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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Okura

“Do you have any ideas for the National Day party next Saturday night?” Meng Ou patted the podium, and slowly fell silent.

“Sister Ou, we don’t know anything except to ask questions, or you can go up and sing a song.”

“I still remember the chorus in our class in the first year of high school. The tune was so good that I never want to be on stage again.”

“Sister Ou, don’t you know the national standard? Do you want to find a partner in the class? ”

“Oh wow, I have not seen the sister Ou dance! Sister, give me a jump to see!”

Students who have been together for several years have a good relationship, and Meng Ou is particularly popular, so the following people started to boo.

Meng Ou smiled. “Who will meet the national standard?”

“Ow ow ow ah is sister Ou jumping yet?”

“I will, I will, I will come!”

“You leave it, you can also go to a disco bar, OK.”

“I remember… the squad leader seemed to be able to.”

They don’t know who said such a sentence, and the classroom was quiet in an instant.

They can coax the person if it is someone else, but He Qinghuan, they dare not.

But they couldn’t help but look at He Qinghuan. They just wanted to know if he would or not. Besides, what if, what if He Qinghuan said yes and agreed to partner with Meng Ou?

He Qinghuan raised his eyelids and was about to speak. There was a deafening sound from the back of the classroom, “Gu Wang!”

Gu Wang was pushed out by Song Zhiyan. After Song Zhiyan shouted, he humbled and said to Gu Wang, “Don’t let Meng Ou come into contact with He Qinghuan. Please” Meng Ou just looked at He Qinghuan’s eyes, making Song Zhiyan’s brain issue a warning bell.

He wants to sacrifice his brother.

Gu Wang, “…”

The original Gu Wang wouldn’t be able to, but this Gu Wang can. He knows a lot of things, all in order to make himself more presentable on the stage and integrate into the upper class more quickly.

As far as Gu Wang knows, the original can dance well.

Everyone in the class looked towards Gu Wang, including He Qinghuan. They really haven’t seen the national standard of Gu Wang, nor have they heard them say it, and everyone has a vague sense of watching a good show in their eyes.

The first is that Gu Wang may not be able to, and the second is that Meng Ou is not necessarily willing to partner with him.

Gu Wang looked at the eyes of the people in the class. It would be better for Shen Zhao and Song Zhiyan to look at Gu Wang wherever he was.

Gu Wang looked up at Meng Ou on the podium. Meng Ou smiled. She is a smart girl. Even if the other party is Gu Wang, Meng Ou will leave a way to retreat for Gu Wang and herself.

Just when everyone thought that Gu Wang would act the same as before, Gu Wang tilted his head and said slowly, “Okay.”

Shen Zhao was dumbfounded behind him, “Will Wangwang meet the national standard?”

Song Zhiyan glanced at him., “Don’t you know when you grew up with him? Gu Wang’s mother won the first prize in the national standard dance. Gu Wang should know a little bit.”

Shen Zhao, “Should… know a little bit?”

Song Zhiyan knew that he was wrong. He pushed Wangwang under everyone’s eyelids. He folded his hands together, “Lao Liu asked us to copy the test paper this time. I am willing to copy it for Wangwang.”

Lao Liu is their math teacher. He has no other hobbies, but he loves to let students copy test papers. Those below 120 were to be copied five times, and those below 90 were to be copied ten times.

Meng Ou took out her mobile phone and turned on the music when Gu Wang came over. She should really be able to. The first piece of music she took out of her mobile phone was the common music of the national standard dance.

Gu Wang stood under the stage, with one hand behind his back, bent over and stretched out his hand to signal Meng Ou to put his hand up.

Meng Ou looked at Gu Wang’s eyes for a moment, she had never looked at Gu Wang carefully, only to realize that Gu Wang’s eyes were so beautiful.

Meng Ou slowly placed his hand on Gu Wang’s palm, and Gu Wang’s arm used a little force to bring Meng Ou into his arms. The whole movement was smooth, domineering, powerful, but very gentlemanly.

There was a sound of cold breath from below.

Just a few very simple actions, the layman watching the excitement, just feel that the whole person’s attention is attracted away by Gu Wang.

The smooth movements of the teenager, fingers clasped with Meng Ou, all of Meng Ou’s movements involuntarily followed Gu Wang’s rhythm. Gu Wang’s body no longer had the usual perfume smell, but a very light lemon fragrance.

The whole process took less than a minute. Meng Ou stood beside Gu Wang, looked up at Gu Wang, and praised him from the bottom of her heart, “Gu Wang, you are really good.”

She has danced since elementary school. What is Gu Wang’s level? In this way, she knew better than everyone present.

After a brief stupor, the classmates patted the table to encourage Gu Wang and Meng Ou.

They didn’t look at the others, but just looked at Wang’s face, stood with Meng Ou, and stubbornly compared Meng Ou.

At this moment, everyone had forgotten the dark history of Gu Wang. He smiled on the podium as if he had changed himself.

Meng Ou turned his head to Gu Wang, “Think about it, how about doing the show with me?”

Gu Wang curled his lips, “Okay.”

Song Zhiyan watched Gu Wang come down, wishing to kneel down and shout, Dad. Gu Wang put one hand on Song Zhiyan’s desk, “How are you going to repay me?”

Song Zhiyan smiled happily, “Wangwang, I can pay with my body.”

Gu Wang, “…”

Gu Wang and Meng Ou’s This impromptu performance was filmed by classmates who were quick in the class and uploaded to the school forum. Meng Ou is quite famous in school. She looks good, has good academic performance, her father is the principal, and she has a distinctive and ostentatious outfit. The title with the names of Meng Ou and Gu Wang is guaranteed to be a hot post.

[This is Gu Wang? No, no, is this really Gu Wang? ]

[Gu Wang’s waist is so thin, his hands are so white, and his neck is so white. ]

[I have never seen Gu Wang dance, I only know that he is the little prince of a nightclub, I didn’t expect him to be handsome when serious. ]

[It’s a good match with Meng Ou, Gu Wang does not like Meng Ou again, right? ]

[The person upstairs is thinking too much, Song Zhiyan likes Meng Ou, how could Gu Wang compete with his buddies? ]

[I love this kind of gaze. ]

[Me too, too sultry, he is a gentleman holding Meng Ou! ]

[Professionals said this impromptu performance was very professional and comfortable. ]

Gu Wang did not put these things in mind. He just wants to avoid He Qinghuan and Jiang Chi.

After the monthly test results came out, the next step was to change seats. Li Shuya decided how to change. The seating table was already arranged when she was in the office.

Song Zhiyan saw Li Shuya enter the classroom, turned to look at Gu Wang, trying to pretend to be tearful, “Wangwang, I don’t want to leave you.”

Gu Wang scored 300 points this time, and Song Zhiyan scored more than 200 points. The difference is not big. The odds of being arranged to be at the same table are very small.

Gu Wang took out an exercise book from the table, “This is a topic I organized for you that meets your current level. You do it first, and you can get it from me when you’re done.”
Song Zhiyan said, “…” Gu Wang now is a learning machine without emotions.

As soon as Li Shuya came in, the classroom naturally quieted down. She looked around the classroom for a week with a smile on her face. “This monthly exam, several students in our class have made great progress. It is only one year away from the college entrance examination. These classmates all feel the pressure.”

“Today I mainly talked about changing seats. For the seat table, I gave it to the group secretary. The group secretary is responsible for implementing the change of seats. Students who have problems come to the office to find me.” Li Shuya handed the seating chart to Wen Ting who was sitting in the first row and left.

Most of the chores in the class belong to the secretary, and He Qinghuan is the squad leader.

As soon as she left, the classroom immediately became noisy.

“I don’t want to change, I get along well with my seatmate.”

“Secretary, can you help me see who my new seatmate is?”

“I want to know too!”

Wen Ting got a headache because of their hustle and stood on the stage. “I read it, remember it for yourself, you can change things after reading it.”

“Guo Wei, Zhou Xing.”

“Deng Fangfang, Yu Aimin.”

“Meng Ou, Song Zhiyan.”

Song Zhiyan was lying on Gu Wang’s shoulder. He was hurting the spring and sad autumn as if he was about to part with Gu Wang. When he heard the names of himself and Meng Ou, he immediately became energetic.

He was incoherent and very excited. “Look, did I hear you right? I want to be a deskmate with Sister Ou!”

Gu Wang, “…” It’s hard to imagine, just a while ago, Song Zhiyan was still holding Gu Wang to death and crying that he can’t live without Gu Wang.

Most of the people in the class have already read their names. Originally, Gu Wang didn’t take the change of seats to heart, and he didn’t have any problems with whom he was at the same table.

There were fewer and fewer people who weren’t reading their names. In the end, only the names of Gu Wang and He Qinghuan were left.
The result is obvious.

“He Qinghuan, Gu Wang.”

Gu Wang, “…” The video of Gu Wang on the forum basically announced that his unrequited love for He Qinghuan was officially over, but now the two have been arranged to become seatmates.

Life is really terrible.

The excitement of Song Zhiyan being at the same table with Meng Ou disappeared without a trace when he heard that Gu Wang and He Qinghuan would be at the same table. As Gu Wang’s buddies, he didn’t want Gu Wang to get involved with He Qinghuan anymore.

Hopefully, Wangwang was determined not to like He Qinghuan.

Song Zhiyan didn’t believe in Gu Wang’s determination, he didn’t believe in He Qinghuan. The lethality of He Qinghuan’s face was not low, even Shen Zhao sometimes couldn’t help saying a few good things about him.

Song Zhiyan frowned, “Want to go to Li Shuya to talk about it?”

Gu Wang absently hummed, he put away the book on the table and walked around behind Song Zhiyan. Song Zhiyan thought Gu Wang was going to find Li Shuya but didn’t expect Gu Wang to stop beside He Qinghuan’s seat.

The noisy people in the class are all changing seats, and no one notices here for a while.
Except for Yang Le, He Qinghuan’s deskmate, he smelled a unique and dangerous aura, curling his neck to pretend to be an invisible person.

He Qinghuan’s eyes were as dark as ink, and he met Gu Wang’s light amber eyes. He Qinghuan’s face was clearly reflected in Gu Wang’s eyes.

It is hard for He Qinghuan to imagine that someone in the world can have such clean and clear eyes.

He Qinghuan’s cold white fingers covered the textbook. He didn’t seem to be disgusted or surprised that his new tablemate was Gu Wang. Gu Wang was a little at a loss for a while, he felt that something was wrong.

Gu Wang looked at He Qinghuan for a while, lowered his eyes, and said lightly, “He Qinghuan, let’s go to Teacher Li, I know you don’t want to be at the same table with me, and I don’t want too.”

He finished, he was relieved, and He Qinghuan will definitely agree.

Yang Le shrank his fingers under the table: Gu Wang really doesn’t like the squad leader?


Translator’s Notes: We have an editor to help with this series so the quality would be better. The schedule release would be once a week. Happy Reading Everyone
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