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RLDRFH Chapter 88

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He Zizhong raised his eyebrows, moved his mind, and a telescope appeared in his hand.

Sure enough, who is that ice-type ability user if not Allen? He was surrounded by some Overlord team members, but none of them were faces they had met last time. There were, however, some familiar faces from when he joined the Overlord team in previous life.

The people they were fighting were also from an ability team. He couldn’t tell who they were, but judging from the signs on them, they belonged to Starry Sky.

Last time, the Overlord, Starry Sky, and two unknown teams jointly went to the city for a mission, but only Allen and a few others came back alive. The Starry Sky members… from what the Samsara team said, they were not on the same route on the way back. Only a car from the other two teams came back to the base with them.

Did all the Starry Sky team members who went out on the mission die?

Those people fought, chasing each other to the vicinity of the villas. He Zizhong saw the bolt from a lightning ability user hit the villa next door, but there was no problem at all. He silently nodded in his heart: See, in my previous life, I heard that the houses in the villa area were very sturdy and would not break when hit by abilities.

When he wandered around and began to think about whether these houses could block his second-level gold abilities, the attacking group seemed to have exhausted their abilities and began to yell at them instead.

“Allen, you butt seller1Literal translation. I assume it means ass kisser, but here, selling his ass to those with money or his gold master(s).! Not saying a word after killing so many of my brothers – what does that count as?!”

Strands of Allen’s hair was scorched. It was not known if it was from being smoked or the power of electricity, but his handsome face was smudged with a black and grey layer. It was an unforgivable insult to name of ‘beautiful man.’

Allen’s team acquired a new water ability user, and like Xu Lili, she is also Allen’s brainless fan. She was so distressed that she burst into tears, her hands condensing a handful of water: “Allen, wipe your face…”

The people on the other side burst out laughing, and one person shouted: “Yes, yes, hurry up and wash. Doesn’t he simply rely on that face? Can he live if his face is dirty?”

The girl glared angrily at the person: “You’re jealous! Our Allen is a star from before the apocalypse, and after the apocalypse, he’s still better than you!”

The leader opposite sneered: “Before the end of the world, relying on selling ass and selling face. Now, after the end of the world, changing your tactics and relying on a woman to hold you up? Can your thing still be used?”

Everyone laughed again. Allen’s face was so dark that it couldn’t be darker anymore. He ignored the stupid woman around him and looked at the other side coldly: “Let’s talk less about those useless matters. The mission failure is our bad luck. It was originally a joint cooperation. Life and death are fate. If all the cooperative team missions have people like Captain Luo who blackmail teammates afterwards, who dares cooperate with other teams in the future?!”

Captain Luo sneered again: “Sure, but from what I heard, this time if it were not for Captain Allen going to the seed shop nearby to find things and provoking the mutant zombies, we would not have suffered such a big loss! We all know that besides the base management, only your Overlord team has a plant ability user. Those who died can be considered unlucky, but does the Overlord team dare say that they are totally unaccountable for this time’s mission failure?”

“What the hell do you want?!” Since that mission, the people from Starry Sky have constantly been making trouble for them. Allen knows that this is all news from the other car that escaped. If it weren’t for them, how could there be so much trouble?! Fortunately, those people didn’t see that they deliberately damaged a Starry Sky vehicle in order to escape, otherwise the matter would be even more troublesome.

“Not much. Since the base is now vigorously harvesting seeds, we only need 70% of the seeds you collected in the last mission.”

“Impossible! Besides, we didn’t bring back anything at all this time!” Nowadays, most seeds are moldy or rotten. Even the base has no way to deal with it. The number of seeds he obtained in this operation is pitifully small, how is it possible to give them 70% in vain?!

Captain Luo laughed again: “Who is Captain Allen fooling? Our people saw it with their own eyes. When your plant ability person entered the base, she carried the boss’s bag. She even said it herself that you got the seeds from this operation!” It’s just that the base’s demand for seeds and purchase price were not high enough at that time for the Starry Sky talents to stop Xu Lili. But now they regretted it.

Allen almost exploded. Xu Lili stayed in the base and refused to go out since returning. She also regarded herself as the wife of the Overlord team captain. Not to mention making trouble for a few beautiful girls in the team all day long, she also focused on the new Dai Jun, and even troubled Yin Dong all the time! Moveover, on a typical day, she loved to dictate the team! Did she really think she was the wife of the Overlord captain after sleeping with him once?! Even if she is the genuine wife, she should only stay behind obediently and listen to him. What’s more, is she even worthy?!

“Seventy percent is absolutely impossible, Captain Luo. Be reasonable.” Allen almost gritted his teeth and said this sentence. If it weren’t for his own ability level not being high enough, and the backer behind… he would never be willing to compromise with these jumping clowns over and over again!

“Hmph, 50%, at least!” Captain Luo stretched out a hand and stated straightforwardly.

“Okay…” Before the voice fell, there was a bang, and a tuned “click” sounded. When a few people turned their heads in surprise, they realized that they were surrounded by members of the army!

This is the villa area! They were so angry that they all forgot about it!!

“Both captains raise your hands. Fellow ability members, if there is any movements or colors on your hands, body, or anywhere, don’t blame us for having no eyes.” A cold voice sounded, and everyone looked at the speaker. It was a 24-25 year-old man wearing a crooked military hat and holding a cigarette in his mouth. Behind, two armed policemen held transparent explosion-proof shields as he held his hands behind his back lazily.

“…It turned out to be Wu Shao2少 can mean ‘young master’ or be used to denote a younger or more junior rank of something. E.g., a younger general, younger lord, etc. In this case, it’s not specified, so its kept as it’s phonetic equivalent, it’s been a long time since we met.” Allen gritted his teeth and squeezed out this sentence.

The man raised his head smugly with a wide grin: “Yes, yes. It’s really been a long time. What about your team deputy?”

“Yin Dong is dealing with things in the team.”

“It’s really a shame. I say, what’s so good about staying with these small, broken teams. Why not follow me to get ahead…” The man scratched his chin and waved his hand. “You all – disturbing the order of a guarded zone, using abilities to destroy the villa area buildings, come with me. Walk slowly, with hands up to your head, knives and guns don’t have eyes.”

Seeing the people below, surrounded by army men leaving in a certain direction, He Zizhong and the other people watching the excitement in the villa area turned around and returned to their homes. It really is… a surprise. It turns out that the rumor that houses in the villa area being very strong is also caused by the Overlord team? It really deserves to be the first team, even when their luck is so bad, they can trigger a new discussions.

“Why take so long? Is there anything outside?” Fang Hao, who was busy by the grill, raised his head to ask when He Zizhong came back.

“It’s okay. As soon as I went out, I heard someone fighting outside and went to look at it for a bit.” The monitor also indicated that there was no dreamers trying to visit today.

“Fighting? Who’s fighting?” Fang Hao asked casually, and clamped the garlic fan scallops in front of He Zizhong.

“Overlord and Starry Sky’s people. I was worried that they will destroy the surrounding buildings. But I didn’t expect that the houses here are quite strong. The lightning from an ability user hit the wall next door without leaving a trace.”

“Overlord’s people?”

“Yeah. It looks like last time they acted, the Starry Sky members did not come back alive. They were trying to seek compensation from the Overlord team.”

“The result?”

“The result? Everyone was taken away by the army.”

Fang Hao was stunned. After a long while, he burst out laughing. Trembling, he picked up an abalone after testing it. “Their, their luck is really good…”

He Zizhong nodded deeply. Luck… their luck is really good. Since being reborn, he discovered that the Overlord team’s luck was heading in a different direction and becoming more and more ‘good’.3HZZ is being sarcastic here about their luck being terrible.

The two of them grilled and ate at the same time. Fresh seafood was roasted over charcoal fire. The aroma of grilled food carried the unique sweetness of seafood, and the people who ate it almost swallowed their tongues along with it.

“It’s better than the seafood that I ate in N city last time.” Fang Hao said while brushing hot sauce on some squid. Although there are some things collected from the outside in the warehouse below, the taste is definitely not as good as those raised in their own space.

He Zizhong nodded. “Food in the space is more delicious than outside, the meat is also more tender …… Shall we go back to the pond to fish shrimp? River shrimp and crabs should also have grown inside?”

“Plus freshwater fish!” Marine fish are not easy to catch, because the sea is really quite large. On the contrary, most fish in the pool were not ones that they brought back. Plus, there are many suitable ways to prepare it.

“Okay, let’s go fishing tomorrow.” There are fishing rods in the storage space. As for the bait… they have plenty of meat, rice, and grains, and can figure something out.

After a day of training in the space, the two men’s mental outlook completely recovered. Early the next morning, carrying backpacks with some food and seeds, the two drove to the community property and paid the monthly rent with food, instant noodles, and other things. Along the way, He Zizhong inquired and asked if he could pay for a few more months in one breath, which would save some trouble. Who knew, but they did not even want it.

Isn’t that right? No one knows how the value of food will change in the future? In case the price of food drops in the future, wouldn’t they lose money if they collect the rent in advance?

Unable to complete the exchange, Fang Hao complained as they drove outside the community: “I heard the people behind say they were blocked outside for more than half a month when they went out to do their tasks. In the end, someone added a lock to the door and refused to open it if they didn’t pay rent!”


All that seafood talk has got me hungry…

Fun fact: did you know abalone should be pronounced as a-be-low-nii*?  *Short e sound, not long e

Sometimes I really don’t get the hodgepodge of the English language…


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  • 1
    Literal translation. I assume it means ass kisser, but here, selling his ass to those with money or his gold master(s).
  • 2
    少 can mean ‘young master’ or be used to denote a younger or more junior rank of something. E.g., a younger general, younger lord, etc. In this case, it’s not specified, so its kept as it’s phonetic equivalent
  • 3
    HZZ is being sarcastic here about their luck being terrible.
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