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TYFWWC Chapter 8

“Teacher, then I’ll go back first.” Lin Jianlu said when Yan Han came out.

“Yeah.” The young and handsome infirmary teacher said goodbye to him gently and politely. “If you have anything to do, come and see me again.”

Sending Lin Jianlu away, Li Hongqing turned around and asked Yan Han: “Tummy pain? Do you have diarrhea? Are there any other symptoms?”

The teachers in the school infirmary were not only young but also serious and responsible. So Yan Han had to lie down and check.

Considering his current situation of disguising himself as a woman, Yan Han certainly couldn’t let him check himself. He simply said that he had a bad stomach.

“I don’t think you looked like you had a bad stomach.” At this moment, Li Hongqing was not like the gentle and elegant adult anymore. He[LHQ] was reluctant to take any risks. He patted the hospital bed next to him:

“Come on! Don’t be shy, lie down and the teacher will check for you.”

Yan Han:? ? ?

Just now he looked like a teacher, but now he has changed his appearance. Was it because there were only two of them in the infirmary?

So was this teacher a pervert? !

Suddenly he remembered the social news he saw some time ago. Between the teacher’s and student’s…………., now looking at the other party’s mean face, Yan Han subconsciously rolled up his sleeves.

He didn’t know if he[LHQ] have persecuted girls before, but he[LHQ] met him today, Lao Zi will get justice for heavens!

Without concealing anything, Yan Han revealed his vicious side.

He picked up Li Hongqing’s clothes.

Li Hongqing immediately persuaded: “Oh don’t don’t! I was just joking with you!”

“Do you fucking joke with anyone like that?” Yan Han barked his teeth. Although he looked thin, he could easily lift Li Hongqing who was about the same height as him.

Li Hongqing was a weak doctor, where could he struggle? Yan Han’s posture of grabbing the collar of the opponent with one hand seemed to be like he was catching a baby chicken.

Seeing a fist, he was about to scream. He howled and begged: “Don’t! Great hero, pardon my life! I was really kidding you! Actually, I’m here to aid you!”

“Aid me?” Yan Han didn’t let go of his hand, and his ferocious expression didn’t change at all.

Li Hongqing didn’t dare to play mystery anymore, and said in a frantic manner: “I know your identity. I was arranged to help you here. You can treat me as an NPC[Non Playing Character]!”

“My identity? What is my identity?” Yan Han asked him.

Li Hongqing glanced down, and swallowed his saliva: “The identity of a man disguised as a woman…”

Yan Han: “…”

With Li Hongqing’s eyes facing each other, Yan Han could not calm down for a long time.

He didn’t release him immediately, but turned his head and asked the system in his head: “What the fuck is going on?!”

The system did not say that there will be NPCs, before!

[I didn’t say there won’t be either. ] Xiao Wu’s voice was innocent.

“So you knew there would be an NPC here to pick me up, but you just didn’t tell me?” Yan Han said, “We have to be reasonable, right? If I could think of another NPC waiting for me, what’s the use of you? ?”

[I, I, I…] Xiaowu still felt wronged, so he couldn’t help crying: [This matter is not within my range. If you want to blame someone, you have to blame this NPC! 】

Yan Han: “…”

【woo woo woo woo! 】

Okay, okay, he was wrong. Yan Han hated the most when someone cried. Especially the crying voice was still in his head, and it was accompanied by the sound of water droplets…

This tearful sound effect was too advanced!

And it was even echoing, were you fucking crying inside a cave?

It made him want to go to the bathroom again!

“I was wrong Brother Wu, don’t cry, I shouldn’t have blamed you, it’s all this NPC’s fault.”

【really? Tick… tick….[sound of tears droplets falling down] 】

“Really.” Yan Han admitted his mistake simply.

…He couldn’t bear someone crying in the cave.

Yan Han had no choice but to put his anger on the NPC: “So why didn’t you come to meet me earlier?”

Having said that, he finally released him this time.

“I have to confirm your identity first, cough cough cough!” Li Hongqing who was let go of, took a few deep breaths with lingering fear and rubbed his neck again.

He didn’t dare to say that he confirmed it since yesterday.

Most people really can’t be so good-looking as Yan Han was.

So if you want to blame this, you have to blame the Lord God, how can anyone hide it from the NPC? !

On this point, Yan Han and Li Hongqing reached a consensus.

Yan Han still didn’t let Li Hongqing off easily when he found the person behind him. “Even if you are the NPC who is in charge of receiving me, you can’t say that you are not a pervert. Come on, have you ever harmed a little girl?”

“It’s wrong! It’s a big mistake!” Li Hongqing hugged his head again, “I just wanted to try to see if I found the wrong person.”

Yan Han’s eyes were still fierce and evil.

Li Hongqing spoke in a big ballast-like local accent: “…There is a camera in this room, where would I dare to molest a little girl. Besides, I am a bend! Bend! If you want to be molested, you have to be a good bent guy too…”

As he said this, his eyes involuntarily and directly fell on Yan Han’s skirt.

Yan Han: “…”

Yan Han wanted to tell him not to waste his effort. Lao Zi is actually just like you, and likes to have a good life.

But they were not familiar with each other, so let’s not talk about this fringe topic.

Brother Yan asked him straightforwardly: “Let’s talk about it, what benefits can you bring to me?”

“Oh.” Li Hongqing became serious when his job was mentioned. “The main reason the Lord God arranged me here is because he is afraid that you will have some accident in school and you will be sent to the school infirmary revealing your identity. As for the others… does physical appearance count too?”


Yan Han gave him an angry kick. It was really shocking that the gentle and handsome youth suddenly could show a mean side.

Yan Han said, “What else?”

“Also? Look at your rough look. It must be very hard to live here! I can teach you some tips for skin whitening, skin care, body beauty and weight loss. We can make facial masks together, practice yoga together, and under my training, you can become the most most most beautiful ‘Women’s Cloth Wearing Big Boss’ in the school!”

Yan Han: “…”

Speaking of exciting things, Li Hongqing’s tone couldn’t help but rise. It can be seen that his future was full of infinite prospects.

…What a shit!

Not only Xiao Wu, why does even this NPC’s mind also full of these things!

No wonder the saying goes that birds of the same kind live together.

He could see that they must have come from the same organization.

Yan Han wanted to say that Lao Zi don’t want to wear a mask and practice yoga.

Later, when he thought about the requirements of the Five Great Criterias, he didn’t have the confidence to say this.

But the point was obviously not this!

Becoming beautiful really was not his urgent need right now.

“Oh, right,” Li Hongqing suddenly slapped his head and said to Yan Han: “I also brought you a hidden mission, which is a reward for you to unlock my NPC. You will get Random Treasure Chest after you complete it.”

! !

“What hidden task?” Yan Han immediately focused on this task.

“Showing love to welfare institutions.” Li Hongqing said: “The task is completed when the love value reaches 100 points.”

When the voice fell, a light screen appeared in front of Yan Han’s eyes.

There were some information of welfare institutions as well as the channels through which he could give his love and see the corresponding love value.

After taking a rough glance, Yan Han felt that this task was acceptable and not excessive.

And it was indeed a good thing.

Yan Han said that he took the task and asked Li Hongqing: “Are there any other NPCs like you in the school?”

“No, I am the only one who is assigned to aid you.” As he said, Li Hongqing was still struggling, “So you have to be nice to me! Be nice! You know?”

Yan Han didn’t bother to care about him.

Having settled with Li Hongqing, Yan Han was refreshed on the way back, feeling that the peeing’s problem this morning was not in vain.

Seeing Li Hongqing’s shallow and unreliable behavior, if he had casually went to the women’s toilet to pee, he did not know when they would have meet.

In short, he could go to the office building or Li Hongqing’s place to go to the toilet in the future. One problem was solved.

If he won’t have to think where he should go for peeing, he won’t always think of his bladder. His peeing problem will also disappear and the big stone that was pressing on his heart will also fall.

After returning home, Yan Han started his learning mode.

His foundation was already weak. He had no knowledge of the first semester of high school at all. Now it was quite difficult to catch up.

What’s more, he was still a study slacker, who didn’t even had a proper learning foundation. His starting point was even lower than others. At this moment, all he could rely on was his willpower.

Fortunately, today is Friday, and tomorrow is the weekend, he could leave school to complete the hidden mission that Li Hongqing had just received.

There were many ways to give love to the orphanage, and donating money was the fastest way.

But there was a problem—–he has no money.

It was also at this time that Yan Han realized that there was another question that he had overlooked. He asked Xiao Wu: “Well…you don’t seem to tell me, what about my expenses in school?”

Generally speaking, high school students should still use family money to pay for tuition and living expenses. But from yesterday to today, it seems that no one has ever mentioned to him that he has a family?

When Yan Han was still Yan Han, he had been fighting with his family a long time ago. For him, family affection was a very illusory thing. Because he hadn’t had much before, so he didn’t think about it until now.

But he was Yan Han now, and Yan Han’s family was not mentioned in the settings. Could it be…

[‘Yan Han’s parents died early, and there is a pair of elderly grandfather and grandmother in the country side who give him money every month. 】

It was as if a new map was found by pushing away the fog. When Yan Han asked about this, the memory of this segment appeared in his mind.

It could be regarded as a hidden plot. The elderly lost their children, and the couple could only rely on the meager pension to raise their granddaughter.

“Yan Han” had a good grade in the high school entrance examination, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to enter this school.

However, the cost of living in Luze High School was too high. The school has scholarships to encourage good students to study. They can also make money by participating in some competitions. Compared with other people, Yan Han’s psychological quality and ability was still far from enough. She could not earn a scholarship with her current grades, but she had to face high tuition and fees.

The old couple were actually living in the poor country side and the pension was not high. It was actually very difficult to support a high school student.

“Yan Han” knew this very well. She was under a lot of pressure and had became increasingly inferior due to poverty.

The higher the inferiority complex, the worse the performance. And it had became her vicious side.

…What the fuck was this!

Why did they gave him the role of a person who had such a hard background! Yan Han re-examined the content of his tasks. Disguising as a woman, completing the Five Great Criteria’s achievement and obtaining the degree from X university but none of them had anything to do with life pressure.

But there was no way to live without money. Compared with those tasks, Yan Han felt that he should to be able to eat before he could talk about other things.

…Tomorrow after leaving school he will see if there is a job that can make him money.


The next day is Saturday.

There were no make-up classes on the weekend of the first year of high school. They had two days of complete freedom except for a lot of homework.

Many students from this city have returned home, but ”Yan Han’s grandparent’s family was located outside the town. In order to save travel expenses and spare time for study, she usually didn’t go home except for long vacations.

Yan Han just followed this habit, planning to use the weekend time to complete the task of the orphanage.

The school life on the previous day had exhausted him, and he was half tortured to go back to the dormitory to do homework at night. But on Saturday morning, he still got up early to wash and clean up.

Considering that he didn’t need to wear school uniforms on the rest days, Yan Han simply pulled out a set of the most neutral clothes from the closet and put on them.

He wore a sweater with dark red pattern and well-designed jeans, a pair of white-washed sneakers underneath and a baseball cap. Standing in front of the mirror, his expression was quite unsatisfactory. His eyes were arrogant. Although his skeleten like body has now recovered a bit, but he hasn’t completely recovered his own male qualities. No one would think he was still a “Women’s Cloth Wearing Big Boss” in school unless he told them. He dressed totally like neither a man nor woman looking neutral.

After turning around in front of the mirror twice, Yan Han looked at himself carefully and he was both satisfied and relieved.

The system said that he could not reveal his identity during high school, but did not say that he would have to maintain the image of women after high school.

Since he wants to live in this world, he has to plan for the future.

Even if he was gay, Yan Han did not have any dissatisfaction or opinion about his male body. Sexual orientation and gender recognition are completely different thing. He will still live as a man in the future.

This was also the reason why he immediately rejected Xiao Wu’s idea of changing gender.

Feeling that he was still that Brother Yan, Yan Han felt relieved, and pulled out the backpack he had stuffed last night and went out.

He didn’t know if it’s an illusion but it seemed that the air outside was much fresher than that on school.

In the morning the sun had just come out, the morning light was faint and the air was humid and a bit cold.

There was no need to wear a skirt causing Yan Han’s mood to be very good. His whole body was light and relaxed as if he was flying.

On this morning of the weekend when no one was out yet, he was so excited that he could not wait to run two laps on the playground.

He then went to a snack bar and bought two steamed buns. Then he went to the bus stop to wait for the bus that he had checked in advance.

Although he was not familiar with this city, there was navigation on the mobile phone and Xiao Wu was also there. Going to the orphanage wasn’t hard thing.

He chewed the sweet buns with crispy bones and chicken sauce, and Yan Han squatted at the station gnawing on the buns, making plans for today’s schedule.

He researched yesterday that in addition to directly donating money to the orphanage, he could just go there to be a volunteer. All of the love value is earned from his contribution degree and the exact amount of love value points will be determined by the system.

In short, he just had to do more.

Soon the bus came. Yan Han swallowed the last bun, threw the plastic bag into the trash can next to the bus stop sign, and got on the bus.

The place he was going to was at the terminal of this train, a government-run orphanage, located on the fringe of the city.

Because the history of that place was also long, many volunteers would come to volunteer on weekends or holidays. Yan Han came early. He was a newcomer, and he had to register when he arrived.

Registration process originally required to show the Citizenship card, but Yan Han didn’t have that thing yet, so he had to show his student ID card to prove his identity.

“It turned out to be a baby girl?”

Yan Han: “…”

The registering old woman looked very old. Her face was full of gully but she smiled very kindly.

Recording the basic information of Yan Han, she said it was finished. First, she thanked Yan Han and asked Yan Han to wait in the room. She then went to the courtyard to see where the manpower was needed before arranging it for him.

The site of the orphanage was originally an old church that was almost deserted. After the children moved in, it was not renovated. Many places still retain the original appearance of the church.

The room where Yan Han entered was the place where the saints used to pray. The cross sign and Christ standing in front added a religious atmosphere to this place.

He didn’t sit for long. At about nine o’clock in the morning, the old woman who had registered for him came over to look for him.

Only then did Yan Han know that the old woman was the dean here.

“Little girl…”

Although she was a kind dean, when he heard her calling him a little girl, Yan Han couldn’t help but began to feel uncomfortable.

“uhhh.” He answered dryly.

The old dean said: “The chores here are all done, and they have all been assigned. I think you are still a high school student? Can you help our younger children to make up lessons? The teacher who came to teach the children before is also a high school student. But she won’t be coming today…”

Yan Han: “Make up… make up lessons?!”

He took three steps back. Yan Han waved his hand again and again and said, “No, I am not good in study, you should let me do rough work!”

He wasn’t a volunteer, but he was picky and thin, but he really knew his own level. He was really afraid of mistaking people and children. If he accidentally teach children wrong, wouldn’t it be over?

Yan Han subconsciously pushed back. At this time, Xiao Wu, who had been silent, said: [Teaching and educating people is a very good way to earn contribution, it is faster than doing other activities to earn contribution. Have you never heard of ”teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”? 】

The old dean also said: “Hahaha, it doesn’t matter, most of them are preschool children. You can teach them to write or draw, anything is good.”

Yan Han: “…Then, I’ll try it first?”

In order to complete the hidden mission earlier… Oh no, in order to teach people how to fish!

Whether it’s to teach handwriting or adding and subtracting within ten, he could still teach this. Anyway, it’s all for the sake of children!

The environment of the orphanage was not very good. Only one room was set up as a “classroom” in the backyard.

There were blackboards, tables, chairs and benches. They were all said to be donated by kind-hearted people. After all, the number of orphans adopted this year was far more than the number of abandoned babies. There were more and more children in the orphanage, and some of them needed aid money to go to school. And some simply couldn’t get the chance to study.

This small classroom has become the only place where many of them could gain knowledge.

Pre-school children in the classroom were in the majority. They couldn’t go to early lessons like other children with parents. There was a kindergarten pre-school. Volunteers have always been responsible for playing with them and teaching them to read and write.

“Students, this is Sister Yan. Today, she will take a class to teach you. Call her Teacher Yan.” The old dean introduced Yan Han to the students intimately.


“Sister Yan is bootiful laadi~”

The children said in their baby voice.

Yan Han: “…”

Looking at the little beans sitting in their seats cleverly, Yan Han chuckled on the surface. After the old dean left, he leaned on the desk and said, “Call me Uncle.”

Little beans: “?”

“It’s all right.” Yan Han waved at them. “Call me Teacher Yan.”

” Teacher~Yan~good~ morning.”

The students greeted him politely again.

He tried to control his expression so that it doesn’t become distorted.

It was only after Yan Han went there that he knew how hard life was in this place.

When he was a child, his family was not rich and he didn’t have much money. But somehow there were people who offered him to study and eat and he could eat a full meal. He didn’t really experience the desperate situation of being an orphan.

Now he felt uncomfortable when he came to this place. He felt sorry for these children, but he was helpless and didn’t know how to change things.

…He could only keep up with the pace and go to work.

Since there were children of all ages, Yan Han’s teaching scope here was more than teaching them writing and maths.

It also included playing with the soil with older children and changing diapers for younger children.

Even though he played with children and took care of them. He was not used to it at first… The Eldest Brother has never looked after a child in his life!

But he couldn’t hold back the little beans who all looked at him with enthusiasm. They called him Elder Brother Yan with a baby voice, and walked around him. Yan Han was so confused by their baby voice.He was completely taken into the post of kindergarten teacher.

After going back and forth, he also brought them outdoors, and somehow he too became the member of that group of children.

The first day passed smoothly. Yan Han didn’t return to school until five o’clock in the evening. On that day, he got a total of more than 30 points of contribution and he was very much satisfied.

He’ll go there again tomorrow, plus Saturday and Sunday of next week. So that he will be able to get a Random Treasure Chest at the end of next week.

Life was full of energy.

Yan Han didn’t slack off after returning to school. After eating something, he continued to study at night.

Soon it will be the placement test. The atmosphere in Class 17 was really not good. He wanted to go to the other class.

Moreover, every exam was the result of your period of study time and Yan Han wanted to do his best these upcoming two weeks.

Although it was really uncomfortable to learn!

He couldn’t sleep when he was sleepy. He had to endure it. Yan Han wanted to hang his head several times.

He knew that he couldn’t sleep. Once people get used to comfort, they are all over.

So abruptly struggling into the early morning, he raced against time to finish few homeworks before going to sleep.

The next day was another day to go to the orphanage.

He thought he’ll still be watching children today but after he went there, he was told that Teacher Gong, who had been teaching the children before, came today and brought another teacher.

Only one class naturally does not need too many teachers. The kind-minded old dean said embarrassingly: “Teacher Gong might only take the morning class, or Xiaoyan, you can do something else first and come back in the afternoon…”

“Ahh.” Yan Han didn’t care if he wasn’t incharge of the children. He told the dean that he could arrange other tasks for him.

“Oh, I’m so embarrassed, the kids like you very much…”

“It’s okay, Dean, I can do anything.” Yan Han said indifferently.

Although Xiao Wu said that it was easier to accumulate contributions with children, but now there was no way.

At first, he came here for the sake of contribution, but after getting along with that group of small beans, Yan Han felt that as long as he could help he could do anything.

Yan Han finally got a job dealing with weed branches and trimming the grass in the yard.

There were few teenagers working with him. All of them were the teenagers who were not adopted by anyone in the orphanage when they were young. The oldest of them was 16 this year.

“Yan Han” had his birthday in January. This year he was seventeen years old. The two were actually only a few months apart in age, but the child was already in the third year of junior high.

Because continuing study through aid money was not easy and the entrance examination was about to come, the child’s enthusiasm was not high. He was worried about the tuition fees of high school, so he didn’t want to add a burden to the orphanage.

Before coming, the old dean asked Yan Han to persuade him, and Yan Han deliberately talked to him and asked him: “Where are you studying?”

The name of the sixteen-year-old boy was Ji Changdong, whose surname followed the old dean’s surname, and the first name was given by the dean.

Ji Changdong told him that he was from Shi Jiu School, which was a famously bad school. Knowing that Yan Han was from Luze High School, his eyes suddenly gave birth to some yearning and admiration.

But it quickly turned to disdain:

“Teacher Gong is also from Luze High School. Isn’t she called Gong Yuxue? You may know her.”

“Huh?” Yan Han thought for a while and said, “I haven’t heard of her.”

When it came to Teacher Gong, Ji Changdong’s sarcasm was even stronger.

This is what Yan Han didn’t understand.

“Usually, when Teacher Gong is not here, do you accompany those little beans?” Yan Han asked him again.

“Yes, we older all are in charge of younger.”

“Oh, those kids must like Teacher Gong very much. You don’t have to think about it. Children like fresh people…”

He was thinking of the clingyness of the group of children yesterday. Thinking that the sarcasm in Ji Changdong’s words was because Teacher Gong won the children’s favor.

Unexpectedly, Ji Changdong smiled, “You are wrong, they don’t like her. They really like you.”

Yan Han: “…?”

“Gong Yuxue doesn’t like children, and she doesn’t have much patience. She comes here to teach entirely to act for others.” Ji Changdong said indifferently, “But she also donated a lot of things and money to the orphanage, coming here from time to time, so, everyone has to bear her.”

Yan Han: “…”

No, this is called scheming, right?

Yan Han had heard many things, including gossips which he always turned blind eye into.

The old dean asked him to persuade Ji Changdong not to give up on himself. To be honest, Yan Han really didn’t know how to persuade him.

He doesn’t know how to make money to survive, so what can he tell this kid?

That’s how things are in the world.

Together with Ji Changdong and a few children, they cleaned the backyard. After lunch, teacher Gong has not left yet.

Yan Han thought that he had to find some work.

But he didn’t expect that the job has not been found yet, but the problem came first.

At that time, Yan Han was demonstrating how to play mobile games to a group of older children in the backyard.Another child ran over, whispering and saying: “Bad news!!!, Yang Zihui and the group are here to trouble Ji Changdong!”

The few children’s strength counted as one, and they all jumped up and picked up the guy.

Yan Han who didn’t know what happened: “…what’s the matter?”

At the same time, on the other side, few little beans in the class were practicing writing properly.

The children were skinny and couldn’t sit still. At least they were laughing and chatting together when Yan Han was there, but now there was no sound at all.

Gong Yuxue with a gloomy face on the podium was using her mobile phone to scan the anonymous forum.

Her sight has always been fixed on the latest photos in the Lin Jianlu building.

The photo showed the backs of two tall and slender people. It looked like a man and a woman dressed in school uniforms. The girl wearing skirt was embracing the boy’s arm, they were very close to each other.

The boy’s shoulders were sunk, his waist was straight and he was upright. His back figure made people want to lick the screen, but why… would he let this girl carry his shoulders? !

Gong Yuxue’s eyes burst with unwilling light. At this time, the best friend she brought suddenly ran over: “Yuxue! He is coming! Lin Jianlu is finally here!”


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