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Little Liar

It’s only a few days before the monthly exam. Apart from burying their heads in the questions, the people in the class ran to pay respects while He Qinghuan was not in the classroom, and touched two other people’s desks. Begging to rush to the skies, but begging not to overturn.

Originally, Song Zhiyan and Shen Zhao only intended to do superficial work, or they didn’t think they could stick to it, but after being led by Gu Wang to do the problem for two days, the two also found a little bit of fun in their study, although only A little bit, it’s far inferior to the appeal of games to them.

The parents of the Song family and the Shen family saw for the first time that their son brought the books back, and they didn’t poke their foreheads when they gave the pocket money.

When Gu Dazhi brushed his circle of friends, he realized that Gu Wang studied until three in the morning every day, and then he realized that Gu Wang saying that he was going to take a college entrance examination is not a joke.

Gu Wang idled and Gu Dazhi was worried. Gu Wang studies hard and he is even more worried. On his mobile phone, he often pushes news about sudden death caused by a high school student staying up late to review. The family even held a short family meeting while Gu Wang was at school.

On the day of the exam, Gu Wang finished listening to the answers from the students around him in the corridor, and his mobile phone shook a few times. He opened it and clicked on WeChat. It was the family who were chatting, and it was all forwarded WeChat official account articles.

Gu Wang saw the titles of those WeChat official account articles, “…”

official account articles, “…” [The first high school third-year candidate fainted on the exam day, the reason turned out to be because of –]

[Stay up late to review and hurt the body, work and rest is the right way ! ]

[Why is it that a seventeen-year-old boy is bald at a young age? For details, please click to read the full text to view. ]

……The monthly exam is over in two days, and the results will be out on the third day.

Song Zhiyan looked at the transcript that he sent, and he couldn’t recover for a long time, his expression sluggish. It wasn’t until Gu Wang poked him a few times that he slowly turned his head to look at Gu Wang. His eyes gradually shine from the unbelievable result. He held the transcript in his hand and danced, “Wangwang, am I right? I took the exam and scored more than a hundred!”

Gu Wang smiled and said, “You will take four hundred in the exams next time.”

Song Zhiyan was so happy that he was about to fly. Five consecutive victories failed to make him feel so fulfilled. He stood up, unable to hide his excitement, “Wangwang, I’m going to see Look at how much Shen Zhao’s fellow tester has taken!”

Gu Wang’s score came to him and he knew it, not a lot of points, three hundred points.

This is certainly not Gu Wang’s true strength. After getting the scores in the exam, Gu Wang filled in all the wrong answers for the other questions. Otherwise, he should be able to compete with He Qinghuan.

He Qinghuan is the first in grade again this time, with 737points.

The classroom was noisy, and everyone was discussing in full swing. Of course, He Qinghuan’s table mate did not dare to discuss with He Qinghuan, and he ran into the pile of other people early and plunged in.

Gu Wang glanced at He Qinghuan. He was reading a book. His profile was smooth and cold, and he was incompatible with the surrounding environment.

Not long after Song Zhiyan left, Gu Wang heard the voices of Song Zhiyan and Shen Zhao ringing in the corridor. You scold me and I scold you, all the way to Gu Wang.

Shen Zhao’s eyes were bright, “Wangwang, can you guess my score ?” Gu Wang put down his pen, held his chin, raised his eyebrows, “How much?”

Shen Zhao was very happy because of Gu Wang’s support. I took 297points in the exam, 30 points more than Yan! So he kept chasing me just now because of jealousy.”

“Really? That’s too much.” Gu Wang made Shen Zhao happy, and Shen Zhao especially liked Gu Wang. After showing off with Gu Wang, he laughed at Song Zhiyan’s well-developed limbs and simple mind. When the two of them failed to say a few words, they played I beat you and you beat me again.

Gu Wang looked at them for a while, and saw Meng Ou stepping onto the podium after playing around.

Meng Ou wore a high ponytail today, and after taking a step, the ponytail lightly flicked behind her head. It looked youthful, and many people in the class couldn’t help but look at her.

It’s really good-looking, Song Zhiyan has a good eye. Gu Wang thought.

Objectively speaking, Gu Wang admires people like Meng Ou very much. He has always seen clearly what he wants and will work hard to achieve his goals.

When he retracted his gaze, He Qinghuan just glanced at him, just in time to see Gu Wang looking at the back of Meng Ou with a smile.

He Qinghuan’s eyes closed slightly, so he fell in love with others again, didn’t he?

Last week, Gu Wang stood under his umbrella, with long eyelashes full of water vapor, harmless and innocent like a fawn in the forest, the sight suddenly appeared in He Qinghuan’s mind.

Really, a little liar.

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  1. Avatar 🛫JETJET🛬 says:

    Aww, here comes the hard working Mr. Misunderstandings a lot of cp stand strong today because of him I can even say he’s a lot more hard working than Truck kun. So Mr. Misunderstanding is this the start of He Qinghuan’s blackening?

    Thanks for the chapter💕
    Looking forward for more

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