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RLDRFH Chapter 125

Having seen enough excitement of poor Guo Bing in the Samsara villa, He Zizhong motioned to Chen Ning, who was still sane, and turned to leave. After he walked out of the door, Guo Bing’s roar could be heard from outside the villa.

Back in their own villa, the pair of husbands tried on the cosmetic contact lenses given by Le Tian. After wearing them, they could still see some streamers, but it was already very inconspicuous. If they didn’t look carefully, it would be regarded as an illusion.

“This thing is not bad! Next time, we’ll look for some when passing by the optical shop!” Fang Hao raised his spirits and leaned on the pillow to look at the remaining cosmetic contact lenses in his hand. He hadn’t worn this thing before, and was a bit clumsy.

“You don’t need to wear this thing when you are at home. Be careful when you use it. You must wash your hands.” Now the world is full of zombies.

Fang Hao nodded repeatedly and pointed downstairs. “It seems that someone delivered a letter. Did you see the mailbox when you came back?”

“No, I’ll go down and have a look.” Turning to go downstairs, He Zizhong took out the letter from the mailbox. While tearing it apart, he walked back to the second floor.

“What’s the matter? Is it a notice to pay rent?”

He Zizhong shook his head and handed the letter to Fang Hao. “It seems that we won’t be able to rest for long.”

Fang Hao glanced at the information on the notice. “Collecting nuclei?!”

Each team must pay a fixed number of points every month. This is the rule that the base is established from the beginning. These kinds of points can be accumulated by completing base missions. But now the base has begun to collect crystal nuclei to replace other materials and points. It can be seen that they must have confirmed the use of crystal nuclei before setting such regulations.

“Then do they give points or crystal nuclei for completing tasks now?”

Fang Hao’s question was not answered for the time being. They waited until the afternoon to go to the mission hall and confirmed the information with Samsara before getting a clear message. The base still only rewards points out after teams complete a mission. Circulation of crystal nuclei is prohibited, and the requirement to hand in crystal nuclei every month is mandatory. Currently, all teams have to pay; if they are unable to, the team will be banned.

In addition, the number of crystal cores that each team needs to pay depends on team level. For example, He Zizhong and Fang Hao’s Fengche team, because they did not reach level 2, only need to pay two hundred per month…

“…two hundred.” Fang Hao suffocated a bit. “Three small teams are enough to upgrade an ability to level 2!”

Patting his lover’s shoulder He Zizhong comforted: “This is still good. If the number of nuclei depended on number of people, that’d be worse. Only when nuclei begin to circulate in the base, will the price drop. Now that there are too many first-level abilities, so the number of crystal nuclei will seem very high.”

“Although we have a lot of crystal nuclei, I still want to upgrade the space.” Fang Hao is very interested in the final appearance of the space. If it were not the effect of low-level crystal nuclei being negligible, he might have thrown all the crystal nuclei they collected into the space long ago. It’s better now, there are people who come to grab crystal cores with the space!

“So, we won’t be able to rest for a few days. We have to go out again.” He Zizhong thought for a while and asked: “I’m thinking, should we go out alone once to see the situation in the depths of the city…?”

“Downtown?” Fang Hao was stunned. “I am afraid there will be a lot of high-level zombie, right?”

“Yes, but only if it’s only us, it’s still relatively convenient. I want to see the situation. After all, the urban area is too close to the base and I won’t feel at ease until we know the specific situation. But we will have to wait until we get that batch of things first.”

Although they have collected a lot of weapons, if they want to go deep into the city, they won’t be able to go or see anything, let alone collect things, if they encounter mutant plants again.

After thinking about it, Fang Hao nodded seriously. “The zombies we encountered now are indeed too low-level.” Tuanzi rarely clamored to come out. It can be seen how poor their current harvest is. Except for the last team mission when they acted with the Samsara team to get some level 2 and 3 nuclei, their gains have not been very good.

Moreover, only after fighting with enemies of the same level can their abilities increase accordingly. This is true for He Zizhong, and Guo Bing and the Samsara team. Without actual combat experience, even if they use the crystal cores to reach level 10 or 100 abilities, they be easily killed by experienced zombies… let alone other people with rich experience in combat?

After He Zizhong, Guo Bing, and the others met again, they expressed their own meanings the other party. He didn’t expect Guo Bing to agree very happily. Samsara’s power is incomparable to the couple, and can’t investigate the inner city with them if they go. As the leader of a team, Guo Bing naturally has the same worry about the urban area. Moreover, they have all developed abilities. But those members who just developed abilities do not have enough experience. It is time to get some exercise.

He Zizhong’s strength is so strong that if they cooperate with each other, the Samsara side will definitely play a hindrance rather than a bonus.

Since both sides need to prepare, it is better to act separately for a while, and continue to cooperate when their nuclei count accumulate to a certain level. Or when they need to take on important tasks in the base. This way, their efficiency is higher.

In addition, they have another plan to work out before they separate.

“Thank you both.” Guo Bing was absolutely sincere. There is no way to not be sincere. The possibility of triggering abilities after being scratched by a zombie is too low. Very few people know of such things… let alone how precious is the base’s healing ability? The last time Fang Hao helped heal everyone, everyone saw that when using healing powers, it was definitely not as simple as drinking water and eating; it was a huge burden on mental power. They are willing to help their own team to stimulate abilities and then cooperate, which is definitely too big a kindness.

“We don’t have to say so many thank yous between us.” He Zizhong smiled and patted him on the shoulder. He looked at the members of the Samsara team who were going out this time and asked, “Are you sure that everyone will be stimulated this time?”

Before Guo Bing could speak, an eleven or twelve-year-old boy standing behind him nodded firmly. “Uncle, we also want to help dad and them beat the zombies!”

This kid is Zhao Long’s son. Don’t look at Zhao Long not yet reaching 40 – he got married very early and his child is already eleven. It is a pity that while he rescued his son after the end of the world, he failed to rescue his wife.

Not only this child, but the rest of the team, plus Aunt Xu and Wang Tong’s wife, all followed them. They don’t ask for the identity or additional treatment as ability people. But if they can stimulate powers, they will be able to contribute more to the team and have the ability to protect themselves.

Seeing these people’s firm eyes, He Zizhong knew they had made up their mind and nodded solemnly: “We will do our best in this matter. But although we succeeded last time, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to succeed this time. If there is an accident…”

“Don’t worry, everyone has signed a certificate of life and death before deciding. If there is an accident, everyone is responsible for it.” Chen Ning explained from the side that this decision was made after asking for everyone’s opinion. Although they want to improve their own strength, they are not just delusional in stimulating abilities to be omnipotent.

The two teams went out of the city this time and only went to a place to stop nearby the base. After selecting a building, they caught a hapless zombie back.

Because this is something that everyone has prepared for, one person at a time, mixed blood dripping from the open zombie wound with their own wound cut by the person wanting to stimulate an ability. Because they were all relatively shallow wounds, Fang Hao did not consume much power to heal them, and did not lose strength like last time.

After everyone was actively infected and cured, they planned to kill zombies and stay in this building for one night to see the situation.

After this experiment, everyone was able to confirm that abilities are indeed obtained after being stimulated by the zombie virus and resisted!

All the people who took the initiative to be injured and were treated by Fang Hao had a fever that night! Early the next morning, everyone was sure that the ordinary Samsara members who went out all had their abilities! Even the eldest Aunt Xu also had one!

What was even more unexpected was that Wang Tong held his wife’s hand with unspeakable emotion in his eyes. At this time, the white halo on his wife’s hand was exactly the same color as Fang Hao’s healing ability! The only difference is that Fang Hao’s light is brighter and more stable.

Fang Hao looked at Wang Tong’s wife’s ability. “First-level abilities can only treat small wounds; it is not easy to deal with more serious injuries. It’s best to upgrade to the second-level quickly. Most of wounds can be dealt with then. It’s best to prepare more crystal nuclei to replenish mental power if there’s not enough.”

Fang Hao handed over some of the key points when using healing abilities. The Samsara members were dumbfounded and in awe of this sister-in-law. It is said that peers are enemies, and nowadays, people with the same abilities will have a somewhat comparative mentality. This, will inevitably lead to some secret contests with some teammates. But look at others? How big is your belly? Don’t even care about this kind of thing! Directly showed them!!

The team’s gratitude towards the two men rose yet another level. When Fang Hao and He Zizhong got on their car to return to the base, the remaining Samsara members who are ready to continue finding the crystal cores with their newfound abilities, gathered in front of their boss and waited for instructions with emotion.


Samsara team – leveled up!

Their team name is pretty fitting now. It’s as if everyone was reincarnated this time around (or before).


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