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RLDRFH Chapter 116

T/N: For some reason the permalink won’t let me change it to 116 (it’s stuck on 117)… but this chapter 116. 😑


Knowing they’re unlikely to get paid for this time’s mission anyway, it’s more practical to go all the way to collect nuclei. Everyone relaxed their minds and set off again after some preparation.

Along the way, everyone fought zombies and dug crystal nuclei, while slowly adjusting their route towards the refinery.

Finally, they arrived in a small town near the refinery and finally found a small police station. After tossing around, they managed to find a few small pistols with poor lethality.

“This thing is not even as good as my fist.” Several physique powers were very dissatisfied.

“Take it back, and give them to Xiao Xu’s mother and Wang Tong’s wife for self-defense. This is the right thing for a woman.” Guo Bing looked around and packed it in the trunk.

He Zizhong glanced at the street. It was close to the place where white jade was produced. Although the county town is small, there are also several jade and gambling wholesale stores. thinking of how the space could also absorb energy in these things, he contemplated how to sneak over and move them.

Seeing He Zizhong’s gaze drifting toward the jade shop, Fang Hao understood. Nodding at him, he used his speed as an excuse to quietly flash past.

The number of zombies in a small county is limited. After everyone swept around for a while, they didn’t even see level 2 zombies. About to take a break to find supplies before heading to the refinery, there was a loud thumping sound, and the ground shook a few times.

“What’s the matter?!”

“What exploded?”

“Where ?”

“Over there!”

Flames burst in the sky a little to the southwest. It’s still some distance away, but the fire is clearly visible!

When everyone was surprised, there was a loud noise hundreds of times more exaggerated than thunder from the same direction.


Don’t know who whispered it… Everyone just woke up like a dream, staring in that direction in shock.

Yes, only an exploding oil refinery can cause such a big commotion…

The huge vibration caused many of the poorly built building in the small town to collapse. Standing on the ground, everyone felt the ground beneath their feet shaking.

Fortunately, they were standing in the middle of the road at this time. Fang Hao, who was going to fetch the jade, also returned to He Zizhong’s side in the midst, holding his hand, and looking at the fiercely burning soaring flame with shock.

After a long time, the faint vibration gradually subsided. Just when everyone was about to take a sigh of relief, another more violent explosion exploded, and a gust of hot air blew over to them.

For a long time, Guo Bing murmured in a low voice: “Fortunately, we were not in a hurry…”

Yes, they originally planned to go there to get some more oil. If there was an explosion when they went… Even if they have great abilities, they will never survive!

“How did the oil refinery explode?” Chen Ning frowned and began to think.

“Maybe it’s man-made.” He Zizhong was the first to figure out the details. “Don’t forget, the zombies behind us were only a small part. If someone encounters a large number of second- and third-level zombies, using an oil refinery explosion to repel zombies is also one of the most lethal tactics.”

“But if such a big explosion is really ignited, they can still live?!”

“If it is a very sturdy armored vehicle or a car like ours, there is a way to ignite after the convoy has left for a period of time, and they should be able to escape…” But if it is an ordinary vehicle igniting it at close range, it’s likely they’ll be blown to pieces long ago right?

“It’s a pity that gasoline…”

“Yes, that’s all gasoline…”

“Don’t think it’s a pity. Let’s clean up the town, and pump all the oil. On the way back to the base, we’ll do the same.” Guo Bing immediately decided.


They didn’t deliberately collect gasoline and other things before because they were going to the refinery. But now that even the refinery has been bombed… everyone should be humble and don’t hold such beautiful dreams!




Hearing the explosion, the scattered teams in the area all looked at the direction of the fire with shock. Many people had the same idea as the Samsara team, planning to go to the refinery on the way back to get some more gasoline. Since the military convoy long dispersed, the things they obtain will naturally belong to them.

Regrettably, nothing will be left after such a bombing, and it will not help to rush over.

It’s okay to be far away – at most you can feel some of the tremors. But some teams relatively close to the refinery were unlucky.

It was originally discovered that many zombies were gathering at the refinery. Some nearby scattered teams unwillingly surrounding the refinery to see the situation before taking action, but did not expect to usher in a violent explosion all at once.

There is more than one huge oil tank in the refinery, and any cars parked too close will be strongly affected by the explosion.

Allen’s motorcade also arrived nearby. They harvested a lot of guns and ammunition, and hid all the weapons that could not be carried in a reliable place. They were preparing to collect some more gasoline and return to the base with a full load. But who knew that before arriving, almost all cars were overturned by the heat wave!

After finally getting through this round of explosions, the cars that had just been flipped back over — another huge wave of air came! The cars turned over again!

“Ah!!!” Several people standing by the side of the car about to get into the car were completely crushed and screamed.

“Push away! Get out!” God knows if there will be more explosions?! They have to get out of here quickly!

After finally pushing the car and sending the injured person into another car, a sharp-eyed person suddenly pointed to the refinery and shouted: “There are zombies here!”

Some powerful high-level zombies did not fully enter the refinery when it burst. Blocked by the explosion, it is the instinct of all creatures to seek advantages and avoid harm, even zombies are the same. They fled in all directions. Hearing the calls of “fresh meat” when they passed nearby, they immediately changed their routes and rushed over!

“It’s a high-level zombies! Get out!”

Even if their car is equipped with a lot of weapons, it is still very difficult to deal with high-level zombies. Plus who knows if the oil refinery will continue to explore… Allen immediately ordered his team members to evacuate.




The Samsara team used various measures of digging three feet and never letting go. They turned this small town upside down and took away everything. Any materials that can be taken away, collecting all gasoline from cars, and killing any zombies for crystal nuclei.

“Meat, meat! There is meat!!” Guo Bing almost burst into crocodile tears holding a piece of dry bacon.

The other people in the team also looked the same, holding various preserved dried meats, meat strips, and bacon they had unearthed from a deli in this small town and refused to let go. Although the He Zizhong-Fang Hao couple gave them a lot of jerky and dried vegetables before, they didn’t amount to too much. Originally afraid there were not many gains this trip, this is completely unexpected!

He Zizhong used his ability to form a knife and cut off a piece of jerky. After confirming that there was no deterioration in it, he and Fang Hao moved into their car and threw it into a corner of the space. Fine, so what if they are so extravagant that they don’t like these meat strips that can break their front teeth?

This small town is located in the northwest, and the environment before the apocalypse is very try. These things have been hanging in people’s room to dry since before the apocalypse, and have become very hard like fossils. Naturally, it’s hard to deteriorate. In addition, there are not too many zombies in this small town, thus avoiding the problem of infection.

He Zizhong and Fang Hao also took this opportunity to find a few shops specializing in jewelry and jade, and tossed everything into the space. Sure enough, once the most of the jade enters the space, it directly transformed into fine light spots and blended into the space. Better quality jade has brighter light spots and more light spots, while ordinary ones are much lighter and less spots.

The remaining jewelery that didn’t respond much were simply thrown aside. Because he had a good chat with Le Tian, Fang Hao gave him a few pieces of jade pendants and bracelets for him to wear for fun.

“When I get back to the base, I will take these things to woo girls!” Le Tian said seriously, and his eyes were full of expectant little stars.

First, you have to be able to meet the girl you like – Fang Hao silently sharpened the knife in his heart. Now the number of women in the base is plummeting. In this post-apocalyptic times where everyone is unkempt, finding a good-looking girl is still a problem.

Not to mention, Fang Hao seriously suspects that these jade stones that cannot be absorbed by the space are probably fake… If the girl finds out… Child, I’m sorry for your loss. It’s more reliable to find a man these days!

Thinking about it, Fang Hao’s gaze drifted towards his man unconsciously. See, he’s handsome, able to fight, and even had a private customized space for honeymooning. More importantly, he loved him very much. What a perfect husband…

“What are you thinking?” Following Fang Hao’s vision, Le Tian waved his hand in front of him. “Is there anything over there?” The youth couldn’t tell that Fang Hao’s mind was wandering from watching He Zizhong, and instead thinking there was something fun over there.

Fang Hao shook his head quickly. “It’s nothing. Hurry up and put these things in the car.”

“Okay, it’s almost time, let’s hurry to the next place.” On the other side, He Zizhong was patting Guo Bing who was rubbing his face against the bacon as if he lost his soul.

“Yes! Let’s go to the next town as soon as possible. If there are still these kinds of things there – we really have made it!” They still have food, but this meat is definitely precious! If this is taken back, it can be exchanged for a bunch of grain.

“Yeah!!” The brains of the Samsara members and their captain are highly synchronized. Their faces red with excitement thinking they can eat meat at every meal afterwards. Even if it’s just minced meat and meat residue!!


Meat!!! 🥩

Speaking of meat… damn those 2021 inflation numbers are nasty. And the soaring meat prices. 😬


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