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NGTHYO Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Translator: Castle


“Hey, my little ancestor, where did you go just now!”


Gu Suisui hesitated in her heart, whether to leave the last toffee given by the beautiful sister to her mother, or to eat it all by herself. A staff member came in hastily.


This time she was no longer attracted by the small wildflowers in the corner, and honestly followed the staff member and came to the dressing room prepared for them by the crew.


Gu Suisui has a naturally beautiful temperament. She was deeply interested in everything that makes herself more beautiful. She sits on a chair, looks at the mirror eagerly, and allows the young lady next to her to dress her up.


The child’s skin was good, and there were no pores on it, it’s white with a flush of rosy red. It’s not good to put on too much cosmetics. The makeup artist of the crew helped her with simple light makeup according to the needs of the role. She skillfully divided her hair into two parts, tied the head into two buns, and then led a small lock of hair from the bun to make it hang down naturally.


Gu Suisui was born beautiful, and after a while, her cheeks were as tender as water, and there were two small dimples looming on them which made people’s hearts melt quickly.


Ahhhhh! Where did the crew find this little actor! She looks a little too cute!!!


Sun Hong, the makeup artist of “Dormant”, looked at the little princess created by her own hands, and the stars from her eyes almost came out. She couldn’t wait to take some photos of the little girl with her mobile phone right now.


#The series that made people want to have daughters#


Sun Hong was not only a hidden face control but also one of the fans of the novel “Dormant”.


“Dormant” was the author’s first film and television work. Aside from the heroes and heroines who have the most scenes in the novel, the original fans were most concerned about the role of Li Ya, the little princess of the subjugated country.


Especially the scene where the little princess died in the novel, it really poked the reader’s heart, making people cry once and for all.


And this was even more bad news for the male lead. The country broke down and his family died overnight, and even the sister who was entrusted to him by his parents before they died, he didn’t manage to protect. That was his only relative in this world.


The death of his sister was like the last straw that crushed the camel. The hero Li Xiao was completely blackened. He changed his name, mixed into the enemy’s camp, lying in wait for several years, and killed all the people who had harmed his country and killed his family.


Sun Hong, who was a fan of the original novel, was originally worried that the small actor hired by the crew would be inappropriate for this role. Today, she saw that Director Chen’s casting was really good.


If you have such an innocent and lovely sister, you would definitely put her in the palm of your hands and spoil her. Whoever wants to harm her must be chased till the end of the world and make them pay.



The man who will play with Gu Suisui this time is Lu Chi.


Lu Chi is currently a junior at the Imperial College of Film and Television. He made his first film at the age of sixteen, playing a second male lead with deep feelings and no regrets. Since then, he has become a big hit, and every play he plays afterward was remarkable and has attracted many fans.


The Imperial Film Academy does not allow freshmen and sophomores to come out to film, so this “Dormant” is the first film he made since he went to university. “Dormant” is a proper male protagonist drama, winning the first lead meant his strength in every aspect was not bad.


“Hello, little sister.” In order to take care of the young child in front of him, Lu Chi squatted down and greeted her with a smile.


Lu Chi is not the most popular young actor, but he has a very recognizable face, sword-like brows, thin lips, and three-dimensional features.


Lu Chi had changed his clothes and wore a black ancient costume. He looked handsome and full of youthfulness. This was the feeling that Li Xiao, the protagonist of the movie, had given off when he had not yet blackened.


Even though he had been in the industry for five years, it was the first time for him to play with a little child. Lu Chi had a headache, and he was even prepared for the many NG’s.1T/N: no good, need to reshoot


“Big brother is good.” Gu Suisui looked up and found that the person talking to her was an older brother with broad shoulders and long legs who looked very beautiful. He smiled brightly at her and also talked with a soft voice.


This brother is so handsome (/≧▽≦/) ~ 


It’s great to be an actor. You can see many good-looking brothers and sisters everyday.


Seeing that the child didn’t cry and looked pretty well-behaved, Lu Chi couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, and his tone became more gentle: “You don’t have to be nervous when filming later, just treat as usual.”


Forget it, let’s just NG if there’s NG. It’s not a big deal to finish work later tonight. After all…Who can be fierce at a little girl who looks so adorable!


Gu Suisui’s first scene was in the palace, which was also the opening of the entire movie.


The carefree little princess was flying a kite under the care of many maids in the palace, and the silver bell-like laughter spread throughout the palace.


The emperor of the Chen Kingdom married only one queen. The husband and wife were affectionate. They had a son and a daughter, and a family of four lived happily.


However, three months later, the Chu State dispatched 200,000 troops to attack Chen State. The Chu Army went all the way to the south. As if reduced to a barren state, Chen State lost several cities in a row. It stands to reason that Chen and Chu were equal in strength and shouldn’t be lost so quickly. However, a traitor emerged from the side and sold the city defense map to the enemy.


When the situation couldn’t be salvaged anymore, the emperor and the empress only had time to send a pair of children out of the palace in a hurry, but they were buried in the flames along the entire palace.


There were basically no lines in the first scene. The staff explained the main points to Gu Susui, and she remembered them all.


The maid who played the little princess’ playmate this time was selected from dozens of children who came with her. Each of them is much older than Gu Suisui.


“Which one of you can fly a kite?” On the other side, Li Fugui, who was in charge of overall work, asked among these people.


Everyone glanced at each other, there was an obvious blank look in their eyes, no one knew how.


Just when Li Fugui frowned, a pretty young girl took the initiative to stand up: “Uncle, I can fly a kite. I used to fly it when I took my sister out to play.”


Li Fugui nodded, “Okay, then you can go later.”


Su Yuqing had a slight smile on her face, but in fact, she didn’t have any happy emotions in her heart.


As for what she said just now about taking her sister to fly a kite… of course, it’s fake.


Oh, sister.


Su Yuqing did have a younger sister, but this younger sister was the oil bottle brought by her stepmother. In the previous life, she regarded this person as her own sister, she was kind to her and gave her all the good things.


But the result? This cheap sister not only stole her role, but also stole her boyfriend.


Thinking of what happened between the two in bed, Su Yuqing only felt nauseous.


She raised her eyes and stared indifferently at the little girl who was sitting not far away. A chilling flash of darkness flashed in her eyes which was hidden well in an instant.

At the same time, Gu Suisui, who was holding a cartoon water bottle and drinking water to moisturize her throat, suddenly noticed something and looked up in the crowded direction.


Hey, she felt strong malice just now, as if it was directed at herself, but it didn’t seem to be.


……It’s so weird.







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    T/N: no good, need to reshoot
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