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NGTHYO Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Translator: Castle


After dinner, Feng Yaoqin worked alone in the kitchen, while Gu Suisui sat on the sofa and watched TV.


Suddenly, the Little Marshmallow who was watching the handsome brothers and beautiful sisters in a variety show thought of an important thing: “Mom, give me your phone for a while, okay?”


Feng Yaoqin replied: “Mom’s mobile phone is on the table in the living room, just take it yourself. The lock screen password is 6 sixes.”


Gu Suisui found her mobile phone, unlocked it, and tapped on the screen enthusiastically.


At this time, Feng Yaoqin came out of the kitchen with freshly cut fruits, fed her daughter a small piece of apple, and asked: “Sui Sui, what are you playing? So serious.”


Gu Suisui smiled sweetly: “Director Uncle said that tonight, the crew’s official account will release a set of makeup photos, which contain photos of my character. I want to guard the phone and see it as soon as possible .” 


Feng Yaoqin smiled helplessly. Since filming “Dormant”, her daughter has become much more beautiful, and her personality has become more cheerful and lively.


Feng Yaoqin taught her daughter to register a Weibo account and used her other mobile phone number. Considering that Suisui is a young actor with work after the drama was completed, Feng Yaoqin simply set the name of the newly registered Weibo account as her own.


“Mom, why does Brother Lu Chi’s Weibo account have this yellow V suffix, but I don’t have it?” The Little Cotton Candy incarnate became a Hundred Thousand Why.


Although she used to know what Weibo is through Sister Tao Yao, there were still many small problems that she couldn’t figure out.


Feng Yaoqin patiently explained: “This is an actor certification, and we will have it in the future.” Their family Suisui is so lovely and beautiful, they can definitely stand out in this circle.


Gu Suisui clicked to follow the account, and said excitedly: “Then I will find Brother Lu Chi tomorrow, and let him get one for me too!” This yellow V is ​​so pretty (/≧▽≦/)~


Look for Lu Chi?


Feng Yaoqin didn’t know who her daughter knew these days because she didn’t join the crew, but she often heard Lu Chi’s name from her daughter recently, so she found an opportunity and asked Li Ge about the origin of this person.


Feng Yaoqin thought for a while and said: “Sui Sui, mother will buy you a mobile phone tomorrow. Your crew will pack up soon, shouldn’t you leave contact information with everyone?”




In this circle, knowing one more person means one more way out. Feng Yaoqin could deduce from her daughter’s usual words that this man named Lu Chi was very good to her in the crew, and maybe she can ask him for help if she encounters something in the future.


“Sui Sui, do you like this brother Lu Chi?”


“Yes, Brother Lu Chi is very good, and he buys me a lot of delicious food every day.” Gu Suisui’s time as a human was still too short, and all the words that she could only think of in her little head at present except “good looking” were people “are good.” 


Gu Suisui found the Weibo accounts of those brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts who treated her well in the crew, and followed them one by one with her account.


After finishing, at 8 o’clock in the evening, she finally saw the fixed makeup photos she had been thinking about-


“Mom, look, the person in this photo is me, isn’t it beautiful?” Little Marshmallow looked into her eyes with a hint of expectation, expecting people around her to praise herself “a little”.


Feng Yaoqin praised a few words without hesitation.


To be honest, it was the first time she saw her daughter dressed up in a movie. But she had to say, Suisui’s crew was really expensive, everyone could see that it cost a lot of money.


Director Chen has worked so hard on costume designing this time. It is conceivable that the movie “Dormant” did not have to worry about hitting the box office after release.


Once the “Dormant” crew’s fixed makeup photo was released, it instantly exploded all over the internet, and the amount of forwarding grew crazy. The topic #Dormant Set Photos# only took less than half an hour to rise to the top three in the hot search.


The most commented on by netizens were the male lead Lu Chi and the female lead Fu Yingyu. The two have tens of millions of fans on Weibo. This is their first collaboration. Soon after the release of the set makeup photos of the crew of “Dormant”, the two reposted this Weibo one after another-


“Gosh, Brother Lu from the university has finally made a new movie! When will this movie be released, I’m ready to burn money.”


“Sister can fly bravely, and we will always be with you.”


“Director Chen’s works must be good.”


“I didn’t do anything after seeing these fixed makeup photos. I just licked the screen dozens of times. Now my tongue is a bit numb.”


Fu Yingyu’s previous roles were all in the style of a Royal Sister or Cold Goddess. However, the role this time was a little more gentle, giving people a light feeling. It was Lu Chi’s first time to take the lead role, and the contrast between his appearance before and after the role is obvious, which truly tested his acting skills.


The last fixed photo that was released was a picture of Lu Chi holding Gu Suisui in his arm with one hand. They wore gorgeous palace costumes, and their eyes were innocent. The pair looked particularly eye-catching, handsome, and lovely.


Many netizens on the official website were attracted by the cute little girl in this photo, and they were all asking which role this cute little girl played.


A fan of the original book thoughtfully introduced the character to other people, saying that this character should be the male protagonist’s sister, Li Ya, the subjugated little princess.


“I followed the original novel of “Dormant”. At that time, when I reached the part where the little princess died, I hid under the covers and cried alone for a long time.”


 “Uuuuuu, why are the casted brothers and sisters so good looking~they’re so good.”


Feng Yaoqin scrolled through the comments below and knew that this was a good opportunity for her daughter to be seen by everyone, so she hurriedly used her newly registered Weibo account for her daughter to forward the official Weibo of the crew of “Dormant”.







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