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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Okura

Yue Feng shook his head helplessly and couldn’t help saying, “Ah Huan, if you don’t really like someone…”

“What did you say?”


He Qinghuan looked at Yue Feng, “Why do you think so?“

The inside of the car fell silent for a while because Yue Feng felt that even if there are multiple He Qinghuan, they would feel that way. He Qinghuan didn’t know how to like someone.

The degree of advancement and retreat in the eyes of outsiders is actually arbitrary. He must get what he likes, and discard the things he dislikes. He has never seen anything like He Qinghuan since he was a child. He likes good-looking people but doesn’t like any of those good-looking people.

His Xiao Liu is such a small jade-shaped dumpling, which everyone likes to see. He Qinghuan only gave her a few glances, but with just a few glances, Xiao Liu and her mother’s status has risen in the He family, and it is incomparable to others.

If he really likes someone, and the other person wants the moon, Ah Huan will probably pick it up.

Yue Feng thought for a while, and asked a very direct and heart-piercing question, “Ah Huan, he likes you so why are you not together?” He Qinghuan’s fingers resting on his knees stopped, his eyelashes were covering his eyes that had become cold.

Yue Feng looked at He Qinghuan like this, guessing in his heart that something must have happened between the two, he quickly changed the subject. He looked out the car window but unexpectedly saw a few boys enter into his field of vision.

“Du Zhou? Ah Huan, do you think that is Du Zhou?” Yue Feng asked in surprise, “Why is he here? He went the same way as Gu Wang, did they meet along the way?”

There are lush poplar trees and street lights. It was a little dim, especially the section where Gu Wang and Du Zhou collided before, but now that Du Zhou walked out of that piece of land, Yue Feng saw him.

Several boys, with Du Zhou as the center. He was wearing a crimson jacket with his collar raised up high, just as arrogant as before.

He Qinghuan looked at Du Zhou.
Du Zhou seemed to be aware of it. He raised his eyes and looked in the direction of He Qinghuan and Yue Feng. He just hit the line of sight of He Qinghuan. The corner of Du Zhou’s twitch and he looked provocative.

Yue Feng gave a “fuck” and reached out to pull the car door.

He Qinghuan pressed Yue Feng’s shoulders, “It’s not necessary.”

Yue Feng paused, calmed down, and mouthed “fuck you” at Du Zhou. After successfully seeing Du Zhou’s black face, Yue Feng felt at ease.

They had a good relationship with Du Zhou when they were young, and even in He Qinghuan’s heart, Du Zhou and Yue Feng had the same weight, but that was in the past.

Du Zhou and He Qinghuan liked the same type of people. In fact, it was nothing. There were little nasty things behind the family, and it wouldn’t be a big deal to send them over.

He Qinghuan’s possessive desire for things he likes is so strong that no matter whether it is a person or a thing, whoever moves it will be shed a skin by He Qinghuan.

But He Qinghuan has never liked anyone since he was a child, but the more Du Zhou grows up, his heart also grows bigger. Anything that He Qinghuan takes one more look at, he has to get it, as if he can win against He Qinghuan in this way.

It was a boy that caused the two to quarrel completely. The boy knew at a glance that both He Qinghuan and Du Zhou liked him, but he liked He Qinghuan. Although He Qinghuan liked him, He Qinghuan did not come to return his feelings. After he rejected him, the boy was taken away by Du Zhou on his way home, and he didn’t know what happened behind him. The boy dropped out of school.

He Qinghuan found Du Zhou and took the person away from his home without saying anything harsh. The next day, the He family withdrew all the investment from the Du family and signed the multi-year contract, including all business transactions being cut off. Until now, the two families are also famous for having nothing to do with each other.

Yue Feng sighed, “You’d better say hello to your little friend, Du Zhou must have seen him, if he knows that he is yours, who knows whether it is a good thing or a bad thing?”

Gu Wang’s face was attractive, He Qinghuan and Yue Feng knew it in their hearts.

He Qinghuan gave a hum, and turned his head to look at Yue Feng, “How long are you staying this time?”

Yue Feng leaned back on the seat, “I won’t go. I’ll be staying to take an entrance exam for a music college, how about the one in your class?”

He Qinghuan looked at him and thought that the last time he called, the man said in front of him that Gu Wang is a beauty. He declined, “Not so good.”

“Shen Zhao is in the next class.” He Qinghuan pushed Wang Wang’s friend without hesitation.

Yue Feng’s eyes lit up immediately, “I found out that although I think Gu Wang looks good, I like the one next to him better.”

As long as it’s not Gu Wang, even if Yue Feng wants to engage in human and animal love, He Qinghuan doesn’t care.

Yue Feng watched the two men disappear, and reluctantly retracted his gaze, “Ah Huan, take me to visit your school tomorrow.” He Qinghuan, “Okay.”

On holidays like this, there will still be students in the school. The enrollment rate of Jinyang High School is well-known, and many students come to study across provinces and cities. For such a few days off, most of them will choose to stay at school and wait for the winter and summer vacations before going home, especially the senior students whose time is getting tighter.

He Qinghuan will call Li Shuya ahead of time and ask her to tell the guard that Yue Feng hasn’t had a pass yet, and he hasn’t even gone through the enrollment procedures.

Gu Wang returned home, Gu Dazhi saw that his face was much better than in the morning, he felt relieved, and then Grandmother Gu gave him a slap from behind.

“Wang Wang was sick and you let him go to school. How could he have such a bad daddy like you?”

Gu Dazhi, “…”

Gu Wang hurriedly stepped forward and stopped, “Grandma, I’m going to school and…”

“He threatened you with pocket money again? Come on, grandma will transfer tens of thousands to you.” Grandma Gu patted her chest.

Grandma Gu has had a very good life in recent years. Her children and grandchildren are all filial. She saves the money she receives every month. She has nowhere to spend it on. Either transfer money to that granddaughter or give this grandson a red envelope. However, it is still spent the most on Gu Wang.

Gu Wang coaxed her for a while, and she whispered and complained that Wang Wang had grown up, unlike before.

Gu Wang couldn’t help but feel a little sad. In the past, the original soul of the body was stuck to Grandma Gu, and he looked at the money in her pocket. Knowing that she felt sorry for him and is generous, he would ask his Grandma Gu if his father didn’t give it to him.

It can’t be said that the original body is a white-eyed wolf, but in his heart, his own happiness is the most important thing.

After eating, he returned to his room to prepare his homework. He discovered that he hadn’t brought all his homework back from school. When he was about to put it in his school bag, he was interrupted by Shen Zhao, and then he forgot to put it in.

He would go back to school to get it.

He called Li Shuya and asked if he could go back to school during the vacation. Li Shuya agreed, but then he said no.

“The classroom door is locked, and the key is in He Qinghuan’s hand.”

Gu Wang asked dryly, “He Qinghuan was not the last to leave last night…”

Li Shuya thought Gu Wang was embarrassed, and smiled, “The class secretary was the last one to leave, but she went to Li Shan for a trip, and the train left last night. You can see her update on the circle of friends tomorrow.”

After the call ended, Gu Wang clicked on He Qinghuan’s message box. He Qinghuan’s profile picture is very simple, inside the history is just a congratulatory character. Did Gu Wang send it?
[tl: He meant the old Gu Wang’]

He was afraid that He Qinghuan thought he was looking for him to chat and chose to ignore it, and then asked him if he had the key to open the classroom door.

He was lying on the bed, staring at the two messages he had sent in the past, and there was no indication that he was typing after the other party’s remarks.

did he not see it?

Gu Wang lay down on the bed again and sent a few words over.

[Gu Wang: Forget it. ]

He Qinghuan came out from the bathroom and picked up his cell phone and saw three messages of Gu Wang, the third one and the second one was separated by two minutes.

So impatient…He Qinghuan hooked the corner of his mouth, he thought that he must have looked gloomy with his eyebrows furrowed. Forget about imagining, he is already clear on how impatient he is.

Gu Wang threw the phone aside after sending it out. Whether he did his homework or not had little effect on him. He just didn’t want to lose all the goodwill of the teacher in each subject.

As soon as he comforted himself, the phone rang, it was a WeChat voice call. Gu Wang thought it was Shen Zhao or Song Zhiyan, and he took a look.

He Qinghuan.

After hesitating for a while, Gu Wang answered, “What’s the matter?”

Gu Wang spoke with a nasal sound because of a cold. After passing through the microphone, he sounded a little bit aggrieved, but he didn’t notice it at all, Gu Wang felt his attitude towards He Qinghuan was very cold.

He Qinghuan’s voice is usually cold, but when he relaxes it, it is particularly low and bewitching.

“Why do you want the keys?”

Gu Wang grabbed the corner of his quilt, “I forgot the homework.”

“Are you going back to school to get it?”


He Qinguan didn’t answer at the moment. Gu Wang put down his cell phone but the call was still on the phone. He frowned. “Miss Li said you have the key, let me find you …”

“Wang Wang.” He Qinghuan interrupted him, his voice was extremely soft, and he brought a small hook that seemed like nothing. It is also like a metal scraper, scraping lightly on Gu Wang’s eardrum, causing a slight tremor of the heart.

“Hmm?” Gu Wang’s face was buried in the quilt. He didn’t know what He Qinghuan was going to say, but just subconsciously responded.

“You call me Ah Huan, I will have someone give you the key tomorrow.” He Qinghuan said like he was coaxing a child, taking someone’s hand step by step and leading him to his own territory.

TL: I want to hear his voice too.
ED: Me too.

IMPORTANT: I would be dropping this so if anyone is interested you can pick it. This book is interesting and I would like to read it but I don’t have the will to continue with the translation.

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