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NGTHYO Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Translator: Castle


The little girl looked up at herself, with two teardrops hanging on her long eyelashes, and when she blinked her eyes, it fell on the back of Lu Chi’s hand.


This is exactly the same as the picture that Fu Yingyu had imagined in her mind before coming over. Little Crybaby’s big watery eyes, now red like a rabbit, are very pitiful.


“Pretty, pretty sister…” Gu Suisui’s voice was still a little choked. In fact, she didn’t want to cry at all, but she couldn’t stop her tears from falling.




She saw a candy.


Her tears stopped in an instant. Lu Chi saw that this method was useful, his face was happy, and he was secretly relieved: “Sui Sui, you finally stopped crying.”


If this little guy continues crying, even if he’s an adult, they will go and cry together.


I would like to ask, if there is a soft and cute little dumpling crying under your nose, can you stand it!!


Lu Chi: “Thank you for the candy just now.”


“Oh, you’re welcome, it’s a matter of convenience anyway.”Fu Yingyu also wondered why she wanted to mind their own business, but what she did was what she did. She didn’t need to explain anything to others.


Fu Yingyu’s attitude was very cold, she turned around and left after giving the sweets, she didn’t even want to talk to people at all.


Lu Chi frowned when he saw people leaving like this, and asked, “Little Suisui, do you know the older sister just now?”


Gu Sui nodded: “Yes, pretty sister, she is a good person.” As a demon who can sense the emotions of people around her, she could feel that this human being is kind to herself.


Lu Chi touched the little girl’s soft hair, thinking about what his agent had told him before joining the filming, his dark eyes sank a little.


Good person? He doesn’t think so.


As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire, and even his agent specially reminded him to be careful. I’m afraid this woman is not that simple.




Fu Yingyu’s agent is Hao Peng and has been with her for three years.


After the two returned to the dressing room, he thought about what happened on the set just now, and asked tentatively: “Yingyu, do you know that little girl?”


Fu Yingyu looked down at the phone without raising her head: “I don’t know. “


She didn’t even know the name of this little girl, how could she know her?


I don’t know why you suddenly gave candy to coax people … You’ve never done such a warm-hearted thing before.


A suspicion arose in Hao Peng’s heart, but looking at her nonchalant expression, he finally believed her words and muttered: “That little girl seems to have a good relationship with Lu Chi.”


Lu Chi’s grandfather, Lu Jianhui, is a great director, and his family also has relatives who run a film and television company. He has a strong background.


“Maybe.” Fu Yingyu doesn’t seem to care about this. She changed the topic. “By the way, I heard that Director He Zhiliang is in contact with our company for the shooting plan of a new movie. Please help me to inquire about the specific situation. The female number one of that movie, I want it.”


Hao Peng happened to know some inside information about this new film, his face was embarrassed: “But I heard that the company intended to make Ji Min the female number one of that movie, I am afraid it won’t be easy to handle …”


Hearing the name, Fu Yingyu’s eyebrows grew even colder: “Ji Min wanted this movie, so I want to grab the female number one. You also said that they only intend to. As long as there is no official announcement, I still have a chance.” No matter how much she pays, she has to snatch the role from her hands.


Hao Peng’s mouth twitched, he wanted to persuade her not to be impulsive but thinking of the times he tried to advise her but had no effect, he could only give up in the end.


He did not understand why Fu Yingyu always had trouble with Ji Min. You know, the heroine of their IP movie “Dormant” was originally intended to be Ji Min.


It’s okay to rob once or twice, it was very common to snatch roles in the circle. There were only so many good scripts and characters, you need to rely on grabbing to be prosperous! But now it’s different, in the whole company, who does not know that this Ji Min has hooked up with the boss’ youngest son and now can’t live without her. Isn’t just causing trouble to her career!


Besides, weren’t they in the same group before? Why do you have to use this tactic of hurting the enemy by 1000 and losing 800? !


Of course, Hao Peng didn’t dare to ask these words in front of his artist, but he was still worried about her in his heart.


He didn’t want her to suffer in the hands of others.


In fact, Yingyu’s development in recent years has been getting better and better. The company has long thought of giving her a new agent. Hao Peng is self-aware, his ability is average, and he has few contacts in the circle, but she has never replaced him. Hao Peng was very aware of this.


Because she had treated him well, and never gave him up as an agent, Hao Peng didn’t want to watch her sink deeper and deeper into the quagmire. 


If this continues, she will ruin herself.



After waking up that day, Feng Yaoqin realized that she couldn’t let her daughter earn money to support her family, so she went to find a temporary job.


The wage in the convenience store was not high, but the advantage was that work was easy and time was free. She can earn more money to fill the household, and she has time to pick Suisui from the crew after her filming everyday.


Feng Yaoqin doesn’t plan to let her daughter be a children’s clothing model anymore. She also told people that she would not take up the job there, but the filming…


Feng Yaoqin only has a high school degree. Even if she finds a stable job, with her meager salary, it would be very difficult to support her and her daughter at the same time. Besides, she’s already too old to go to school, and there are far more important things to spend money on in the future.


Acting jobs come with quick money. Only by letting her daughters continue filming can they both live a better and more stable life.


Gu Suisui looked like her father. If only her appearance is not too ordinary, Feng Yaoqin would want to do acting herself, how could she be willing to let her daughter come out at an early age to earn money and support the family.


This time, Feng Yaoqin decided to respect her daughter’s wishes.


“Suisui, you tell your mother seriously, do you like filming?”


Gu Sui Sui said without hesitation: “Like it.”


Today, she secretly took a look at the makeup photo of the director’s uncle, and finally understood why Tao Yao had become an actor.


She looked so beautiful in the photo, she really liked it (/≧▽≦/)~


She also wanted to be an actor like Sister Tao Yao.


Feng Yaoqin: “Director Chen’s film will be finished almost next week. Mom wants you to audition for another movie. Would you like it?” She learned this news from Li Ge. She also heard that it was a big production, and the pay is not low.


Gu Suisui knew that the economic conditions in this family were average, and she had to work hard to make money to buy many beautiful skirts. Therefore, when she heard this question, she did not hesitate and said directly: “I am willing.”


After making money, she will not only buy herself beautiful clothes, but also buy a lot for her mother.







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