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RLDRFH Chapter 103

He Zizhong and Fang Hao didn’t go out with Guo Bing and the team to hunt crystal nuclei. For one thing, Guo Bing and them were able to deal with the things near the gates of the base. Secondly, they had to prepare imitation pancakes and other things needed when going out. In addition, they also need to sort out the space and calculate the growth cycle of the crops.

This time, because the farmland area has become larger and the growth cycle has accelerated, it is estimated that they will use the harvester in the space the next harvest.

“Fortunately, we will pass by the refinery this time. Otherwise, our gasoline and diesel will not be enough.” The sowing and harvesting machines in the space also depend on gasoline to run.

He Zizhong laughed when Fang Hao said this. “There are still tank trucks we found that are not used up. It will be enough for us to consume a while.”

“The points needed to redeem gasoline have gone up again today.” Fang Hao complained with a little dissatisfaction.

“Fortunately, the grenade bombs are powerful.” He Zizhong sighed. “We still didn’t exchange enough before.”

“It was limited before, but it’s not as inaccessible as now… This time when we go with them, it would be nice if we could get more of these things by the way.” Fang Hao leaned his head on He Zizhong’s shoulder and said in a low voice.

He Zizhong nodded. Fortunately, gasoline could be collected in the old way.1Guessing the old way means collecting tanks and from gasoline shops But weapons… He is afraid that the arsenal is not big enough, so everything will transported back in one go. In this case, there is no chance for them to secretly do anything.

That night, when the young couple were having regular and in-depth exchanges in the space bathroom, Fang Hao… upgraded.

White light spread from his body when the two were at a critical moment in a certain state. Fang Hao’s whole body was completely lost until the glowing halo was completely dissipated and he reappeared in He Zizhong’s arms weakened. He couldn’t move for a long time; it wasn’t from pain, but some kind of aftertaste.

This feeling is too difficult to describe, and it is even harder to share given how thin Fang Hao’s face is. He Zizhong wrapped and comforted him, and the two went back to the second-floor bedroom. Someone directly drilled the quilt, pretending to be dead and lay there without moving.

In the slightly brown pupils, white and navy blue light intertwined and flowed repeatedly with an unspeakable seductiveness. Opposite of the gold and cyan in He Zizhong’s eyes, the two seemed to be able to look directly into each other’s hearts from their eyes.

“It seems that the navy blue is the color of the speed abilities.” For some reason, Fang Hao’s two abilities did not rise to the second level on the same day, but reached the third level at the same time. Maybe it’s because the body has made some kind of adjustment in order to balance the coordination of the two abilities?

Fang Hao turned out a small mirror from a corner of the space. Seeing his own eyes in the mirror and then He Zizhong’s, he was very satisfied. “The colors… are very matched…”

Yes, the colors of the two of them match well, just like the sense of togetherness when they stand next to each other. Gold to white, cyan to navy blue, they feel like the same type.

“En, it looks good.” He Zizhong still found it troublesome when the brilliance appeared in his own eyes. Even if Fang Hao’s eyes have changed like this, he thinks it looks good. Even if it’s troublesome, in his eyes, the eyes of a lover, he will subconsciously ignore it.

Ducking his head into He Zizhong’s arms, Fang Hao closed his eyes with a sweet smile. He finally caught up with his footsteps. I will always be with him, whether in life or in battle, and be by his side.

The next day was when participants of the special mission began gathered. Early the next morning, He Zizhong and Fang Hao drove their cars to the Samsara team’s villa gate and prepared with their convoy.

Not all the people in their team were dispatched. The two space abilities naturally followed, and the remaining members totaled twelve people and three cars. It’s unknown how long they will be gone for, so the remaining people must stay in the base to ensure the safety of their rear line. It’s also to keep people near the base and continue to collect crystal nuclei. When operating with the military, it may be hard to collect crystal cores on the road.

Previously, the crystal nuclei collected by the team were handed over to Chen Ning and Le Tian, and their space system abilities upgraded. The capacity also doubled.

Four cars rushed to the assembly place. As soon as they arrived, He Zizhong discovered that many famous teams in the base were present.

Some more prestigious teams in the base also sent manpower this time, which made He Zizhong frown a little. Most of the people in these teams were noticed in the previous base defense who have now established a certain position in the base due to it.

At present, most teams are recruiting members. During the time they rested, there were booths for recruiting members everywhere in the base. But unlike before when teams took the initiative to recruit people with various welfare conditions, now scattered people actively wanted to join teams.

The response from the upper levels of the base was not unpleasant. Although various constraints were quickly issued in an attempt to curb the development of these teams, this suppression made scattered people more inclined to join the various teams rather than the base. The public opinion in the base was not as positive towards the base as previously expected, which was beyond their expectations.

But this mission…

He Zizhong estimated that he arrived at the base the same day that Allen and the others safely returned after this mission. But which day was it back then? He Zizhong didn’t remember it. After the end of the world, almost no one counted the days individually. Calendars, mobile phones, and other methods of confirming the date also disappeared with the arrival of the apocalypse.

In that mission, the military should have gotten what they wanted, and Allen and the other ability teams also gained a lot. But… why did he think the atmosphere of this operation was so weird?

“Zizhong.” Fang Hao put his hand gently on He Zizhong’s arm. He felt that He Zizhong’s emotions were a little heavy.

He Zizhong shook his head, and said in a low voice: “I just think that this mission… there are more people going than imagined.” If it was only Overlord, Samsara, and couple other teams acting together, He Zizhong would feel it was normal. But this time, almost all members that showed up during the base defense and stole the limelight were present…

Was he thinking too much?

Fang Hao gently pulled his arm. “Zizhong, if you’re worried, we won’t go…” With that, he quickly said, “It doesn’t matter if we go. It doesn’t matter what happens. Let’s enter the space on the way.”

If this is really a trap set for ability people from above, even if the two of them want to return to the base after this, it is unlikely they will be able to return to their shelter. But if it wasn’t…

Guo Bing and Chen Ning had a few conversations with teams they knew. After wrapping up, they got into He Zizhong’s car.

“The situation is a bit wrong.” Guo Bing frowned and looked out the window.

“Did your comrade-in-arms say that there will be so many people?” He Zizhong understood what he meant. If Guo Bing had known that so many people would come, he would not have the expression of concern he had now.

Sure enough, Guo Bing shook his head. “He said that not many people knew…”

Chen Ning sneered: “Really few people know.”

Guo Bing helplessly replied. “We just met with several teams. They only learned about this task two days ago – someone from the military took the initiative to find them.”

He Zizhong raised his eyebrows and thought for a while. “This mission… I think if it wasn’t for the people above deliberately doing some things… this mission – it may be particularly dangerous.”

Guo Bing understood his unfinished sentence. In other words, all teams now clearly feel the pressure from above. But team leaders don’t necessarily understand the principle of keeping a low profile. Many people have a hot temper. They might not have mixed well before the end of the world, and did not want to suffer this kind of frustration now. The more they encounter it, the more they want to rebel.

It was He Zizhong’s later speculation that he didn’t think of yet. “Danger?”

He Zizhong nodded slowly. “Since that arsenal is so important, if the people above never retrieved it before, I’m afraid…”

“It’s too dangerous.” Chen Ning said. The color on his face turned a little black. “Perhaps they have sent people there before.”

Guo Bing took in a deep breath: “Perhaps even more than once.”

Compared to the base’s desire to take an opportunity to get rid of the extreme thoughts of those with abilities, everyone thinks the latter kind of speculation is more reliable. Of course, even then, they are still cannon fodder characters. But in any case, something that can be brought back by strength is better than putting one’s fate in the hands of someone who is unreliable.2They’re contemplating: 1) the base trying to pit them, 2) the arsenal being dangerous. The first danger is hard to plan for, while the second is dangerous, but not as bad.

“What do you think will be there?” Guo Bing asked the three of them in a low voice after arriving at a consensus.

“Mutated plants.” Chen Ning still remembers those terrifying plants. Not just their previous experience in city M, the appearance of those things surging among the corpses outside the base a few days ago is also memorable.

“Perhaps high-level zombies.” He Zizhong looked towards the walls of the base. In the distance, deep in the city, and far away from the crowd, there must be at least one or two high-level zombies.

Guo Bing sighed again and shook his head. “Anyway, it’s not a good thing.”

Fang Hao suddenly pointed outside the car. “Other people.”

The three were stunned, but they couldn’t help but nod their heads to admit that, yes, there are still people… While encountering high-level zombies and mutant plants, what is even more frightening is that they have companions with all kinds of thoughts around them.


What do you think is worse? Mutant plants, high-level zombies, or the human heart?


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  • 1
    Guessing the old way means collecting tanks and from gasoline shops
  • 2
    They’re contemplating: 1) the base trying to pit them, 2) the arsenal being dangerous. The first danger is hard to plan for, while the second is dangerous, but not as bad.
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