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RLDRFH Chapter 101

“Brother Shen, Brother Liu!” Le Tian hurried in from the outside with a look of excitement. “Hurry, Hurry! Zhang Xiaoming found several people secretly selling crystal nuclei!”

“Nuclei? Where did they come from?”

Le Tian glanced secretly around the hall. Seeing no one was paying attention to them, he explained to them in a low voice: “That person seems to be someone who went out with the military to clean up the ashes outside before, and hid some secretly!”

Although a lot of crystal nuclei was “robbed” by mutant plants, the remaining amount was actually not small. The base officials collected most. Some people with brain who went out for a mission will secretly leave behind one or two, then take them back and secretly find someone in the base to exchange some food.

Not to mention that some missed crystal nuclei were mixed in with the soil outside the city. After the gates were opened, in the past two days, many “gold diggers” appeared. After picking up crystal nuclei, they bring it back to the base to find someone to exchange with what they need.

By the time He Zizhong and Fang Hao heard about this, the crystal nuclei in the black market in the base had already risen to the point where a first-grade nucleus could be exchanged for ten catties1Around 13lbs of flour.

“No.” After He Zizhong heard the news, he immediately shook his head. Unless he is crazy, who would trade a crystal core for ten catties of grain? Crystal nuclei are currently not very difficult for the pair to obtain currently. One zombie, one knife, it a mere blink’s worth of effort. On the contrary, it is food. Even if the two of them plant food in the space and want to harvest, they have to wait a long time!

“Why is it so expensive?” Fang Hao also felt puzzled.

Le Tian, who came to talk about gossip, spread his hands: “Who knows?”

Zhang Xiaoming secretly whispered to the two of them: “I heard people say, it is because someone in the base is now using crystal cores to upgrade!”

He and Fang Hao stared at each other – isn’t it the just them2HZZ, FH and the Samsara members who upgraded with crystal nuclei? It’s just that the pair of them fed nuclei to the space, whereas those in Samsara used it themselves.

Zhang Xiaoming shook his head quickly: “It’s not us, nor is it news we released. We just learned that some people wanted to buy crystal cores when they were selling them, but when we heard that it was so expensive, we gave up. Are we unable to do it ourselves? There was news from the base that the military already worked out a method to use crystal nuclei, but it’s not announced yet. Therefore, people with crystal nuclei in their hands are not willing to sell unless their family is running out of food!”

Because of the previous base defense efforts, the residents’ trust in the base has reduced to a certain extent. It is not incomprehensible for everyone to speculate like this now.

“What about the news from the military?” He Zizhong asked them.

Le Tian shook his head. “I don’t know. Our boss went to inquire, and he hasn’t come back yet.”

Le Tian and Zhang Xiaoming was bored and had nothing to do, so they went to visit He Zizhong’s house. There is no other way. The base is only so big. Although their team has enough to eat and drink, no one has so many supplies to support themselves going shopping every day. Before, everyone had to go out to do tasks almost every day. Now that they suddenly have leisure time, where can they go for a stroll? Only then, did they land on the idea of stopping by the home of He Zizhong and Fang Hao.

The two of them sat for a while and killed two packs of potato chips before they left happily. As a result, before 20 minutes had elapsed,  Zhang Xiaoming ran back out of breath. “My, my boss, in-invites, you to please come over…” This task of running errands as soon as I returned… isn’t he a mental worker3Recall, he’s someone who relied on his brain to work previously. Re: programmer or something related? He’s not a messenger!

Following Zhang Xiaoming, who was panting heavily, they went out and headed for the Samsara villa together. Guo Bing also only came back when it started to rain again. He didn’t bring an umbrella when he went out in the morning. When he came back, he was all wet and his hair was still wet at the moment.

Seeing the pair of them coming over, he greeted them and pulled them in. When the main meeting participants had arrived, he announced: “There is a mission from the base.”

“From the base?” Chen Ning frowned. “How is the task reward calculated? What is the difficulty of the task?”

Recently, the base place secretly changed task rewards and other information, which made the main leaders of each team feel very upset. They desperately survived and completed a task, but the points they got were not enough to exchange back the ammunition consumed in the mission. This made Chen Ning, the person in charge for the distribution of rewards and points, particularly uncomfortable. It is better for everyone to go out to fight zombies and find supplies.

Guo Bing shrugged: “This time it’s a task of cooperating with the military. In addition to us, they also contacted some other teams.”

“What is the task?” Other teams were also contacted to act together? The difficulty shouldn’t be low then.

“The arsenal of the Northwest Military Region.”

This meeting was held with a small range of personnel in Guo Bing’s bedroom, so there were no other team members. Thus, the few people in the room were quiet as soon as Guo Bing revealed the destination.

“Arsenal…” He Zizhong raised his eyebrows and asked, “What about rewards?” He knew that this kind of task could not be participated in by strength alone. A certain background among the base’s upper echelons was needed. Without the support of Guo Bing, it was impossible for himself and Fang Hao to know the news.

“Afterwards, they will distribute some weapons to participating teams in proportion to their efforts.” Guo Bing said. “Don’t ask me how much they will distribute to us. That’s what Lao Li said. I’m just afraid that there will be no such shop after passing the village4As in, no future opportunity if they pass this one up… while we might not be lacking in firearms now, the number of zombies out there are probably not any fewer.”

Back then, they did take a lot of firearms, and the role those weapons have in combat is indeed not lacking. But such things are consumable. Even if they save some, they will be used up one day.

“The Northwest Military Region… is far away from the base. What about gasoline? How to calculate the consumption of materials on the road? How to calculate the ammunition?” Chen Ning asked again.

“The military is in charge.” Guo Bing looked at him with a sigh. “Lao Li and the others took a fancy to our car, and they told us the news this time. I heard that the base seems to be studying weapons more lethal to zombies for ordinary people. This time their objective is to get production equipment… I also know that the last time’s affairs were too bad, but I’m afraid this is an opportunity…”

Is it a chance? Or is it a wasteful coolie operation?5As in, is this a good opportunity? Or is this them being the military’s lapdogs? Guo Bing was uncertain, and Chen Ning was also uncertain. But if the base really develops a more effective attack method against zombies… Then if you participate in the operation this time, you might get even more benefits in the future.

He Zizhong saw that the two of them were struggling, and suddenly he asked: “What about on the road? How do you count the materials or crystal nuclei collected by individuals and teams?”

Guo Bing also raised his eyebrows, and pondered: “I’ll go ask and find out. If you keep what you collect on the road, it’s not bad.” Of course, it’s better to sign a cooperation agreement to avoid future problems when acting. In fact, it’s mainly that if they weren’t with the military, if they act together and find the arsenal, there’s absolutely no way to open the door or get anything.

Everyone knew that even if they can sign the contract, it will probably depend on who has the bigger fist. But if the harvest during the joint action isn’t bad, then… they don’t mind taking a risk.

Guo Bing went out to inquire again, and Chen Ning asked He Zizhong and Fang Hao to stay for lunch.

To be honest, there is nothing delicious in the base. No matter how powerful a chef is, facing the current situation where there is nothing to use, he will not be able to produce a full-fledged banquet.

The two came here this time and didn’t bring anything. On the contrary, Fang Hao’s backpack was holding Tuanzi. After thinking about it, he took out a piece of frozen pork belly through the backpack. It was collected by the two of them before the end of the world. Since the previous pig raised in the space was killed by them, such meat was thrown aside.




A group of wolf-like men had green eyes when they saw the streaky pork. How long has it been since they smelled meat? After the end of the world, there is always a place to find food, snacks, and instant noodles. But after the power stopped, the refrigerators in supermarkets outside all stink! Apart from eating some meat at the beginning, they have not seen this thing for a long time.

“We ate your food when acting together previously. This is leftover from the refrigerator at home. Give everyone an additional dish today.” As soon as He Zizhong’s voice fell, he saw Chen Ning, who had always been relatively calm, stand up. After taking the meat, he said solemnly: “How can you let you do this.” He passed the meat to Zhao Long beside him, “Let my aunt and sister-in-law stew it.”

Zhao Long had green lights in his eyes as he took the meat and flashed into the kitchen…

Sure enough, they haven’t eaten meat for too long?

After Guo Bing returned to the villa, he kept rubbing his nose: “Why do you smell meat stew?”

The team members staring at the kitchen eagerly didn’t even look at him: “We can eat it soon…”

“Is there really meat?!” Guo Bing was also shocked, and quickly looked at the most reliable Chen Ning.

Chen Ning nodded and glanced at the kitchen without stopping: “He Zizhong and Fang Hao brought it.”

“Okay! Brother! You will be my real brother from now on!!” He Zizhong, who was forced to have another brother because of a piece of meat, calmly rubbed his numb shoulder, and quietly moved back half-step. Fang Hao pursed his mouth and smirked.

Before sharing the news he went to inquire about, the entire Samsara team gathered in the living room and waited for the meat. No way, can the meat of mutant animals be eaten after the end of the world? Is it poisonous? No one can tell now. But even if the meat of those animals can be eaten, since entering the post-apocalyptic times, except for a very small number of mutated animals and zombies, it is almost difficult to actively find them. Even if they want to eat, there is no way to grab them!

Can’t blame the people in reincarnation for being so excited. One can only blame He Zizhong for being away from a crowd for too long, and being used to having a comfortable life at home, so he forgot that other people have had no meat to eat for a long time…


[Samsara team]: 🥩🥩🥩🥩!!! 🤤


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  • 1
    Around 13lbs
  • 2
    HZZ, FH
  • 3
    Recall, he’s someone who relied on his brain to work previously. Re: programmer or something related
  • 4
    As in, no future opportunity if they pass this one up
  • 5
    As in, is this a good opportunity? Or is this them being the military’s lapdogs?
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    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      No worries. Thank you for staying on the journey with me, HZZ, FH, and the rest of the RLDRFH characters. 😄

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      MEAT!!!! 🥩
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