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RLDRFH Chapter 102

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The movements of the two women in the kitchen were swift. The three chubby kids also smelled the scent and snuck into the kitchen entrance to look around.

It didn’t take long for lunch and the dishes to be cooked. The two women called the powerful Mengzi and Liu Jiangfeng to carry the pots over.

“That piece of meat is not small. We cut out a total of 70 pieces. Each person can eat two pieces, which is very rich.” The older woman said with a smile, pointing to the big pot. “We added a lot of potatoes and a few carrots too…” Potatoes are the most common vegetable in the base today, because they are durable to store and have a relatively large yield, so all households have some.

On the contrary, it is difficult to store carrots. The few roots they had were obtained during their outing previously. Because there was meat to stew today were they willing to put some in.

Plus steamed rice with miscellaneous grains. In order to prevent people fighting, the two women fished out the stewed meat in advanced and added two pieces to each bowl. The rest of the potatoes and carrots were served casually.

The meaty taste is not very strong, but the big men who haven’t touched meat for a long time ate without looking up.

Everyone needs at least two bowls of rice, and those with the largest appetites can kill at least five or six bowls.

At the end of the meal, there was not even vegetable soup left in the pot…

Full of good wine and food,1It’s an expression of being content with high-end food. There’s no real wine served Guo Bing lay on the sofa with his stomach up. There was no way – he ate too much and his stomach couldn’t bend at all, else it would be squeezed out.

“It’s really a shame that you still have meat in your family…” Guo Bing was very eager to light a cigarette at this time, but it is estimated that there is no way to produce things like tobacco and alcohol in a short time. Even if there is farmland outside, the base will never use those land to grow tobacco, let alone use grain to make wine. These things were really the most that’s used, the less that remains.

“Not much.” He Zizhong didn’t say that he had no meat at all, nor could he say there was still a lot in his home. He could only smile vaguely.

Of course, Guo Bing didn’t struggle. These things are very expensive, and he knows that He Zizhong should not be short of food or electricity. Maybe since the apocalypse, the refrigerator in their home basically still had power to store such meat products, right?

However, it would be great if they could still buy from them later…

Skipping the meat-eating problem for the time being, Guo Bing talked about business: “I just went to an old comrade-in-arms and asked about what we just said.” Then, after a pause, he whispered to the duo, “In fact, he doesn’t know either.”

He Zizhong raised his eyebrows without much surprise.

“When I asked about it again, he asked someone to inquire about it. There are other things at play this time.” Guo Bing lowered his voice again, and beckoned to Chen Ning who had just entered the door. After he took a seat, he explained in detail, “The person who proposed this mission is a second generation in the Wu family. Although this person is a little shabby and has some ability, the mission itself is fine. But the problem is the latter. This time the base intends to cooperate with ability teams, and the first one they contacted is the Overlord team.”

He Zizhong and Fang Hao looked at each other. “Is the second generation from the Wu family the one who took Allen away before?”

Guo Bing nodded slightly, and Chen Ning explained: “The Wu family intends to marry the Song family, but the young lady from the Song family had a leg with Allen before the end of the world.”

“The Song family?” He Zizhong frowned and thought for a while. “I remember there was a general whose surname was Song?”

Among the forces of the base military, the Song family counts as one of them. In comparison, people like the Wu family can only be regarded as second-rate. Although they have a certain power, they don’t have their own direct troops. But he seems to have heard that the Song family does not seem to have very capable juniors.

“Yes, that Miss Song family is the only grandchild of the Song family. She’s the only one in her generation, and is still a granddaughter.” Therefore, marriage is very important to the Song family. “That Allen hugged this young lady’s thigh before the end of the world.”

Fang Hao was a little puzzled. “Does the Song family disagree to their children associating with Allen?” Knowing that Allen’s gold master is a woman sounds comparatively better than being kept by a man.

Chen Ning nodded and explained to him: “This young lady from the Song family… not only did she include him as a small actor, she didn’t treat him very well. But now is the end of the world, and Allen is the best among her lovers. That Miss Song has been fighting with Wu Shao of the Wu family before the apocalypse and they have had a few conflicts for the sake of lovers…”

“Ah? Miss Song and Wu Shao fighting over lovers… how do they fight?” This man and woman, the two are fighting for love… isn’t the gender wrong?!

Guo Bing smiled and explained from the side: “The Song family likes men, and the Wu family likes them too.”

…A gay and a woman fighting for a man… They must be fighting for a double plug!2Double plug = someone who is an attacker (gong/tachi) and receiver (shou/neko). Like Allen.

Chen Ning added: “The two of them have similar hobbies, and they both like the little white face type. I heard that Allen also had a relationship with Young Master Wu, but I don’t know what happened afterwards.”

These topics are really a little bit difficult and obscure. He Zizhong rubbed his temples and brought the topic back: “That is to say, there is a problem with this mission?”

“I’m afraid there will be any accidents.” Guo Bing sighed. “The possibility of the Song family choosing the Wu family is still very high, and the Wu family and Allen have conflicts. Although the Miss Song has not cut off contact with Allen after the apocalypse. But I’m afraid that people like them have not put Allen in their eyes at all. Even if his future as an ability person is worth looking forward to, he is not worthy of the Song family…

“So Allen wants to marry the Song family?”

Guo Bing sneered: “Of course. He didn’t have this kind of opportunity before the end of the world, let alone this kind of capital. But now it’s different. If he can make his team one of the largest in the base, he will have this kind of opportunity. Having said that, the Song family… even if the family is powerful, I would not dare marry her.”

“Why? Because he has so many lovers?” Fang Hao was curious, the gossip soul in his stomach burned fiercely.

Chen Ning suddenly sneered and laughed: “The daughter of the Song family looks very much like someone you know.”


Guo Bing slapped his legs and laughed while Chen Ning pointed to the downstairs: “Mengzi.”

Mengzi has a physique ability. As a man, he has thick eyebrows and big eyes. Although he looks a little stupid and straightforward in some ways, he is definitely a real man. But if a girl looked like that…

“Their Song family’s genes are too strong, and the men resemble their fathers. Even any daughters are carved out of the same model. It is a pity that their Song family married two generations of beauty in a row, but the beauty gene did not pass on to the next generation.” Guo Bing spoke again with a smile, patting his thigh. “But it’s also good, and can prove it’s their own bloodline.”

He Zizhong once again raised the topic of the mission: “Then the mission?”

The group quieted down again. Guo Bing frowned and finally released a long sigh: “Very unwilling…” Leaving behind so many weapons and things, he really is unwilling. “And this time we will pass by an oil refinery. My old comrade-in-arms clearly implied not bringing too much extra. If you have the ability to collect things on the road, it’s more affordable than trying to find something near the base…”

As he said, he looked at Chen Ning. Chen Ning nodded and said, “I will try to vacate my space before we go with Le Tian.”

“This mission will not be too fast. We have to wait for a few days at least. Let’s go outside the base these days to get some crystal nuclei to upgrade your and Le Tian’s space.”

So, they made up their mind to go this time.

He Zizhong looked at Fang Hao, and Fang Hao tilted his head and blinked at him to show that he would listen to him.

“Okay, let’s go too, even if it’s for broadening our horizons.”

Guo Bing laughed and nodded. “Let’s remember, maybe they can’t take everything away at once?”

Over the next two days, the Samsara team went out the base to fight zombies again.

The weird situation before the zombies besieged the city never appeared again. First-level zombies were still scattered on the edge of the city. Higher-level zombies did not surround the periphery, but gathered in the depths of the city.

Everyone knew how weird this situation was, but still couldn’t ascertain the deep meaning of it, so they pretended not to know, and waited to see any tricks.

The base is now increasing planting efforts, planting almost all kinds of high-yield crops in the farmland outside the west. The main food is sorghum and corn, and the main vegetables are potatoes and carrots. Almost all other crops cannot grow. The waterways are contaminated by a large number of zombies in the moat, and they dare not increase their cultivation.

Now the base’s water fee has been risen a few times again. The base sells deep groundwater to be safe. However, some people who can’t afford water still secretly use the water in the moat. As a result, several small-scale zombie incidents broke out in the base. Fortunately, they were  discovered was fairly timely, and there were no major problems.

The problem of drinking water is still very serious. The people who were originally stuck in the base and refused to go out realized they can no longer wait to find things in the base. If they don’t go out, they won’t even be able to make money to buy water!

Although the base does not watch them starve to death, as long as they do not leave the base, they can  only receive relief money every day, and food and water every other day. Included is only two palm-sized multigrain pancakes plus a 500ml bottle of water. This is a two-day ration.

Those who can receive relief funds are conditional. First, they cannot pay the entrance fee when entering the city. Second, those who cannot pay rent, and live in shops, halls, roadsides, etc. Third, people who have lost their jobs.

Only by meeting two of the three criteria can people receive relief. The base is not worried about whether someone will pretend to claim it. Even if someone who does not have his own house hides some materials, it will definitely be discovered by others, sometimes even snatched away. As for those who use their strength to grab people’s things but still receive relief funds, the base can’t control it at all, and can only turn a blind eye.

As for the victims… they can only apologize.



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  • 1
    It’s an expression of being content with high-end food. There’s no real wine served
  • 2
    Double plug = someone who is an attacker (gong/tachi) and receiver (shou/neko). Like Allen.
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