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NGTHYO Chapter 5

Chapter 5


In the original novel “Dormant”, there were not many scenes of the subjugated princess. The most difficult one was the last scene, that is, the scene where the brother and sister were chased by the enemy, and the little princess died in the arms of the male protagonist.


However, Gu Suisui was not shooting this scene today. It is a scene where the little princess and the male lead were sent out of the palace by their father and queen.


After being in the crew for half a month, Little Marshmallow has completely adapted to the life here. The crew also has a good impression of this sweet little girl, taking care of her everywhere, even Director Chen, who has always been strict in his filming, was no exception.


From 8: 00 a.m. to 12: 00 noon, Gu Suisui had already cried several times in front of the camera, but the mood was not right.


Gu Suisui thought that she was dirty all over her body and not beautiful at all. She had cried with all her genuine feelings, but Director Chen on the other hand, still felt it was wrong.


“Forget it, everyone has worked hard. Let’s take a break.” The overall shooting progress of the crew was faster than he expected. Several consecutive NGs didn’t make Director Chen’s mood worse, instead, he calmly comforted the actors on set.


Gu Suisui cried a lot in the morning, and now her eyes were red. Sun Hong took advantage of the intermission to help her fix her makeup. She saw that the little girl’s expression was a little sad, and she didn’t seem to have much energy, so she put on her makeup while comforting her: “It doesn’t matter, we all know that you are great, so there is no need to stress too much.”


Ahhhhh! You are Ma Ma’s cub in my heart! ! ! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ


If it was not for the wrong occasion, Sun Hong, a new mother fan, would like to give the lovely goose a loving hug.


This time, it’s not really within Sun Hong’s sight, a fan. Many people know that Director Chen’s strictness in filming is the best in the industry. Sui Sui had cried so many times today and had not complained, she was already very strong.


Sun Hong has followed other crews before, and knew how difficult it was to guide children to film. They are different from mature adults. Children of this age don’t know anything, and they are emotionally difficult to control.


Gu Suisui’s heart indeed has an unspeakable grievance, but it is not as what Sun Hong was thinking, it was because she dislikes her own dress.


Uuuuuhhh… She is so ugly now, as black as a piece of coal qaq.


In order to complete the filming and wash the dirty things on her face earlier, Little Marshmallow went to the best director uncle of the whole crew to “consult with an open mind”.


“Acting is when you believe that the moment is true. You have to substitute yourself in the current situation, so that the performance can be more genuine.” Director Chen is very optimistic about the little girl. He patiently guided her, breaking down the analysis and explaining to her clearly, for fear that she would not understand.


Gu Suisui bit the straw of the cartoon water bottle: “…Substitute yourself?”


If she replaces her father and queen in the movie with Sister Tao Yao and Tree Demon Sister…


At the thought of this possibility, Gu Sui suddenly felt so sad. This kind of sadness was different from the sadness of finding herself not beautiful, but she doesn’t know where exactly it was different. She only knew that her two sisters must be fine!


Moreover, her sisters were so powerful, how could something happen?!


Although it is clear that it was just a hypothesis, at this time, the Little Marshmallow’s eye sockets with well-developed tear glands already swirled with tears that wouldn’t fall off, which made every adult who saw them deeply touched.


“Sui Sui, you–” Director Chen was surprised to find that not long after he finished speaking, the little girl next to him was already immersed in her emotions, “Yes, that’s it, you can keep that emotion when the filming starts.”


Director Chen knew that such a good time could not be missed, so he hurriedly called for arrangements, and asked the protagonist Lu Chi to come over to play with her and continue shooting.


This time, Gu Suisui passed smoothly, and she managed the feelings of fear and reluctance very well.


It’s just that the sequelae of crying too much was also a little serious. Ten minutes after the director yelled “card”, her tears still could not stop.


“Little Suisui, your eyes will swell if you cry like this.” Lu Chi didn’t even change his costume after filming, and took a paper towel to wipe the little girl’s tears.


He actually knew what it feels like to be in the film. Even veterans who have been filming for many years find it difficult to get out of emotion immediately, not to mention that she is only a three-year-old child.


However, Lu Chi was an only child at home. She has no younger siblings, and  has no experience in coaxing people. He was busy from head to toe but in the end, he failed to coax the little girl into happiness.


“Sister Yingyu, you’re here.”




Fu Yingyu would be able to finish her last scene in the “Dormant” crew this evening.


She was originally going to go to her exclusive dressing room to make-up when she saw a familiar figure.


Why is the little girl crying every time she meets her…


Tsk, what a little crying bag.


Fu Yingyu raised her cold eyebrows slightly, and walked over, she took out a piece of candy from her pocket, and said, “Kid, today’s candy is strawberry flavored.”


Gu Suisui didn’t respond, but Lu Chi on the side looked at Fu Yingyu in surprise. Fu Yingyu is the first female lead in this drama. He has been filming with her for more than two months. He also knew that this woman has never been a warm-hearted person, whether inside or outside.


Is the sun coming out from the west today?







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