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RLDRFH Chapter 106

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A third-level zombie with wind power ‘flew’ down from a tall oil tank. With an outstretched arm in front, it was like a sharp sword jabbing forward!

After making a quick judgment in his mind, He Zizhong subconsciously treated his left foot as a fulcrum. The moment the zombie ‘flew’ towards him, he released his right foot, pivoting in a circle to dodge the sword tip!

Gold light spread in a bright layer over the dogleg knife that appeared out of thin air. With a “chi-” sound, the actually severed the zombie in half by leveraging its flying speed!!

Booms rang out twice as the two zombie halves landed one after another.

Standing on the spot, the pale gold color on the knife gradually faded away. He Zizhong’s forehead was full of cold sweat at the late realization of what just happened. For a while, he could only stand on the spot and gasp for breath, looking a little dazedly at the severed zombie corpse.

Although this scene happened very quickly, taking a few seconds before and after, these short seconds sapped all his concentrated mental power and strength. Now that it ended, the sense of tension and exhaustion in his body flooded in an instant.

“Puff, Puff.” Since the space upgrade, Tuanzi no longer had interest in level 2 crystal nuclei. Even if it was placed in front of it, it will ignore it, like a very picky child.

But now, seeing the zombie cut open by He Zizhong, Tuanzi bounced over with joy. Seeing the new snack, it happily began the activity of ‘digging for crystal cores and eating snacks’.

Supporting his hands on his knees, He Zizhong took a few deep breaths before stabilizing his beating heart, and raised his head again to look around. That “feeling” was gone, and only the corpses of the dead third-level zombies was on the ground.

The speed of the third-level wind zombie was faster than second-level speed zombies. He Zizhong has not encountered wind type zombies before, so he did not know what second-level wind type zombies were like, or their ability level. But this level 3 zombie attacked too fast. It was so fast that one move determined life or death. And because it died directly, he had no chance to study it.

Just from appearance alone, level 3 zombies look drier and thinner than their level 2 counterparts. Perhaps it’s because it’s body is not bloated from wind abilities, but it’s full of dark “skin”. Every piece is tight and full of strength like a tendon. But hardly any human features can be seen. The facial features are blurred together. The eyes are very large and dark, melting into the face with no whites at all. In contrast, the nose and lips are so light they are nearly invisible. The nose was just two lines, with a slight bulge at the tip, whereas the lips are only discernible from the thin horizontal line in the front.

After observing the appearance of this zombie, He Zizhong confirmed that there were no other third-level zombies nearby. But when he wanted to look for Tuanzi, he found it was gone.

In the space, a white light burst out of Tuanzi. He Zizhong, who was under Tuanzi, looked up speechlessly at the dumpling finishing it’s dinner.

You know, when Tuanzi was eating second-level zombie crystal nuclei, the pair of them hadn’t even see what it looked like! It wasn’t until it upgraded that they were able to confirm crystal nuclei were indeed colored after upgrading to the second level and much larger than before.

But now…

Seeing that Tuanzi so comfortable as it jiggled its fat body, He Zizhong sighed. He estimated that before it upgraded to the fourth level, he wouldn’t be able to see the true face of a third-level nucleus.

“Have you eaten?”

The meaty Tuanzi nodded comfortably in his arms.

“Take me back to mama then.”

Tuanzi shook its body once, and with a flash brought He Zizhong back to the Cavalier 15.

“Got it?” Because the fight with the level 3 zombie was too short, and He Zizhong saved time when he first collected the oil tank, Fang Hao didn’t wait long before they came back.

He Zizhong opened his mouth again and then realized… he forgot to put the oil tanks back!

The oils tanks are too large. He originally wanted to try to put the oil itself in the space after returning to the space to see if it would have any impact. As a result, he encountered the third-level zombie, Tuanzi eating the core, and after being disrupted by these things, returned early. He even forgot this plan!

If the team returns this way, they will definitely notice a few large oil tanks missing!

“What’s the matter?” Fang Hao asked in a low voice with some worry.

He Zizhong looked at him, coughed, and told him his plan. Then the two of them looked down at Tuanzi who was acting like a baby in Fang Hao’s arms. This guy has already returned, should he let it rush back overnight?

Tuanzi, who was consciously abused many times, was determined not to listen this time. It has already brought papa to that place. Why should it go back now? Why are they stupid and ask it to go?

Tuanzi with increased IQ was unhappy.

After checking that he would never be able to reach it even after using his own legs to run at night, Fang Hao thoughtfully persuaded him: “If there’s really impossible, wait until we return to think of a plan. We can try putting oil directly in the space on the road, and see if the liquid will affect other things.”

“…Now we can only do this.” He Zizhong had no other way. Fang Hao’s opinion was correct. Although the lower space put things in stasis, they had never put liquid directly in. Don’t know if the volatile gasoline will have any effect on other things. Even if there’s no consequence in the short term, what about in the longer run?

The two discussed it, and decided to put a bottle of mineral water in a certain part of the space. Let the water droplets spread in a designated area, and wait a few days to see if it would decrease.

Early in the morning, the convoy continued their journey northwest again.

The population density of the northwestern region is much lower than that of the eastern and southern regions.

Some people fled after there end of the world, thinking the population density in the western region is low, so the number of zombies will be relatively fewer. As such, they gave up the idea of hiding in the base and ran to the west to escape.

However, there are still zombies, especially the second-level zombies appear much faster than people expected. Unless there are some special circumstances, between zombies and mutated plants, those who run into open areas have nowhere to hide.

“There is something.” He Zizhong felt that in the past two days, he have powers of a ‘magic stick’. When he was in the base before, there were no obvious feelings. But after reaching a relatively open area, this kind of ‘perception’ burst out all at once.

It’s a pity that he hasn’t figured out whether this ability is caused by the wind power or the gold power. Or perhaps it’s related to the internal martial arts he practiced?

Although He Zizhong intuitively felt that this was caused by abilities, how to improve it was uncertain. But this does not prevent him from using this “perception”.

Fang Hao knew that He Zizhong had killed a third-level zombie alone at the refinery, but because he had not seen it with his own eyes, he thought that when He Zizhong killed it like he killed second-level zombies before. But after hearing his words, he immediately increased his vigilance and carefully observed the surrounding night.

Tonight, the two of them are in charge of the night watch. Of course, there are others also on the shift. Each team is responsible for a different direction. He Zizhong and Fang Hao are in charge of one direction, but their partners are not from Samara, but two other smaller teams and some soldiers.

“There are a lot of… mutant animals!” He Zizhong found that the number of those “things” didn’t seem to be too small, and his expression became serious.

This is the second time for the two of them were responsible for the night vigil. The last time when they sat on the roof of the car, occasionally a few zombies came over and were “poked” to death by He Zizhong’s toothpicks from a distance. But it seemed tonight was not calm.

“Which direction?” Fang Hao asked quickly. They didn’t encounter many mutant animals before, but each time was troublesome. Mutant and zombies animals were more flexible than normal zombies.

He Zizhong pointed in a certain direction. It was not the direction they were defending, and the distance between those things was not too close, but…

He Zizhong picked up the walkie-talkie. If there are too many mutant animals and zombies, I’m afraid that if they don’t prepare well in advance, the team will suffer a big loss.

“Something is coming from ten o’clock!”


“Ten o’clock? Where is it? Why didn’t I see it?”

“Who is talking nonsense? Why didn’t I see anything…”

There was a messy dialogue from the walkie-talkie. After a few days of marching, many people’s combat abilities were dulled, but their temper and arrogance remained. From the base defense till now, they haven’t encountered any great danger, so this mentality has only gotten stronger.

Even the military who went out together this time did not dare to support members to scout the problem.

The intercom was still a mess when the first voice rang out again: “It’s here!”



The sound of gunshots awakened people from their sleep. Hurriedly climbing out of their cars to look out, all they saw were gunshots and screams from ten o’clock.


Hm, if a zombie is severed in half, is it corpse or corpses? 🤔

Tuanzi strikes again with it’s favorite hobby – stealing nuclei!!!


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