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RLDRFH Chapter 119

He Zizhong estimated that most of the remaining jade pendants should be counterfeit products. As for jades with space… not to mention finding 1 in 100, there may not be any in 1 in 1000 or 10,000.

But this gave them an idea. Since this kind of jade might not be absorbed in their space, in the future, if they look among the unabsorbed jade, couldn’t they find something similar?

“If we can also find another piece of jade, we don’t have to worry about others knowing we have a space.” Fang Hao put away the useless imitation jades, looking forward to it.

He Zizhong asked him with amusement: “That’s only for Samsara though?”

Taken aback, Fang Hao glared at him. “That’s fine. We mostly work with them anyway.”

At the meeting earlier, the teams and military finally reached a relatively unanimous opinion. Retuning to the base will happen, but visiting towns along the way is necessary too!

There was no way, the military has too few people to do the return trip safely themselves. Everyone has seen many zombies, and encountering them again… it’s safer to have more people than less, right? Plus if they have more people, they can go to more places.

That said, acting as a group affected crystal nuclei collection for the Samsara team. Even if they want to act alone, the military will not agree. They are still trying to find out which team stole the military’s firearms, so how can they let teams leave their sight?

The convoy rested all night and set off early the next morning.

The Samsara team and Fengche couple totaled four vehicles. The two armored vehicles from the military cleared the road in front, and seven or eight ordinary vehicles were scattered behind. The dozens of vehicles on the road looked very spectacular.

The convoy drove to the southeast. There is a relatively large town there. Because it’s close to the refinery, what if they can find some gasoline there? It’s the first place they stayed after everyone reached an agreement.

Upon seeing small town at a distance, everyone saw shadowy figures swaying by a road outside the town.

“Each team note, it seems that someone is fighting zombies in front. Each team should keep up with the cars to avoid open conflict.”

“Someone’s fighting zombies?”

“This isn’t too far from the base. Maybe some people are out for a task?”

“Should we catch up with them?”

They quickly accelerated, rushing forward. But before long they realized the people in front shouldn’t be teammates who went to the northwest with them before. They were not even the ones who went out to do the tasks in the base of City A.

Almost all of their previous teammates except those from the military had abilities. Even those with no abilities, they had hot weapons. It’s impossible for ordinary teams to travel so far on tasks if the number of ability people is insufficient.

“High, high-level zombies!”

“They can beat high-level zombies?!”

“Are they physique abilities?”

“So many people have physique abilities?”

He Zizhong stood on the roof of his car looking ahead with a telescope. After a short while, he jumped off the roof, and whispered to Guo Bing, who was also observing the situation on the other side. “Their weapons seem to be weird, they shouldn’t be ability users.”

“Weapons?” Guo Bing also saw with his own eyes a relatively thin man cut off the arm of a second-level zombie through the binoculars. White smoke appeared on the arm of the zombie! If this is the power of a weapon…

A few people’s eyes lit up. Even if they have hot weapons, they have to fight with their fists once they run out. The same is true for the abilities. After bullets and abilities are exhausted, if there is such a weapon that can cause great damage to the zombies…

Only a few people can tell that the weapons used by those people have secrets. Others couldn’t even distinguish that those people were dealing with high-level zombies. They thought they were just highly skilled with how quickly they brought down the zombies.

Those people naturally also found He Zizhong and their group. There are two military armored vehicles and it’s impossible to drive by inconspicuously. They quickly cleared the battlefield, and several people bent down to take out the crystal nucleus from the zombie’s head, while the rest watched them vigilantly with their wespons.

As the team leader with the highest official rank for this operation, he naturally wanted to come forward and learn about the situation. At the same time, Guo Bing and the captains of the other teams also stood up.

A few people met with the leader of the other party. Don’t know what was said, but after a while the captains returned to their respective teams. “Get in the car first, and follow them to their base.”

Guo Bing’s voice came through the Samsara walkie-talkie. It turns out that these people are not from A city, but a city west of them. After the end of the world they occupied a certain village, clean up the zombies, and regarded it as their stronghold.

After abilities were discovered, the people from this small base began to go out from time to time to look for supplies and clear the nearby zombies for crystal nuclei.

It was too short for Guo Bing to find out more, especially when other people were nearby. But fortunately, their base is nearby. Hearing that Guo Bing and the others came with the military from a base in A city, for convenience, they simply invited them over. Along the way, they can inquire about the situation at the A city base.

This is a village built on the mountain. The door is blocked by a high wall built by the earth-type supernatural powers. The zombies outside have been completely cleaned up by the people here, even if there are one and a half zombies that occasionally come. They are also able to cope.

When they arrived, the car that led them here drove to the gates first. After clarifying the situation, the other party opened the gate and asked them to dtive in.

The Samsara and Fengche cars, along with the two armored vehicles of the military, seemed too domineering. These six vehicles were regarded as military vehicles by the other side. The other teams also drove off-road vehicles, which made this small base with only a few cars envious.

The person in charge of the village directly invited the representatives of the military and the various teams to discuss things, while “ordinary people” like He Zizhong were taken to a yard arranged for them.

The enclosed village space is not too small. On the way in, a group of people saw that most farmland was planted with various crops just like outside the western gate of the base. In many places, rainwater-catching tools made with various abilities are placed in the open air.

The number of men, women, and children in the village is not too small. Except for some women and children who are obviously the original residents of the village, the rest of them have obviously been baptized by blood during the post-apocalyptic days.

After parking, He Zizhong and Fang Hao got out of the car separately. There were a few people standing at the gate of this yard, apparently monitoring their group.

With sharp eyes, Fang Hao quietly pulled He Zizhong’s arm, and whispered: “The weapons they use are very similar.”

He Zizhong glanced at the hands of the few people at the door. Most of the weapons in their hands looked very rough, but it was more obvious that the gloss on their weapons looked very similar and was different from ordinary weapons.

A glance at a very tightly fenced courtyard in the village showed a very tall chimney protruding from that courtyard. He Zizhong suspected that it might be the place where these weapons were refined. It’s a pity that that place will be the most strictly monitored, and their little spy can’t be sent out at this time – it still needs to maintain the arsenal’s location.

It seems that they can only find a way to inquire, or simply get a weapon from them.

“It is estimated that something was added to their weapons, which caused their lethality to be much higher than that of ordinary weapons.” He Zizhong knew that there were indeed rumors of such weapons on the base, but he did not know when or where they developed.

Now it seems that maybe it really spread out from this small village.

Although He Zizhong and the others were obviously being watched, the leader in this base did not say to restrict their actions, so when these people were preparing to go out, it was difficult for those outside to stop them.

Some people who had been ordered by their captains took the opportunity to socialize with the village occupants, and tried their best to inquire about weapons.

The people in this base seemed to have reached an agreement and were not fooled into sharing their secrets. Most of them are not residents of the village, but are also old fried dough sticks1As in, have experienced life and won’t be fooled or tricked easily who have worked in various cities for a long time. They gathered here for various reasons after the end of the world, and of course, they will not inform others.

He Zizhong and Fang Hao were not in a hurry. Guo Bing’s situation is still unknown. If the military must know the news, then even if the people in this village refuse to share at this time, they will wait for the next military dispatch. There will be a way to know when people come. Even if they learned about the production of such weapons in advance, they might not be able to produce these things themselves – they didn’t know how to smelt iron.

“Zizhong, have you seen that person somewhere?”

“Huh?” He Zizhong was wandering, and hurriedly looked at where Fang Hao was pointing.

Several people stood at the gate of a yard by the road, and one of them looked familiar. But it’s just a bit familiar. He Zizhong can’t remember where this person has been seen, and Fang Hao can’t remember either. But since this person has an impression of both of them, maybe he is someone who has seen them after the end of the world, right?

“Brother Wang, what’s the matter? Are there any problems with those people?” When one saw the people around him, he kept looking curiously at those who had just arrived at the base.

“No… I just feel like I’ve seen them somewhere.” The man shook his head and couldn’t remember for a moment.


Anyone remember someone called Brother Wang? I sure don’t… 🤔


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    As in, have experienced life and won’t be fooled or tricked easily
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


  1. Thanks for the chapter! I barely remember, no recognize, the names of the main characters, sorry.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Hahahahaha. The main few to remember are:
      He Zizhong (MC), Fang Hao (ML), and the crazy Tuanzi
      Samara: Guo Bing, Chen Ning, Le Tian…. then if you can: Zhang Xiaoming, Mengzhi
      Overlord: Allen, Yin Dong, Xu Lili…. HZZ’s ex, whose name escapes me, but there’s a D in it I think? 😂
      Other: Wu Shao maybe…?

  2. Avatar Tatiana Galvis says:

    I think that brother Wang was from the group who at the beginning was with HZZ and FH and they separated, (were they going to a village?)🤔🤔

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      You have a good memory! That vaguely rings a bell, but only very vaguely. HZZ and FH are mostly by themselves (+ Tuanzi/the space) until Samsara shows up.

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