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NGTHYO Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Translator: Castle


In order to reward her daughter for successfully getting the role this time, Feng Yaoqin made three dishes and one soup at noon today, all of which she loved.


Sweet and sour pork ribs, fried meatballs, fried shrimps, mushroom minced meat soup…


Gu Suisui swallowed subconsciously, smelling the aroma of the food on the table.


It looks so delicious, qaq…


Gu Suisui was a marshmallow essence, so she didn’t have to eat at all before, and she didn’t feel hungry.


But after becoming a real human, she found that she not only had a sense of taste, but also had an indescribable sense of desire for human food.


“Suisui, what are you still trying to do? Hurry up, still not moving the chopsticks, the dishes will turn cold.” Feng Yaoqin picked up some dishes and put them in a small pink bowl dedicated to her daughter.


Gu Suisui clumsily picked up the chopsticks and held a bowl of food, a pair of almond eyes flickered. She took a big bite of meatballs, chewed them slowly, and her cheeks bulged slightly. The picture looked like a greedy little hamster, which was cute and adorable, people couldn’t help but want to stretch out their hands and pinch them.


As a children’s clothing model, Gu Suisui’s looks were beyond doubt.


Feng Yaoqin looked at her daughter, who ate exceptionally well, and smiled indulgently. She helped her to remove the rice grains that accidentally got on the corner of her mouth.


It’s rare to see my daughter not picky about food at all.


As her first meal as a human being, Gu Suisui ate very contentedly. She touched her chubby belly and hiccuped cutely.


“Suisui, mother have something to do this afternoon, you have to be obedient at home, ok? Also, if someone knocks on the door, don’t open the door to strangers, mother will bring her own key when she goes out. “

Feng Yaoqin, who changed her clothes said, and then thought of the movie that was just set today. She added: “You watch TV at home, don’t go out and run around, and mother will buy you a beautiful dress, which is the one you liked last time.”


The little skirt with broken flowers that her daughter liked was sold at a store counter for 1,000 yuan.


Children of this age were growing very fast, and the clothes they just bought may never be worn again in two months. Therefore, Feng Yaoqin has been reluctant to buy such expensive clothes for her daughter before, but she gritted her teeth and decided to satisfy her daughter’s wishes first.


Speaking of beautiful skirts, Gu Suisui’s eyes were slightly bright, and her milky voice asked: “…As long as I stay at home, can I have a new beautiful dress to wear?”


When Feng Yaoqin saw her daughter’s excited little expression, she smiled happily and said, “Of course, when did mother lie to you?”


“Mom, you can rest assured that I will not go out and run around, let alone open the door for strangers.” She promised with a pat on her chest as soon as she heard that there was a new dress.


Gu Suisui obviously has adapted well to this matter of crossing. Just call mother when it’s time to call mother, calling without hesitation at all.


To the heartless little cotton candy, mother was a very common name, which was no different from sister.


Of course, all her attention now was on the beautiful dress that Feng Yaoqin said.


Tree Demon Sister has practiced for thousands of years, she has strong demon power. She can change different clothes every day by herself. But she can’t do it as a little marshmallow. She could only rely on Peach Demon Sister who makes a lot of money to help her from time to time and buy her a beautiful little dress to wear


She didn’t expect this human woman to be so good to her, she would make good food for her and even buy her a beautiful dress.


… Is this the feeling of having a mother?


This feeling seems not bad (/≧▽≦/)~




Early in the morning after signing the contract, Gu Suisui was sent to the crew by Feng Yaoqin.


The film “Dormant” was adapted from a novel of the same name. Filming began in January this year, and it is now in mid-March. The filming process was already halfway through. As for the plots about the male protagonist’s childhood, they were all scheduled to be filmed in the last month.


Because it’s the scene when the protagonist was a child, the crew must have more than one little young actor like Gu Suisui.


There were more than one person, and dozens of children with different faces. The staff at the scene couldn’t watch for a while, and some people didn’t know if some were left behind.


Gu Suisui, who just became a human not long ago and was extremely curious, was the one who fell behind. She just squatted down and took a look at the small wildflowers growing in the corner. When she got up and took a look, she found that everyone was gone, and she didn’t know where the crew’s dressing room was.


Director Chen’s films had always been kept secret before they were released. The management of personnel was also strict, and outsiders were never allowed to enter and leave at will. Even the parents of the young actors were the same. So Feng Yaoqin did not accompany Gu Suisui today.


“What about the people?” Gu Suisui bit her lip and looked at the surroundings blankly.


She seems to be lost.


Why don’t you ask an adult?


….Well, it would be good if Peach Demon Sister was here. She was accompanied by two capable and gentle assistant sisters. Every time she had any problems, she could ask them for help.


Yesterday, Gu Suisui, the little marshmallow who was happily adapting to her new life, suddenly remembered her Peach Demon Sister. She suddenly felt sad and realized that–


She crossed into another world. Will she never see Peach Demon Sister and Tree Demon Sister again??


After knowing this, Gu Suisui felt more and more aggrieved. In addition, she’s a real human now, she doesn’t have to worry about her own body melting when she cries, always holding back and daring not to. It was no longer the same as before, and so the tears came. 


Gu Suisui often couldn’t cry aloud because of her own physique, but it happened that her tear glands were developed, so whenever her mood would fluctuate slightly, tears would swirl in her eyes. This little habit didn’t change until she crossed.


“Hey, kid, why are you crying while hiding here alone?” Just when Little Cotton Candy was crying completely alone, a slightly impatient female voice sounded.


Gu Suisui noticed that there were people around, and quickly wiped her tears with the back of her hand. She looked up at the direction of the sound and found a beautiful young lady standing there.


She was dressed in a light blue sports outfit, her eyebrows were cold and distant, and she was holding a newly lit lady’s cigarette in her hand, with a faint smoke burning at her fingertips.


Gu Suisui blinked her eyes, bean-sized teardrops fell with a swish, looking pitiful. She choked while whispering, “I miss, miss my two sisters.”


Fu Yingyu, who couldn’t bear the cry just now, said, “…” What is this little crying bag? What are you crying about when you miss your sister?


The little girl’s cry in front of her was not the kind of howling that made people feel painful, but the kind of whispering, she didn’t feel anything when she listened, but she felt inexplicably soft when she saw it.


“Okay, kid, don’t cry, I have big white rabbit toffee here, as long as you promise me not to cry, I will give it to you.” Fu Yingyu stepped on the cigarette butt thrown on the ground and pursed her lips. The coaxing tone was a bit blunt.


Gu Suisui’s crying voice gradually became smaller under the effect of the big white rabbit milk toffee in the hands of the pretty young lady.


Fu Yingyu came closer to take a closer look and found that the little girl who suddenly appeared was not the usual beautiful and exquisite look. Her big eyes that had just cried were watery, like a clear spring, clean and bright.


As an actress, Fu Yingyu often skipped meals in order to keep her figure more photogenic. Over time, she developed symptoms of hypoglycemia, so her assistant usually puts a few candies in her coat or bag pocket, in case of emergency.


She didn’t expect it would come in handy in this situation today.


Gu Suisui was very sensitive to the emotions generated by human beings. Because she did not feel malicious intent from this young lady, she was not at all guarded. After sweetly saying thank you, she safely removed the sugar paper and stuffed the white fat toffee into her mouth.


She saw the little girl take her own things unguardedly and also said thank you. For some reason, Fu Yingyu’s originally terrible mood improved a lot.


Fu Yingyu was the female No.1 of this movie “Dormant”, and she was also a top star existence in the whole crew. This time, she turned off her cell phone, left her agent and assistant, and found a place where there was no one. It was because she was in a bad mood and wanted to be alone.


Who knew that not long after being alone, she encountered a small crying bag, where she cried for ten minutes alone, and there was no sign of stopping. She just came over and stopped her because she couldn’t stand it.


Gu Suisui tasted the sweet toffee flavor in her mouth, holding her cheeks, and staring at the beautiful young lady beside her unblinkingly.


Two people, one large and one small, respectively found a place to sit, half a body distance apart, and neither of them spoke.


Fu Yingyu didn’t see the little girl’s “hot” gaze, she was dazed for a while, and then slowly took out her mobile phone from her pocket. As soon as she turned on the phone, she saw dozens of missed calls, and in the next second, a call came in.


It was her agent who called.


Fu Yingyu’s cold eyebrows flashed with a trace of impatience. She connected the phone and heard the tone of carefully reminding her to wear makeup. She said coldly: “I know.”


Gu Suisui on the side saw her getting up, and suddenly asked, “Pretty sister, are you leaving now?”


“Well, I still have a job.” Fu Yingyu thought for a while and took the two white rabbit toffees left in her pocket. The toffees were all squeezed into her soft little hand, “Here, just wait and don’t move around. Someone should come and look for you.”


This was the site of the crew of “Dormant”, and other people couldn’t get in. Since this little girl could appear in this place, it means that she was also an actor on the crew.


There was a child lost over there, the crew couldn’t not come and find it. They couldn’t afford to be humiliated. After all, it wouldn’t be easy if the child’s parents came to make trouble.


“Pretty sister, you are a good person.” Gu Suisui’s obsidian eyes were curved and said seriously.


Hearing this, Fu Yingyu was stunned and suddenly laughed in her heart. There’s no way she’d be a good person just by coaxing a child with a few toffees.


… As expected, she was just a kid who didn’t understand anything.


Over the years, she has done all the bad things she has done in order to be in a high position.


Even this time, for this movie female number one, she calculated the actress from the same position, and then got it.


Her body and soul had already rotted from the roots.







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