that it is one of the most powerful styles in Chinese martial arts.

Zhong Qi Yuan’s first act in protecting her wife hahahaha~~

Oh, and they have a lot of these subtle inside joke interactions all throughout the novel, especially on the first to the third worlds.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did!

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