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RLDRFH Chapter 170

Is it fortunate that Guo Bing acted quickly and forcibly overwhelmed his wife before they set out on the mission? If there is no actual relationship between husband and wife, even if Le Tian agreed to try to get along with him, this fool is likely to be tempted in the face of so many beauties. But he has already has a real relationship with Guo Bing. In terms of the fool’s usual way of dealing with things – if he has a relationship, he has to be responsible to others for a lifetime. How can he be a gangster and dump people midway?  —He doesn’t even think about the fact he is obviously the one who is suppressed.

Le Tian got up from the car at this time, and stared at Zhang Xiaoming who was gloating. “Am I that kind of person? I won’t be surrounded by a few women and do things like cheating or dumping people!”

After hearing him, the people on night shift in the vehicle all covered their mouths, lowered their heads, and laughed. Hearing this might seem like he is on top, but who didn’t know that Guo Bing was on top?

As soon as he fell silent, Guo Bing got into the car and hugged him sideways. Amidst the cheers and roars of the crowd, he hugged him directly into the car. Bowing his head, he gave him a deep French kiss. He was so angry that he punched him, raising his head to roar: “How many days haven’t you brushed your teeth?!”

Guo Bing didn’t mind lowering his head and said a loud voice: “What are you afraid of? I’ll take care of you now.”

“Do, do, do!” A car of unscrupulous hooligans collectively roared.

The sergeant who was with the car got into the car with a smile on his face. “The crystal nuclei are sent over.”

The driver and non-commissioned officer in each car also follow the squads to beat the zombies and divide crystal nuclei. Although everyone distributes the crystal nuclei evenly, no one is shameless enough to paddle water1划水 – meaning ‘loaf around’ or do the bare minimum. The only two people who can paddle upright are He Zizhong and Fang Hao, but that’s because they are big killers. Their whole team consists of 2 level 4 abilities! If it weren’t for real danger, who would dare ask the two of them to run around?

After dividing the crystal nuclei, everyone in the afternoon shift received 4 level 1 and 2 level 2 crystal nuclei, which is enough for them to digest slowly in a day. The car also received 2 level 3 crystal nuclei.

Wang Tong’s wife began treating the sounds of thoughts who came back after going out. At minimum, checking if they were injured or not. Everyone previously witnessed the scene of an unharmed person turning into a zombie. Fang Hao also reminded Guo Bing – no matter if they are injured or not, they should all be checked in the vehicle, and healed if they are sick, and relieved if they are not.

Even though Wang Tong’s wife is tired, this way lets her absorb a few more crystal nuclei every day, which can also increase her upgrade speed over time.

Suddenly, as the last few people were being checked, a look of surprise crossed her face. “Captain, I…seem to be upgrading!”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone laughed, and then they were all stunned again. It’s good for a healing ability to reach level 3, but… they have never seen a crystal core from a level 3 healing zombie!!!

“I’ll treated a few of them first.” Wang Tong’s wife is very bitter, because she has never even seen a level 2 healing zombie. After reaching level 2, she can only absorb the same type of crystal nuclei. As such, as a healer, she can only bitterly accumulate energy slowly using level 1 nuclei.

Fortunately, the whole team supported her with crystal nuclei. Furthermore, because she always had to heal them after each battle, the number of crystal nuclei was consumed much faster than ordinary ability users, which is essential to her reaching the level 3 breakthrough point so quickly.

As she was swiftly dealing with the last few who had no injuries, Wang Tong had already run over to Fang Hao – he is a level 4 healing ability! He must have seen a healing zombie! Even if he doesn’t have the matching crystal nucleus on hand, as long as he tells them what it looks like, he  will rush out of the car to find a healing zombie all over the world!

He Zizhong’s expression distorted again as he looked at his dear. Last time, he blindly guessed the way to reach level 3… Now, where can they find a level 3 healing zombie? He hasn’t even seen it, okay?!

Although they might have fought healing zombies before – if they are like spiritual zombies without any visible differences in appearance, it’s very likely they killed some before – what does the crystal nucleus look like? How can they search without an impression?!

Blinking, Fang Hao suddenly lowered his head, grabbed the backpack and searched, then took out a bright white crystal core and handed it to Wang Tong. “Try this.”

“Thank you, thank you! I’ll pay you some level 3 nuclei later!” Wang Tong cheered, and rushed to his wife with the bright white crystal nucleus. His wife thanked the two of them, then closed her eyes and began to absorb it – didn’t they hear what Fang Hao said? Try it?! Can they even use it if the ability doesn’t match?!

Seeing the crystal nucleus begin to shine from being successfully activated, He Zizhong was a little surprised. He leaned over to his wife’s ear and whispered, “Where did this crystal nucleus come from?”

Fang Hao secretly laughed. “You killed it.”

“Me? When?” Why didn’t he remember?

“A few nights ago. This crystal nucleus was the zombie that ran with the car with white lights on its feet that you killed.” After speaking, he lowered his head and laughed.

He Zizhong’s eyes widened. The one with white light on its feet? Is it really a healing zombie? ! After killing the zombie, he was busy experimenting with the wind power ability.

“How did you guess?”

Fang Hao pointed to his hand. “It just feels like the color of a healing ability. I guess it thinks it can’t run as fast as other zombies, so it might think its feet are broken, and will heal its own feet while running.”

…How weird of a brain circuit does one have to have to think about running and healing one’s own feet? My child, you can’t outrun other zombies because everyone else is a speed type, and you are a healing type that has no strength to keep up with them. No matter how you treat yourself, it’s useless…

Wang Tong’s wife finally managed to reach level 3 after more than ten minutes!

As the only level 3 healing ability in the team, the white streamers in her eyes caused her husband to gnaw several mouthfuls.

Yin Dong looked at Wang Tong’s wife’s eyes, and then at Fang Hao who was leaning on He Zizhong’s shoulder. If he remembers correctly, there are also faint white streamers in his eyes. But the light is contrasted by a navy blue light, and is difficult to see in the whites of his eyes.

Is it because special abilities do this? Or… he is actually a dual ability superpower? Just like He Zizhong?

It’s possible for a person to have special abilities, but both of them are obviously abnormal. In other words, this is actually the effect after upgrading to level 4?

After being unable to figure it out for a while, Yin Dong stopped struggling, and signaled to the two non-commissioned officers who were drooling on the side: “It’s time to report to the command vehicle.”

“Ah, yes, yes!” After facing the mutant plant and zombie battle, the two officers returned to the carriage, no longer squeezing in the front cockpit, striving to have a good relationship with the other members of the car.




“Get down—!!!”

The people on the fence hurriedly hugged their heads and fell to the ground, waiting the ranged attack from the group of wind zombies before reluctantly raising their heads.

“Even zombies can strategically attack the city. How can people live?” A person sitting under the base of the city wall muttered to himself.

A few days ago, a large-scale zombie wave appeared from the direction of the city. Those who lived outside the base hurriedly packed up their things and wanted to escape into the base.

Getting out of the base is easy, but going into the base is not so easy.

During normal times, people living in the outer base can avoid many unnecessary expenses. Although life is not as safe as inside, they can still barely survive. But once the base gate is shut, who will take care of their life and death?!

Entering the base requires going through multiple inspections. Even if the base has developed many testing instruments, they will check people one by one slowly. How fast can it go when a group of people all rush to enter?

There are still people on the iron railing desperately crying and squeezing over. Seeing the army of zombies getting closer and closer, in order to prevent the people who came in suddenly carry the zombie virus inside, the base gate was resolutely closed, leaving only a small gap to let a few people in at a time. Only after finishing inspection will they be allowed in.

How can their speed compare? After the vanguard forces, dominated by speed zombies, rushed over, more than half of the thousands of people living outside the city died on the spot. The few remaining people quickly built fortifications after discovering that they could not enter the base. A temporary wall was desperately built for defense. But over time, these people almost all died under the continuous attack of the zombie army.

Nowadays, they can only rely on base fortifications to survive.

After the previous zombie siege, they thought the current base should be able to support another siege, but a large number of level 2 and 3 zombies appeared outside the city, endlessly attacking them. They could only cry out in despair – how can they fight? Those are level 2 and 3 zombies! How many level 2 abilities are in the base today?! Have you even heard of level 3 abilities?!

If it weren’t for the special weapons that the military stepped up production of, I’m afraid the base would have been broken long ago!

“Here it comes! Rocket launcher!!!” The rocket launcher made out of gold and silver fragments was transported to the city wall, finally letting the defenders breathe a sigh of relief. The base only made special melee weapons, and improved bullets and bombs, but did not have any more heavy firepower weapons. Now they finally have the tools to counterattack!

“Prepare! Fire—” If they don’t fight, they will die. There is no retreat.




When Wang Tong’s wife reached level 3, a white wave of air appeared on her body, sweeping outwards in all directions. Everyone felt refreshed when the white light spread over them. Even if those who felt the air wave were unhurt, they could still feel the healing aura it contained.

The fire element feels hot, the wind element feels bitter, the water element is cool, and the ice element is cold. He Zizhong should be thankful that the feeling of the gold element and the wind element are similar in some respects. This is also one of the major reasons his dual element ability has not been exposed. Even if Yin Dong can guess, he is unable to determine the truth.

Cheers erupted in the car. The non-commissioned officer who followed the vehicle was also very excited to report the good news. A level 3 healer! How much benefit will this bring to the team? Healing will be faster, overall endurance will improve, and everyone will no longer be afraid of injuries when fighting!

After receiving the news, Yan Xin immediately ordered the team to set off in the direction of the county that they previously planned for. Everything they needed to resolve has been resolved. With stronger support in the convoy, they can be more confident in their actions afterwards.

Around evening, the convoy stopped at the entrance of the expressway to enter a certain county. Although this county was not too big before the end of the world, it was not very small, with a population of about 500,000. After the end of the world, many zombies were attracted to the highway by the people who fled. Hearing the sounds of the convoy, they rapidly emerged.

The night shift took the lead in cleaning up the zombies, but they didn’t dare to make any big movements carelessly. How can they live if they accidentally bring out the hundreds of thousands of zombies in the county?

While beating zombies and digging crystal nuclei, the remaining members began to camp and plan for the night. Now that entering the county is the goal, everyone must stabilize the rear.

That evening, everyone pm the evening shift tried their best to eliminate nearby zombies without attracting the attention of those farther away. Afterwards, the earth abilities were sent to build a wall at the entrance of the highway entering the city to prevent zombies from attacking the convoy late at night.

Some people were selected from each car to participate in the defense. Yin Dong, who knew this arrangement for a long time, let Jiang Feng sleep for a day in advance. The latter was responsible for scouting if there would be a zombie attack at night. As for mutated animals… If there is such a thing, no one can prevent it in advance, and they can only pray that there is no such thing nearby.

Early the next morning, the convoy did not immediately enter the freeway, but opened a gap in the earth wall, and used a small bag of blood to attract the nearest batch of zombies over.

Because the chances of finding fresh prey have decreased, the zombies who rarely smelled blood rushed over like crazy. The defenders’ faces couldn’t help twitch at the sight. What is the situation? It’s as if they haven’t eaten meat in half a lifetime. It’s only a small bag of blood, how can they be so crazy?!

Should they be thankful that the number of women on the convoy is very small, and none of them is currently menstruating due to nutritional problems? Otherwise, who can live?


HZZ thinks they’ve hidden well, but Yin Dong knows. 👀


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    划水 – meaning ‘loaf around’ or do the bare minimum
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