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RLDRFH Chapter 115

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“Damn it! What’s that!”

The military vehicle retreated while fighting, the machine gun rattling off, shooting backwards. In the dim night, there was a five or six-meter-high monster formed by an unknown number of corpses. The giant monster was unfazed, continuing to stagger towards the convoy!

“Launch a shoulder-fired missile!” The commander made a decisive decision.

There was a loud boom as the missile shot out, creating a fiery red tail as it shot at the weird giant zombie.

There was a loud explosion when it hit the zombie’s chest. It felt backwards, letting out a long howling sound like a human being.

Before everyone had time to breathe a sigh of relief, the sound rumbled with ‘dun dun’, ‘dun dun’ footsteps, and a figure in the fog that was at least twice as tall as the previous zombie emerged!

“Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate!” The car that was stolen was not only loaded with ammunition taken from the military factory, but also carried a lot of heavy weapons they had taken when they left the base. But now they don’t have any backup weapons except the weapons carried by the vehicles! They are also shouldering the task of transporting all kinds of instruments back to the base, and they absolutely cannot resist here!

Where did these monsters come from? !




After driving desperately for more than half an hour, the Overlord team stopped and took a rest.

“Distribute the guns to the cars immediately, and then destroy the truck on the spot.”

“Captain, what about the cars following us?”

A sneer flashed in Allen’s eyes: “Get out of the car and kill them all.” Since they’re the ones coming to seek death, don’t blame him for being ruthless!

Seeing the vehicle in front stopped, the vehicles behind who thought it was relatively safe here were relieved. The zombies behind were nowhere in sight at the moment. Although they may not be fully out of the danger zone, everyone sighed a breath of relief after driving for so long and escaping.

“Are you going to go down and discuss things afterwards?”

“It seems that there are no military personnel?”

“Then we have to fight for the command right later and see what the convoy in front means.”

“It seems to be the Overlord…”

The people in each car that opened their doors never returned to their original cars. Bright red blood spilled a silent and delicious invitation, carrying to all directions in the night…



The sky lightened gradually, and the people who were rushing frantically all night finally collapsed to the ground with a sigh.

“Damn, this night… I thought we’d never manage to kill all those zombies.” Guo Bing lay on his back, regardless of the dirt on the ground.

He Zizhong took out a crystal nucleus from the brain of the last third-level zombie, and held it up to the light that just appeared in the sky: “It is much larger than the crystal nucleus of the second-level zombie.”

“Very beautiful.” This zombie crystal nucleus is a bright blue water color, carrying a dazzling brilliance comparable to beautiful sapphires from before the apocalypse.

“You don’t say, these things really look like real gems. If you don’t know their source, take them back, polish them, and give them to the girl – you will definitely be able to cheat them.”

Hearing Guo Bing’s words, Fang Hao chuckled. “What if you get caught by the girl afterwards? What will you do?”

Picking up a second-level crystal core with a fiery red color, Guo Bing sneered and laughed. “This thing must be valuable in the base. Maybe they will even feel that they have earned it by then.”

The members of the Samsara team are responsible for excavating the crystal nuclei from level 2 and below zombies. After pushing the corpses together and burning them, it didn’t take long for a team member to run over crying: “Doctor Fang, a zombie’s head can still move. I didn’t pay attention and was bitten just now…”

Fang Hao stretched out his hand to help him heal the wound. In the battle last night, because of the large number of zombies, even the two of them were inevitably bumped and scratched. Fortunately, Fang Hao’s healing ability is no longer a secret and there is no need to hide it from the Samsara members.

There were 500-600 after totaling the number of first and second-level crystal nuclei, which when combined, can push someone’s abilities to level 2. However, Guo Bing still distributed it evenly to his team according to their levels. He naturally did not neglect He Zizhong and Fang Hao either. Even if they have level 3 abilities, how are level 3 zombies so easy to find? They must be able to absorb these low-level zombie crystal nuclei.

“Can’t use too many of these things each day.” Guo Bing closed his eyes and absorbed three one after another before opening his brows again.


“Uncomfortable.” Shaking his head, Guo Bing pointed to the fierce men in the team. “They did the same before. After absorbing a few of them, they felt uncomfortable and had to take a break. But it seems that after upgrading, it’s easier to absorb first-level nuclei, where second-level…”

As he spoke, Mengzi who just absorbed a second-level crystal nucleus opened his eyes and took a break. He was puzzled when everyone looked at him. Touching the back of his head, he asked: “What’s the matter? What did I do?”

“How can I absorb one?” The Samsara team distributed several second-level crystal nuclei to those with level 2 abilities, like Mengzi. There were a total of two in his hand, and he stopped as soon as he absorbed one.

“I’m full…” Seeing there were some objections to his words, Mengzi quickly waved his hand. “Ah, it’s not full. I’m just a bit anxious. Ah! That’s not right either, just can’t fit any more.”

“Okay, okay.” Waving at his brother to stop to avoid losing face, Guo Bing concluded, “That’s the situation Haven’t you encountered it before?”

They drank space well space water to upgrade. Naturally, they will drink until they don’t want to drink, so they never encountered such an “eating to full” type of situation.

He Zizhong shook his head. “The interval between absorptions is relatively large, and we will deliberately replenish in large amounts unless the consumption is serious.”

The vague explanation made the people of the Samsara team nodded in agreement, and Fang Hao smiled. What is going on with the funny feeling of inexplicably reaching consensus when talking about two different situations?

Seeing there were level 3 crystal nuclei outside the space, Tuanzi was flying around eagerly, shaking and almost about the demolish the house. Fang Hao took the opportunity to put the third-level zombie crystal nuclei into the backpack and sent them into the space. Upon seeing this, Tuanzi rushed over and sucked the nuclei into it’s ‘belly’.

Then it slowly rose to mid-air, squinting its eyes happily and began to tremble.

Ignoring how Tuanzi was upgrading in the space, the pair continued discussing with the Samara team. Everyone was going to take turns resting for a long while, before setting off back towards the base.




“Commander, those things are still behind us! Our ammunition is running out!” The adjutant reminded the commander in a cold sweat.

The commander had a dark face and looked at the monsters who were persistantly chasing after them. That huge combined zombie monster is obviously some species of advanced zombie. It’s not afraid of vehicle-mounted ammunition… No, ammunition is still very effective on them, but the problem is they don’t have much ammunition left on the car! Those damn ability teams. If it were for them suddenly robbing the truck carrying weapons…

“Go to the refinery!” A thought suddenly flashed in the commander’s mind.

“Commander? Do you mean…”

“The firepower generated after blowing it up  should be able to stop these things…”

“But the oil…” The refinery is the one closest to the base today. Once it blows up, where can they find so much gasoline in a short time? It’s a place the upper layers of the base attached great importance to checking out on this mission! Otherwise, random teams would not be allowed to drop by on purpose this trip.

“If we don’t take advantage of the situation there, do you want to see our team be completely destroyed in the hands of those monsters!” The commander stood up suddenly, his eyes flush. “I should have known from the arsenal…” Those damn ability teams!

“Roger! Resolutely carry out the commander’s orders!” The adjutant shivered. Everyone’s own lives cannot be guaranteed now. Who can care so much about a refinery? What’s more, their car also carries the research materials that the base must get, so they must go back alive!




“How do we go back?” After waking up, He Zizhong got up and discussed the route with Guo Bing and Chen Ning.

“I think, let’s go from here.” Guo Bing touched his chin covered with a scruffy beard. “Having encountered such a big incident this time, I guess when we go back, even if the military returns to the base smoothly, I’m afraid we may not be able to get our share of weapons. Rather than going back like this, it’s better to go back to the refinery to get more gasoline. We can’t go home empty-handed, right?

“That’s true.” Thinking about the huge oil tanks that he had “stolen”, He Zizhong was a little guilty. But what’s difficult now is he can’t ask Tuanzi to help clear the way. He still has to keep the waypoint to the arsenal!

“If we go to the oil refinery, then we don’t have to worry too much on the way back. Just like today – fight zombies as he head back. Even if we rush back to the base, my guess is the task may not be considered complete.” Chen Ning announced his opinion.

Ding Minggang, who was wiping his gun, asked: “Why doesn’t it count?”

“The task is to assist the military in securing the arsenal. Having lost some of the things, let alone separating from the military command… even if we can fight for it, I am afraid it will take too long and isn’t worth it.”

Upon hearing it, the team fell silent. If those people really have a bone to pick with their team, they really have no way of explaining things cleanly.

“My opinion is that we can deliberately pass by these three cities on the way back, and look for police stations and armed police departments in these urban areas.” Chen Ning looked up at He Zizhong and Guo Bing. “Even if people have been there, maybe we can still find some weapons inside.”

“I think it’s OK.” Guo Bing grabbed the short beard that had just grown out and pulled it hard. He hissed, taking a cold breath. It’s inconvenient if you don’t have a shaver!

“I’m fine.” He Zizhong also nodded. No one can say no to too much of this stuff. And if time permits, he can still use the cover of night to figure out how to pry the arsenal doors open.


The scum team does scummy stuff…


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