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Yue Feng cursed then said, “No way? Then you two are in love now?”

He Qinghuan lowered his eyes, “He is having a temper.”

Yue Feng was even more damn surprised and continued. After “cursing” several times, “Then I will kneel for this Wang Wang master, who dares to have a temper with you.” After
he finished speaking, he said with emotion, “Tsk, I knew I shouldn’t come to ask you. Isn’t he the type you like?”

He Qinghuan smiled when he heard the joking in Yue Feng’s words, and said nothing.

The night outside was thick, and the dark night was brewing a storm soon after.

He Qinghuan hung up the phone and turned the phone in his hand, his eyes drooping.

There are not many people who have a good relationship with He Qinghuan, but everyone who has a good relationship with him knows that He Qinghuan has a problem.

He Qinghuan is a face-seeker, especially.

He will be softer and show a little bit of affection for a good-looking bastard. For He Qinghuan, a good-looking face is a kind of visual enjoyment and has nothing to do with emotion.

This is not mentioned in the book, and now Gu Wang doesn’t know it, not to mention that he is just jumping on the aesthetics of He Qinghuan.

There is a reason why Gu Wang has been able to pester He Qinghuan for so long. With He Qinghuan’s conditions, there are countless people who have liked him since childhood.

Among them, the secret love is normal and abnormal, and He Qinghuan’s people don’t know how much they have dealt with.

He preferred Gu Wang

The previous He Qinghuan simply thought that he looked good, but he was really unpleasant, and it was a pity to deal with it.

But recently, He Qinghuan curled the corners of his lips, and even his personality matched his own preferences.

But the child seemed to be really angry .He Qinghuan heard the full conversation of Gu Wang with Jiang Chi outside the auditorium that night.

Who gave him the courage to leave if he wanted to?

Darkness surged in He Qinghuan’s dark eyes.

Xiao Liu, who came in and probed his brain, and blinked, “Brother, Dad called you.” He Qinghuan smiled, “I see.”

Xiao Liu gentlyclosed the door and tiptoed downstairs.There was a woman waiting for her downstairs. She hugged her and said anxiously, “Why is your face so white? He scared you?”

Xiao Liu was buried in the woman’s neck, “No.” The woman stroked Xiao Liu’s back, sat on the sofa, “Why let Xiao Liu go? You see, he scares Xiao Liu!”

“Don’t be like that, you don’t know how he treats Xiao Liu? Xiao Liu is a little timid herself, if she had fought harder and gotten on her brother’s good side, would there still be those ugly things going on?” She has no children herself, and she has good skin and good skills on the bed. Seeing that He Qinghuan seems to be gentle with Xiao Liu, she deliberately engages with this mother and daughter to have a good relationship.

Xiao Liu poked his head out of the woman’s neck, “Brothers and sisters are not ugly things.”

Zhang Bailu smiled attractively. This is her habit. “Whether it is an ugly thing, you will know who is the worst.”

The words were too deep, Xiao Liu couldn’t understand, she shook her mother’s arm, “What did Aunt Lu mean?”

Zhang Bailu’s eyes fell on Xiao Liu’s white and tender arm. She wears a red rope on her wrist with a bead hanging from it. At first glance, it is nothing special, but the only difference is that this is from He Qinghuan.

When Xiao Liu turned three years old, He Qinghuan sent someone to the banquet. At that time, the crowd was stunned. Since then, Xia Liu and his mother have had a stronger voice.

He Qinghuan is the third child. There is an elder brother and an elder sister at the top and a group of younger siblings at the bottom. Anyway, the He family is rich and can afford to raise more, but He Qinghuan is the only one who truly can afford the name of a young master.

The current Patriarch of the He family has long appointed He Qinghuan as the next Patriarch, He’s heir, no one dares to offend him, even though He Qinghuan does not have them in his eyes.

It was okay for the older ones to see He Qinghuan, and they could barely show their timidity. Like those small, ten-year-olds, they all stubbornly talk, and if they are younger, it is not impossible to cry.

They respect and fear He Qinghuan.

One night when it rained some time ago, He Qinghuan came back from school, and he seemed to be in a particularly good mood. He held Xiao Liu for a while. He Qinghuan looks good and is the best of his generation. After all, his mother came from a good family, and the blood in his bones won’t change.

Although Xiao Liu was scared, seeing that his brother was not as indifferent as before, she giggled after a while, and her mother’s heart hung in her throat next to him.

He Zhiyan is the father of He Qinghuan. He values ​​the birth of his son. He only admires and loves this son. Seeing him in a good mood, he asked if something happened at school.

He Qinghuan squeezed Xiao Liu’s fleshy face and nodded.

He is in a good mood, and everyone speaks a little louder.

That night, it was the time that He Qinghuan borrowed the umbrella for Gu Wang. The boy had beautiful eyes, so he didn’t dare to look at him, and he looked reluctant to take the umbrella. He was very cute.

The next morning, just after the heavy rain, it rained down from the sky, and with the wind, the branches of several pine trees in the school swung in the air.

Since he and He Qinghuan have been at the same table, Gu Wang has to go to the classroom early every day. When He Qinghuan is away, he hurries to the bathroom. Anyway, he tries to avoid contact with He Qinghuan.

Song Zhiyan could not stand and talk. He and Meng Ou were at the same table. They were happy, and Guan Wang felt a little bit funny every day.

Except for Gu Wang, cannon fodder like Song Zhiyan didn’t know anything about He Qinghuan’s situation at all. Perhaps he could intuitively say that He Qinghuan seemed a bit dangerous, but Gu Wang knew better than them.

He Qinghuan put on his autumn school uniform, a combination of lake blue and white. As soon as he came in, many people couldn’t help but put their eyes on him.

Gu Wang lowered his head, chatting in the group.

He Qinghuan glanced at him lightly, only to see the fluffy top of Gu Wang’s head, until he sat down, Gu Wang realized that He Qinghuan was coming.

Gu Wang was taken aback, moved aside, and still lowered his head to play with the phone.

[Zhao Zhao is going to college: Wang Wang, why did He Qinghuan give you flowers yesterday? ]

[Wang Wang: I don’t know. ]

[Dog Yan improved a hundred: I know this. It was originally given by our party secretary, but when she wanted to take pictures and archives, she wanted to make the class look good, so she called me. He Qinghuan seems to be the other one. ]

[Zhao Zhao is going to college: Where do you look good? Your squad leader’s eyes are not good, you stood next to Meng Ou yesterday and you are ugly. ]

[Dog Yan made a hundred progress: At noon, Dad will let you know what you regret about being a man. ]

Gu Wang looked at the topic and was immediately led by Shen Zhao. He smiled. Shen Zhao had already scolded Song Zhiyan in the group. Shen Zhao scolded Song Zhiyan with a simple mind and poorly developed limbs. Song Zhiyan scolded Shen Zhao. He still remembered that the police came to the Internet cafe last time, and Shen Zhao pretended to be unconscious and unable to save him.

Before class, Gu Wang turned off his mobile phone.

He glanced at He Qinghuan secretly. The latter looked at the blackboard without squinting. Gu Wang thought it was good, so just keep it on. During the next monthly exam, he can take a hundred points, and then he can ask Li Shuya to change his seat.

Last night’s flower-sending incident was an accident. As Song Zhiyan said, He Qinghuan also did it for the honor of his class, and he must have been reluctant in his heart.

According to He Qinghuan’s attitude towards the original body in the book, it is more likely to send the flowers with insecticide.

Gu Wang wouldn’t think much anyway.

However, at noon, Shen Zhao shared a hot post in the forum with Gu Wang.

The title – Is He Qinghuan chasing Gu Wang?

This title is very exciting. Who is He Qinghuan?The proud son of heaven? Who is Gu Wang? It seems that he has changed a bit recently, but he should not be compared with He Qinghuan. The gap is not too big. Now that He Qinghuan is chasing Gu Wang.

But the popularity of the post is still very high because everyone is very gossipy.

Gu Wang clicked in. The picture inside was a photo of He Qinghuan sending flowers to him. It was not clear, but the atmosphere between the two people was inexplicably ambiguous, and it felt like a pink bubble would appear in the next second.

He Qinghuan’s gaze fell on Gu Wang’s face, and Gu Wang lowered his head as if shy. The above is the analysis of the people in the forum based on the photos.

[Although I don’t want to admit it, these two have a sense of CP! ! ! ! ]

[Sorry, I don’t allow it, I have already reported the post. ]

[I think you guys are very idle,how can it be possible that He Qinghuan likes Gu Wang? If he likes him, will Gu Wang chase him for so long? you didn’t use your brain. ]

[We are just idle, it doesn’t matter, we just like to see two handsome guys being ambiguous, we like it, don’t care about it. ]

[It’s just that the photos look good, take them out and share them. ]

Although the post was quickly deleted, the photos of He Qinghuan sending flowers to Gu Wang were still preserved by many people. Last night it was because the atmosphere of the party was so good. .

The picture is good, handsome, these two can’t be together.

During the noon break, Gu Wang sat with Song Zhiyan. After reading the post, Gu Wang looked up to see He Qinghuan. He didn’t use his cell phone, so he shouldn’t have seen it.

Song Zhiyan read the post together and said angrily, “Which idiot made you a rumor? Didn’t you say you didn’t like him anymore? ”

Gu Wang squatted on the table and said faintly, “It has been deleted anyway.”

Gu Wang only needs to show his attitude, and everyone will naturally understand. This is also blamed on the fact that the original body chased He Qinghuan with too much noise before, so as long as he appeared in the same picture with He Qinghuan at the same time, he would be jerked and crooked.
There are so many people chasing He Qinghuan, and Gu Wang is one of the best. He only allowed himself to chase, beating away other suitors, and fought with Jiang Chi for three days and two nights. Wherever He Qinghuan was there, he would look around.

Everyone felt that He Qinghuan was very miserable. When he met Gu Wang such a thing, now Gu Wang is no longer chasing him, but they want to tie the two together again.

Gu Wang twitched the corner of his mouth and smiled coldly.

“Look, Teacher Li wants you to go to her office in the north building!” The girl near the door shouted.

“Got it!” Song Zhiyan answered for Gu Wang, and then looked at Gu Wang, “Isn’t the teacher usually in our South Building? Why did she ask you to go to the North Building?”

Li Shuya holds several positions and has offices in the South Building and North Building. It’s raining heavily outside, so you have to take an umbrella to get out of the teaching building when you go to the North Building.

“Why don’t I go with you?”

Gu Wang took Song Zhiyan’s umbrella, “No, you do the question.”

Song Zhiyan, “…” He was found out about his careful thinking that he didn’t want to do the question. It’s getting more and more annoying looking at the question.

Under the heavy rain, the runway formed a small stream of water. Gu Wang came out of the teaching building, and there was a cold water mist facing him.

There is a playground and a grove between the north building and the south building. The grove is a place often visited by young couples who fall in love with each other at night.

Holding the umbrella, Gu Wang walked out from the misty rain curtain. Gu Wang stopped and squinted his eyes to see the person’s face.

Jiang Chi? [Okura:So the original ML of the novel now is the cheap villian?]

Gu Wang took a step back, and he had a bad feeling in his heart.

Sure enough, Jiang Chi raised his hand, and three people walked out behind him, tattooed on his neck, dressed as an outsider, they walked towards Gu Wang as if they were ready to do it directly.

Gu Wang frowned and looked at Jiang Chi, “Are you sick?”

Jiang Chi snorted coldly, “I know that none of your words are true. What methods did you use to force He Qinghuan to send you flowers? The post in the morning was you. Gu Wang, I almost believed you yesterday.”

“I don’t want to hear you explain it. I don’t mean anything else today. I don’t know what you will do..” With a hand in his pocket, he was ready to watch the show.

Gu Wang curled his eyebrows. He knew how many catties he has. It might be okay to hit one, but three…is too much.

But running is obviously not feasible, he can’t run away. It’s the noon break, and no one will come out after such a heavy rain.

The leader also pretended to say “I’m sorry, brother”, and then swiped at Gu Wang with a punch.

Gu Wang closed the umbrella and kicked the man’s stomach. When he was bent over due to the pain, he carried his collar and slammed his head against the ground.

The man was amazed by the courage of a student with such a cruel hand. When the other two saw their eldest brother being beaten, they rushed up together. Gu Wang didn’t have three heads and six arms, and his professionalism was not fighting.

Jiang Chi laughed. [Okura: Cheap Villian]

He used to fight with Gu Wang because Gu Wang couldn’t get on the stage at all, and couldn’t get anyone’s attention. But recently, Gu Wang became more and more different, and more and more people praised him. Jiang Chi had a great sense of crisis.

The way Gu Wang stood on the stage holding flowers last night pierced his eyes. He didn’t want to be good today, he wanted to pull Gu Wang into the mud again, embarrassed like a dog.

So after a while, he waved his hand to stop, stood condescending in front of Gu Wang, and said, “Today is just a warning. Take care of yourself.”

He took a few people away, and Gu Wang had his eyes down, his whole body wet and his forehead hair scattered and drooping, the rain kept falling down the tip of his hair.

Gu Wang raised his hand and wiped his eyes. The few people didn’t do much cruelty, but Gu Wang’s skin was white and his face was slightly injured. He was too lazy to see what he looked like. He picked up the umbrella on the ground and didn’t hit back.

He doesn’t know how the original body is, but this is the biggest humiliation Gu Wang has ever suffered because of He Qinghuan.

When Gu Wang appeared in the classroom with a wound on his face, the noisy people in the classroom slowly calmed down, and they all looked at Gu Wang in surprise.

Song Zhiyan stood up immediately, rushed to Gu Wang, and asked, “Wang Wang, what’s the matter with you?” He saw the wounds on the corners of Gu Wang’s eyes and mouth. Gu Wang was particularly white and his skin was broken. Song Zhiyan’s eyes widened, “Who the hell beat you?”

“I will tell you when I go back.” Gu Wang pushed Song Zhiyan away and walked to his seat.

Song Zhiyan followed him, “Where are you going back?”

Gu Wang, “Go home.”

He was wet all over, and in this weather, he would definitely catch a cold.

He Qinghuan wasn’t there, and Gu Wang quickly packed his schoolbag. Song Zhiyan sent him to the stairs, repeatedly asked him to go home to contact WeChat, and Gu Wang also let Song Zhiyan remember to do the problem. After seeing Song Zhiyan’s face collapse quickly, Gu Wang was in a better mood.

He went downstairs and saw He Qinghuan walking up at the corner of the second floor. Gu Wang lowered his eyebrows. Although He Qinghuan did not seem to do anything, he just didn’t like Gu Wang, but anyway, Jiang Chi was only angry because of He Qinghuan. Gu Wang is embarrassed.

He turned a blind eye and was about to go straight downstairs.

When passing by He Qinghuan, He Qinghuan stretched out his hand to grab Gu Wang’s wrist, and slowly rubbed his thumb on the thinnest skin of Gu Wang’s wrist. His eyes fell on the wound on Gu Wang’s face and asked him softly, “Who hit you? ”

“It Has nothing to do with you.” Gu Wang struggled for a while but didn’t break free, he raised his eyes to look at He Qinghuan, there was water on Gu Wang’s face and wounds, so he looked very pitiful.

He Qinghuan looked at the person in front of him with water on the long eyelashes but pressed the corner of his lips when he saw the injury in the corner of his eye.

The teaching building is silent, and there is no one going up and down, Gu Wang panicked.

He Qinghuan gave a soft “um”, then suddenly pressed Gu Wang against the wall with force, but the two of them still kept their distance.

Gu Wang’s heart was beating like thunder, and He Qinghuan’s eyes were black, darker than ordinary people. He looked at Gu Wang for a moment, and Gu Wang couldn’t help turning his head.

He Qinghuan raised his hand to pinch Gu Wang’s chin, and when he was facing him, his fingers followed Gu Wang’s side face. He Qinghuan’s fingers were slightly cold, causing Gu Wang to shudder.

Even Gu Wang didn’t know if he was afraid or because of something else.

But in this, there must be an element of fear. Compared to the male protagonist Jiang Chi,

He Qinghuan is the one who is scary.

In the end, He Qinghuan’s fingertips stayed at the corner of Gu Wang’s eyes, gently rubbing on the dazzling wound, his voice softened, almost like babbling, but the hostility in his tone was shocking.

“Who hit you? Hmm?” [Okura: Yandere mode: ON]

Translator’s Note: I actually planned to split this into two parts because its so long but then I realized I failed to post an update last sunday so here you go.
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