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RLDRFH Chapter 97

What on earth is there in the city? Why did all the zombies surrounding the base leave at the same time? Was this siege incident related to  it related to this incident that they came here before?!

Spiritual zombie.

He Zizhong’s heart was slightly chilled. Recalling his previous encounter with the strange zombie in coastal warehouse, he couldn’t help thinking about the rumors from his last life about a spiritual zombie who could control other low-level zombie spirit…

“Zizhong, look!” Fang Hao suddenly pointed to the bottom of the wall. His voice attracted the attention of other people, and those who were still on the wall and recovering all looked down at the same time.

Things like black “tentacles” quietly and silently wriggled in the gaps full of zombies, poking into the zombies’ brains, carrying something out, and then went back to the ground.

“Mutated plant?! The mutant plants are digging for zombie nuclei!” A Samsara member yelled out, taking two steps back. He still remembers the horror of encountering mutant plants in city M previously.

There was a commotion among the people who heard the sound on the wall. Not many people had encountered mutant plants, so the following scene helped them clearly see the “identity” of this kind of thing.

“Fire! Fire-type abilities will burn it!”

“Damn! Our crystal nuclei! Snatched up by this thing!!!”

What’s the use of crystal nucleus? Although the people in the base haven’t researched it yet, everyone can guessed it was to improve ability levels, or at least the possibility of improving abilities. Even if it’s finally researched to have no effects on abilities, at least the base is still collecting it, so if you take them back, one can at least exchange for some rations!

But now, three full days have passed, and a lot of zombies have died outside the base. These crystal nuclei paid for in blood and sweat have been snatched away by those shameless plants before they had a chance to collect and sort them?!

Seeing the zombies leave and the crystal core snatched by plants, a physique ability person jumped jumped off the wall to pick up nuclei!!

“Don’t jump! Danger!”

The man fell on the pile of zombies. Before he could stand firm, he was tightly wrapped up by a few brown roots!

Like a python grabbing its prey, vines entangled the person until he was incontinent, fractured, suffocated… and finally died…

The city ​​wall fell silent again. Until his body was pierced by outstretched vines and his limbs were bright red. After his blood was spilled on the ferociously waving rhizomes, the people who responded with red eyes attacked again.

Abilities and gunfire rained down, but those root systems were originally very small and hid themselves under the hills of zombie corpses, seeking their goals from the gaps. How can it be so simple to hurt them?

“It can only be burned with fire, otherwise there is no way to go out.” He Zizhong told Guo Bing who had just come to his side. “No one knows how many plants are there. Where are their key points? We can only burn them until they are afraid to come out and forced to leave.”

There is no good method to deal with mutant plants. If there is only one or two plants, it is easy to handle, otherwise it can only be done like city M before. Even He Zizhong didn’t dare enter the room that was bombed into a big pit to see if the mutant plants were dead or not.

“I’ll go to find someone.” Guo Bing immediately turned and went down the tower. He Zizhong didn’t know who he was going to find, and returned to look at the corpse mountain outside. It turns out that this is the reason why crystal nuclei are still so scarce even after the base encountered a wave of zombies…

It didn’t take long for gasoline and alcohol to be transported onto the wall and thrown onto the zombies outside the city. Fire abilities once again showed their power and began to burn a large swaths of ​​zombies.

Thick smoke rose in all directions. No one in the base would speak any opinions in public. The mutant plants were found first on the eastern side, and then gasoline was transported to the remaining walls, no one had any idea what was happening below.

The official statement was that in order to prevent the spread of the virus, corpses of zombies must be incinerated. Everyone has no opinion on this, and paid attention to themselves, wearing masks to avoid the smoke.

“The rest is the task of the military. Thank you for your assistance these days. You can go back and rest first.” A military officer raised a loudspeaker and said to the people who had just withdrawn.

Most people were exhausted after two and a half days left, but He Zizhong was not in a hurry to leave. Waiting for news from Guo Bing, he brought Fang Hao and waited with the Samsara team on the side of the road.

The strong smell of gasoline makes people dizzy as the cars went by. Staring at the tanker trunks, Fang Hao asked He Zizhong in a low voice: “Do you think the gasoline price of the base will increase after this?”

“That’s for sure.” Fortunately, He Zizhong previously used their points to exchange for plenty of explosives and gasoline before the last mission. Unfortunately, these things are still limited in the base, and there are limited purchases for each team, person, and day. Those who have been on a mission and those who have never done a mission also have different limits when buying gasoline and ammunition. Simply because ammunition can still be produced, but there is no possibility for gasoline. When it’s all used up, the base will be useless.

In a short while, Guo Bing and Chen Ning ran back and waved to everyone: “Let’s go, go back and speak.”

No drove their vehicles to the city wall when doing the defensive mission. If it’s downstairs, everyone is busy and no one will keep an eye out, so let alone the possibility of being stolen, it may be smashed or ruined by something, and there will be no place to cry.




“Did Allen do this?” Looking at the scene of “A Thousand Miles Ice” on the screen, Wu Shao frowned, his eyes chilled.

A man wearing a military uniform standing aside nodded and said, “Yes, but it was also a trick to it. There are five water abilities in their team, and it was also raining…”

“Weren’t all water and ice abilities transferred? What’s the matter with this!”

“They were on the evening shift, and didn’t have time to report…” In order to avoid trouble this time, Allen deliberately asked Yin Dong to go up and down to avoid people. A few of his own water ability members were transferred away, but his behavior this time was too high-profile. During the two night defenses, he unexpectedly used the ability to freeze for for thousands of miles twice, so base leaders who didn’t ordinarily care, paid attention.

“Hmph. Check who accepted their benefits.” Wu Shao narrowed his eyes, raised his finger and hooked the person over. “Doesn’t their team have a plant ability person who was also transferred over temporarily?”

Water abilities are more common, but plant abilities are rare. The base knew that there was a plant ability in the Overlord team. It’s fine on normal days, but when it’s a special time like facing a zombie siege, the base can forcibly appropriate special abilities. Allen and the rest just rushed back to the base before they had time to help with the wall situation, and people from the base came over and took Xu Lili away directly.

Because of this, Allen immediately asked Yin Dong to spend some effort to save the five water ability people.

“Yes, they’re still in the seventh team.” Because the alarm of the zombie siege has not been completely lifted, special personnel cannot go back to rest immediately. They are all on standby at a designated place at this time. But that woman looks…very average. Is Wu Shao interested? No, doesn’t Shao Wu like men?

“Go, ask someone to talk to her, just do this…”




For two and a half days, He Zizhong and Fang Hao rushed to the wall during the first defense of the city walls. They were among the first to deal with the first wave. and when others retreated, they also defending. It can be said that they are some of the people who have witnessed it from beginning to end.

The Samsara team is in the same situation as them. Everyone walked back to the villa area silently. Unlike roadside survivors who saw the sun1metaphorical sun, as in, hope/no more zombie siege again and cried with joy, because they saw the mutant plants hidden under zombies outside the city wall, no one was optimistic that the catastrophe was over and that people successfully won the battle.

Compared with the outside, the villa area is also much quieter. Even if the people here are lucky to have survived the defensive battle, most of them just closed their doors and enjoyed themselves at home.

“Sit down.” After entering the villa, Guo Bing motioned to everyone.

Their villa looks more decent now. The furniture, cloth, and daily necessities that everyone went to the edge of the city a few days ago have been placed neatly by the women in charge of logistics. Although the floor is still not covered, the walls are gray and white, it looked much better than before.

Sitting on a sofa in the living room that was just pulled back a few days ago, the woman in her twenties brought boiled water to everyone, turned around, and went back to the kitchen.

“Just now, we asked someone we knew before. If there is no major accident, our teams shouldn’t be called to participate in the cleaning of zombies and checking for mutated plants outside.”

He Zizhong glanced at him, but did not speak out.

Instead, Le Tian asked calmly, “What about those crystal nuclei?”

Guo Bing laughed, and the sarcasm at the corner of his mouth seemed so obvious: “Don’t think about it.”

A few younger players suddenly exploded: “Why?! Everyone has defended so hard for so many days. Not even seeing a crystal nuclei, this is too much!”

Chen Ning sneered, grabbing a box of crumpled cigarettes from Guo Bing and lit one, then glanced at the outraged members. “Each team is obliged to support and defend the base unconditionally when a major danger occurs”

Everyone looked at him, and Mengzi had wide-open eyes as he waited anxiously.

“Listen carefully. It’s Un-con-di-tion-al.”2In the original, they separated it into separate words. Writing Unconditional into syllabic form was hard to read, so imagine a pause at each hyphen.

“They can’t swallow all the things that everyone has worked so hard to achieve!” The cup in Mengzi’s hand was directly crushed by him with a “click”.


If only Tuanzi jumped out to deal with those mutant plants. That’d be a show to watch…


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  • 1
    metaphorical sun, as in, hope/no more zombie siege
  • 2
    In the original, they separated it into separate words. Writing Unconditional into syllabic form was hard to read, so imagine a pause at each hyphen.
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