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TVIATF – Chapter 11

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (11)

Zhong Que Yuan soon knew everyone’s reaction at that time was very wrong.

In her memory, she did go with her father to the elegant gathering in her previous life, – yes previous life – she was reborn.

In her previous life, she was her father’s most beloved daughter before the appearance of her first sister, Zhong Chu Yuan, who made her realize for the first time how cruel the ‘difference between first daughter and concubine daughter’ was.

Even though her father didn’t love the first sister, he would only take her out to banquets many times. Her mother Zhou said that because the first sister is firstborn, she is the most honored out of all of her father’s children. If Zhong Que Yuan wanted to enjoy the same treatment, she could only wait for Zhou to become the main wife.

She couldn’t wait for her own mother to become the new stepmother because her father married another woman and became the new stepmother – it was the righteous sister of her father’s master. Her stepmother’s status was very noble while her mother was as humble as a slave or a maid in front of the woman.

However, this wasn’t the reason that broke her. Her breakdown began when the man she loved married her first sister while she was married by her father to a low-ranking military general. The man was big and bulky, not gentle and considerate nor literate. She felt sick at the sight of him.

Later, her father’s lord conquered the world and his father became an important official. The man she loved killed his father and brother and became the supreme leader while her first sister became the mother of the nation and was admired by all the people.

However, because the low-ranking military general was a member of the crown prince’s party, he was implicated after the man she loved killed his father and brother, so she naturally could not escape death. As the wife of a sinner, she was almost captured and turned into a slave.

If she hadn’t begged her father and the man she loved to spare her because she was the empress’ sister, her life would’ve become much more difficult.

But even if she wasn’t a maid or a slave, as the wife of a sinner, she didn’t have a good time in her mother’s house; 

Her father disliked her, and if he hadn’t been afraid of losing face, she would have been given to some dignitary as a concubine. The noblewomen in the capital also laughed at her, cursing her lowly origin and reducing her to worthlessness. Even the servants and maidservants in the house looked down on her. . .

This kind of suffering made her resentful. Her father’s love and attention, the favor of the man she loved, and the admiration of all the people, all of this should have belonged to her.

The appearance of this first sister took away these things that belonged to her!

Because of her hatred for her first sister, she fell ill and died in the gloomy, cold courtyard.

The glory and wealth before the appearance of the first sister seemed to be a dream of her previous life, and she died sadly with the reality of her downfall.

But to her surprise, after she opened her eyes, she unexpectedly found herself back in her early childhood, before everything happened!

She was stunned, excited, and terrified, fearing that it was all just an illusion, just like what she had seen before she died.

But after many days of observation, she finally determined that her return to the age of five wasn’t an illusion, but a reality!

She calmed down and recalled the incident of her falling into the water. Although it was because she had lost her footing and fell into the pond, there was a lot of room for maneuvering – she could use this opportunity to deal with her first sister!

If she remembered correctly, her father’s first wife, Meng, had died of illness during the summer, and her first sister was alone and miserable in her hometown, so her father had taken her back.

The gathering was the first time that her father took her first sister to make an appearance. She was jealous, so she pestered her father to bring her along. Her wish came true, but she suffered a lot because she fell into the water. On the contrary, her first sister became acquainted with Shi Xuanwei, whom she loved. . .

In order not to let her first sister take away everything that originally belonged to her, she decided to make the first move and blamed her falling into the water on her first sister, so that her father would be disgusted with her first sister.

But when she said this, everyone’s reaction was unexpected.

When she was taken to shout for her soul, she realized that her first sister wasn’t her at all. She was still living with Meng in her old home.

She asked Zhou in astonishment, “Mother is not dead?”

Zhou’s eyes were sad and there was a trace of hatred, “She’s still alive and well!”

Zhong Que Yuan was horrified to find out that this wasn’t like her previous life!

She wanted to know more, but Zhou’s reaction to her was already suspicious. Some servants were even spreading rumors, “I heard that the fourth young lady fell into the water because a water spirit caught her, and when she was rescued, she didn’t cry out for her soul. I don’t know if she was replaced by the water spirit.”

She was scared that cold sweat ran through her body. Although she wasn’t replaced by a water spirit, she wasn’t the original Zhong Que Yuan. She was afraid that her family would find a master to catch demons and ward off evil spirits, so she disguised herself. She didn’t dare to ask many suspicious things easily, pretending that she was like a five-year-old child.

In this way, the Zhong family’s suspicions slowly dispelled.

The system informed Zhong Qi Yuan of Zhong Que Yuan’s rebirth, and the latter said, ‘oh; and didn’t react otherwise.

“She’s reborn. She will target the child of fortune and take away the true love of the child of fortune. Why won’t the host react at all?” The system became anxious.

Zhong Qi Yuan calmly said, “Don’t say anything else, just say that the true love is taken away. Can the true love that can be taken away be truly considered as true love?”

“Fate is destined by nature, but we must rely on ourselves to fight for it!”

“Yes, let the child of luck fight for themselves. Why should I intervene?”

The system, “. . . but your mission is to send assists!”

“Tell me again what my mission is.”

The system, “Help the child of fortune to become an existence of everyone’s admiration and praise, so that it benefits the world’s people and also makes the small world stable.”

“Which part of this mentions that I am required to help the child of fortune chase love?”

The system seemed to have been strangled as if it had become mute.

Zhong Qi Yuan not only didn’t care whether the child of luck’s true love was taken away, but she was also in a very good mood to carry a bucket of water to water the vegetable patch.

The child of fortune on the side saw an earthworm arched in the vegetable field, grabbed it, pulled it out, and held it up for Zhong Qi Yuan to see, “Sister, it’s an earthworm!”

Zhong Qi Yuan nodded, “You know what to do.”

“Hmm! Take it home, wash it, and fry it with talcum powder so that it can be concocted into a medicine!”

Zhong Chu Yuan took down the bamboo tube hanging around her waist, uncovered the wooden plug, and revealed a dozen earthworms crawling inside. She threw the earthworm in without changing her face so that it could accompany its companions. She then mercilessly covered the tube using the wooden plug.

The system, “. . . “

The system was so scared that it was going to faint.

‘Hey hey, return my soft and cute child of fortune!’

It’s just a pity that the son of luck didn’t grow into a gentle, kind, delicate, and pitiful nature as the system had hoped. Instead, it became a fierce god who’s second only to Zhong Qi Yuan in cruelty in Beiwei. It was because she slapped the jaws of a second-rate man who tried to molest her in the wrong place.


In the past nine years, the people of Wangxian town have known that ‘Zhong Qi Yuan’ of Beiwei can’t be provoked, and behind the reputation of the ‘Zhong Qi Yuan’, Zhong Chu Yuan has become a ‘delicate flower’ growing up under her protection in their eyes.

A fifteen-year-old girl, her eyebrows, eyes, and cheeks became prettier as they grew. Her smile was like the spring breeze blowing into the heart of a young boy, creating ripples in his chest as if a hundred flowers were blooming, filled with the fragrance of flowers.

When Zhong Chu Yuan was returning from her medicine picking, a second-rate man who had been wandering around Wangxian Town all day stopped her way and said with burning eyes, “Little lady Zhong, I like you. Marry me and be my wife!”

Zhong Chu Yuan had never talked about love before, but she knew that she should ask a matchmaker for a marriage proposal instead of running over to her mother to show her love. If she ran by herself, she would be giving and receiving in private and she would have been encouraged to elope!

Realizing that this person’s behavior could be regarded as molesting, Zhong Chu Yuan slapped him, “Rascal!”

The second-rate man was beaten into a spiral and fell directly on the ground.

Everyone was confused.

Why is this different from the imagination? Shouldn’t Zhong Chu Yuan run home crying to find her sister and complain, and then her sister would come to the door and break the second-rate man’s three legs? Why did Zhong Chu Yuan deal with him directly?

Zhong Chu Yuan and Zhong Qi Yuan are indeed sisters, both are equally cruel!

Oh no, in terms of cruelty, Zhong Qi Yuan is crueler. In any case, Zhong Chu Yuan just dislocated the man’s jaw, but Zhong QI Yuan would directly break the man’s three legs!

At this moment, Zhong Chu Yuan suddenly cried and ran towards a stunning figure that had just appeared, “Sister Yun, hooligans are molesting Yuanyuan! Yuanyuan is so scared!”

The crowd, “. . .”

Is something wrong with them, or is something wrong with them?


Zhong Qi Yuan being technical in a cool way hahahaha.

We also get to witness Zhong Chu Yuan following Zhong Qi Yuan’s footsteps hehehehe.

It’s not really obvious in the first arc, but our MC and FL will have their moments in the upcoming chapters, especially towards the end of the arc.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did!

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  1. Avatar Everwinter says:

    “Fate is destined by nature, but we must rely on ourselves to fight for it!”

    “Yes, let the child of luck fight for themselves. Why should I intervene?”

    Haha, the interactions between the system and Zhong Qi Yuan are so funny. This novel has been quite entertaining so far. Thanks for the chapter!

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