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RLDRFH Chapter 89

Heading Fang Hao’s complaint, He Zizhong laughed. “That’s better than having your house confiscated.”

“There are housing being confiscated?!” Fang Hao’s eyes widened. “But it’s my own ownhouse!”

He Zizhong shook his head. “A house will be confiscated if no one pays the rent for a long time.” Because the houses in the villa area have fingerprint locks which can’t be changed easily, they can only add a lock to those houses who don’t pay rent. But that’s not the case outside the villa. If no rent is paid after the expiration date, no matter who the owner is, the base has the right to sublet the house to others. Because even if someone ‘owns’ the house, what they own is nothing more than having priority to use it. Who made this a special period?

Of course, many people who don’t want to go out will find tenants on their own in order to make money and earn food. The food collected can not only be given to the base, it allows them to eat and drink, so it’s a win-win situation.

Once again, they drove to the upper level where the Samsara team was. The two happened to ran into Liu Jiangfeng and Zhang Xiaoming who were busy beside the predator. Seeing He Zizhong’s Cavalier 15 swing by, Zhang Xiaoming raised his head and yelled loudly: “Boss! Brother He and co.1两口子 is a way to denote a couple or a pair. There’s no exact English equivalent, so “co” for company is used instead. are here—!!!”

That sound was simply earth-shaking, and the roar was audible all over the community. Inside the car, He Zizhong and Fang Hao were shocked when they heard a voice from a room above: “Coming down now—!!!”

It’s really a good voice in the last days.

Liu Jiangfeng shouted hello to the two of them, and moved everything into the car together with Zhang Xiaoming. Then he walked over, wiping off his sweat: “Fuck, there is no wind these days. It’s really damn uncomfortable.”

He Zizhong, who had just returned from a seaside vacation in the space which now has airflow, smiled. “Fortunately, it didn’t rain today.” Otherwise, it would be even more uncomfortable.

“It’s still cloudy yet. Who knows about later today.” he wiped the sweat off his face. “There’s nothing wrong on your side, right? When we came back the day before yesterday, one of the three rooms we originally rented was recycled by the base! After not being around for a long time, there are no other closer houses in the community. The captain is planning to see if he can rent a larger house elsewhere.”

“Rent a house?” He Zizhong was stunned. Before he could say anything, Guo Bing and Chen Ning were already down.

Seeing him ask, Guo Bing nodded and said, “Yes, there are a lot of people in our team. I’m thinking of finding a place where we can park after returning. All the place to park are now occupied and used as shacks.” After that, he turned to point at the open space behind the community. The original parking place is now sparsely covered with shacks of all colors.

“Why are so many people living here? Hasn’t the school been cleaned up?”

“I don’t know. I heard that the school was cleaned up, and people have been moved in. However, something happened in the military base that made them push people out again. In the past two days, soldiers have moved to the newly cleared school building.”

“Military base? What happened?”

“I heard something exploded in the middle of the night. “Guo Bing shrugged. They found out from the neighbors next door after they came back yesterday, and don’t yet know the whole story.

“Let’s go and submit the task first.”

Both teams brought some seeds and drove to the task hall. There is no exact numeric requirement for seed tasks, and the corresponding points will be given after distinguishing and determining the number and variety submitted by each team.

The Samsara team did not plan to hand over all the seeds. They left some crop seeds that they thought were more useful and stored them in Chen Ning and Le Tian’s space. But because both men had only one cubic meter of space, it was not nearly enough. Plus, they need to reserve some space. They also don’t have a place to grow their own things, so the rest is exchanged for points.

The base has now begun to collect crystal nuclei with great fanfare. Each crystal nucleus can be exchanged for a certain number of points, but neither the Samsara or Fengche teams handed over the crystal nuclei they harvested.

After the results of the seed task came down, He Zizhong’s mom-and-pop Fengche team successfully upgraded to the first level. Samsara had already become a first-level team last time, and it takes a full two thousand points to rise to second-level. They don’t have enough points for the time being and can only continue to accumulate.

“Congratulations. First-level team, you can get a 5% discount when buying from the base.” Guo Bing smiled and patted He Zizhong on the shoulder.

He Zizhong stared at the “Explosives” column of the purchase form for a while, and shook his head regretfully: “The points in hand are still too few, and can’t change for anything good.”

“We still have a lot of stock. It’s not too late for it to be useful later. Maybe you’ll level up again?” Guo Bing raised his eyebrows suggestively. When the weapons were distributed, He Zizhong and Fang Hao took away most of the explosives and grenades because they were not familiar with the weapons. It was enough for them to go to the urban area and bomb things wildly.

He Zizhong was not entangled as he turned around and walked out with Guo Bing. “I heard Liu Jiangfeng say just now that you want to find a house?”

“Isn’t it? The people in our team can’t be counted as too few or too many. About 30 heads more or less.” Guo Bing was also worried. “I want to find a bigger place to live, even a warehouse or something. But how can there be such a house in the base now?”

He Zizhong thought about it, and proposed: “What about the houses in the villa area?”

Guo Bing was stunned. “That would be good, but how can we?”

For someone to rent a house in the villa area, they need the recommendation of an owner in the villa area. If there is no recommendation, it is not completely impossible to rent, but they need to find the people who are responsible for renting out the houses. That would be a big loss as the money to buy them is enough to rent a large apartment for at least half a year! Of course, if they can get to know the head of the household in the villa area, it is okay to spend a small amount of money to find someone’s help, and it will be cheaper than paying the administrators.

Chen Ning, who had been following, suddenly asked: “I haven’t asked, where do you live?”

“…Villa area.”

Guo Bing and Chen Ning were both stunned. Suddenly, Guo Bing grabbed He Zizhong’s shoulders: “Are you the head of household?”

He Zizhong just nodded when a pain shot up his shoulder.

“Hero! Sign me!!!”

Helping introduce the Samsara team to the villa area to rent a house is not a big problem. He Zizhong has also considered that him and Fang Hao are only two people, and thought about letting others live in their house. But it’s impossible since they have too many secrets, and they need a sense of privacy. However, it’s okay if neighbors take care of the house when they are out doing tasks.

Who let the Samsara team have logistics staff able to care for the house when when the other members go out for tasks, but they only have two people and can’t take care of it at all?

Because the Samara team had logistics staff, the base could only forcibly reappropriate one of the rooms. All the things inside were also moved to the other two rooms that they kept. (After a new month, who would have thought that the base’s rent would suddenly increase?) Otherwise, after this, some team members can only sleep on the streets.

The group drove to the residential rental office in the outer city to go through the formalities. He Zizhong’s house book and other things were all in the space, and it was easy to do right now.

After completing the formalities in the outer city, they needed to go to the property office in the inner city (that is, the villa area) to complete the remaining steps. There are actually many vacancies in the villa area, but there are not many people who can rent or find a way in. Thus, there are quite many options for the Samara team to choose from.

The predator followed the Cavalier 15, and the two cars drove to the gate of the villa area. The guards at the door were shocked, thinking it was a military car. They knew the car in front was owned by a villa owner. Who is the boss of the car?

After hurriedly checking the procedures, the two vehicles received a very standard military salute from the guards when they entered the door, dumbfounding He Zizhong. From the walkie-talkie inside the car came the arrogant laugh of several people as Guo Bing said: “Oh damn, this is still the first time after the end of the world to receive such a standard military salute…”

Reluctantly shaking his head, He Zizhong continued to lead the way inside. They barely passed the gates before someone blocked the road…

He glanced at the house on the side of the road—Allen’s house.

The person in front—Xu Lili.

Well, Xu Lili recognized his car. They will definitely meet each other since they came back alive, but he did not expect it to be so soon.

“Next time we will go another way.” Even if they go a little further, it’s better than passing by the gate of Allen’s house.

Hearing He Zizhong’s complaint, Fang Hao pursed his lips to hold back a smile, and gently touched Tuanzi in his backpack with his hand.

He Zizhong opened the door and stepped down. Xu Lili blocking the car must be to find him for something. Who knows how things are after climbing onto Allen’s bed? There was also a Dai Jun next to Allen… don’t know if Dai Jun is more pampered now? Or is Xu Lili better? Of course, it’s best to be evenly matched and toss Allen to die in bed.

“What’s the matter.” He Zizhong’s expression remained cold. Anyway, Xu Lili knew that he didn’t want to see her and he didn’t want to see Xu Lili either.

“Cousin…” Xu Lili’s eyes were red as she secretly glanced at the predator that stopped behind. The car is so big, like a tank. Did her cousin really find some awesome backer?

“What’s the matter.” He Zizhong didn’t have so much idle time to chat with her here. Guo Bing was still waiting to rent a house.

“Allen… was taken away by the military yesterday… Cousin, do you have any way…”

He Zizhong shook his head impatiently before speaking: “I don’t know anyone from the military, but Isn’t Allen quite widely known?”

Xu Lili stomped anxiously: “I heard Yin Dong say that the man who arrested him had an enmity with him!” Although she didn’t know the cause and effect, or if what she overheard is true, but what if Allen was abused after being taken away by someone who hated him?!


Well, the scum cousin is back. We all hope Allen is abused… 😑


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    两口子 is a way to denote a couple or a pair. There’s no exact English equivalent, so “co” for company is used instead.
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  1. Avatar ruinthyself says:

    i’m really hoping Allen can be abused!!!! and i’m excited for the Samsara Team to be able to live in a villa~ thank u for the chapter!!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Minor spoiler alert: Allen dies in bed. So you could say he gets a fitting end?

  2. Thanks for the chapter! That actor will probably fine, who cares about him.
    I’m glad the couple will have some strong friends close.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      👍 Sometimes, though, it feels like HZZ and FH could just retreat into the mountains with their space and Tuanzi.

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