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TRLL – Chapter 5.2

In the Marquis' Mansion [Part 2]

During her ten-day stay in the Marquis Mansion, Gu Sui’er had already come across the information of the people of the Marquis’ family. Her belly had also risen regularly.

The Old Marquis RuiDing was a commoner back then. He was raised in a temple and didn’t even know who his parents were. Later, because of his proficiency in martial arts, he was bestowed the surname Xiao and the title of Marquis RuiDing. Then, he married the Grand Princess.

The wife of the present Marquis RuiDing had three sons. Both her eldest and second son were married, but this third Young Master, Ah Heng, was currently 19 years old and had not married yet.

The two maids, Bao Ya and Jin Fu, were rewarded by the Emperor a few years ago, unlike the other two little maids.

As they were given by the Emperor, both Bao Ya and Jin Fu were arrogant. Nanny An mentioned that Gu Sui’er should teach the two a lesson, so that those two would know who was the master now.

However, Gu Sui’er did not have that much confidence.

For her, if the little tadpole in her belly was protected and could survive, she was already satisfied. As far as the matters of the backyard were concerned, how could she be the master?

Besides, it was not upto her decision.

Seeing her attitude, although Nanny An hated the iron for not becoming steel1Hated the iron for not becoming steel [恨铁不成钢]– It means to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and get impatient to see improvements., she still felt distressed and pitied her: “You have a weak temper. There is no choice for us other than acting miserable in front of the Old Madam, so that the she will pity you more.”

While talking, Nanny An even approached Gu Sui’er and whispered into her ears: “Young Mistress, you don’t know this thing but even though she has three grandsons, the Old Madam has always valued our third Young Master the most. Whatever the third Young Master wants, she would obtain that for him. Even the elder two Young Masters do not have the same treatment. You have the flesh and blood of the third Young Master in your womb. Whoever dares to make you angry also offends the Old Madam. ” 

It was a pity that Gu Sui’er didn’t understand her words. She asked: “Now that Sister Bao Ya and Sister Jin Fu are busy with their own affairs, I feel at ease. Isn’t it good?”

Nanny An was taken aback. She looked at Gu Sui’er in surprise.

She was originally a beautiful girl but now that she was dressed up, she really looked like a fairy. She had smooth and clear skin like the snow in the mountain. Her moist eyes were like autumn dew, delicate and bright, making people unable to get annoyed with her.

But it was precisely that person with such moving eyes, who only looked at her with a bewildered gaze.

Her mistress really didn’t understand why she wanted her to complain against them. She also failed to comprehend why she had to deal with Bao Ya and Jin Fu, those two little demonic b*tches!

“Sigh––” Nanny An sighed: “Say, Young Mistress, why do you not use your brain?”

Perhaps she is an idiot!

When Gu Sui’er heard this, she earnestly said: “My Mother said that I had hit my head against a rock when I was a child, and since then, I’ve been a bit silly.”

Nanny An: “……”

This sentence really left Nanny An speechless!

While talking, they heard some noises from outside. It turned out that Wang KaiShun’s wife deliberately brought someone to deliver something. It was a food box.

“Today, His Majesty, the Emperor sent these fruits here specially. It is said to be fresh from the west. The person from the palace who delivered it rode the horse here as fast as possible to ensure its quality. His Imperial Majesty deliberately picked the best ones to pay his respects to our Old Madam. The Old Madam has ordered it to be sent to the young people in the residence. However she kept aside the good ones only for the Young Mistress.”

Wang KaiShun’s wife said with a smile: “The Old Madam also said that although these fresh fruits are sweet, you can’t eat all of them. She said that since you are pregnant now, you should avoid eating cold things in excess as it could freeze the child.”

When Gu Sui’er heard her words, she hurriedly bowed her head and expressed her gratitude.

Wang KaiShun’s wife looked at Gu Sui’er. She looked tender, fresh and beautiful. Obviously, she was pregnant with the flesh and blood of the third Young Master, but her appearance was not like that at all. She found her pleasing to the eyes so she smiled and said, “The Old Madam really likes you. You should visit her in the evening and thank her for the kindness without fail, okay?”

Gu Sui’er and Nanny An were already very familiar with each other but they have never been familiar with this shrewd Wang KaiShun’s wife. Now, she trembled as she hurriedly lowered her head and replied, “Yes. I will remember.” 

Wang KaiShun’s wife stood in front of the house for a little while to talk with Nanny An, and then left.

When Wang KaiShun’s wife left, Nanny An smiled as she looked at the fruits. There were juicy grapes, cantaloupes2Cantaloupe [哈密瓜] – The cantaloupe, rockmelon, sweet melon, or spanspek is a melon that is a variety of the muskmelon species from the family Cucurbitaceae. from the south and lychees in the box. All these fruits were fruits that the ordinary people could not eat. When Nanny An noticed the pieces of ice in the box, she realised that the fruits were frozen to keep it fresh.

Nanny An called Jing Yue over to clean the fruits before she held it in front of Gu Sui’er. She said, “Although it is a bit cold, it shouldn’t matter if you eat a little bit. Please have a taste.”

She smiled kindly.

Initially, Gu Sui’er didn’t want to eat it, but when Nanny An smiled so kindly, she felt a little touched. Thinking back, she was unfamiliar with this residence. It was all thanks to this person that she could live here peacefully during these few days. So she was unwilling to disappoint Nanny An and immediately nodded her head.

The fruit had a distinct sweet taste. She couldn’t help eating another one as she liked the taste.

While serving Gu Sui’er to eat melons and fruits, Nanny An smiled and said, “My Lady, whenever that Wang KaiShun’s family saw me before, she didn’t even greet me. But just earlier, she was talking to me so kindly. It’s all because this old servant serves the Young Lady now ah!” 

Gu Sui’er didn’t understand all these complicated things, but when she saw that Nanny An was happy, she also felt happy for her.

While she was eating the melon and fruits, the door curtain opened, and Bao Ya entered the room with Jin Fu. The two of them glanced at the melon and fruits on the table, and stepped forward to serve Gu Sui’er.

Gu Sui’er knew that they wanted to eat the fruits from the look in their eyes. Therefore, she told Nanny An, “Nanny, you can fetch some and try them yourself. Bao Ya and Jin Fu can also have a taste.”

Bao Ya and Jin Fu glanced at her in embarrassment. They stepped forward and said, “We are not going to eat.” 

Nanny An smiled: “Young Mistress is magnanimous. She will not fuss over minor matters.”

Although she said that, Bao Ya and Jin Fu did not dare to eat it.

They had been in the Marquis’ Mansion for quite a long time. For that reason, they knew how to hide their emotions and behave gracefully very well.

This rural woman had won the favour of the Old Madam because she was pregnant. Her status was different from theirs.

They had worked as maids for so many years, but they failed to become even mere Concubines. Indeed, they were not comparable to her.

Gu Sui’er was unaware of the duo’s ideas. Her thoughts were actually very simple. As long as she could give birth to the child in her stomach and not let it become a fatherless child, she was content.

It didn’t matter if she was wronged by others in the process.

No matter how bad they treated her, could it be worse than what she experienced in GuJia Village?

Therefore, despite Nanny An’s repeated reminders, when she went to pay her respects to the Old Madam that evening, she didn’t even breathe a word about the harsh treatment.

Gu Sui’er always answered with a ‘yes’ to whatever the Old Madam asked her.

Grand Princess ShengPing, the Old Madam of Marquis RuiDing’s Mansion, had experienced this scene countless times. She was able to tell what Gu Sui’er was thinking with just a glance.

Now, she had come like this little girl from the countryside more and more.

Normally, Gu Sui’er appeared a little silly. However, she was noble-minded, dutiful, content with her position and had a peaceful disposition. A person of great wisdom often appears slow-witted. This temperament of hers was quite similar that of her Imperial Sister-in-law, the late Empress Dowager.

“Sui’er, you should have a peace of mind now. Ah Heng will come back after a few days.”

Ah Heng…

Originally, Gu Sui’er was full of satisfaction with her current life. But as soon as she heard those words, her heart thumped. She lifted her eyes to look at the old lady in astonishment.

The Old Madam perceived a trace of panic and helplessness in the limpid eyes of the newly married little girl.

She hurriedly appeased her: “Don’t be afraid. Although Ah Heng doesn’t talk much, he is an honest child and will never wrong you.”

Honest child…

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  • 1
    Hated the iron for not becoming steel [恨铁不成钢]– It means to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and get impatient to see improvements.
  • 2
    Cantaloupe [哈密瓜] – The cantaloupe, rockmelon, sweet melon, or spanspek is a melon that is a variety of the muskmelon species from the family Cucurbitaceae.
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