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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Okura

The photo was sent by the class’s secretary. Song Zhiyan helped Gu Wang take it. He took the photo and gave a “tsk” twice. Meng Ou asked him what he was talking about.

“We look at it, it’s pretty.” Song Zhiyan said.

Meng Ou took the photo from his hand and smiled, “He is handsome.”

As soon as today’s class is over, the National Day holiday will follow. The last night of self-study happened to be Li Shuya’s class. She left ten minutes to do safety education for everyone.

“Students who travel on National Day, pay attention to safety and take care of their belongings.”

“Even if you are on vacation, don’t slack off on your studies. Don’t forget to bring your homework.”

“There is another problem…” Li Shuya paused. Her eyes swept across the faces of a few more jumping boys and girls in the class, and said, “Although our school spirit is relatively open, that is what we have won for you. You must know how to cherish yourself, don’t overdo it, if it’s like other schools. All of them were killed by a stick… Let’s stop here, don’t say I didn’t tell you.”

[TL: The teacher is talking about young love and that some schools bans relationship so they are punished]
Li Shuya is rarely seen as serious.

“Ya! who is it? When did it happen? ”

“Is it the class flower? I haven’t seen her this week.”

“Is it Ban Hua? I haven’t seen her this week.”

“Your goddess is arched.”

“How do you know it’s her? Shut up and go away. ! ”

“Quiet.” Li Shuya patted the podium twice,” In addition to paying particular attention to between male and female students, between the boys with boys and girls with girls, would not be overlooked. ”

Her line of sight for a moment stopped at Gu Wang and He Qinghuan.

Gu Wang, who was playing the pass casually, “…”

Zeng Xiao also poked his back, “Wang Wang, say you.”

“…” Gu Wang threw the prepared pass into his school bag and said
dully, “It’s not me.”

He and He Qinghuan are innocent, and there is nothing to say.

But it is estimated that the movement of the original body chasing He Qinghuan was too great. When Li Shuya talked about this, everyone thought of him and He Qinghuan, and they looked at them one after another.

Li Shuya, “Who are you looking at? Mind your own business, Song Zhiyan. You cuddle playfully with Shen Zhao in the next class all day. Pay attention to the influence. ”

Meng Ou, “Puff.”

Song Zhiyan was anxious, he yelled, “Shen Zhao and I are forced, no, that fellow, we are a simple revolutionary friendship!”

Li Shuya ignored him and went to talk about other things.

After she finished speaking, the class just ended, and the classroom suddenly became noisy. National Day is a small holiday, and it is a rare relaxing time for the hard-pressed senior high school students.

Seeing He Qinghuan left, Shen Zhao rushed in and grabbed Gu Wang’s neck, “Wang Wang, I want to look at your photo!”

Gu Wang directly gave him the pass.

Shen Zhao hung Gu Wang’s pass around his neck, and shouted to Song Zhiyan, “Yan dog, I think I look a bit like Wang Wang, what do you think?”

Song Zhiyan came over with his schoolbag, “I think you are ugly.”

Gu Wang laughed.

Shen Zhao returned the pass to Gu Wang and turned around to fight with Song Zhiyan. Song Zhiyan got entangled with him for a while, and ran behind Gu Wang, “You keep a distance from me. The teacher thinks we are in love.”

“???” Shen Zhao’s face was full of question marks, “I’m with you? Oh my God, that’s so ridiculous.”
Several people grew up together and were tired of watching them.

After Shen Zhao finished speaking, he saw the photo on He Qinghuan’s desk, picked it up, and looked at it for two seconds, lost in thought, Song Zhiyan asked him what’s wrong.

Shen Zhao, “He Qinghuan is really damn handsome.”

Gu Wang and Song Zhiyan, “…”

Regardless of his indifference to Gu Wang’s pursuit, Song Zhiyan also admits that only one person like He Qinghuan can be picked.

Even if it is Gu Wang, he is biased towards He Qinghuan from the perspective of God. Objectively speaking, He Qinghuan has almost no shortcomings.

He does not owe the original body.

But Gu Wang is not the original body, he knows what it means to stop losses in time, so as not to let his life end.

At the school entrance, because it is a holiday, there are many more parents who come to pick up students than usual. There are also snack carts with stitches, as well as some people in the school.

Gu Dazhi said that the entrance was blocked, and let him walk outside by himself. He looked at Song Zhiyan and Shen Zhao.

Song Zhiyan shook the phone, “I’m leaving first, my aunt came to pick me up, I will go to her house today, Zhao, you, go all the way.”

Shen Zhao, “Get out!”

He and Wang Wang have to go out by themselves.

It’s not far from the school gate to the intersection outside. All the way, the road is blocked and the poplar treetops on both sides of the street are covered with warm yellow street lights, and the hustle and bustle reveal a calming silence.

Shen Zhao danced and talked to Gu Wang about how difficult the topic was and how difficult the game was. Gu Wang responded to him from time to time and walked over several tallboys.
Gu Wang grabbed Shen Zhao’s arm and took him aside to avoid hitting them.

The boy in the lead stopped. He stood in front of Gu Wang, his eyes drawn from Gu Wang’s face inch by inch.

Shen Zhao frowned.

Gu Wang met the boy’s gaze, his eyes calm, “Do you need something?”

The boy chuckled and took out his cell phone, “Kid, let me add your contact information.”

Gu Wang took Shen and wanted to go. Several people behind the boy immediately surrounded him.

The boy went round to Gu Wang, saw his hanging pass, picked it up, and looked at it. After reading it, he smiled. “Gu Wang, the name is really nice, and the person is beautiful.”

“I went to your school several times, how come I never met you?”

Gu Wang looked at him coldly, “You are in the third middle school ?”

“My name is Du Zhou.” He stretched out his hand, and Gu Wang looked down at his hand. The joints are distinct and very beautiful hands. Song Zhiyan said that the painters have beautiful hands.

Gu Wang was not interested in knowing this person. He just said without any emotion, “No thanks .”

Du Zhou was taken aback, then smiled, and rubbed Gu Wang’s hair, “You are so cute.”

Shen Zhao’s eyes widened,”If you keep on talking how can you move your hands and feet?”

Du Zhou narrowed his eyes, raising his hand to slap Shen Zhao’s face, Gu Wang pushed Shen Zhao away and caught Du Zhou’s wrist, throwing it aside fiercely.

“Get away.” Gu Wang’s tone became fierce.

Each of the seven or eight people on the other side was taller than Gu Wang and Shen Zhao. Gu Wang and Shen Zhao were thin, and they were at a disadvantage at first sight.

Du Zhou took two steps back, and didn’t want to really annoy people, and smiled, “I never embarrass people, but I have never missed anything I like. Let’s go… See you.” He dragged the ending of his words sounding frivolous and ambiguous.

Gu Wang glanced at him, “Really?”

After two people walked for a certain distance, Shen Zhao looked back and found that the group of people had already left, only to hold Gu Wang and be afraid. “That Du Zhou is terrible, like a snake.”

Gu Wang said softly, “I’ll try to stay away from them in the future.

This Du Zhou is definitely not a good guy. Gu Wang moved his wrist that was slightly numb from shock. If Shen Zhao was hit, at least two teeth will be lost.

“Wang Wang, thank you just now.” Shen Zhao blinked his peachy eyes.

Gu Wang looked at him for a while, “Shen Zhao, you are not suitable for being cute.”

“Really?” Shen Zhao quickly adjusted his facial expression, showing a very attractive smile.

“Well,” Gu Wang nodded, “That’s better.”

If Gu Wang is a handsome young man, Shen Zhao is as pretty as a little girl.

On the street not far away, a black Bentley stopped in the traffic. The window was half-open. The school uniform of the person sitting inside was unbuttoned, and his fingers were slowly tapping on his knees.

He Qinghuan’s eyes remained on Gu Wang.

A boy next to him leaned over on the window and followed his line of sight, his eyes lit up, “Is that Gu Wang? The one who likes you?”

“…” He Qinghuan’s eyes were faint, ” Do you still like him?”

Yue Feng actually thought about it for a while, and then fell on the face of the boy next to Gu Wang, paused, and looked at He Qinghuan, “Ah Huan, what is the name of the one with Gu Wang?”

He Qinghuan thought for a while, “Shen Zhao, don’t look at his friends.” When
he said looking at friends, it was a tone of enclosing Gu Wang in his own territory.

Yue Feng was choked with anger by He Qinghuan. He looked at He Qinghuan, his eyes were cold, “Ah Huan, you don’t need to be like this, really, I won’t rob you.”

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