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NGTHYO Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Translator: Castle


“Is this the little actor you found for me?”


The assistant director sitting on the recliner squinted his eyes and looked critically at the little girl in pink dress who was brought over at the scene.


——The little jade-like girl stood quietly, with two cute little pigtails on her head. She didn’t cry nor make trouble. Her big watery eyes were clear and bright, and she looked very likable.


This little girl’s appearance is impeccable and fits the role perfectly.


The deputy director flashed a trace of satisfaction in his heart, but when he thought of Director Chen’s meticulous character, he asked one more question: “… by the way, Xiao Li, how was this little girl’s crying scene?”


Children of this age are difficult to train, and the crew would encounter a lot of troubles every time they find children to act. If the young actor has a foundation and experience, they would be trained easier.


Li Fugui, who was in charge of finding people, bent slightly and said firmly: “Director, you can rest assure, her name is Gu Suisui, she’s one of those little girls who performed best in crying scene, she is said to be a child model, her sense of camera is also much stronger than other children.”


The deputy director in charge of choosing the role was relieved to hear him say so.


The role was a little princess of a fallen country, although the screen time is not long, it was still a very important role so the casting couldn’t be sloppy. As the hero’s sister, her death left an indelible impression on the hero, and also laid the foundation for the hero’s future revenge.


Originally, the role already had a suitable candidate, and she was about to join the crew in two days. Unfortunately, the little girl who was selected suddenly caught the flu, and would not get better for a while. In desperation, the cast could only find someone else to come and replace.


Fortunately, the new one seems better than the last one in all aspects. He can finally work with Director Chen.




Feng Yaoqin, who was waiting outside the door, saw that her daughter had finally come out and asked, “Brother Li, how was the audition? Did our family Suisui get selected or not?”


Li Fugui smiled and said, “Are you not confident about me? The assistant director has sent word that the role is set for your family Suisui, and will have someone bring you over to sign the contract.”


Feng Yaoqin, who was dressed beautifully, suddenly smiled. When people weren’t paying attention, she secretly hooked his finger and smiled: “Thank you, Li Ge. I will invite you to dinner one day. If my Suisui enters the crew, you can take more care of it.”


This time, in order to help her daughter win this movie role, she put a lot of thought into this man, and of course she should make the best use of it.


Li Fugui was tickled by her little move, and said happily: “It’s easy to say, I will definitely take care of Suisui just like my own niece on the set.”


There were many people in the crew, and Li Fugui didn’t say much to Feng Yaoqin here. He simply said some words and left.


“Suisui, you performed well today.” Seeing that the role fell on his daughter, Feng Yaoqin was in a good mood, reaching out and touching the soft hair of the little girl beside her.


Gu Suisui, who just became a human being, felt new about everything around her. Who made her be a marshmallow? Because she was still new and her demon power was low, she could not get wet or bask in the sun at ordinary times, for fear that she might accidentally melt QAQ.


It’s just that she now has become a real human being. Although she has no demon power, she can play around freely in the future.


…..This woman is her future mother?


Gu Suisui hasn’t digested all the memories which suddenly appeared in her mind. Worried she might say the wrong thing and reveal her little demon identity, she only smiled sweetly at the woman, then bowed her head slightly, and nothing else.


Feng Yaoqin felt surprised and relieved to see her daughter suddenly be so well-behaved and sensible today. Recently, because the little girl from the neighbor’s house bought a beautiful princess dress, Suisui wanted to have it too so she begged her to buy it for her, but Feng Yaoqin thought the dress was too expensive and did not agree, so she only coaxed a little then ignored. The little girl hasn’t been so obedient for several days.


Feng Yaoqin has just one daughter, of course, she hopes more than anyone else that she can make a name for herself and live a better life than all the other children. Unfortunately, she, as a mother, has limited ability to provide a better life for her daughter.


The role that they fought for today has quite a few lines in the movie, and the pay is not low. Feng Yaoqin looked at the 20,000 after tax written on the contract, and was surprised and happy –


20,000 yuan .


Even if you are a children’s clothing model, you can earn a small thousand dollars a day, but the future development was far from the ability of an actor to earn money. She has heard that the female lead in this movie earns tens of millions of dollars!


Tens of millions, this is a number she dare not dream of.


If her family could reach this level one day, then the two of them, mother and daughter, would no longer have to worry about not having money to spend and going hungry.


Feng Yaoqin believed that her daughter’s face was no worse than anyone else’s.


It was such a person who was born to eat this bowl of rice.


Thinking of the good days ahead, Feng Yaoqin was in a good mood, and the depression that had accumulated the other day as their fellow villager kept bragging about her daughter’s participation in a TV drama was swept away.


Humph, it’s just a small role in a TV series that doesn’t even have a line. What’s so good about it.


Her daughter will be on the big screen in the future!




After signing the contract, Feng Yaoqin took her daughter and stopped a taxi by the road.


The taxi drove for almost twenty minutes and finally stopped in an old neighborhood.


The house they live in is not big, with two rooms and one hall, more than 50 square meters. But such a house, in the imperial city with a lot of money and land, costs 3,000 yuan a month.


Gu Suisui, a newcomer, couldn’t help but look around the room where she would live in the future, a pair of beautiful apricot eyes full of curiosity.


In her extra memory, the original owner and her mother moved to this place last month.


The mother and daughter used to live in smaller and more remote rental houses than here, and their lives were not well-off. It was after the original owner became a children’s clothing model and made some money that they moved.


… No wonder the original owner’s mother asked her to audition just now. She must’ve come here to make more money.


Gu Suisui remembers that the entertainment industry was very profitable, because her peach demon sister was an actress and she could earn a lot by shooting a play casually. She not only lives in a big mansion, but also flies everywhere in the sky by plane every day, and her life was extremely comfortable.


Gu Suisui is not a little fairy who knows nothing. Although she couldn’t live normally in human society because of her demonic power, she doesn’t watch any less of those circulating TV series and novels when she stays in her Peach Demon Sister, Tao Yao’s villa everytime she is bored.


For example, the world she was in now was made up of  entertainment rebirth novel.


After growing up, the supporting female smoked and drank, played big names on the set, and kept black materials. She gradually lost her youthful aura and became a former child star.


However, the female protagonist who debuted at the same time sang all the way, relying on her golden finger of knowing past life memory, investing in popular internet drama, starring in the first female leading film actress, becoming the queen of entertainment, and joining hands with the president male lead to reach the pinnacle of life







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