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RLDRFH Chapter 105

T/N: As a thank you to all my readers and rashidalafari who sent unspecified ko-fis a while back, wish y’all a Happy Halloween with an extra release of BATCFO, RLDRFH, and TWE.

Happy reading~



However, in just a few seconds, the two people were submerged among the zombies, and everyone lost sight of them without even seeing the two second-level zombies.

There were a lot of people squatting on the tank to defend. Although the arrangement was messed up momentarily, it was quickly stabilized by the soldiers in charge. Suddenly, another black shadow jumped up on the tank!

Although He Zizhong and Fang Hao could see it clearly this time, they were too far away, and there were people nearby, so they couldn’t go over. The person targeted by the zombie was a wind type ability person. He leaped back quickly when he saw it, and a blue light appeared under his feet. But he just jumped up when his feet were tied up by a long thin object!

“Zombie tongue!” He Zizhong was shocked. Although he had heard that zombies could use their tongues as weapons to tie up targets, this was the first time he had seen it.

“Ah!!!” There was another scream as a person was pulled straight down. The people around wanted to reach out to save him, but seeing zombies rushing towards them, they subconsciously shrank back to avoid it, resulting in the person being dragging off the tank.

There was a bang, and a piece of ice blossomed on the leaping zombie, forcing it to stop. A golden glow inconspicuously shot the back of the zombie’s neck, just hitting the crystal nucleus on the back of the zombie’s brain.

With a thud, the speed zombie fell to the ground and could no longer move.

Allen was stunned. Although his ice-type ability took advantage and worked well in this gloomy weather, he just froze the zombie’s limbs. How could it be directly frozen to death?

Before he could think to see who killed the zombie, a girl with water abilities next to him hugged his arm. Her tightly bound plump chest squishing his arm as she screamed loudly: “Captain, you are so handsome! You killed this mutant zombie in one fell swoop!”

The other girls who followed in their team also yelled. Even if he was determined to find the person who really killed the mutant zombie, he had no chance.

Fang Hao rolled his eyelids behind the sunglasses. Since his ability reached level 3, his vision seemed to be much more sensitive than before. He naturally discovered the golden light and knew that He Zizhong had done it.

He Zizhong didn’t care about such trivial matters, as he searched amongst the surging group of zombies below. The person who was dragged down could not survive, and the zombie who attacked them with its tongue… was over there!

Another golden light flashed past. After his ability upgraded, his attack power was also greatly improved. Using toothpicks, bullets, and other things to deal with level 2 zombies was not so easy before. Before, he needed to personally step forward and use the knife to slash them. But now, dealing with them is just like dealing with first-level zombies; as long as the speed is fast enough, the attack can’t be avoided.

Another level 2 mutant zombie also died silently in He Zizhong’s hands, reducing the pressure on the group immediately. The remaining speed zombie also turned into a sieve under the joint shooting of other abilities, and could no longer stand up.

It seems that among the hundreds of small zombies, there are only three second-level zombies. When these three fell down, the remaining ordinary zombies are not enough to be feared, and were quickly cleaned up.

An atmosphere of silence enveloped the group. Teams who lost people could not keep the bones of their teammates, so they could only pile up the corpses in one place and burn them clean. The rest of the people will naturally not take the initiative to touch the living dead. The death of relatives and friends happens almost every day in the last days. The rest are numb to seeing someone die. Even best friends will hardly shed tears, and instead, stare silently at the densely smoking pile of corpses that is hardly burning under the fine rain.

Although not every tank in the refinery is full, there is definitely enough for the fleet to be fully replenished. The rest can be packaged and taken away for use in a long period of time in the future. In addition, there is still a lot left.

Because the main goal this time is not gasoline, each car only filled up with what they need. After carrying as much gasoline as possible, they temporarily rested in their cars in the yard for the night. It’s not that they didn’t want to live inside, but these days, staying in the car is better. If there’s an accident at night, they can escape in a car, whereas living in a building means having to fight head-to-head with the ‘things’ that come.

The sky is gloomy, and tiny raindrops continued to float down. He Zizhong and Fang Hao sat at the back of the car and looked out the window. They visited the place where the oil tank was placed at the back today. This oil factory really wasn’t small – there are still at least a dozen huge oil tanks after being patronized by their group.

But they’re not in a hurry now. People are still here. If they move too much at night, it will definitely be noticed tomorrow.

He Zizhong poked Tuanzi who was enjoying a massage in Fang Hao’s arm. “Remember the place?”

Tuanzi twisted twice, squinting at He Zizhong contemptuously. It’s thoughts carried through to both their minds at the same time – abusing group workers!

He Zizhong helplessly touched the soft, watery head. As Fang Hao was snickering, he lowered his head to whisper to Tuanzi: “Let mama hold you to sleep when I come back.”

Mama should be hugging me to sleep every day!

Although no words are spoken, Tuanzi’s thoughts were clearly passed on to them. This is a large improvement compared to before. But Tuanzi is not cute, and often irritates them, letting He Zizhong feel he isn’t dignified enough as a father.

Of course, dignity is achieved by one’s own actions, not by threatening a juvenile that can’t even speak.

The night was deep. A strange feeling came in the middle of the night, which made He Zizhong, who had just fallen asleep for a short time, suddenly open his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Although Fang Hao’s vision was much stronger than before, he didn’t feel anything. He was awakened by He Zizhong’s movements.

“There is something.” He Zizhong sat up with a heavy face and looked around the car window in secret.

There was a fire in the open space not far from the car. Sitting by the fire was the person who was watching tonight. Those people sat around and talked in low voices to relieve their boredom. Several people held guns in their arms and looked around from time to time to prevent zombies that might suddenly appear. Looking at their leisurely appearance, it was obvious that they did not feel the sound.

“Which direction?” Fang Hao asked in a low voice and watched out with him.

“It seems to be over there… it’s gone.” He Zizhong raised his eyebrows  and looked into the shadows in surprise. What was that? Zombie? Or is it a human? Would it give up such a good hunting opportunity if it was a zombie? But if it was human… who would it be?

But what is even more strange is, why did he “feel” that thing? It’s not a sound, it’s not a sixth sense, but an inexplicable “feeling”.

The question was not answered. Until everyone set off to leave the next day, He Zizhong did not notice the person or the zombie again. Perhaps it was a nearby survivor, who came over to see the situation after hearing the voice of everyone clearing up the zombies yesterday afternoon, but was not sure whether they were good people and did not come forward.

The night after the departure the next day, He Zizhong and Fang Hao returned to the car, and Tuanzi that had been left in the space appeared vigorously on the open space lined with oil tanks.

Tuanzi, who has a special liking for “puffing” jumps, floated in the air greatly depressed, sharing its vision with the bullying team worker papa, and beautiful and gentle mama.

Except for the original things in the refinery, there was nothing dazzling in his sight. After Tuanzi wandered around the field, He Zizhong let it return to the space and prepared to go in.

“Be careful, it doesn’t matter if you take less.” Fang Hao went up and kissed him on the cheek. Even if he didn’t get any other benefits after going out this time, the military would definitely reimburse all the teams the cost of fuel along the way. Although they do not have much gasoline, they are much better than other teams.

He Zizhong nodded slightly and turned to enter the space.

A fresh breath caressed his cheeks – much better than the damp and stuffy air outside.

Tuanzi was floating around in the open space in front of the bamboo building, and came to him as soon as it saw He Zizhong enter the space. Although papa’s embrace is not as comfortable as mama, it would never forgo the opportunity for someone to hold it!

Leaving the space with Tuanzi, He Zizhong returned to the open space they had just left.

He Zizhong remembered clearly that there were more than a dozen huge oil tanks containing refined oil, and their group had only taken some from two of them when they came. Although these oil tanks may not be full due to volatilization and other reasons, even one will be enough for the two of them to use for a long time.

The storage area of the space also increased, which was beneficial for He Zizhong’s actions. He quickly chose a few large oil tanks, and a few meter-high tanks stacked up on the lower level of the space. The volume gave He Zizhong a faint sense of oppression as they entered.

As always, he was not too greedy to collect everything, and only selected about half of the oil tanks with refined oil. He was considering whether to put the gasoline inside the space and return the containers back to their original place – after this mission, the missing containers will be seen by others when they return – but suddenly the “feeling” from last night reappeared!

There is something!

He Zizhong condensed his expression and looked in a certain direction. He didn’t know what this feeling was or where it came from, but there is no doubt that something appeared nearby!

He was unsure if it was a person or zombie. He Zizhong was thinking about whether to return to Fang Hao through the space when a thing rushed towards him like a sharp sword!

Level 2… No, even faster than a level 2 speed zombie!

The rushing object brought a gust of wind, and He Zizhong felt that every hair on his own was standing up. An inexplicable feeling spread from his body, making him seemingly able to detect every movement of that thing…


HZZ’s wind power-up is revealed!


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I love that mascot fluffball!

    1. komorebi says:

      Tuanzi isn’t fluffy though. It has no hair. Think water balloon.

  2. Sofia says:

    Thank you for the chapter~

    Finally I’m here. I binged read it for 2 days, instead of doing homework 😅😅

    Thank you very much to the translator for translating this work 😍

    1. komorebi says:

      😮 I hope your homework was completed in the end… I deny all culpability for any drop in grades or missed exams!
      Glad you’re enjoying HZZ and FH’s story though.

  3. ruinthyself says:

    aiya danger!!!!! i wonder if HZZ can kill it??? thank u for the chapter~

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