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NGTHYO Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Gu Suisui’s first day of filming didn’t have too many twists and turns, except at the beginning, she was a little at a loss because she didn’t know where the shot was, she ng-ed once or twice, and the following scenes went smoothly.


“Card! The makeup team will add makeup to the actors for the next scene.”


“This little actor playing the little princess of the fallen country has quite the aura, Lao Li, you picked a good character this time.” The director Chen in front of the camera said satisfactorily.


The skill of children at this age seemed to be acting but not acting, mainly because of the feeling the little actor brings to the audience. Compared with those honed acting skills, a famous director like Director Chen, on the contrary, prefers a natural and unpretentious performance.


Due to the difficulty of the last scene of the fallen princess, Director Chen had once considered whether to find an older child to play this role, but now it seemed that it was most appropriate to find a child of this age. This kind of naive and innocent expression, is something that older children can’t perform.


Gu Suisui did not know that the director Chen of the “Dormant” crew was very satisfied with her. She only knew that she could watch the younger brothers and sisters while filming here, and had food and drink to take care of.


If she could, she would like to come over every day.


It was the intermission time. Lu Chi looked at his “sister” in the play, eating snacks with a contented expression at this time, and a smile flashed across his eyes.


——The snacks on the table were specially bought by his assistant.


He doesn’t eat it himself, it’s just quite interesting to watch children eat.


Lu Chi was in a good mood and asked with a smile, “Is it delicious?”


Gu Suisui nodded like a pestle pounding garlic1T/N: She was nodding enthusiastically: “It’s delicious!” It’s so delicious!


Being human is really happy, three meals a day, every day there are delicious food (/≧▽≦/) ~


Lu Chi: “Eat well, you don’t have to save money for your brother.”


Originally, he thought that he was going to ng many times on the set today, and the result unexpectedly went smooth. Not only does he have to finish work a few hours later today, but he might also be able to go back to the hotel to rest early.


All this is thanks to this adorable little sister, he did not expect her to be young but still able to work proficiently.


Gu Suisui, who is “proficient in business”, seemed to be aware and smiled at him, revealing a mouthful of white teeth. Now in her mind, this elder brother named Lu Chi is only one rank lower than her mother.


Little Marshmallow’s worldview was so simple and crude, whoever treats her well is a good person.


The next scene is a relationship scene between the little princess and the prince played by Lu Chi. Gu Suisui is not an ordinary three-year-old child after all. With the help of the staff, she passed her lines in one go.


It’s just that Director Chen has great expectations for this movie and strives for perfection, he asked for a few more shots before stopping.


At five o’clock in the afternoon, after Gu Suisui finished today’s filming, Feng Yaoqin, her mother, came to pick her home on time.


“…Today, a beautiful sister gave me candies, and an older brother who was filming together bought me a lot of delicious food.” The little marshmallow who was filming for the first time was obviously very excited, and she kept talking about it.


Seeing that her daughter seemed to be very comfortable with the working environment of the crew, she did not feel wronged, let alone play tricks, Feng Yaoqin’s uneasy heart finally settled down.


When Gu Suisui used to be a children’s clothing model, she was accompanied by her mother every time she was shooting, but today she was alone. Although she asked Li Geduo to take care of her, she was still too worried for fear that something would happen to the child.


“By the way, mom, this big white rabbit toffee is for you. You came to pick me up with your hard work today.” Gu Suisui gave the toffee that she had managed to save from her mouth to the woman in front of her.


She treats her well, and she must treat her well in return.


This is what Sister Tao Yao used to teach her about behaving in this world, what is the name… knowing gratitude! (T/N: Tao Yao – Peach Demon Sister)


Yes, it’s all about knowing how to repay!


If she has anything delicious in the future, she will leave a portion for her mother.


Looking at the toffee that was almost melted in her hand, Feng Yaoqin was stunned, and her eyes gradually became a little moist.


She gave birth to a child out of wedlock, and her father disappeared soon after she was born. She had to take care of the child and work alone, it was not without resentment.


Feng Yaoqin even thought that if she didn’t have this child, she might not have to live so hard alone.


But after all, she was born in October, even in the most difficult times, she did not have the heart to really throw her daughter to the orphanage.


It wasn’t until later that Suisui was spotted on the street because of her good looks and became a children’s clothing model, that the mother and daughter’s life improved day by day.


In the past few months, Feng Yaoqin has been ignoring the fact that her three-year-old daughter has been shouldering the task of supporting the family. She told herself that this was also for the sake of her daughter, to make her life better, but today she was suddenly affected by a heart-warming little act by her daughter. Touched, those suppressed emotions suddenly rushed to her heart, making her breathless.


Feng Yaoqin hugged her daughter tightly, and said guiltily: “Suisui, it’s mother who’s sorry for you, letting you come out to make money at such a young age, it’s because of mother’s uselessness, I can’t give you a better life…”


She is not a good and responsible mother.


Gu Suisui looked blank and didn’t understand why she had to apologize, but still followed the way the Tree Demon Sister used to comfort herself, gently patted her back, and coaxed softly: “Do not cry, do not cry, crying is not beautiful.”







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    T/N: She was nodding enthusiastically
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