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TYFWWC Chapter 30 Part 2

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

“Is this little sister interested in playing with elder brothers?” The man with a tattoo on his arm said. His other companion tried to sound even manlier: “Seeing you so calm, I think you must have experienced a lot of such situations, right? Come on, don’t be shy. ”

Upon hearing this, Yu Jing raised her eyebrows knowingly. She then naturally took a step back with her friends.

She hadn’t thought of “teaching a lesson” to this person like this before.

But now, since the matter has reached this point, she doesn’t mind just ruining the other party like this.

…It’s better to just simply destroy her.

Taking a step back, Yu Jing took out her mobile phone again.

But before she could turn on the camera, the person standing in the alley surrounded by darkness suddenly moved his lips and nodded. He said, “I’ve really experienced it many times.”

His tone sounded as if he really agreed with them.

The boys approaching him were so excited that they were unable to control their naughty expressions. But no one thought that Yan Han would suddenly move at this time!

Yan Han first tapped his foot on the ground, then he took the advantage of his strength to run. He flew up raising his feet to kick the man with tattooed arms!

The others hadn’t reacted yet when Yan Han had already landed on the ground steadily. He lowered his head slightly and showed only half of his face. His expressionless face looked like a face of a wicked ghost.

Several girls who saw this scene yelled “Ahhhhhhh”. Yu Jing was so terrified that she shook her hand and dropped the phone directly to the ground.

But for Yan Han, this was just the beginning.

He twisted his body swiftly. He lifted his legs to kick the belly of the person who was closest to him. That guy was caught off guard and didn’t avoid it at all. He could only hold his belly and howl.

This time the remaining boys reacted. Now they didn’t care who the other party was. They were busy taking out the weapons from their trouser pockets.

However, at this time, Yan Han had already taken out a swinging stick from the waist of the man who was crying holding his stomach.

“Fuck, you’re looking for death!” A few boys were really irritated. They directly took out their weapons and went to hit Yan Han’s head, completely ignoring that the stick could kill the person.

But Yan Han was prepared. He twisted his body and avoided this attack. He, at the same time, pulled the clothes of the guy who had tried to hit his head, trying to pull that guy closer. When they were facing each other, Yan Han did not show any mercy at all. He punched the opponent’s stomach really miserably.

Although it had been a long time since fighting with others, Brother Yan Han was still Brother Yan Han.

His movements were even more agile and flexible than before.

The most important point was that except for these people looking a bit fierce and having weapons in their hands, they were a group of losers. In fact, these bastards were stupids and they were not as dangerous as Xiao Wu had said before.

He took care of the three of them in an instant. The rest of the people who were watching the scene had never seen someone with this kind of amazing fighting skill before. The human’s natural response to these violent scenes made those fighting boys act crazier. Their actions were more fierce and they were becoming more chaotic.

The three people on the opposite side attacked again and the situation suddenly became a bit unfavorable.

But fortunately, the body which was modified by the system could be flexible when it should be flexible. And when he needed to exert his energy, he also had a lot of strength.

Big Brother could even do some actions that were not possible before!

For example, he relied on the extremely close walls on both sides of the alley to forcibly achieve a few seconds of “flying over the wall”.

The alley itself was narrow and could only accommodate two people walking side by side.

There were dilapidated walls on both sides which were close together. Yan Han could somehow fix his body in mid-air with two feet with a slight split.

And he was naturally full of experience and had excellent jumping ability. He could jump really high even without running or warming up. Jumping up and stepping on the walls on both sides was a completely easy task for Brother Yan.

Yu Jing was so scared that she couldn’t even pick up her mobile phone. Yu Jing and the others, who had wanted to run out hadn’t even taken two steps when Yan Han stopped them.

“Weren’t you looking for me for something?” Yan Han asked.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” This time it was the turn of a few girls who were stopped by Yan Han to scream from the depths of their souls.

They used to only bully people who were losers. They had never seen such a scene where the ”loser” was beating the shit out of their dear ”brothers”. Two of them were so frightened by Yan Han that they collapsed on the ground.

They couldn’t be blamed for being timid and having never seen the actual world.

Because it was true that Brother Yan, who had a fierce look at this moment, was really really really scary.

The few boys who were not knocked down by him and were rushing to teach him a lesson did not expect that this person would actually be able to fucking fly. They all were dumbfounded at the moment. They suddenly suspected that they would also probably be kicked to the sky like how their buddy with a tattooed arm was kicked.

They were also teenagers. They usually do the things that frighten people by forming gangs. They also do some really bad things in partnership. But who would have thought that this time the tables would turn and they will directly encounter someone who they couldn’t afford to offend? The……Domineering …..Domineering and fierce but beautiful fairy???

Yan Han stood there with his legs apart. He threw the swinging stick out and stuck it on the ground, blocking the exit of the alley tightly.

The face that was originally perfect, after being modified by the ultimate beauty skill, his facial features were more distinct and three-dimensional. When he was not smiling, everybody could feel colder and harsher.

Even if he was still wearing a school uniform and skirt, no one was in the mood to consider his gender at this moment.

Yan Han’s image at the moment looked like he was far from being a weak girl.


The confrontation in the alley continued.

Yan Han felt that he has to clear this thing with the leader first, so he simply picked up the swinging stick in his hand and forced it straight towards Yu Jing.

“Ahhhhh! You… don’t come over!”

Looking at Yan Han, who looked fierce and wicked like an Asura(devil), Yu Jing’s feet went soft. She retreated several steps.

She subconsciously wanted to hide behind the boys who she had found to “protect” her. But then she found that when she was retreating……….. the boys were retreating too!

They were obviously also frightened by Yan Han. At this moment they made the most instinctive reaction, which was to retreat and avoid this beautiful devil!

Usually, when a group of people comes together and bullies others, it seems as if they are very united. But none of the people who really do this kind of thing are loyal to each other when this kind of ”fatal” disaster occurs.

Yu Jing was afraid to death and she simply collapsed to the ground.

Her initial arrogance had disappeared and she began to regret why she had messed with this person!

Although this person looked like a stubborn loser, not so easy to provoke, but at least she was feeling that everything was under her control.

It’s not that Yu Jing hasn’t encountered a stubborn loser before. She would bully those losers till they agree to remain obedient. If she hadn’t done those cruel things mercilessly, she wouldn’t have had so many followers who cling to her every time saying ”SISTER JING!  SISTER JING!”.

But who would have thought… this person could be so capable!

Even though she knew that this person could play sports well and even had won two goals against Wei Ningxin, she had thought that Wei Ningxin was the one that wasn’t good at the game. Yu Jing hadn’t seen the scene when Yan Han had played. She hadn’t given a single fuck to what other people had said about how good this person was.

Besides, how good can a girl be? Can she beat three or five boys at the same time? The physical gap between boys and girls was still huge…

So when organizing such a cruel and merciless activity today, Yu Jing had never expected that it would turn out to be like this in the end!

In addition, what was even more frightening was the look in the other person’s eyes…

-Yan Han, this person, will not compromise, she can really do anything if something irritates her.

When Yan Han put the stick of his hand on the ground again and looked at her condescendingly, Yu Jing couldn’t help thinking like this.

At this moment, the fear Yan Han brought to her had completely occupied every corner of her heart. Yu Jing could no longer maintain her rationality and thought too much.

She slowly raised her head and met the other person’s gaze, confirming once again that this person was not easy to provoke.

“What do you want!” The man with a tattooed arm who was kicked by Yan Han barely stood up and spit on the ground.

Just now, Yan Han’s kick position was very particular. He had kicked the tattooed man and almost made him spit blood.

“What do I want?” Yan Han showed a helpless expression: “Didn’t you ask me to come over? Now you are asking me what I want?”

Yu Jing bit her lip and didn’t speak. Yan Han was refusing to let her go because he wanted her to apologize to him.

But she, the ”queen” who has always been domineering and arrogant, how can she afford to apologize to others?

Driven by fear, she couldn’t even open her damn mouth. It’s so humiliating to say but now, she just wants to leave here.

What the fuck is “revenge and hatred”???? Huhh?? What the hell is teaching that person a lesson?? What the fuck is letting that person know who was the real queen. Huhh??? None of them are as important as life and freedom!

Although she knew in her heart that murder was illegal…even though this Yan Han would never do anything particularly excessive to them before the law………..

“Then you are wrong.” Yan Han has experienced many fights. He knew what she was thinking when he saw Yu Jing’s expression.

He said: “You weren’t afraid of anything when you had caught those two girls, right? I didn’t care about it before because I was too lazy to care about it. As long as I want to punish you, I have my own laws, bitch!!!”

After speaking, Yan Han smiled coldly. He looked quite….um….cool.

Yu Jing really trembled again because of his words.

For a moment, her mind even gave birth to a weird idea that she had never thought of before—as long as she can leave here now, she won’t bother with this person in the future!

The outside world was so beautiful. They also had said that they were going to eat hot pot. Why were they now becoming a group of people stuck in this dirty alley feeling desperate?

Yu Jing’s lips trembled. She could literally apologize in the next second and promise not to trouble him again but the boys behind her couldn’t stand this humiliation. Some of them cursed, “This wench is too fucking crazy. Come on! Let’s beat the shit out of her! We’ll see what she dares to do to us!”

As soon as the voice fell, a man rushed out from the depths of the alley with a fruit knife.

Other people who were about to collapse also regained their strength with the help of this voice. Today they had lost the face of their entire family and even their great ancestors. They were unwilling to give up.

In addition, they couldn’t see Yan Han’s expression now. They could only see his thin side profile. So, they couldn’t help but underestimate the enemy. They suddenly couldn’t understand that their enemy was only one person and she was just a girl, but how come they all were scared as hell?

Now that someone had taken the lead to rush to the other side, everyone else got up and followed behind.

As for Yan Han, what he feared the most now were knives!

It’s not that he was afraid of getting injured, but he was afraid that scars might be left after injury, and he will have to be beaten by Xiao Wu again.

…He couldn’t take risks at all.

So seeing the other party taking out the knife, Yan Han’s expression was stunned. He focused on the person in front of him. He neatly dodged the blade twisting his body elegantly. Then he slammed a heavy punch on the opponent’s arm and the fruit knife fell amidst the action. The sound ”ding” could be heard after the miserable howling of that man.

Several other people…… once again, they stopped their feet. Once again they were frightened by Yan Han’s fierce and merciless fighting skill. The fear that had just almost disappeared from their heart once again re-occupied their heart.

It’s just that they had already rushed in front of Yan Han. And it would be too embarrassing to run back now.

The tattooed guy screamed and was about to beat Yan Han when suddenly, a shout came from the alley: “Stop it! What are you guys doing!”

The voice sounded very young. It sounded a bit manly too. Yan Han blinked, thinking that Li Hongqing! You bastard are finally here.

Li Hongqing thought that Yan Han was being bullied. So he rushed into the alley now, leaving everything aside.

He was afraid that Yan Han would suffer, so he yelled as he ran: “Don’t move! Let me tell you! I have already called the police!”

But he didn’t expect that when he ran into the alley, what he saw was a possibility… that he hadn’t thought of at all.

…Why do those few young people who he didn’t know, all look so disheartened, frustrated, and embarrassed all over?

Why were those female classmates sitting on the ground?

What’s more, why does only Yan Han have a relaxed look on his face as if nothing had happened?

The scene in the alley at the moment was a bit weird. He was dumbfounded—

He had called the police for Yan Han but when he yelled that he had called the police just now….. everyone except for Yan Han was relieved instead.

Li Hongqing was really dumbfounded.

He had already prepared a lot of words when he was coming all the way. He wanted to condemn these bad punks who were bullying “delicate girl”.

But now, he found that he couldn’t say what he wanted to say.

—So…… what the hell was going on?

Li Hongqing looked at Yan Han and asked with his eyes.

No…no no no, this script is wrong!

Compared with other people, Yan Han’s expression was indeed calm and steady.

Of course, the eldest brother actually was relieved too.

Again, he didn’t want to make matters worse.

He could neither hurt others nor be injured himself. He would have been very tired if he had to worry about both at the same time.

Fortunately, Li Hongqing … this good bro came in time.

“What’s the matter? Which class are you guys in? You guys are fighting? Do you want me to inform your class teacher and invite them all!” Fortunately, Li Hongqing has always been able to enter his role very quickly. Going back to the script, he pretended that he had just passed by and had heard something. Then he had discovered that someone was fighting before rushing in.

No matter how rebellious teenagers are, they are still a little bit afraid of their teachers. In particular, fightings were strictly prohibited by Luze School, and their punishments were quite serious too.

What’s more, they just saw someone who was more terrifying than the teacher.

As if seeing a savior, Yu Jing suddenly stood up.

“Teacher! We were wrong. We were just playing around. We didn’t fight.”

Others quickly followed the suit: “Yeah, yeah, we didn’t do anything. We’ll leave right away!”

“Really?? You guys really didn’t fight?” Li Hongqing glanced at them with suspicion and tried to confirm again.

Yan Han stood beside him and smiled at the cowards standing in front of him implicitly.

“…No no! NO!!!! We didn’t fight.” Those cowards said quickly, like frightened birds.

“Since there is no such thing, please go quickly. Don’t run around here and there if there’s nothing. Do you understand?!” Li Hongqing said he was going to let them go in a very forgiving manner.

But he was letting them quickly go mainly for Yan Han’s consideration. He saw that the boys were more or less injured and he was afraid that after leaving here, the other parties would in turn blackmail Yan Han for injuring them.

After all, those few people who looked like punks looked more embarrassed and were in a worse situation than Yan Han.

Now that everyone has denied that they were fighting, it means that their injuries will have nothing to do with Yan Han.

If something really happens, he can be regarded as a witness.

Yan Han nodded comfortably beside him. This time he didn’t scare them enough to make them pee their pants. That much generous guy he was!!

What to do??? He is originally a very kind person…hahaha…Li Hongqing was a very good guy too.

The reason why he had called Li Hongqing was not to let him stop those people from hurting himself. Instead, he was considering that he might not be able to control his violent temper and end up causing murders here.

Although he has frightened this group of people till they can’t speak anything but who can guarantee that the other parties will still remain quiet after getting out of this alley. If these people will go to school to report their injuries then his ending won’t be beautiful as well.

At that time, someone will have to “testify” to him.

Fortunately, as a staff member of the school, Li Hongqing’s words obviously will be considered.

Although he still had another way that he had prepared, everything seems to be going very smoothly so far. What he was worried about the most, repeating the same mistakes as before will not happen…

Yan Han breathed a sigh of relief. He just waited for those people to run away and gave Li Hongqing a joyful hug. He hadn’t expected this.

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