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RLDRFH Chapter 124

Hearing He Zizhong inquiring about it, Guo Bing shook his head. “I heard that the Song family, Wang family, and Lu family all sent people over. It is not clear whose hand they fell into. It seems that there were also a few ability teams who want to fish in troubled waters. We should know the results in two days.”

After all, it is a healing ability. No matter whose hand it’s in, it will always be displayed as a bargaining chip to make others jealous. Other powerful ability users – if other forces can’t get them – they may simply kill the target. Only the healing ability, which is a life-saving ability… even if everyone wants it, they will tacitly refuse to harm the person themselves.

“What happened to Overlord? Is there any news?” He Zizhong is more curious about this matter. He has no longer entangled over the difference between the two lives, but he is still very curious about Allen’s fate – this guy can be said to be ill-fated this time! What’s more interesting is that he did it all by himself, which really makes people dissatisfied.

Guo Bing smiled and stretched out his arms. “Don’t know. After being taken away, there’s been no news.”

Chen Ning said from the side: “This incident can’t be taken lightly, and also depends on the follow-up situation. Maybe someone is willing to protect him, but it’s not necessarily guaranteed. After all, he is a relatively powerful ability person.”

“It’s about the crystal nuclei… we are still discussing today whether or not to start collecting crystal nuclei in the base.”

He Zizhong frowned and thought: ” I don’t know what the current price is?”

“Now one crystal core can be exchanged for five catties of rice, noodles, six catties of miscellaneous grains, and a box of instant noodles in good packaging.”

“It’s still too expensive. Wait some more, it should be able to drop.” He Zizhong felt that the price was still relatively high. Whenever it dropped to about two packs of instant noodles for one crystal nucleus, he could start to exchange materials for crystal nuclei.

Chen Ning smiled bitterly: “Our team has more abilities, and nowadays crystal cores are scarce.”

“How about going out to fight crystal nuclei? Now the efficiency should be able to go up a lot?” He Zizhong was a little puzzled. Now more than half of the Samsara team have abilities, so the efficiency of going out to collect nuclei should be very high?

“The nearby zombie-killing spots are full of people.” Guo Bing sighed helplessly. “In the past, everyone was afraid to go out for fear of being infected with the zombie virus, but now it’s different. Everyone knows that the crystal nucleus can be used to upgrade. Wouldn’t they rush out in a swarm?”

“Now there are fixed teams in slightly safer spots. Although our team also occupies a place close to the city, the number of zombies that can be eliminated every day is still limited.”

“Jiangfeng, tell me about the current situation.”

Liu Jiangfeng did not go out of the base with the team this time, but stayed at the base. He was responsible for various things in the base, including going out to fight zombies for crystal nuclei. Hearing his name, he hurriedly came over to explain: “Now the larger teams in the base go out to collect crystal nuclei every day, and the military also goes out every day. The space they occupy is the most suitable place to fight zombies…” As he spoke, his expression was a little distorted. “The zombies near the base… it always feels like something is wrong.”

“What do you mean?” He Zizhong straightened up and asked.

“That’s… actually the same as before. There are some scattered first-level zombies around the city, but the difference is… once they can’t win, they will run!”

After the zombies can’t beat people… they will run???

Both He Zizhong and Guo Bing’s eyes widened, this… they really have never met before. Have zombies evolved again?

“What about their strength?”

“It’s still the same as ordinary first-level zombies!”

It feels weird because there is no difference in strength. If they have the strength of second-level or higher zombies, they would think it is normal. Did their intelligence advance again?




“What, what is that?!”

“Run, hurry, ah—!!!”

“Monster! Monster!!”

Outside, near the base, several teams near the urban area were unanimously attacked by high-level zombies. The news was sent back to the base within a day.

Not after too long, the military has also received news that a military team fighting for crystal nuclei outside was also attacked by a high-level zombie.

What is frightening is that the survivors of this incident said in unison that the zombies they encountered were a mixture of high- and low-level zombies. As if they also formed a team, patrolling back and forth as if hunting prey.

Zombies will team up too?! God, what kind of world is this?!




“What’s, what’s the matter with those tanks?!”

“Shouldn’t be people from A city… are they going out for a mission?”

“Then what are they doing over here?”

“…Passing by?”

“Will they pass by our our?”

“It won’t be… The last time those people… Our weapons…”

When the convoy came last time, it’s not that they didn’t have comprehensive surveillance or let people walk around with special weapons, but who allowed people from their base be seen beating zombies outside?

Not to mention, no matter how kind they are, they can’t stand burglars stealing things from ordinary people in the middle of the night!

Tanks cleared the way, and soldiers with live ammunition quickly surrounded the small base with no more than a few hundred people.

The boss of the base dared not talk about his special weapons to the two armored vehicles and less than ten circles in the first two days. But now he didn’t dare contend with these large forces that were clearly directed at him.

When they saw the leader of the team who rode one of those armored vehicles two days ago, the expressions of the people at this base instantly changed.

The boss of the base greeted him with a calm face and tingling scalp: “Isn’t this Captain Xu? Coming here today is for…”

“The base knows that your base security is a problem. We worry about your survival, so we specially sent troops to escort you back where a base is properly set up.”

What else can they do? Before they could think of any way to shirk it off, the military quickly acted and controlled everyone with lightning speed. Within two hours, all people and their belongings were all gone. Loaded up. Facing the other party’s ugly look, another middle-aged man who was obviously ranked a lot higher than Captain Xu smiled: “Don’t worry, the base knows your situation. You don’t need to pay any fees for entering this time and will help you arrange accommodations for free.”

The convoy set off again magnanimously as another group of convoys watched the military vehicles leave from a distance. One person cursed and put down the binoculars: “Damn it, one step too slow!”




After talking about weapons, Guo Bing headed out to inquire about other news. He Zizhong got up to say goodbye when Le Tian suddenly ran out and gave him two small boxes: “This is for you. It’s with Fang Hao.”

“What’s this?” Since the joke about ‘giving a jade pendant is equivalent to choosing a wife’ was made on the road, Le Tian didn’t run around like before. The one who cared even less is his boss Guo Bing.

“Beauty contacts, for you and Fang Hao. It’s black.”

“Beauty…. contacts?” Before the end of the world, Fang Hao and his eyes were both very good. They didn’t need glasses at all. Let along after the apocalypse? They both wore sunglasses to prevent the splattered dirt when killing the zombies and to prevent others from seeing the light streamers in their eyes.

Le Tian raised an eyebrow triumphantly. “Used to block the streamers in your eyes.”

He Zizhong was stunned, and then he received it with a smile. “I never thought about this.” After reaching the third level, most of the streamers were on the pupils and irises. Although there were some on the whites of their eyes, they were not obvious. If one doesn’t look carefully, even when standing and talking face to face, others will not be able to see it for a while.

“Do you still have some? “He Zizhong took the contacts and asked.

Le Tian raised his hand, and a small black box appeared out of thin air in his hand. “I collected a lot when I passed by the optical shop. Each person can have at least two sets of replacements. When we pass by in the future, we can look again.”

“Thank you. I’ll let Fang Hao come to thank you in person.” The item isn’t heavy, but it’s rare that he has such consideration.

Le Tian touched his nose embarrassedly. “Trouble you to try the effect first. If it’s good, we don’t have to worry about getting into trouble when everyone reaches level 3.” It’s okay for one or two people in a team to wear sunglasses. If everyone walks around the base with sunglasses because of their eyes… it would be too strange!

“Okay, it’s good to be so thoughtful.”

When Guo Bing heard it, he smiled and touched Le Tian’s head. But Le Tian took a step back and looked at Guo Bing with a serious face: “Boss, I thought it through clearly. Although I gave you the jade pendant, I still like girls. I’m sorry.”

Everyone in the room was stunned. Who knew that this silly boy took the joke they made seriously.

Guo Bing’s facial features instantly distorted. He…he, he…

“Boss, you were dumped.” Zhao Long sighed and patted Guo Bing on the shoulder.

Everyone in the room held back their laughter. No way, before they were just making a joke the silly guy thought was real. But if they laugh… no one knew what would happen.

Le Tian’s entire body relaxed after explaining his thinking, and he patted Guo Bing’s arm with a bright smile. “You are still our good boss, and I will not despise you.” After finishing talking, he happily pulled Zhang Xiaoming, who was suffocating a smile and suffering from internal injuries, out of the villa – go shopping!

After Le Tian left, laughter broke out in the villa. Guo Bing helplessly rubbed his face before he pointed to his nose and asked Chen Ning, “Am I that bad?”

Chen Ning squinted at him. “Xiao Tian likes beauties. You won’t have a chance in your next life either.”

“F*ck! Who said I’m going to follow him?!!!”


Not sure who I feel for more – Guo Bing who was rejected by a silly kid. Or Le Tian who treated the joke as true.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Those poor guys from the small base…

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