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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Okura

 Gu Wang held his breath, but his trembling eyelashes betrayed him.


  He Qinghuan’s hand was gently placed on Gu Wang’s eyelids, and there was a small black dot in the eyelashes, his fingertips were easily removed, but he did not immediately let go of Gu Wang.


  Gu Wang blinked, feeling that the things stuck in his eyes were gone, and wanted to run away immediately.


  Gu Wang’s face was very small, He Qinghuan held his face with one hand, his eyes were dim, and the tips of their noses were about to collide.


  ”Are you afraid of me?” He Qinghuan said slowly, in a declarative tone.


  Too many people are afraid  of He Qinghuan and he has seen too many eyes  showing fear and admiration. Even if Gu Wang hides it well, no matter how short the fear stays in his eyes, He Qinghuan can catch it very quickly.


  Not to mention Gu Wang’s emotions.


  There were still water drops on Gu Wang’s face, his eyelashes were also wet, and the whole face was clean and spotless. He tried to keep his face away, but He Qinghuan stopped him.

  Have you finished? Gu Wang thought with a frown.


  He Qinghuan lowered his eyes slightly, his voice soft laced with imperceptible danger, “Wang Wang, you can’t be afraid of me.”


  He let go of Gu Wang and took a step out.



  Gu Wang looked at himself in the mirror. The end of his eyes had been overwhelmed with warning by He Qinghuan just now. Now it was red. Gu Wang rubbed his face, skimming the signs that were already showing, and didn’t bother to think about it.


  He Qinghuan got it right, he was afraid of him.


  It is because Gu Wang does not belong to this book, he knows all the plots in advance, and he is also the person who knows how terrifying He Qinghuan is.


  He Qinghuan’s mother died in childbirth when she gave birth to him, and she was the only child. All his mother’s family was inherited by He Qinghuan. Relatives? There are some, relatively clean but the He family is unsightly.  He Zhiyan had an illegitimate child before marriage. Since He Qinghuan’s mother died, although he refused to remarry, the women around him changed almost every day, and seeds were scattered everywhere.


  The species that were born were all strange, and they had all kinds of personalities. He Zhiyan allowed them to enter the door, but he didn’t register them on the family’s register. He Zhiyan gave them good food, but they couldn’t think of things that didn’t belong to them.


  For example, the identity of the head of the He family.


  But there are still people with no brains. Several boys discussed that if He Qinghuan died, then there would be no heirs, and the He family would be theirs.


  They pushed He Qinghuan down the stairs. He Qinghuan survived and stayed in the hospital for three months.


  On the day he came back from the hospital, He Qinghuan walked slowly to the boy his age who was sitting in the living room surrounded by people, and dragged him directly to the lake in the yard.


  The lake was shimmering, rippling with a layer of silver light under the winter sun.


  He Qinghuan pressed the boy’s head into the lake, and when his boy was almost suffocating, he was raised up and had a chance to breathe. In the next second, he was pressed down again.


  The lake was stirred up in a circle.


  He Qinghuan’s expression was cold, but he was indifferent, which made the people standing behind him at the door even more frightened.


  That was the person who grew up with him.


  But their neighbor, Yue Feng, lay on the fence and lazily said, “It’s fine to kill him. A Huan is still soft-hearted.” He Qinghuan raised his eyelids and glanced at him, and lifted the person under his hand from the water. He pulled and threw him on the ground, and chuckled, “There is no hurry, there is a long way to go.”



  Yue Feng was taken aback, and then he let out a “tsk”.


  At that time, they were both only fifteen years old.


  In the book, the author wrote abbreviated details about He Qinghuan’s methods for these people, and Gu Wang was also impressed. He Qinghuan’s arrogance will be reported to be treacherous, which is even worse than that of the male protagonist.


  He drew a paper towel and dried his face. He simply didn’t think about the reason why He Qinghuan changed his attitude. As long as it wasn’t annoying, it was…not a bad thing.


  He went out of the bathroom, and Wen Ting immediately looked at him, “Wang Wang, come on, you are the only one left!”


  Gu Wang sat down in front of the background cloth. Uncle quickly took a few photos, and 

Zeng Xiao immediately chased him over. Uncle, can you print two more pictures of him?”


  Gu Wang, “…” The uncle laughed twice, “What are you printing two more pictures for? This can’t be used as a meal?”


  Zeng Xiao quickly said, “Yes! It can be eaten as a meal!”


  There are four photos for each person, and the uncle is not willing to print more, but he can understand it if she paid for the class fee.


  Anyway, they don’t know if she got her wish, she jumped back all the way back to the classroom.


  Because of the immediate holiday, the pass was implemented very quickly. They took photos in the morning and the monitor of each class went to pick up the photos in the afternoon.


  Li Shuya sent Wen Ting, the class secretary, and asked her to go to the logistics department to get photos and passes and let everyone post the photos so that they could enter and leave the school in the future.


  As soon as Wen Ting typed and received two words, she saw He Qinghuan’s head chat popping out, and the person who almost never talked in the group chat responded well.


  Wen Ting: …isn’t this because of me?


  He Qinghuan left, Gu Wang lay on the table and played with a pen. As soon as he left, Gu Wang rolled his eyes.


  Song Zhiyan jumped out from behind and sat in front of Gu Wang. It is now the afternoon break. Gu Wang likes to play basketball at the front table, and he usually kills time in the playground at this time.

  Song Zhiyan was mysterious, and asked in a low voice, “Do you know why we need to apply for a pass?”


  Gu Wang straightened up, stuck his chin, and asked in a dumb voice, “Isn’t it for safety or something?”


  Most of their high schools are day students. There is a dormitory building only for students who are very far away from home or who come to study from other places.


  ”Almost,” Song Zhiyan nodded, “but do you want to know why it is for our safety?”


  Gu Wang looked at Song Zhiyan, and Song Zhiyan looked at Gu Wang and was silent for a moment.


  After Song Zhiyan asked, he felt that this question was really stupid. Why did the school want to protect them? Song Zhiyan cleared his throat and said in a low voice, “Skip the previous question. Shen Zhao listened to their monitor,  it was because of the nearby third middle school. The group of buddies from there pretended to be from our school, came in to pick up girls, and was caught by Lao Ma.” Lao Ma is their dean of academic affairs.


  Gu Wang, “…Why go to other people’s schools… to find girls?” Gu Wang felt that the word was not good, so he changed his words halfway.


  Song Zhiyan snorted, “There are no girls in the Third Middle School. There are too many boys. They are not good at cultural classes, but they are top class for sports and fine arts in our city. Their school has a lot of rich people and they are young masters. We can’t compare.”


  Gu Wang looked at him, “You are also quite rich.”


  Song Zhiyan couldn’t help but smile, “It’s okay.” After he finished speaking, he probably thought of something, his expression suddenly dim.” What’s the use of having money? She doesn’t like money.” Song Zhiyan said.


  Gu Wang pondered for a while, and softly comforted, “You study hard, she will always understand your mind.”


  Song Zhiyan, “I hope so.”




    The logistics department went to the class monitor of every class. He Qinghuan never appeared on this occasion. When he came in, everyone’s eyes looked at him.


  So many people like him for no reason. He is good-looking, rich, never bullying, and polite. There is no more perfect person in the world than He Qinghuan.


  Several teachers gave them passports and photos. When He Qinghuan came for their class, the female teacher’s smile was brighter than that of other classes.


  ”This is from your class. Count and see if there is any difference.”


  ”Teacher, our class is still short of two passes.” A boy behind silently raised his hand.


  The female teacher said concisely, “Take it yourself.”


  Boy, “…oh.”.


  He Qinghuan counted the number of passes and it was okay. When flipping through the photos, he paused for a while and looked up at the teacher, “The photo is missing by one.”


  Xia Qing was taken aback and then asked, “Look at which classmate it is. They are still printing.”


  He Qinghuan lowered his head, flipped through the photos in his hand, thoughtfully, “It should be… Classmate Gu Wang.”


  Xia Qing nodded and ran to the place where the photo was printed, “The photo of Gu Wang from Class Two of the third year is missing.”


  ”I remember it was printed.”


  ”It was not printed. The monitor said it was not.”


  ”No way, I have an impression of that boy. He looks good.”


  ”If  they say you didn’t print then you didn’t. Teacher Zhang, why do you grumble?”




  He Qinghuan ignored the noise over there, spreading his palms and looking forward to it. The photo is wrapped in a simple transparent paper, and the blue background cloth behind him makes him whiter.


  The boy smiled slightly, his eyes with a faint red color on the corner. When he laughed, his light amber eyes were bright, and the eyelashes thick as crow feathers outlined delicate eye shapes.


  It’s so clean that you can’t bear to harm him.


  He is beautiful.


  Xia Qing quickly came over with Gu Wang’s photo. He Qinghuan put the photo in his hand in his pocket, took the printed photo, and said thank you with a smile.


Translator’s Note: HQ silently stealing GW’s photo

Editor’s Note: And used his teacher to ask for the photo.



KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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