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Gu Wang was hurt and shrank back.

He Qinghuan saw that Gu Wang was indeed resisting him, he lowered his eyes and distanced himself from Gu Wang. He loosened his hold on his wrist, paused, and asked, “Jiang Chi?”

Except for Jiang Chi, a few people in the school dared to look around. Although they were upstarts, they were really rich. In He Qinghuan’s impression, Gu Wang had fought with Jiang Chi several times but Gu Wang was rarely injured before. At least there is no injury on the face.

Now the wound on Gu Wang’s face makes people feel disturbed, like a milky white paint being messed up with red, making one’s heart irritable. But surprisingly, there is a different charm after being abused. It is purely different from the usual cleanliness.

But He Qinghuan still feels it is an eyesore because it was through other people’s hands.

“I will handle it myself.” Gu Wang avoided He Qinghuan’s sight, he did not say yes or no, but he almost admitted that it was because of Jiang Chi.

He Qinghuan smiled, “What do you want to do?”

Gu Wang leaned against the wall, tightened his fingers on the shoulder strap of the schoolbag, and said in a low voice, “I’ll treat that person the same way.”

Jiang Chi finds someone to block him, he can also find someone to block Jiang Chi. The current Jiang family hasn’t reached the point where the whole province A is trembling like in the future. So what can he(Jiang Chi) do?

This is the first time that Gu Wang showed his claws in front of He Qinghuan. He Qinghuan looked at him for a while and said softly, “Okay.”

Gu Wang looked at He Qinghuan incomprehensibly, what’s so good about him?

Staying with He Qinghuan, even the air became thinner. He stretched out his hand to push He Qinghuan away, and duly dropped the sentence “I’m leaving”, and went downstairs fast, for fear that He Qinghuan would block him again.

In the taxi, Gu Wang called Li Shuya, only to say that he had fallen. Gu Wang had performed well during this period so Li Shuya didn’t think much about it and asked Gu Wang to pay attention to safety.

He hung up the phone, and Gu Wang looked out of the car window in a daze.

Gu Wang felt that his mind might be flooded. He had the illusion that He Qinghuan was on his side just now.

Gu’s villa was decorated in a magnificent manner, but it was impossible to build the walls with gold bricks. The yard was planted with imported rose seeds, which were maintained and trimmed by special personnel. There is also its own lake behind it, and horses are raised in the pasture of this villa area.

Today, everyone in the Gu family is here. Gu Wang pushed the door and went in. The people sitting in the living room looked at him at the same time.

Gu Dazhi jumped up from the sofa, “Look, how did you become like this?”

Grandma Gu was even more exaggerated. She pushed Gu Dazhi away, ran to Gu Wang. She raised his head and pulled Gu Wang around a few times, and yelled, “Which goddamned beat our Wang Wang? Gu Dazhi, Gu Dazhi. Drive the car, we go to the hospital first and go to school after. If the school doesn’t give us a proper explanation this matter won’t end here!”

Gu Dazhi, who could not defy his old mother, grabbed the car key on the coffee table and repeated “ah” several times.

Gu Wang never had a chance to speak. When Gu Grandma ran up and down, he said to Gu Dazhi, “I fell at school, no big deal.”

“Bullshit!” Gu Dazhi was from a rural background, but he did not read less, and his education was not low. He was an educated, rough man. “I have fought more battles than you have eaten. You look as if you had a fight with someone, and you lost !”

“…” Gu Wang was helpless, “Dad, I can handle it myself.”

Gu Dazhi’s eyes widened, and Du Liping, who looked at her mother on the side, made a noise. She leaned against the sofa and slowly painted her nails. She said faintly, “Let Wang Wang handle it by himself. Since he is already big, let him fight. If he fights then loses, should we parents really need to intervene?”

Grandma Gu obviously disagrees. Gu Wang has been spoiled since he was a child. Du Liping rarely intervenes.

“Mom, Wang Wang is so old, and he’s not a three-year-old kid anymore. He knows the one who beat him back. You help him and his classmates will laugh at your grandson?”

Grandma Gu thought, so it is for such a reason.

Gu Dazhi pondered for a moment and asked, “Is it the kid from the Jiang family?”

Gu Wang subconsciously wanted to ask how he knew, and then thought that Gu Dazhi could guess that the original body must have been mentioned to him, so he nodded and admitted.

Gu Dazhi sneered, “I won’t give him face. His second uncle wanted to talk to your cousin about a contract the day before yesterday. Your cousin is about to agree. Let me go and mix him up. It’s strange that his second uncle has such a nephew, hehe.”

Gu Wang, “…”

The Gu family can’t be called a famous family, but the business is big, and they have business dealings with many families.

Auntie went upstairs to put hot water, and Grandma Gu went to make ginger soup. The whole family circled Gu Wang.

“Does it hurt?” Du Liping asked.

Gu Wang drooped his eyelids, “It doesn’t hurt.”

Du Liping patted his arm and whispered, “You want to pay back? Even if your dog bites you, you have to bite it back. Did you hear that?” Her tone suddenly became severe.

Gu Wang’s scalp tightened, and he replied, “I see.”

In this family, Du Liping is the true uncompromising person. In the original book, if it weren’t for Gu Wang holding back the Gu family. With her lead, it would not be impossible to become as good as the He family. The Gu family was asked to clean up the mess again and again for the original body, and the Gu family’s family business for so many years was ruined.

Du Liping leaned on the sofa again, she slowly fiddled with her nail polish. She has a gentle temperament and a feminine appearance. She doesn’t look like a strong woman at all, but it is such a woman that makes the whole family follow.

Gu Wang took a hot bath and lay on the bed. Song Zhiyan and Shen Zhao’s WeChat accounts were already overwhelming.

[Song Zhiyan: Is Wang Wang there, is it there? ]

[Shen Zhao: Wang Wang, Song Zhiyan said you were beaten? Who is it? ]

Gu Wang talked about it in the group. Song Zhiyan and Shen Zhao answered almost within seconds, clamoring to break Jiang Chi’s hamstrings, hanging him upside down on the beam of the room, and putting his body out for three days and three nights. Throw it under the sun and expose it to dryness.

Gu Wang asked Song Zhiyan to help contact a few people. Song Zhiyan knew what Gu Wang meant, and he replied and received it, and Shen Zhao also said that he had received the order.

Outside the window, there is heavy rain, and the rain and fog spread over the whole city, showing a kind of misty and almost dreamland color.

Gu Wang looked at the ceiling with gloomy eyebrows. After he became the original body, he never wanted to provoke anyone. He paid great attention to avoiding the protagonist and He Qinghuan, but he was never successful.

He was just trying to avoid things that might happen, but it doesn’t mean that he was scared.

He is only afraid of the unfathomable He Qinghuan, or the future business upstart, rather than the rebellious teenager Jiang Chi.

Gu Wang didn’t want to cause trouble, but the rabbit would bite people when he was anxious, not to mention that he was not a rabbit.

The next day, Gu Wang went to school on time as usual

Gu Dazhi and Du Liping are both having separate affairs. The two drivers in the family were requisitioned and Gu Wang took a taxi to school by himself. He stood at the intersection with an umbrella, the asphalt road extended to the invisible end in the rain curtain, and a black Bentley broke through the rain curtain and stopped in front of Gu Wang.

He couldn’t see the person in the car from the outside. Gu Wang thought he was in the same villa area with him, so he stepped aside.

The car door was opened, and the beaded rain curtain blocked the view. The face of the person in the car was a little blurry, but Gu Wang could feel that the person inside was looking at him.
Gu Wang narrowed his eyes to see the person clearly.

The window of the co-pilot slowly lowered, and a low-pitched middle-aged male voice rang in his ear, “Is this classmate Gu Wang? Our master invites you to get in the car.”

With this respectful tone, this humble attitude, this full-fledged family posture, Gu Wang’s hand holding the umbrella handle tightened, it is He Qinghuan.

Gu Wang was still hesitating and puzzled. The middle-aged man in the co-pilot repeated it again and even stopped the engine. If Gu Wang would not get into the car, they wouldn’t leave.

Gu Wang closed his umbrella, sat in the back seat, he turned his head to meet He Qinghuan’s eyes, he had been looking at Gu Wang.

Gu Wang looked at the back of the front co-pilot’s chair, his eyes were faint, but he could see He Qinghuan’s fingers on his knees, knocking them one after the other. The whole person leaned on the car seat lazily, as if not awake, a sense of alienation and coldness exuded from his eyebrows and eyes.

This is the real He Qinghuan, the existence that makes people afraid to look directly. Leaving only the cold young master after the disguise at school.

Gu Wang’s throat tightened, and he looked out of the car window, trying to divert his attention.

Getting closer to the school, and the figures of students on both sides of the road gradually increased. The car slowly stopped at the school gate. Gu Wang held the water-drenching umbrella and watched the car door opened by He Qinghuan.

He Qinghuan got out of the car first. He held the umbrella, his eyes fell on Gu Wang, and his tone was light, “Come down.”

Gu Wang turned a deaf ear, went to pull the car door on his side, but did not pull, “…” Fuck!

He Qinghuan is too eye-catching. The students passing by will almost always look here. Gu Wang regrets it. He got into He Qinghuan’s car at the time, but now it’s hard to get out. He and He Qinghuan are in the same car, and this is the car of He Qinghuan’s family. Gu Wang can already guess the hot post today.

Gu Wang wanted to scream in his head. Before the person got down, he took the umbrella and opened it outside the car. He Qinghuan didn’t say anything and stepped back a few steps.

“Thank you.” Gu Wang dropped the two words hastily and left without looking at He Qinghuan. Although his face was covered by an umbrella, his classmates could recognize it.

Gu Wang is unpleasant because of his personality, but his external conditions are also the top few in the class. That figure and temperament can be recognized at a glance.

Gu Wang sat in his seat, Zeng Xiao patted him on the shoulder behind him, and asked mysteriously, “I heard you live with He Qinghuan?”

Gu Wang, “…”

Translator’s Note: People starting to misunderstand HQ and GW’s relationship
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