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RLDRFH Chapter 169

After He Zizhong entered the space, he immediately summoned Tuanzi and asked Tuanzi to teleport him to the zombie.

Hand up, knife down.

With a thump, the zombie with two feet still taking turns flashing white fell to the ground. There was no more movement.

He Zizhong bent over to dig out a bright white crystal core as expected. He was about to flash back into the space, but suddenly remembered he forgot to bring the jade pendant space. If this crystal core enters the space, won’t it be absorbed by the space?

He could only beckon Tuanzi to suck the crystal nucleus into its stomach, and then catch up with the team and look for Fang Hao, while he stepped into the space to experiment to see if he could fly…

Fang Hao hugged the coquettish little guy in his arms and studied the bright white crystal nucleus for a while. He didn’t see any difference other than the color, so he simply threw it into the jade pendant space to deal with later.

On the other hand, He Zizhong in the space finally confirmed that even though his ability upgraded to level 4, he… Still! Can’t! Fly!

Of course, when he jumps from a high altitude, his abilities can help him glide in mid-air for a long time. But it’s impossible to float in the sky like those level 3 zombies with wings.

Sure enough, every time an ability upgrades, it would evolve in a certain direction. His wind ability is evolving in a concealment and defensive direction. Naturally, it is not easy to glide in the sky for a long time.

Sighing, he ignored the various fruits and vegetables in the space waiting to be harvested, and flashed out again. Throwing the big quilt back in the space, he hugged his fear – to sleep!

After the convoy experienced a good training using solely their abilities to kill zombies, in the following days, they will always stop at least twice a day to hunt zombies and dig crystal nuclei.

Because this behavior has become more and more regular, just like daily combat training, they simply divided all the people willing to fight into two groups, and stopped twice a day to kill zombies, dig crystal nuclei, and train their skills.

Every time, Yan Xin distributed the exact number of crystal nuclei each team obtained for them to allocate. As a result, everyone’s fighting spirit was continually maintained at the highest level, and the speed at which everyone absorbed nuclei also increased. Capable people began to upgrade one after another.

Even Yan Xin himself successfully reached level 3 during the routine parking and killing of zombies on the third morning!

Feeling the surging power in his body, waves of purple electric light glowed in Yan Xin’s pupils. This is the feeling of a level 3 ability…

After the turbulent feeling gradually subsided, Yan Xin got out of the car and returned to the command car.

At this time, the convoy was routinely beating zombies twice a day. He suddenly felt the feeling that he was about to upgrade during battle, found an empty car, and let his cronies stand guard as he upgraded inside.

Although many people have gradually upgraded, no one dares to make trouble when others upgrade. Everyone who is going to upgrade will try their best to find a safe place to upgrade.

No one can guarantee that there will be no danger if someone interrupts during the process, and no one dares to take the risk. Forget about other people, even if they have enemies, they dare not take the opportunity to make trouble in the presence of so many people. Yan Xin didn’t dare to take any risks. He is the commander-in-chief of the entire convoy and the target of all forces in this operation. Once he is in danger, the whole operation will have big problems, so while some people can afford to take risks, he cannot.

Returning to the command vehicle, sure enough, when he saw the purple electric lights flashing in Yan Xin’s eyes, Wu Geng’s heart was surprised and unwilling.

If Yan Xin dared to upgrade on the command car, even if others might not, this young master Wu would definitely jump out and ask for trouble.

Since the team changed its strategy of not fighting all the way and stopped twice a day to fight and collect crystal nuclei, the only people not participating with a combat ability and the highest status is only Wu Geng. There are still many first-level crystal nuclei in his hand, all of which were brought out from the base. After accumulating energy from level 1 crystal nuclei, he also successfully reached level 2. Although he has never actually used it, nor knew how to maximize his ability or how powerful it is, since he reached level 2, he is naturally unwilling to venture out. There are still level 3 people in the team. And for now, the crystal nuclei in hand are enough for him to use for a long time. Naturally, he isn’t willing to go out to take risks.

But he didn’t expect, not long passed and Yan Xin actually rose to level three?!

The car door opened again, and Lieutenant Zheng, who had lost a leg, was helped in by an officer and sat on the sofa. He took the towel handed over by the police and wiped off his sweat. His use of wind abilities is growing more proficient, but because he is still only level 1, his strength is not great. However, after days of battle, his combat experience and wind abilities enable him to maintain balance even after the loss of a leg. His offensive combat strength cannot be sustained, but in general, he felt his ability was more and more convenient to use.

Because Lieutenant Zheng himself was not from the A city base, he couldn’t gather too many crystal nuclei. The ones he used were collected en route to A city base, and some the base officials provided before the mission. But it’s still not enough for him to reach level 2. If he doesn’t participate in the zombie hunting tasks, how long will it take him to rise a level?

“All cleaned up?” Yan Xin asked when Lieutenant Zheng came back.

“It’s finished. Logistics is collecting the crystal nuclei.” Lieutenant Zheng saw the purple light in Yan Xin’s eyes and hurriedly congratulated him, “Congratulations on your promotion to level 3.”

Yan Xin is currently the first person in the army to upgrade his ability to level 3. The remaining level 3 powers all came from the Samsara team. When they take out crystal nuclei, there is always bottle after bottle.

Yan Xin smiled and pointed to a map hung in the car. “From here, we will turn to the mountains. I don’t think there will be many zombies in the mountains, but there many be many zombie animals. So it’s better to fight zombies for a few more days near this county before entering the mountains.”

Lieutenant Zheng understood what he meant. What can they do? Even if zombie animals may live in the mountains, is it enough for everyone? It’s better to hunt zombies in the nearby county for crystal nuclei and improve their strength as soon as possible.

“That’s true. It’s just that we have to be careful when drawing them in, and fight slowly. Otherwise if it’s like last time…” It won’t be an improvement in strength, but death.

Yan Xin nodded slightly. “We can also visit the county and collect some supplies.” Their cars and weapons have long been suffered both serious injuries and small injuries after encountering waves of attacks from zombies. If they don’t rest and recover after this, who knows if their vehicles will fall apart halfway through the journey?

They can’t say much about a country this size. Finding some auto parts should be okay. Yan Xin also knows that there is a bank in this county, and should have lots of gold and silver. Moreover, there are also gold and silver shops present.

Although the method to make special weapons is an official secret, people with sufficient status knew of the news. Yan Xin is naturally one of them. In order to maintain combat effectiveness, they must modify weapons whenever they get a batch, to ensure these things can be used at this time.

As for leaks? If this news is not released, the hundreds of people in the convoy may not be able to return to the base alive.

After discussing the situation, the logistics team finished digging, counting, and distributing the harvested crystal nuclei. The person in charge also returned to the command vehicle.

The Samsara Squad is the most conspicuous of all teams. Because so far, everyone who has upgraded to level 3 comes from their team. It is said that there may also be level 4 players in their vehicle.

If only a person has high abilities, most people will think it is talent. But if a car of people… or people all in the same team have upgraded very quickly, they must have some secret.

In the past few days, taking advantage of the time to leave the car twice a day, people coming to inquire about them, make friendships, or please and flatter them, have never ceased.

Everyone knows that as long as they can absorb enough crystal nuclei, they can upgrade. However if they wait to reach level 2 and then 3, perhaps these people might already have reached level 4?

Even if they don’t, the number of level 3 abilities in Samsara is definitely more than other teams. Why didn’t they notice that their team was so good when they were back in the base? If they could befriend or know them sooner, they might have learned how to use crystal cores to upgrade sooner. Now, no one suspects that the first person who discovered the use of crystal nuclei to upgrade came from this team.

Samsara members were able to deal with these people with smiles at first, but after a long time, they all want to return to the vehicle as soon as they get out and kill zombies. Stay far away from those who come to make friendships.

He Zizhong and Fang Hao sat in the car, leaning against each other and chatting in a low voice. The two of them were responsible for killing zombies at night, and had nothing to do at the moment.

Seeing Le Tian almost roll into the car, Fang Hao poked him in the back. “What? Encountered a difficult level 3 zombie?”

Le Tian trembled, and hurriedly got up on all fours and the ground, blushing. Before he could speak, Zhang Xiaoming, who climbed up behind him, betrayed his good friend with a smile: “He was surrounded by a few girls in the logistics department, hehe, how lucky. ~~~The captain almost nearly carried him away on the spot~~~”




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