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TRLL – Chapter 5.1

In the Marquis' Mansion [Part 1]

After Gu Sui’er was accompanied out of that room, she passed led through several moon gates and corridors before finally arriving in a courtyard which was quite big. It was many times bigger than her maiden home.

The one who led her there was called Wang Kaishun’s wife. She introduced her to the place: “This is our third Young Master’s dwelling place. It is called TingZhu Courtyard.”

After speaking, she entered the house and showed her the decorations in the house. It was extremely gorgeous, the bed was made of dark red wood with exquisite patterns carved on it. There were translucent cyan curtains over the bed frame which appeared soft and thin. It was similar to the soft yarn given in the bride price.

After she sat down, Wang Kaishun’s wife introduced her to the nanny and maids beside her.

The nanny was surnamed An, so she was called Nanny An. There were four maids behind her. They were dressed identically in indigo attires with a silver hairpin inserted in their hair. The older ones were about the same age as Gu Sui’er. They were called Bao Ya and Jin Fu. The other two were comparatively younger. They still had a childish look on their faces and were called Jing Yue and Yao Guang.

In the end, Wang KaiShun’s wife said: “You can consult Nanny An if you face any difficulties but if you need something, you will have to send a servant girl to tell me so that I can obtain that for you. However if I’m unable to do it, you can tell the Madam.”

Gu Sui’er had never faced such a situation back at her home. As a result, she didn’t know what to say at the moment and just nodded her head slightly.

After Wang KaiShun’s wife left, Nanny An helped Gu Sui’er to sit down, handed her tea and asked her whether she was hungry.

Gu Sui’er was indeed a little hungry but she couldn’t open her mouth to utter the words. When Nanny An saw her actions, she ordered the two little maids to go outside and get some food for Gu Sui’er.

“My Lady didn’t have a decent meal since you arrived here, so you should eat some snacks first.”

Gu Sui’er looked at the plate and nodded her head quietly. These pastries were much more refined than what she had ever eaten back at her home during the New Year. The pastries were delicately shaped into red flowers with green leaves that made her reluctant to eat it.

Nanny An helped Gu Sui’er to get some more snacks from the plate and persuaded her to eat more: “Young Mistress, this body does not belong to only you anymore. That is why, you should eat some more.”

Gu Sui’er was not accustomed to having people standing next to her while she was eating. Back at her home, her family of four people used to sit in the yard together to enjoy their meal. But she knew that the circumstances were different now. It was because she was at a completely different place, not at the familiar village she grew up.

Gu Sui’er didn’t care about these things. However, now that she was pregnant, not only did she have to think about herself but also for her little tadpole.

The little tadpole had almost died in her belly. It was already having a hard time before birth, so she decided to plan ahead for it.

She must not let it become an ignored and weak child, let alone taste the sorrow and suffering she had undergone.

Thus, Gu Sui’er endured the discomfort that crept up and followed Nanny An’s words. She knew that if she did anything wrong, people would surely laugh at her.

While she was eating, the maid next to her named Bao Ya abruptly stated, “Nanny An, you should serve the Young Mistress for now. I suddenly recalled that there is a task that the second Young Madam had entrusted me with, so I have to go back to complete it.”

Nanny An raised her eyes to look at her and smiled: “Since Bao Ya girl has something to do, you can go back now.”

Bao Ya smiled. She glanced at Gu Sui’er before leaving.

Jin Fu, who stood on her opposite side, imitated Bao Ya’s actions and found an excuse to leave shortly. After she left, there were only Nanny An and two younger servants left to attend to Gu Sui’er.

While serving her, Nanny An said with a smile: “Those two girls were rewarded by the emperor to serve the third Young Master. Those who don’t know that will think they belong to third Young Master’s backyard.”

Gu Sui’er was startled. She stopped eating and looked at Nanny An in confusion.

She didn’t understand what Nanny An said but she vaguely felt that the two maid servants were dissatisfied with her.

Nanny An looked at the Young Mistress she was going to serve. She had a beautiful face but her eyes were blank making her seem a little muddle headed. Apparently, she was unaware of the circumstances she was in, making Nanny An feel a little distressed for her. Thinking of how a little country girl like her had come to the Capital City for the first time just by relying on the child in her belly, she surmised that Gu Sui’er probably didn’t even know the east, south, west or north of the Capital.

At this moment, she felt pity and tried to comfort Gu Sui’er: “I will take care of those who incite trouble. Also, the Old Madam loves and cares for you. If anyone bothers you, you can simply say that your stomach is paining. Then we can see who dares to create problems. Moreover, our Madam loves the third Young Master very much. My Lady has his child in your belly, therefore no one will dare to do anything to you!”

Gu Sui’er: “……”

After a long time, she nodded.

That night, Gu Sui’er lay down in the cool room. It was not as stuffy as the kang at her home, but for some reason, she couldn’t sleep. She just kept staring at the soft cyan curtains.

Whenever she recalled Nanny An’s words, she felt uncomfortable. Although this mansion was as magnificent as the immortal mansions in the New Year paintings, the people in it were still incomprehensible to her.

After thinking for a while, she finally closed her eyes for a while. In the darkness, those deep eyes appeared again, as well as the rapid, burning breath and the surging pain that ran through her body as if she was being torn apart.

Gu Sui’er bit her trembling lips, and desperately told herself not to think about it again.

Her hands shook as she raised it to touch the little tadpole in her belly. The little tadpole seemed to feel her anxiety and moved inside her belly to touch her hand gently across the belly as if it was assuring her.

Strangely enough, she seemed to be comforted by it, and the feeling of fear gradually faded away lulling her into a peaceful sleep.

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