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RLDRFH Chapter 118

Chen Ning’s eyes drooped as he snorted coldly, “Since we found it, there is no reason to vomit it out. Le Tian and I can fit as much as we can in our space. We’ll figure out a way for the rest. Maybe see if we can modify the car and hide it someplace.”

Anyway, it is impossible for them to spit out what they find. Although the people in their team have abilities, they are not omnipotent. Like Chen Ning and Le Tian who have logistical abilities, that can’t be counted upon in a fight. Even if they inspire such abilities, if there are no high-power weapons around, they can only be lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

These things can save their lives at a critical moment. Since they fell into their hands this time, it is impossible to let them give it away to others in any case.

Because they confirmed the cause of the oil refinery explosion, the two military vehicles were very anxious to rush back to confirm the rest of them returned smoothly. But the other teams that joined didn’t think so – if even the military’s convoy had to blow up the oil refinery to get rid of the zombies, then this time’s mission has probably failed.

It doesn’t matter if the mission fails, but they can’t go home empty-handed! On the way back, it’s better to visit a few more places and collect more things.

The two groups of people had a disagreement about this, and as a last resort, the military people invited the captains of each team to come to a group negotiation.

He Zizhong took Fang Hao and the other Samsara members to sit by the fire to finish the meal. There was some dried meat for dinner. Soak the dried meat, shred it, and add it to the rice to make porridge. The team members who finally tasted meat again are full of happy smiles. They still have a lot of meat in the car, and after returning home, they can also improve the food for their brothers who stayed back!

Le Tian and Zhang Xiaoming got together. They were muttering something holding two pretty-looking bracelets and bracelets. Thinking of Le Tian’s remarks of “wooing girls with bracelets” during the day, Fang Hao couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s wrong?” He Zizhong asked in a low voice.

Fang Hao pointed to Le Tian and Zhang Xiaoming, and told He Zizhong what he had said when he gave him those jade products not absorbed by the space.

“That’s not bad, maybe they can really deceive someone back with this method.” As for whether the person deceived back is male or female… to be determined. He Zizhong touched his chin and glanced at the seated duo. These two fools are relatively thin and quiet in the Samsara team. Everyone’s concept have not changed yet. After a month or two…cough cough, these two beautiful little brothers placed among a group of rough men, it’ll be up to who can react first.

“…You put it away?”

“Nothing! Really nothing!”

“Look for it again, see if you lost it…”

He Zizhong was zoning out when he heard them speak.

“What’s the matter?” Fang Hao moved closer and asked.

“The string of beads I just held is gone… I just held it in my hand!” Le Tian scratched his head suspiciously.

“Isn’t in your space?”

“No…” As he said, Le Tian closed his eyes and examined the space again, almost taking everything out and looking again.

Mengzi leaned over, and smiled and pointed at the jade pendant with the best color hanging on his neck: “Isn’t it because you received this.”

Everyone laughed, and someone added jokingly: “That’s right, you must have received it there, so quickly look for it!”

Le Tiantian didn’t bother to care about them, and his face was a little red. Zhang Xiaoming also pretended to grab the jade pendant on his neck with a smile, and closed his eyes for a spiritual communication: “Come on, I will help you find it and see if there is anything in it…”

Zhang Xiaoming suddenly stopped talking. The others were still making noises when he smiled. “Anything? Is it there?”

Zhang Xiaoming opened his eyes with a weird expression, and looked at Le Tian seriously: “You…try it yourself.”

“Try what?” Le Tian thought he was angry at him, and glared back.

Zhang Xiaoming pointed at the pendant on his neck with a twisted expression and nodded vigorously.

“I’m starving to death. Give me a bowl quickly.” After Guo Bing came back, he sat by the fire and stretched out his hand for a bowl.

One team member quickly filled him with a bowl, and the other also filled Chen Ning with a bowl of meat porridge.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Ning took the meal and asked when everyone looked at him and Guo Bing with distorted expressions.

Guo Bing also came back to his senses and wondered: “What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” There’s not even any chattering Is everyone so concerned about the outcome of the meeting?

Le Tian bitter with a face, face extremely distorted as he handed over a piece of jade with a sad look: “Boss, I’ll be useless later…”



Wait, what happened? When did he suddenly become useless?

“Who bullied you?” Guo Bing asked quickly after taking the jade pendant with an inexplicable expression.

Le Tian shook his head, still wearing a look of grief and indignation. “You’ll know if you try… Brother Chen and I are useless…”

Chen Ning was shot inexplicably: “…”

After “trying” the jade, Guo Bing patted Chen Ning sitting beside him with a heavy face: “Old Chen, you are really useless.”

Chen Ning: “…”

He Zizhong and Fang Hao, who watched the excitement from beginning to end, shook their heads with emotion. They have an upgradable space, so finding a jade pendant with a space isn’t too exaggerated, right?

It’s just that Le Tian’s character is overwhelming? Or is it some other reason? Fang Hao casually gave him a few pieces of jade that were suspected of being fake, and discovered there is such a good thing no one could have imagined.

After eating quickly, Guo Bing took Le Tian and the rest of them back to the cat. He Zizhong and Fang Hao also got on with them. Fortunately, their captain came back right after the meeting. At best, other teams thought they were going back to discuss the previous meeting and would not think much about it.

Holding the jade pendant in his hand, Guo Bing looked at He Zizhong with a solemn expression on his face. The jade pendant was given to Le Tian by Fang Hao. Now he discovered that there is a basketball court-sized space about four meters high… How to count this?

“You gave this to Xiaotian1Xiao = small. Tian = Le Tian’s Tian. It’s an affectionate nickname for Le Tian. not knowing the value at the time. But now that we know it, we definitely can’t keep such a valuable item.”

Fang Hao glanced at He Zizhong, then looked at Guo Bing: “This, I already gave this to Le Tian…” How can I take it back? What’s more, they don’t lack this thing at all…

Seeing what Guo Bing wants to say, He Zizhong laughed and said, “Why don’t we do this? Anyway, our two teams often cooperate when we have large tasks. I’ll trouble you to bring it back for us. If there are some things that we can’t fit and need to be collected, I’ll also need your help bringing it.”

The jade space is different from He Zizhong’s space. The jade’s space is like a lower level than He Zizhong’s. Things can hover and be placed anywhere, but people can’t go inside. The bigger problem is that it does not have requirements for the owner, and anyone can use it.

In the end, the two teams still allocated the right to use the jade pendant according to He Zizhong’s suggestion. After all, the couple didn’t need this thing as much as the Samsara team.

After experimenting, everyone found that although this space is large, it has a lot of problems. After food is put in, although it still has a certain constant temperature effect, it will grow stale over time, but at a slower rate than outside.

After a little discussion, Guo Bing collected the most unexplainable batch of black weapons into the space. The more precious plant seeds are still placed in Le Tian and Chen Ning’s space (no matter how long it’s in a space user’s space, things will remain in their previous state). Thus, Le Tian, who thought he was useless, regained confidence and laughed joyously.

Seeing the jade pendant on Guo Bing, Fang Hao deliberately teased Le Tian: “Didn’t you say that you want to give your jade pendant to your future sweetheart? How did you give it to your captain?”

Le Tian didn’t quite react yet, when a few of the thick-skinned men yelled, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh! So Xiaotian has taken a fancy to our captain! Even the token of love was given out!”

Guo Bing was taken aback when he heard it. Laughing, he raised his hand and patted Le Tian’s ass. “Okay, then you kid, will follow me.”

After coming back to his senses, Le Tian was shot on the spot by Guo Bing. At first, he saw everyone laughing. When he saw Guo Bing also curve his eyes and laugh at him, his face turned green to white, white to red, and finally burned into a braised hairy crab. He turned to open the door and escaped to another car, slamming the door shut, and refused to come out.

Guo Bing touched the back of his head awkwardly: “Uh…cough, did I tease him too much?”

Chen Ning glanced at him and snorted with a smile: “Tease? I bet that kid took it seriously.”

“That’s right, Captain, you even touched someone’s ass. Just marry him back~”

Guo Bing raised his foot and kicked the lower back of the guy not fearing the world. “Still joking? Be careful I kick you!”

He Zizhong also stuffed the munitions from his car into Guo Bing’s jade pendant. In fact, the idea of putting the munitions into the jade pendant instead of Le Tian or Chen Ning’s space was his idea. He remembers that the base later developed a kind of instrument that could scan the space of the ability users, but it’s hard to say if it’s invented yet.

But if they already have this kind of instrument, and the military did lose their arms when they went out this time, then they would definitely focus on checking the space abilities from each team.

Although He Zizhong is not sure whether the jade pendant space can be detected by the instrument, his own bracelet’s space passed the check in a previous life. Thus, the possibility should be relatively small.

After Fang Hao discovered the jade pendant space with Le Tian and Zhang Xiaoming, he took out those jade stones that could not be absorbed by his own space with great interest, and checked them one by one with Zhang Xiaoming and Le Tian. The result was naturally-none at all…

I really don’t know how Zhang Xiaoming and Le Tian hit such good luck?


The supporting CP appears! Their screen time is very, very slim in comparison. And probably only spans 4-5 chapters max.


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    Xiao = small. Tian = Le Tian’s Tian. It’s an affectionate nickname for Le Tian.
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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Well that was a fun little surprise Author, lol! Also the poor guy teased, will he be brought to hte BL side?

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      You’ll have to wait and find out.
      As for being teased… he doesn’t think it’s a joke. 🙃

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