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NGTHYO Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Translator: Castle


Early in the next morning, Gu Suisui, who had a mobile phone, happily approached Lu Chi.


“Brother Lu Chi, my mother bought me a new mobile phone. Let’s add our WeChat.” She blinked a pair of beautiful apricot eyes which were full of sincerity, and simply made people unable to refuse.


Well, Lu Chi never thought of rejecting it.


He took out his mobile phone and asked curiously: “…Suisui, am I the first person in the crew to add WeChat?”


Gu Suisui said, “Of course.” 


Seeing her like this, Lu Chi’s expression immediately burst into joy


He thought that it was worthwhile for him to arrange an assistant to feed her snacks and fruits all the time. It did not really go in vain. 


Realizing his importance in the little girl’s heart, Lu Chi raised his mouth slightly, and watched with satisfaction as she scanned the QR code and added WeChat, and then changed his contact to “Brother Lu Chi”.


“It’s inconvenient to contact you by WeChat alone. Brother will give you his phone number.” After that, Lu Chi gave her his personal phone number.


Not many people in the circle knew this number. Lu Chi himself didn’t expect that one day he would give it to a three-year-old child.


Although the two had only been together for more than half a month, Lu Chi really liked Gu Suisui. In his opinion, this young girl was simply his pistachio1sweet, and sometimes the childish words that came out of her mouth would make him laugh.


Going back to the old house a few days ago, even the always serious and old-fashioned grandfather could see that he was in a good mood recently and asked him if something good happened to him.


“By the way, if you can’t get through my phone for something, just call this uncle next to me. His cell phone is on 24 hours a day.”


Lu Chi’s agent standing by: “…??!” I am only five or six years older than you, and also at the prime of my life, why are you a brother and I am an uncle! This is too unfair!!


Gu Suisui was very popular among the crew. Basically, there was no staff who did not know her. Who made her this sweet? Whoever she met, she would take the initiative to call; brother, sister, uncle, and aunt. 


A little girl who seemed to be carved out of jade, calling with such a soft and sticky voice, how many adults could bear to be so cruel and cold-faced? Besides, everyone in the crew could see that the director and the first male lead liked this child very much. Even if they did not really care about Suisui in their hearts, they dared not show it so blatantly.


Afterall, nobody in the crew was such a fool.


Adults may be apprehensive, but they were generally not guarded against a child who was only three years old. Seeing that she was asking for contact information, some people took the initiative to walk over and give her their contact information, before they could even wait for her short legs to come over. 


Sun Hong, the makeup artist of the crew, was one of them.


It’s just that, she did this because she was in love with the little girl, not to please the director and the first male lead. 


She was calm on the surface, but actually, the “old aunt” Sun Hong was screaming crazily in her heart, and even took this opportunity to take a photo with her little idol.


Ahhhhhhh! Suisui is so cute!! I really want to touch again, what to do! Her hair looks so soft, it must be very comfortable to touch…


Sun Hong put away her phone, and covertly coughed.


In order to prevent herself from being labeled as a weird auntie by the little girl, she had tried very hard to restrain herself.


Gu Suisui went around the set, and after a while, there were more than 20 friends on the WeChat account she just created.


But… the beautiful sister who gave her candy was not in the crew. Brother Lu Chi said that she had already finished, so Little Marshmallow couldn’t get her contact information this time.




“Pond” was the nickname for Lu Chi’s fans.


As we all know, the more famous a celebrity is, the less frequent they post on Weibo. Except for some necessary publicity for a new drama or a new endorsement, generally speaking, there were only a few private photos on their personal accounts.


But today, the Ponds discovered that their brother miraculously posted a Weibo today, just after forwarding a makeup photo released by the crew of “Dormant” yesterday.


Lu Chi V: Let me introduce, my little princess @GuSuiSui [photo]


“Ahhh! ! What happened! Brother suddenly spoiled powder2fans and sent photos today?!”


“Did anybody notice? This little girl seems to be the one in the makeup photo yesterday!”


“The account Lu Ge tagged seems to be just a newly registered Weibo account, and only one Weibo has been forwarded, and the rest has nothing.”


“Brother even openly tagged the account, could it still be fake? This must be the little actress who played the little princess of the fallen country. This is the first time the Ponds have seen their brother call someone else, for our brother, we have to pay attention.”


There was turmoil on the Internet, and Gu Suisui, who was earnestly filming and making money to buy small skirts, had no idea.


Lu Chi saw her taking photos with others and got envious, so he secretly asked the little girl to take a picture. It was his own idea to post the photo of both of them on Weibo, and he did not even tell Gu Suisui.


He wanted to give the little girl a surprise.


Lu Chi’s Weibo account has always been in his own hands. It’s just a photo with a child in the crew, so he could send it if he wanted to. It’s not a big deal to be scolded by his agent afterward.



In the afternoon, Feng Yaoqin finished her work in the convenience store, changed her uniform and prepared to pick up her daughter from the crew. Who knew when she had just taken out her mobile phone, a lot of messages had popped on the screen, all coming from Weibo.


Immediately afterward, she discovered that the Weibo account that had just been registered for her daughter last night had exploded. The number of fans on this account has increased all of a sudden!


Feng Yaoqin saw the numbers and was stunned: “…??!”


What is going on?


Did Weibo’s system malfunction??


Feng Yaoqin, full of doubts, followed the only comment forwarded under this account, and finally found the reason for the soaring fans.


It turned out that just this morning, Lu Chi suddenly posted a photo with Suisui on the crew and tagged the account.


Lu Chi’s Weibo account has more than 20 million fans. After his operation, it only took half a day, and Feng Yaoqin’s newly registered Weibo number for her daughter directly gained 200,000 followers!!





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