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RLDRFH Chapter 117

The group who decided they were going to the next town, halfway through, decided to pass by near the refinery. What if there are things left outside the refinery? Even if there is nothing, they are ready to take a look and determine what caused the explosion.

With this change, everyone passed by a small village they didn’t intend to pass through before.

It seems that there have been other survivors in the village. Judging from the traces, they passed by not long ago. Even if there might be nothing left, with the idea of plucking all feathers clean, they decided to search carefully. What if they find two more meats? It’s impossible to guarantee that it will not be left behind by previous people. What’s more, there are almost no zombies in the village, and the sky is growing darker. It’s not bad to use this place as a place to stay.

They found a relatively complete building in the village to clean up, and decided to rest here for one night. The remaining people grouped up and went to look for supplies.

Luckily, they turned out some bedding, and two of the team members ran back with excitement holding a jar of pickles. In fact, they had harvested a lot of this stuff before, but no one would think it was ever too much!

“Meat, meat, meat!” Le Tian rushed in as if he had found money.

“Where did you find it?” everyone asked quickly.

“It’s just behind the door of the kitchen in the west. It is estimated that the previous group didn’t close the door when they entered, and didn’t see it!”

“Let everyone pay more attention. What if we can find even more?” Guo Bing hurriedly sat up.

Fang Hao, who was helping with cooking, couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile. The group of greedy people almost had green eyes.

“Captain! Captain!!” A man rushed in, shouting as he ran.

“What, did you find the meat too?” Le Tian joked with him with a smile.

The man shook his head vigorously, and took out a grenade: “We found a room with weapons in it!”

“Arms?!” How can we find weapons in such a small village? Why does it sound so evil?

Everyone hurriedly followed. It didn’t take long for them to reach the place where the weapons were found.

It seems that no one has lived in this yard for a long time. There is almost no furniture in the room. The group found two Samsara members in the kitchen.

A large board on the ground in the corner of the kitchen was lifted up, and there is obviously a cellar below.

The first team members here pointed to a sturdy wooden board with a smile and said: “We felt strange when we came in. Even the bed board in the house has rotten in these bad days. Why is there such a clean wooden board in this empty room? When we opened it, we found that there was a cellar below.”

“Originally we thought there was food or something in it. Go down and see – it turned out to be all kinds of weapons!”

Guo Bing led people to climb directly down and counted. Taking a look at the contents, he frowned after coming up: “The contents shouldn’t have been here for long. And the strange thing is – they are all weapons with relatively high lethality and stricter control. Although there are a lot of guns inside, the ammunition doesn’t fully match…” After speaking, Guo Bing looked at Chen Ning.

Chen Ning was looking at an anti-tank mine in his hand, and raised his head at this moment: “We have seen these things.”

“Huh? We’ve seen them? When?”

“Arsenal. The warehouse on the basement floor.”

“You’re saying?!” Guo Bing took a breath, “Could it be that someone from the military hid them here?”

“The people from the military don’t have this need at all; they can just take it back to the base. Unless…” He Zizhong thought about it for a while, but didn’t finish his words.

Guo Bing said solemnly, “Someone wants to hide it privately.”

“Then what shall we do?”

“Since it is something of unknown origin…” Guo Bing suddenly laughed and blinked at the small group. “Let’s eat it all. After a while, we will clean up the traces of our visit. Let’s find another place to rest tonight.”

They did as they said. Since it was originally black goods, the team had no pressure picking things up. They quickly loaded things into the car and changed places overnight. Early the next morning, they rushed to the refinery that had exploded.

“It hasn’t gone out yet.”

“Yeah… It seems that it will be inextinguishable for a while.”

The refinery area is still burning, and the flames have not weakened in the light rain. Knowing how exaggerated the oil storage is, if all the oil can be transported away, the base will not have to worry about consumption at all for a year or two.

“It’s a pity…” Everyone looked at the burning oil refinery, which has no tendency to go out, with a little melancholy. Fortunately, after the end of the world, all plants have decayed, and the nearby buildings have been completely soaked by the rain over the past few days. The surroundings aren’t easy to burn, otherwise they won’t know how far the fire will spread.

“Boss, someone!” One person suddenly pointed to a certain direction, and everyone looked over and found that there was a convoy in that direction!

Those people were also standing on a high ground, looking at the burning oil refinery from a distance. They didn’t recognize these vehicles until they drove over. No way, no need to mention the other cars, Guo Bing’s Predator is conspicuous enough. Anyone who sees it once would recognize it.

He Zizhong and the others also recognized these vehicles-two of them were armored vehicles from the military, and the rest were vehicles they had seen during the previous operation.

After the two parties met, they knew that the experience of the other party was similar to theirs. It’s just that He Zizhong and the Samsara team had better luck. After the accident, they got together, moved forward, and retreated together. These cars were separated from the main troops, and only came together one after another.

Having discovered there was an explosion here, they hurried over to see the situation.

“We need to investigate why the explosion occurred here, so that we can return to the base to report.” The person who was speaking was the captain of the team newly in charge of the two armored vehicles. As he spoke, his gaze subconsciously glanced at the car of the Samsara team. Judging from his line of sight… he seems to be looking in the car window?

He Zizhong paid more attention and saw that the rest of the military also looked more or less in the direction where they put their cars. If it weren’t for their cars being taller and filled with a lot of things like quilts maybe…

After the two sides exchanged information, they decided to temporarily merge and move towards the base. Of course, they had to camp overnight and check the situation nearby along the way.

Chen Ning went with the military to the western fate of the refinery to investigate some clues. The rest prepared to cook and rest, while Guo Bing pulled He Zizhong back to the Predator.

“I think they’re always look at our car.” Guo Bing frowned. “You say…Are they looking for those weapons?”

He Zizhong raised his eyebrows and nodded. “Me too. I think it’s possible.”

“Isn’t it because the people in the army hid those things by themselves?” If it wasn’t for someone in the army who wanted to swallow those weapons…

He Zizhong suddenly asked: “Do you remember? Before the zombie appeared that night, someone dropped a smoke bomb!”

“Yes! Yes!” But it was too messy at the time, and then they were busy beating zombies for crystal nuclei, so everyone forgot about it. At that time, although the military issued an alarm saying that someone had robbed a weapon vehicle, they used the military’s internal channel. The people from the various teams didn’t know it happened!

On the contrary, all members of the military, even those who were separated, knew that someone took advantage of the chaos and robbed the drunk carrying weapons that night.

“So… maybe someone robbed the military’s stuff? But how could it be so coincidental? At the same time those zombies arrived?”

He Zizhong shook his head. “Perhaps it’s coincidence, perhaps they had some way… but the problem is – the stolen goods are now in our car…”

Guo Bing patted his forehead helplessly. “This is really… If someone finds out, we really have no way to explain!” They were preparing to swallow everything. The number of military people they encounter aren’t many, nor will they forcibly board the car and search. But if the arrive the base soon… maybe they will forcefully inspect every car!

“The problem now is that even if we want to learn from the previous group and secretly hide things, there’s no good chance!” Guo Bing sighed. If they were weapons the base sold to the outside world, it would be nice to say the models were similar. But many of these things are obviously different from those that are sold. How can they conceal it?

The team went out with the military, and when I returned, there were more things in their car… really.

“Let’s find a way on the road. It should be fine before we arrive at the base.” He Zizhong patted him on the shoulder. He had a space to help them through a disaster, but he and Fang Hao were already more conspicuous compared to other people. It’s their ultimate trump card, so unless it’s a last resort, they don’t want anyone else to know about it.

Not long after, Chen Ning, who went to investigate the situation, came back with the military. The people from other teams who followed the military to investigate the situation also returned. They all went to their captains to report the situation. Chen Ning rushed to Guo Bing, winking as he pulled He Zizhong back into the vehicle together.

“What’s the situation?”

“The oil refinery was probably bombed by military personnel.” Chen Ning explained after sitting down and drinking a few sips of water. “There are also some vehicle fragments on the road going west from the gate. They are all materials used by military vehicles.”

“People from the military?” Guo Bing and He Zizhong looked at each other, and then asked, “Did you find anything else? Traces of vehicles?”

Chen Ning shook his head. “There are no traces of vehicles found in the wreckage, but we can’t rule out there might be some in the oil refinery. On the contrary, there are traces of ordinary vehicles on the road.”

“It’s very likely that the military car was chased by level 2 and 3 zombies and had to blow up the refinery to escape.” He Zizhong reconsidered and speculated.

“It’s possible, but it could also be a fire. Since it was done by someone from the military, there should be nothing wrong with us.” Guo Bing said, whispering what he and He Zizhong had just guessed about the black weapons they discovered. Finally he asked Chen Ning, “You say, how should we deal with these things?”


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