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RLDRFH Chapter 86

“Okay, but we’re all tired today. Let’s go boating for seafood tomorrow.” He Zizhong looked at the canoe half-berthed on the beach. It’s not too small, and enough for two people. There was even a small fishing net and oars inside.

“Okay!” Fang Hao’s eyes flashed excitedly. He wanted to go swimming now, but He Zizhong was right. After running around these days, both two of them are mentally and physically exhausted. There was an urgent need to soak in the hot spring and have a good night’s rest.

The current situation in the space is clear at a glance. The planting area has doubled, and there are more places to explore on the sea and mountains.

Anyway, the space is here, and won’t grow wings and fly away. They can come in with a simple thought; there’s no need to be in a hurry to examine everything.

Turning around, they strolled back to the bamboo house, passing by golden wheat fields and various crops full of fruits. The white and pink Tuanzi flew around with them all the way. From time to time it approached Fang Hao’s embrace for a hug and petting, which made the family of three more warm.

The bamboo building is indeed bigger, but it is not obvious. Every room seemed to be a bit larger, but it is not as obvious as last time, and there are no more rooms.

The two of them studied a bit before confirming that besides rooms getting larger, the walls seemed thicker. There did not seem to be any other changes.

As for the underground space? Naturally it has doubled in volume, and nothing else has changed.

After confirming the situation in the space, He Zizhong took his wife straight to the bathroom… So Tuanzi flew up to the large, second-floor bedroom again. Papa agreed with mama sleeping with me tonight! This benefit must not be relinquished!

In the clear hot spring water, the slightly chestnut hair of the person in front of him was completely wet by the spring water, and his snow-white skin exuded a faint pink blush. The whole person was halfway on the blue stone slab, looking at his lover with misty wetness in his eyes. This look was enough to make anyone turn into a wolf, so He Zizhong turned into He Zilang1Lang = wolf. Think little red riding hood, where HZZ wants to devour FH (sexually)., and rushed forward without hesitation.

He who showed great power finally climbed back to the second floor holding his lover. Even though his legs were slightly weak, he was still happy.

Tuanzi immediately rushed into Fang Hao’s arms, who couldn’t even lift his little finger. In order not to let it strike or rebel, He Zizhong finally had a more conscience and didn’t toss it out directly. He put Fang Hao on the big bed, pulled over the soft quilt, and entered a sweet dream with him.

Both of them got up a little later the next day. There was no way to avoid it – both of them were constantly nervous almost every day previously. While there was no set task to collect seeds, there was a series of accidents along the way they barely managed to escape. Then, on the way back, they were almost bombarded by military artillery…

Speaking of guns and artillery, He Zizhong still had one very important thing to do – go to the place bombed by the military and pick up the fallen firearms.

After eating a warm breakfast from storage, He Zizhong bent over and kissed the corner of Fang Hao’s lips: “I will let Tuanzi go out to see the situation.”

Although Fang Hao is not at ease, he knows if he went as well, the return point for the space would be reset. He could only say: “Be careful. If it doesn’t work, wait two more days.”

“Don’t worry, I still want to live with you for the rest of my life.” “He Zizhong smiled, and pinched Fang Hao’s cheek before letting Tuanzi exit the space.

Closing his eyes, a faint wave of dizziness entered his head. He Zizhong originally wanted to test whether he could perceive Tuanzi’s situation when he was in the space, and did not expect it to come true all of a sudden!

It seems that after receiving those weapons, it is time to study the specific situation of their team after the space upgrade.

The land was still scorched and black. Under He Zizhong’s instructions, Tuanzi didn’t jump around the ground like before, but floated all the way to the target location.

Collapsed ruins, overturned vehicles, and hand-held weapons of various colors scattered on the ground. There was nary half a trace of any humans about.

The original bloodstains on the ground dried up, leaving black residue that was merged with the charred soil. In the distance, there were a few first-level zombies wearing military uniforms with severely mutilated limbs wandering aimlessly. However, there were no zombies above the second-level, and or traces of mutant plants.

After looking around, He Zizhong asked Tuanzi to wait temporarily at the designated location, and opened his eyes to look at Fang Hao: “There is nothing wrong over there, I’ll be back right away.”

“Be careful. It doesn’t matter if you can’t collect those things.”

He Zizhong smiled at him. Letting Tuanzi return to the space, he hugged it, and in the blink of an eye, the pair vanished.

Before he left the space, He Zizhong was optimistic about the situation outside. He immediately opened his hand the second he went out. With a wave of his mind, the armored vehicles, rocket launchers, and even tanks disappeared instantly.

Without the slightest pause, wrapping wind power around his feet, He He Zizhong made almost no footsteps as he ran in the next target direction.

Strong winds are not present in the post-apocalyptic weather, but there are still some small air flows. The faraway zombies seemed to smell human breath, throat growling, as they swayed towards the origin of the scent. But by the time they arrived, there was no glimpse of a person.

Two level 2 zombies that hadn’t walked far also detected the “smell”, but they also found nothing. The zombies don’t seem to notice anything except humans. Even if there is a blocked wall in front of their eyes, they seem to be totally unconcerned, continually hitting the wall in the direction they yearn for until their heads are bloodied. This instinctive obsession caused them to ignore everything around them. Therefore, the vehicle wreckage that should have been left on the ground disappeared, and had no effect on them.

A few brown-red plant rhizomes that were originally buried deep in the ground drilled out next to them. After searching left and right, there was no smell of human flesh, but…

A few zombies were curled up by the roots of the plants. Quickly, under the continuous attack of tentacles, they pierced the heads of a few low-level zombies and removed the crystal nucleus.

It seems that the feng shui is good here, maybe it can catch more prey?

More and more maroon tentacles drilled out of the soil. They gradually formed a large net on the ruins, weaving a terrifying and hideous hunting area.

He Zizhong stood in the newly expanded corner of the basement, touching his chin, looking at the giant in front of him. This is a tank. He has no information on this kind of thing, not it’s model or whether it’s still usable. Now that the area in the space has expanded, they can also allocate some space practice driving tanks and armored vehicles.

However, before that, research on the use of hand-held rocket launchers, grenade guns, and various missiles of various sizes must be prioritized.

Both Fang Hao and his weapons of choice are knives. Let alone these heavy weapons? Fortunately, things stored here will not be lost. They can slowly study them. The most important thing is to deal with those seeds and exchange for explosives and grenades with the base.

While He Zizhong went to collect things, Fang Hao, in order to relieve the pressure of worrying, went out to be a mushroom picking boy… Of course, he was not only picking mushrooms but also picking vegetables.

Many fruits were ripe in the back mountain. With a thought, he retrieved some blue and red supermarket baskets, picked a basket full, and tossed it back to the space, repeating the cycle.

He Zizhong found that Fang Hao was not in the bamboo building after collecting the weapons. He wanted to go out to find him, but couldn’t tell where he was. Plus, the vegetation has grown greatly, and the outlines of other people are no longer visible when the distance is a little farther.

“It would be great if we can use a mobile phone… wait, it seems to be okay?” He Zizhong suddenly realized the annoying fog outside was not present in the space. If a small base station is built, it will be completely stress-free! Even if it’s not convenient to build a base station, isn’t it possible to create a network by building an internal LAN and more signal stations?

It’s just that he never paid attention to such things when collecting materials before. He will have to visit such a place next time. But for now… “Tuanzi.”

With a poof, like a small bug, Tuanzi immediately appeared beside He Zizhong.

“Take me to find mama.” Holding Tuanzi, He Zizhong appeared next to Fang Hao in a blink of an eye, causing Fang Hao to almost throw away the half-filled basket in his hand.

“You, how did you appear suddenly?!” Fang Hao patted his pounding heart and looked at He Zizhong speechlessly.

Smiling at him, He Zizhong let go of Tuanzi. It consciously floated beside the two of them. “It has more functions, and it can bring people teleport in space.” He Zizhong just tried it out on a whim. Who would have thought that Tuanzi actually brought him here?

Before, Tuanzi could not teleport people within the space.

“What else does it do?” Fang Hao asked curiously as he poked Tuanzi’s fleshy and tender cheeks.

“It’s not clear yet. Let’s go back and study it slowly.” He Zizhong summoned a basket of the same style, and helped Fang Hao pick fruits together.

The crops in the space are harvested. After busying themselves for half a day, the fruits on the back mountain have not been completely picked. The nut trees such as pine nuts and walnuts are full of nuts. They also planned to go boating to catch seafood… it seems that there is a lot to do these days.

At noon, they returned to the bamboo building and took out the claypot rice directly from the basement. He Zizhong connected the hard disk of the villa’s surveillance video, and fast-forwarded the videos of the past few days while eating.

The postman delivers letters, the propaganda staff from different team distributes leaflets, the residents of the villa area come and go, all kinds of vehicles are constantly flowing, and then…


Any idea on the “and then…”? 👀


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    Lang = wolf. Think little red riding hood, where HZZ wants to devour FH (sexually).
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar ruinthyself says:

    aw what a cliff-hanger QAQ anyway, Tuanzi had so many functions now ah!! hahahaha thank u for the chapter~

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      The real boss in the apocalypse should be Tuanzi. Indestructible, harmless-looking, and omnipotent.

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