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RLDRFH Chapter 85

“God, this is just… cheating!” Fang Hao’s expression was a bit weird. The feeling was too strange. It was too weird to see the world from a field of vision only twenty or thirty centimeters high.

“…If this ability is used well, it will be a big killer.” He Zizhong also sighed, closing his eyes and starting to observe what Tuanzi saw.

Scorched earth, ruins, and devastated and collapsed buildings everywhere. There are occasionally some zombies walking around.

No zombies or things took the initiative to provoke Tuanzi. It might be due to physical reasons, but neither zombies nor mutant plants have any interest in Tuanzi. Unless some old guy takes the initiative to snatch a crystal core in the opponent’s hand, it seems that when Tuanzi passes by, the other party will not react to it. What’s more, it’s currently invisible?

A little further ahead.

The moment this thought flashed in his mind, He Zizhong felt he “jumped”, and seemed to be able to hear the accompanying “puff” in his ears. The feeling was really… very weird.

The bouncing dumpling brought his papa’s sight all the way to a certain place. Then, He Zizhong saw ferocious plant roots dragging some corpses into the city in all directions. Between the ruins and the land that was not bombed, there were dozens of cars with overturned and smashed glass, and weapons scattered all over the place.

There was no one there.

No, it should be said that there is no living person.

A few scorched zombies wandered about. And from time to time they probed in the human-like compartments to see if they were lucky enough to pull out one or two human ‘lunches’.

He Zizhong’s darkened when he saw the mess. Something really happened. After thinking about it, he commanded Tuanzi to jump to where the vehicles and weapons were scattered.

“Zizhong…” Fang Hao adjusted the direction of the car and continued to follow behind the car in front. He also closed his eyes and observed the situation on the other side. He was a little worried after seeing this scene. After discovering there was no gunfire, he also guessed that something might have happened over there. Seeing the scene, he naturally understood what happened.

He Zizhong closed his eyes and held Fang Hao’s arm and squeezed it gently: “It’s okay. The zombies will leave after the smell of humans has dissipated. The plants themselves do not grow here; they are only roots that came out.” He didn’t expect those people to have an accident so quickly, but these weapons and ammunition had to be taken away.

While speaking, He Zizhong commanded Tuanzi to jump to a hand-held rocket launcher and let it try to return to space with it.

Then, with a puff, Tuanzi entered, but the weapon was still in place…

Should it be said that it is really a foodie? If it was food, or a crystal nucleus rather, maybe it can bring it in?

Or perhaps Tuanzi itself can’t carry large items? Or couldn’t bring anything except crystal nuclei and people? They haven’t studied it yet, and can only put it aside for the time being. After letting Tuanzi find a safe place and return to the space, they ended the exploration.

He Zizhong was still preparing to venture out once. The soldiers and army members have been wiped out. From what Tuanzi “saw”, the devastation should be caused by the remaining not killed by artillery fire and the roots of mutant plants.

Such mutant plants and zombies will not stay in that place for a long time. Those weapons and shells… if they relied on completing missions to accumulate points and slowly exchange for them, god knows how long it will take to collect?

Such weapons are actually very effective against a large number of zombies or mutated plants. The biggest mistake of this operation is that the military failed to know the distribution of mutated plants in advance, and did not deal with the most harmful high-level zombies either. If the bombs were all targeted at the locations of those second-level zombies or mutant plants, the outcome would be different.

Because there is a lack of understanding and no targeted planning, a simple carpet bombing can’t eliminate all potential dangers. Otherwise, Fang Hao would not have used a few bombs and a grenade to clean up the mutant plants in that room in city M.

Of course, maybe there are still mutated plants remaining in the house that haven’t died completely, but the only ones who entered was Tuanzi, who was not afraid of mutant plants. He Zizhong and the others did not enter the room to check, otherwise they might be attacked by the remaining plant roots.

The car drove on the highway until 11 o’clock the next morning. Except for parking for rest, eating, use the convenience, and refueling, they drove all the way to city A with almost no pause, and finally returned to the base.

The tall city wall was much higher and thicker than before they left. As they parked and waited for blood tests and disinfection, they heard that a city wall was also built outside the gate of the vegetable farm in the west. In addition, the original “几” shaped river was rebuilt into a “kou” shape, with the base surrounded in the inside.

In addition, a deep trench was dug inside and outside the waterway, which was full of barbs and would spear anyone rushing forward.

“Are there more zombies on the way back than before?” Fang Hao asked with some uncertainty.

He Zizhong nodded: “Yes, let’s take a rest in the base in the last few days.” This mission lasted a long time and they covered a lot of ground. Plus—according to He Zizhong’s understanding, in his previous life, the first zombie siege occurred during this time.

In his previous life, before they arrived at city A, the base faced a zombie siege. But because the base’s firepower and city walls were strong enough, they persisted and survived. By the time he finally arrived, the first wave of zombies had already receded, and they were able to enter the base smoothly.

Many well-known teams became famous in this battle. Abilities also rose in the forefront, and notable ability holders shone in battle, suddenly gaining great support and voice from the public. Ability teams also began expanding recruitment and their power edged closer to and directly challenged the upper level of the base. Because of this, treatment of teams was rectified again. The previous golden period for team development was cut off, and the intensity of team inspections and investigations increased.

Back then, the teams already formed, and the momentum of the new forces could no longer be suppressed.

After a blood test and spraying anti-virals outside the vehicles, the Samsara and Fengche group drove into the base after waiting for about half an hour.

He Zizhong and Fang Hao once again followed the Samsara team to park outside the high-rise community where the Samsara team was located. Now, the community open space has shrunk notably. With so many cars parked nearby, almost all the walking space is blocked.

“This is the crystal nuclei from this trip.” Chen Ning took two large bottles of crystal nuclei and handed it to them to the two with a smile. “Unfortunately, the time is too tight and there was no time to fight zombies. We are going to rest a few days, and then go out alone to fight zombies.”

He Zizhong also smiled and nodded. “We also have that plan. No need to go so far next time. This time’s harvest is good enough to use for a long time.”

Now, instead of farming1Farming, as in the term used in games to hit monsters and farm resources. The author originally used “hit” crystal nuclei, which has the same meaning. crystal nuclei, the most important thing is to improve one’s ability level. There are five ability users in the Samsara team, so they have a great demand for crystal nuclei.

“We’re all tired. Go back and rest first, we won’t keep you anymore.” Guo Bing was not far away, directing the team to move things upstairs, and waved at He Zizhong.

After bidding farewell to each other, He Zizhong and Fang Hao drove back to the villa area. When they passed the booths where the teams were recruiting, they unexpectedly discovered that the position of the Overlord team was not as good as before…Wait, so the Overlord is still alive? Allen and them are still alive?

He Zizhong swept his attention over the line and booth. The people recruiting were all new faces he didn’t know, let alone Allen himself. Curling his lips with regret, he turned around and drove into the villa area.

The villa is still the same as before they left. Except for a faint layer of dust, there is no difference. There were a few more letters in the mailbox at the door, one of which was for them to pay the “monthly rent” fee, and the remaining ones were various notices, plus some team recruitment flyers… They even managed to send flyers here? It seems that some teams also got houses in the villa area.

Parking the car in the garage, the two of them walked into the basement to replace the video hard drive of the past few days with an empty one, and stored it into the space to watch later.

Returning to the bedroom, they flashed into the space they hadn’t been in for a long time.

Just as they readied themselves, Tuanzi who had been waiting in the space for a long time jumped up with a puff, and flew at Fang Hao.

“Do you feel that it flies more flexibly than before?” It clearly had no wings and no wind ability, but such a round, ball-like thing can fly in thin air. If such a gravity-defying thing is seen by scientists, they will definitely find a way to grab it and dissect it.

“Zizhong, do you feel that… there is wind in the space?” Fang Hao suddenly pulled He Zizhong’s arm and looked around.

“Wind?” After a moment of stunned, He Zizhong really felt the flow of air.

The branches and leaves on the fruit stand in the courtyard swayed gently in the wind. Clouds appeared in the blue sky, moving slowly with the breeze!

After the first upgrade, the available land in the space expanded. There was also the stele inscribed with the owner of the space, as well as a space ‘beast’, Tuanzi, and martial art secrets. And now, after the second upgrade, it seemed to have become ‘alive’.

“Let’s go outside first.” He Zizhong took Fang Hao’s hand, turned and walked out of the yard. The land in the space has expanded once more. The land on the other side of the stream has not changed much, but the side where He Zizhong and Fang Hao stood doubled.

The two of them walked south along the field path. Blue waves gently crashed onto white sand, and coconut trees dotted the beach. From time to time, the reef poke out its head out the fluctuating waters. The sea breeze carried a salty taste, making people feel a breath of freshness.

“Zizhong, do you want to eat seafood?” Fang Hao suddenly became interested when he saw all kinds of shellfish climbing on the reef, sea crabs and hermit crabs secretly digging on the beach.


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    Farming, as in the term used in games to hit monsters and farm resources. The author originally used “hit” crystal nuclei, which has the same meaning.
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