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RLDRFH Chapter 96

“Fortunately, I made a lot in advance.” Fang Hao muttered in a low voice while chewing on the homemade soft glutinous red bean cake. Knowing that they were going out to hunt crystal nuclei before, Fang Hao deliberately made a lot of this kind of pancake. There were plenty leftover after they returned to base, and it is perfect to eat them now.

“Good. After going back, let’s make and store some. Keep the ones given by the base; there are other uses for it in the future.” Sometimes people just want to exchange for food, even if it is the hard cakes made by the base. The salty-to-death pickles are also good thing, and these things can come in handy.

Fang Hao nodded, eating foot and drinking soup heartily. Their shift was starting soon, and they had to rush back as soon as possible.

There is still a steady stream of zombies. The entire “black tide” is still unable to be seen at a glance. He Zizhong and Fang Hao stayed until 8 o’clock in the evening before they could completely rest for twelve hours.

All the people in the base who take part in the defensive mission were divided into two groups, one for twelve hours during the day and the other for twelve hours at night. There were a bit more people assigned for the night shift, and they were divided into three shifts and changed every 1.5 hours.

Due to numbers, they should be more relaxed. But because they’re acting at night, it consumes more energy.

Gathering their things, the pair stood by, waiting for the replacement personnel to be in place before they could punch out.1As in, end their shift. “Punch out” comes from old fashioned punch cards used to track shift working Faintly, they heard something whispered in the crowd.

The two listened carefully curiously. The crowd in front of them became agitated before they could fully understand what they were saying. Some people pointed to some people grouped as a team and whispered: “It’s Overlord! They’re from the Overlord team…”

What happened to the Overlord team?

The two looked at each other, and asked a person next to them incomprehensibly: “What’s wrong with the Overlord team?” Why is there a sense of admiration from the masses?

Seeing that the two of them didn’t know, the man quickly murmured, “You haven’t heard of it yet? I heard from the night shift people just now, and it too spread in the base, that today’s zombie tide was brought by the Overlord’s people!”

The two were embarrassed, glanced at each other and quickly followed up with questions.

Only after inquiring did they know that the people from the Overlord team are unlucky. When they went out to do the task in the morning, the Samsara team didn’t remind them of the unusual situation outside. As a result, they didn’t realize that the situation was wrong until they crashed into a pile of zombies!

Originally seeing a lot of zombies, they thought it was just the zombies on the edge of the city being attracted by sounds, and it’d be fine as long as they rushed past as usual. But who would have thought, they couldn’t rush ahead at all!

It’s easy to rush into the zombies, but it is not so easy to turn out from the zombies wave and return to the base. Their car was not as sturdy as Samsara’s or He Zizhong’s vehicles. It didn’t take long for a car to break down. Unable to keep up with the team, they were caught alive by the zombies and bitten.

Although the remaining people fled back to the base, they only rushed back shortly before the wave of zombies arrived. Many people saw the Overlord’s cars “bringing” a large group of zombies back to the base!

There were still many team members who had to quarantine at the gate for six more hours because of their injuries. The zombies came too fast and many of them died outside without any hurry to evacuate!

Regardless of whether the wave of zombies had anything to do with the Overlord team, the vast majority of people have put this account on their heads.

He Zizhong suddenly felt that it was wise to not kill Allen directly. He hasn’t done anything to them yet, and they just did something like this… They are locked up, caught, and took the blame.2Blame, as in, for luring the zombie tide

Repeated blows made them no longer be as domineering as before. Allen’s face is also very easy to recognize. People on the roadside can naturally recognize him as Overlord’s boss as soon as they see him, so instead of going home, they all stood on the roadside and gossip. If it hadn’t been for the base defense being critical, someone would have rushed to make trouble for them.

He Zizhong had to wear sunglasses to prevent the streamers because of his ability to reach level 3. Fang Hao did the same to prevent his man from being too conspicuous. The sky has completely dimmed, and the two people’s unusual dresses make many people look sideways. Unfortunately, Allen was in a terrible mood at the time with all matters, so how can he observe people on the roadside?

He Zizhong’s gaze swept over the members of the Overlord team. Some of them had been seen in his previous life, but Xu Lili and Dai Jun were not among them. Were those two people in the logistics department or were they assigned to the other two shifts? Taking Fang Hao, He Zizhong hurried home after the team passed by and replaced those in the day shift.

The situation outside the city is very urgent. Although there is now a wall blocking them, if a second-level zombie appears, they’re afraid the city wall will not be able to withstand it for long.

Worrying of unexpected things happening in the middle of the night, they didn’t enter the space. Eating something in a hurry, they took turned entering the space to wash and rest before going to bed together.

Fortunately, there were a lot of people on duty at night, and there was enough ammunition. There was no emergency situation that night. The two got up at around six o’clock to wash and clean up. Fang Hao deliberately entered the space to prepare something that might be eaten today. At seven a.m., when the skies were bright, the pair once again left the villa area to go to the wall they were defending.

“Have to say that’s an ability user…”

“That is to say, don’t look at the appearance of their white face, I didn’t expect that their abilities are really powerful!”

Before the two of them arrived at the wall section they were responsible for, they heard people whispering about something, and found the area the Samsara team was. Seeing them both arrive, Guo Bing and the others who had just arrived for a while, waited for them to go over. Waving a pancake at the two of them, he said: “Have you heard? Overlord just now showed a big face.”

“Overlord? Allen?” He Zizhong raised his eyebrows in surprise. It was only one night, how did he reverse the rumors?

Guo Bing chuckled happily: “I heard that at about five o’clock, right before they were scheduled to end their shift, the little white face3Re: Allen. The term is used to describe him since his face is the only thing he has. used his abilities to freeze zombies for for thousands of miles. That’s an arrogant one.” A few mouths were smahed along the way.

“Frozen for thousands of miles?” He Zizhong frowned and asked, “What’s the range?”

“The range is not small, at least ten meters long and three to four meters wide.” Chen Ning curled his lips with contempt, “Their team specifically accepted five water abilities. I heard that they soaked the land, and it was also raining…”

Although he disdained them, even if Allen used a trick, it has to be said that Allen really caught the opportunity and saved the reputation of the Overlord team.

Nothing can compare to this amazing act of showing great power in a defensive battle. While Allen saved his Overlord team, it also made other already dissatisfied teams more displeased with them. Today’s Samsara team is one of them, and so too were other teams that had conflicts with the Overlord team previously.

After sharing information, it was time to start their shifts. Everyone hurriedly returned to the city wall to find their respective positions and once again heavy firepower rained down to block the zombies who were still tirelessly rushing to the base.

Although he has risen to level 3 and it is much easier to deal with zombies in the same range, He Zizhong didn’t intend to be as eye-catching as Allen was. But who knew knows how long this defensive battle will take? Consuming his abilities clean in one go to show off? He Zizhong didn’t think it was cost-effective.

The boss of a team who uses this method to attract newcomers is playing an advertisement. Their mom-and-pop shop doesn’t need newcomers to join, and won’t be so glamorous as if they are on stage.

Still removing the bullets of the machine gun directly and using his ability to assist output, Fang Hao’s marksmanship today is far more accurate than yesterday. Sure enough, marksmanship is fed through bullets. Although they had weapons before, how could he let go of this opportunity to practice shooting with so many live targets?

Any physical exhaustion was completely restored with the hot spring bath and space well water the previous night. Their pair’s efficiency was still similar to the previous day. Although the other people are also more experienced than before, no matter if it was physical or mental exhaustion, it can’t be erased for a while.

“Be careful! Don’t stand too far to the side, pay attention to safety at your feet!” A military jeep with horns broadcasted as it drove around the inner wall of the city wall, confusing the defenders a while. It was only when they were rotated for their break, they learned that someone unexpected fell.

Maybe that person didn’t rest well the night before, or maybe he didn’t stand firm for a while, or maybe he was touched by something. Of course, the possibility of being pushed down by others is not ruled out. But in short, it’s not safe to stand too close to the wall.

During the break, the pair depended on each other, drank well water to regain their strength, and waited for two hours to pass before returning to the wall…

The zombie siege is still ongoing. Like a dark tide, the zombies endlessly surrounded the base until noon on the third day.

Almost all the ammunition stored in the base was exhausted, everyone was exhausted, and their physical strength and spirit were nearing the limits.

Suddenly, the movements of the zombies outside the city who were constantly rushing towards the base… collectively stopped!

Suddenly turning around, ignoring the bullets and abilities that came after them, the zombies slowly retreated toward the city, with neat footwork and no lingering, as if the previous two and a half days siege was fake. As if they were being soy sauce and just passing by, such a scene repeated itself at all four walls at the same time.

After learning the news, the base filled with cheers as people wept with joy. People randomly hugged each other, shouting, and expressing joy for the rest of their lives.

But the people who were defending on the wall couldn’t laugh at all. Those silhouettes who are facing away from the city wall maintain the same footwork and direction. The weird feeling made everyone feel cold from the bottom of their hearts. They only felt that it was even more terrifying than when the base was surrounded two days ago…


The siege is over~


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  • 1
    As in, end their shift. “Punch out” comes from old fashioned punch cards used to track shift working
  • 2
    Blame, as in, for luring the zombie tide
  • 3
    Re: Allen. The term is used to describe him since his face is the only thing he has.
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