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TYFWWC Chapter 30 Part 1

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

The night was dark and the moonlight was reflecting on the horizon.

Yan Han was walking on a straight and well-maintained path.

The small trees on both sides of the road have not yet grown new leaves. The branches of the trees were spreading to the distance under the dark blue night. As far as one’s eyes could see, there was only darkness in front.

At this time, there was only the sound of Yan Han’s footsteps on the silent road.

He came out from the back door of the teaching building and ran directly on this road. He was moving forward quickly.

There was a small gate at the end of the road. Outside the gate is a secluded small alley that no one would usually go to.

That alley was an old, shabby and, dilapidated place. It’s like the relationship between light and shadow, it’s the dark side of this glorious city.

And Yu Jing was leading people to block Qin Siyu there.

Qin Siyu’s home is also out of the town. She will not go home this weekend either.

She was on the way back to the dormitory with her roommate when Yu Jing blocked her way. She was caught and taken away directly from the main road with her roommate.

There were a lot of students on the way after school. Yu Jing and others did not dare to be so obvious.

But what was worst was that today, the first-grade students had the day off from school early and a large number of students went home directly.

The rest of the people on the road were either not aware of it or some understood what’s going on but didn’t dare to care.

Fortunately, Wen Juerong had sharp eyes and a clever mind. He understood, so he ran back to find him…

Thinking of this, Yan Han couldn’t help but speed up again.

【OYEE, As the host’s auxiliary system, Xiao Wu thinks it is necessary for me to remind you… Fighting is uncivilized and does not fit in a student’s code of conduct. The host must think twice before acting…】


Xiao Wu’s voice was mixed with worries and sighs, which made Yan Han’s breathing a little stagnant.

He asked: “Do you know how many people the other party brought?”

【There are not many people. Excluding your female classmates who have little fighting ability, there are only five or six capable dudes. 】

Yan Han: “Oh.”

【But they are not the same as the junior high school students you had taught ”lesson” in the orphanage before. They are all in the second and third grades. Some aren’t even from the school. They are difficult to deal with. They are the kind of bad boys who specialize in fighting only…】

“…” Yan Han seemed to have an inexplicable feeling.

Xiao Wu said again: 【If you go there, you will inevitably have to fight with them. But it is so close to the school. If someone knows that you are fighting again, it is likely for you to get…】


【It’s very possible.】 Xiao Wu put it straightforwardly. The cute girl in a miniskirt appeared out of nowhere, making a fist very seriously: 【So you must be careful! 】


Yan Han shook his head and for a moment he felt that the current situation was really familiar.

It seemed that it was also such a cool and clear night before. Because he could not understand the bullying behavior of some people, he came forward to fight with others in order to protect a classmate. Unexpectedly, it became a big mess. The opponent also had some personal connections with the school. In the end, he had to carry all the blame and he was expelled from the school.

After dropping out of school, his life was not easy. No school was willing to accept someone like him who was black-listed. Because of this, he had to completely break up with his family. He went to live a life in this cruel society alone. He has tasted the dark side of the world before even being an adult. This was the reason he had said that not finishing high school was the most regrettable thing of his life.

Probably, when everybody facing their regrets, if are asked whether they want another chance or not, they will definitely want it…

Yan Han is no exception.

He had thought about it before.

Thought about it countless times.

Now that this situation occurred, everything seems to have returned back to the day when he had made the choice.

In other words, it was the moment that he had determined his fate.

It’s just that the consequences this time may be even more cruel. Once he is dropped out of school or something happens, the mission will fail.

All he will face is death.

Isn’t this a bit too cruel? He did it all over again. He finally studied so hard, and finally, he could rely on his own efforts to fight for a better future…

So what should he choose?

The reality was that there was not much time for him to continue thinking.

Yan Han took a deep breath. He inhaled the fresh air with a little earthy fragrance into his lungs and then exhaled it heavily.

No matter what he was thinking in his head, his feet did not hesitate at all. He ran rapidly in the direction of the alley.

In fact, what to choose, the answer seemed to have been already decided.

No matter what will happen to him in the future, he must go there at any cost!

Not to mention that Qin Siyu being taken away was related to him, those people who came to make trouble every other day must also be dealt with today.

Originally, he had thought that if the other party did not continue to make troubles, and if everyone stayed together in a harmony for a few days, he and Qin Siyu would have been able to leave the seventeenth class and not mess with them.

But the other party refused to live peacefully. And he was not someone who could be bullied easily.

The most important thing is that now the matter has reached this point, he is not an inexperienced kid.

Yan Han called Xiao Wu: “I’m running out of time, can I ask Brother Wu for a favor?”

Xiaowu: 【What are you thinking? 】

Yan Han said, “Help me contact Li Hongqing.”


The secluded alley was tightly blocked by the surrounding high-rise buildings. Because of the long absence of sunlight, the surrounding walls were covered in slippery moss.

The alley was not next to the school but its end was connected to the backyard used by the school cleaners to temporarily stack garbage, which makes the air there smell too bad.

The alley was very narrow as a whole. The back door of the school was usually not open and no students want to pass through it.

As for passers-by, it is even harder to meet someone.

At this time, Yu Jing and her bastard friends were surrounding Qin Siyu and her roommate, trapping them between the closed corners.

“Fuck, weren’t you too arrogant and capable? Where are your fucking guts at this moment?” Yu Jing yelled and cursed at Qin Siyu while holding her arms and shaking her legs. The girl next to her also followed her suit and started cursing. Those words she said were too hard to listen to. Some of them even went forward and spit on Qin Siyu’s body.

As for the few boys that she had found to support them, they were standing on the periphery not doing anything— After all, they were just two girls and couldn’t run away. They wouldn’t come unless Yu Jing asked them to. These two girls were a kind of very ordinary honest students. They didn’t bother to take care of such small things.

In the corner, Qin Siyu’s roommate was so scared that she screamed several times at first and then he shrank there and did not dare to look up.

And Qin Siyu also had never experienced this kind of thing. But at this time she still thought that her roommate could not be implicated, so she desperately protected her behind and tried to stay calm.

“Fuck, you’re really a girl with a character!” A girl with a cigarette between her fingertips exploded again. She asked Yu Jing: “That Yan Han isn’t here. Sister Jing, how do you think these two people should be punished? How can we destroy this attitude of hers?”

“It would be good to scratch their faces and see how they will face people in the future!”

“It’s too violent and bloody. I mean it’s better to shave all their hair and eyebrows. I don’t think they’ll ever dare to challenge us then!”

“Fuck, that’s so scary! These two bitches are already too ugly!”

“Then what do you think?”

“Just taking their clothes off and let them find a way to go back naked will be enough!!!”

“This is a good way.”

“It’s better to take some photos of them naked too, in case they mess with us again.”

Qin Siyu and her roommate were completely frightened when they heard the conclusion that had reached an agreement. Their bodies trembled uncontrollably. Her roommate directly yelled ”no”.

—–Stripping them naked to take pictures? Who knows what else this group of people can do!

They have been doing their duty honestly, so why were they even encountering such a thing!

And the other party doing this to them was Yu Jing. So, the school won’t care.

It can be said that their shouting for help was useless.

This life of them is ruined!

“What are you shouting for? It’s not like we are going to rape you!” Yu Jing’s loud voice sounded again. She winked at several girls around her hinting to move as per their agreement.

At the same time, she said, “Remember this event properly. You are all facing this today because of that Yan Han! You could have followed everyone but you chose to follow her instead. I’ll tell you the truth, ok? I will kill her one day!”

When Yu Jing spoke, several girls had already stepped forward.

Some of the boys in the back felt that Yu Jing doing this was a bit too much, but no one raised voice against it. After all, this matter was between those girls. If they interfered, they would be laughed at by their peers. Those boys were standing motionless as if they didn’t know anything. Those who couldn’t bear to see it looked away not looking at it.

The brutality, cruelty, and indifference of human nature were fully displayed in this dark alley.

Several girls with cruel and disdained expressions stepped closer to Qin Siyu’s direction.

Although Qin Siyu’s looks and popularity were something they didn’t even bother to care about, in fact, there was nothing to care about her. But when they thought of how these two people were in the same group as Yan Han, hurting them was like hurting Yan Han. Their hearts were full of the pleasure of hurting and torturing Yan Han’s people.

Yu Jing was even happier with excitement. She took out her mobile phone wanting to take pictures of the two naked girls.

“You guys hurry up!!! It’s so cold here. Didn’t we say we’re going to eat hot pot after finishing the work? Hurry up!” She urged stomping her foot at the same time.

Qin Siyu shuddered when facing the approaching girls. She was also scared, extremely scared, but at this time she couldn’t give up resistance and let others deal with her.

Qin Siyu looked around but it was a pity that there was nothing left in this alley and it was impossible to pick up a weapon to resist.

She tried to push those people but to no avail.

Those spoiled girls who usually couldn’t carry a small bag were now stronger than anyone else. Qin Siyu’s two arms were quickly held down by the two girls.

She wanted to kick them with her foot but found that she couldn’t kick anyone at all—the other girls discovered her intentions and forced her to the ground with their bodies.

Qin Siyu couldn’t struggle and hurt anyone here anymore, but this group of people could still hurt her!


Soon, she and her roommate were caught and a series of harsh exclamations sounded in the alley.

Qin Siyu couldn’t help closing her eyes when she felt two hands tearing her clothes vigorously.


A loud roar sounded from the horizon, pulling her consciousness back again!

“All of you fucking bastards and fuckers. Stop it!”

Along with this roar, a figure appeared from the sky.

With both knees slightly bent and his feet landing steadily, Yan Han’s eyes flashed with an unprecedented fierce light.

In the dimly lit alley, his overly beautiful appearance combined with his murderous expression now shocked everyone on the opposite side.

His beauty was the peerless kind of otherwordly beauty.

And his temperament was colder than the air of the mountains.

The moment his face appeared, let alone those few people who hadn’t seen him in the back being stunned, even Yu Jing, who had been messing with him several times couldn’t help being frightened by his current temperament.

In the narrow alley, Yan Han slowly straightened his knees that had been bent slightly because of the landing. He walked step by step towards the girls who were already about to deal with Qin Siyu and the other roommate.

It was unknown if it’s because his appearance was too cool or his eyes were too sharp and murderous, from the moment he landed on the ground, there was no sound in the alley. Several girls couldn’t help but retreat few steps back.

Yan Han used his body to completely separate Qin Siyu from them.

…That’s right, he indeed fell from above.

But he didn’t fall as lightly as seen in the martial arts novels.

In fact, Yan Han had heard the movement. But because of the complicated environment of the alley, he could not determine where the people exactly were. In a hurry, he could only use his stamina to jump up to the wall. He determined their positions from a higher level. Then he stepped across several walls in a row and dropped to the ground cleanly.

…Fortunately, he landed somehow safely.

The evening breeze blew a few broken hairs on his forehead. Two weeks have passed since the last haircut. At this moment, his bangs have become very long, hanging down and half covered, becoming more and more full of hazy beauty.

But Yan Han’s expression was not soft at the moment.

He glared dangerously at Yu Jing’s group. A casual smile suddenly appeared on his lips, saying, “Aren’t you just looking for me? I’m here. So, let them go.”

“Who……who do you think you are? On what basis, should we…” Yu Jing managed to finally say something after Yan Han spoke something.

However, the boys behind her recovered. One of the strong men with tattooed arms looked at Yan Han with interest and asked Yu Jing, “Who is this little beauty? She is so fucking special.”

Yan Han: “…”

Seeing that he was still wearing a school uniform and skirt at this moment, Brother Yan decided not to care about this ”special” brother.

He sighed, afraid that it would really scare Qin Siyu and the others. At this moment, it was better to talk and negotiate: “Let them go. I will ”play” with you.”

“It’s useless if you keep them. It’ll be boring.”

“OH!!! my fucking god… Beauty, you’re so damn hot,” That tattooed man said again.

The other boy next to him also laughed and asked Yan Han, “How do you want to ”play” with us?”

Yan Han…….tried his best to restrain his urge to clench his fist.

Compared to him, Yu Jing’s face was worse.

Here it goes again!!! As long as this person is present, everyone becomes abnormal.

This feeling is really annoying!

She felt resentful in her heart. She suddenly smiled, and said: “In that case, I’ll ”respect” your words and let them go.”

“You go back first.” Yan Han said to Qin Siyu and the other roommate.

Qin Siyu’s roommate was still trembling. She was in very bad condition. Qin Siyu was also afraid but she was worried about Yan Han’s safety. She was about to cry now.

She got up from the ground with red eyes to look at Yan Han. Her eyes were full of helplessness and sadness. She was thinking about how to rescue Yan Han as well.

But somehow the reason why Yu Jing was so arrogant was because no one could control her.

She really didn’t know what to do at this moment.

It’s not the first time she felt so weak.

But this was the first time she felt so helpless.

Gods really are very irresponsible. She should be the one, responsible for what she did wrong.

Obviously she was the one that had fought with Yu Jing before.

Qin Siyu bit her lip tightly. The light in the alley was dim but she only felt darkness before her eyes.

She slightly grabbed the corner of Yan Han’s clothes. Her voice was hoarse: “I…… what should I do… Tell me what should I do…”

Her sound of crying was like a human’s call for help when his world is on the verge of collapsing, full of despair.

Qin Siyu collapsed completely. She knew it shouldn’t be like this now, but she couldn’t help crying.

At this moment, Yan Han turned around and patted her shoulder gently.

Qin Siyu raised her head and faced a pair of well-shaped and kind eyes.

She didn’t know why but seeing Yan Han’s gaze, she suddenly became less scared.

Just as the sun at the break of dawn can disperse the darkness, the situation has not changed at all, but she has gained strength inexplicably.

Yan Han said to her: “You go back first, I will be fine.”

Qin Siyu’s face was already covered with tears. Even so, she still shooked her head: “No, I can’t go.”

“Be good and obey my words.” Yan Han had the urge to scratch his head.

How come a few of them were so much……kind??? If it wasn’t for him almost beating up Wen Juerong, he would have still followed him. It was so difficult to communicate with Qin Siyu as well.

It’s not that he was not moved. It’s just that someone was suddenly concerned about his safety. So, Yan Han was a bit uncomfortable.

“I’m okay. You just go back to the dormitory. Don’t go to the teacher and don’t tell anyone.” He had to persuade again.

Yu Jing said with a sneer: “Go back! I’m letting you go, so just get out of here. Otherwise, I’ll change my mind in a while.”

Yan Han’s attitude was too firm, determined, and confident, which made Qin Siyu difficult to explain. But she believed the fact that if she stayed, she would hurt the other party.

In the end, she listened to Yan Han’s persuasion and left with her roommate.

The gloomy alley returned to tranquility again. Yu Jing snorted coldly, “You are quite bold.”

Yan Han raised the corners of his lips and smiled, “Let’s talk. What do you want???”

“Aren’t you afraid?”

Yan Han’s eyes were full of provocation and contempt.

But he was born with a pair of peachy eyes. Self-confidence and aloofness made him look like the beauty from heaven. With a slight squinting of his eyes, thousands of thousand layered disdained expression appeared on his face that became a kind of temptation.

“Fuck, why didn’t you tell me before that your school still had such a beautiful girl. Damn, I really like her!” said the boy behind Yu Jing.

There was a series of weird laughs from the people around. Some disgusting words were mixed too.

Yan Han didn’t care about it. He only looked around carefully when the opponent spoke and then took two steps back slightly.

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